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Re: The Categorized Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 1 - June 9, 2006

Will there be more Evolutions figure sets? (AF, 6/09/06)

In a movie year, Evolutions was a way for us to include figures with premium articulation in our line. This year, we're doing more of this style figure in the basic assortment, so we did not see the need for a separate line.

What are you doing to remedy case assortment problems such as pegwarmers like Yoda and Poggle and Bren Derlin, as well as hard to find figures like 1-per-case Scorch and Commander Cody? (AF, 6/09/06)

We are constantly updating our case packs to meet the needs of our total audience - both kids and collectors. What you may be seeing on a local store level is not necessarily an indicator of what is going on at a national level.

Will we be seeing more Beast/Creature assortments in the foreseeable future? (AF, 6/09/06)

Though we understand that beast/creature assortments are desirable, at this time it appears that new vehicle assortments are in higher demand. Vehicles will play an integral part in our future line releases.


Have you considered doing a 6” Marvel Legends-hyper articulated style Star Wars line? Maybe based on the old Marvel Comic since you now have the Marvel license as well? (AFI, 6/09/06)

While Dark Horse has been reprinting the Marvel Star Wars comic series for years, there are no plans at this time for us to do a Marvel Legends-style series.

If the George-Trooper does well, can we mail-order more Senate pods and weapon packs? (AFI, 6/09/06)

An interesting idea, but perhaps a little too niche for our current promotional plans.

What are the chances of seeing more Expanded Universe figures? The two TV series are still a couple of years out. It'd be neat to branch out and cover some of the EU that a lot of fans have been asking for. (The Kir Kanos is a step in the right direction) (AFI, 6/09/06)

There are a lot of great characters created in the EU and we plan to include some of these in 2007. Stay tuned!


What is the status of the Unleashed line of figures? I know the latest wave with Han as Stormtrooper, Chewie on Kashyyk and the Clone Trooper was released. Word had it the Unleashed line was cancelled altogether. Any chance of a 'Greatest Hits' re-release of a few favorites, such as Darth Maul or Boba Fett? How about some sculpts based on 'Episode IV - ANH'? Please just don't let this line die. I much prefer it to the 3" figures. Thanks. (F, 6/09/06)

We will re-release a selection of classic Unleashed figures in the fall with four exclusive figures - two figures at Wal-mart and two figures at Target - in an all-new tube-style packaging. Boba Fett is one of those characters.

With the awesome addition of Kir Kanos, how far does Hasbro plan on carrying on the Star Wars Expanded Universe theme? Plans for any vehicles? When can we expect them? (F, 6/09/06)

Both vehicles and EU will be an important part of the line in 2007.

With next year being the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Star Wars franchise, can we expect anything from Hasbro to commemorate the release of the first Star Wars Movie? If you are, can you give us a taste of something you may have in mind? (F, 6/09/06)

Yes! Stay tuned for details in the coming months.


Collectors have been very enthusiastic about the Battle Pack Assortment. Would Hasbro consider including canceled figures like the Trophy Edition Obi-Wan Kenobi and Trophy Edition OOM-9, or hard-to-find figures like Sio Bibble, TC-14, and the Comm-Tech Princess Leia (Hood Up) figures in these assortments? (GH, 6/09/06)

Each Battle Pack tells a story.  We approach each one individually, taking a close look at which characters make the most sense for the scenario we're looking to recreate.   If any of these characters would fit into a future scene we want to do, we'd consider them.

With the upcoming television series, will we see Hasbro and its retail partners rolling out a vast line of toys similar to the movie launches, or will the scope of the line be more modest? (GH, 6/09/06)

With the television series slated for 2008, it's too far off to speak to with any accuracy.  You'll just have to stay tuned!

With the pressure of the 'movie years' now past us, are we more or less likely to see Hasbro produce any playsets for the Star Wars action figure line? (GH, 6/09/06)

The demand for playsets just hasn't been there. Instead we've put our focus behind vehicles. Vehicles and figures are more popular play patterns for the kid audience than playsets.


Are you planning any more of the Vintage/Premium Figures? If so, when? (JD, 6/09/06)

Not in 2006, but we're looking at the potential for another wave for 2007.

What are the chances of one more Animated Clone Wars Wave (or box set)? We still need to get C-3PO, R2-D2, Padme (Ilum Snow Gear), and Darth Sidious to round out our sets! (JD, 6/09/06)

Characters in CW are great - and we're looking at ways of getting more of them in the line for 2007. However any we do will be in "realistic" styling rather than animated. We’ve done some polling with fans, and overall the realistic style is preferred.

Are you planning to do more of the Evolutions Sets? If so, when? If not, why? They seemed to sell very well and were popular with both kids and collectors alike - we'd love to see more! (JD, 6/09/06)

In a movie year, Evolutions was a way for us to include figures with premium articulation in our line. This year, we're doing more of this style figure in the basic assortment, so we did not see the need for a separate line.


Australia received solid cases of the Basic UGH figures. Now that the initial hype has died down in the US and they are no longer shipping in current assortments, do you have plans to release solid cases in the US? In other countries? (JTA, 6/09/06)

No, they will not be re-released.

Will the 7” Unleashed line continue past the 3 figures just released and will they be available in stores other than Wal*Mart? (JTA, 6/09/06)

We will re-release a selection of classic Unleashed figures in the fall with four exclusive figures - two figures at Walmart and two figures at Target - in an all-new tube-style packaging. seems to have problems receiving product and arrival of that product to their stores happens much later than it arrives at brick and mortar stores which causes a great deal of frustration for the customers. Can you shed some light on why delays seem to be so frequent with them? (JTA, 6/09/06)

We cannot comment on issues encountered at retail.


Will there ever be a subscription service/one-of-every-figure club/opportunity for fans to purchase convention exclusives, possibly through Whatever happened to the subscription program announced at Celebration III? (RS, 6/09/06)

The 501st San Diego Comic Con figures will be available on, but it's not possible at this time to set up the type of large-scale subscription service that I know you're referring to. Maybe down the road.

All things end eventually, how long will the action figure line continue? Is there an end date? (RS, 6/09/06)

Hasbro holds the Star Wars license through 2018, so I hope basic figures will continue at least through then!

How are characters chosen for the VOTC/VTSC line? Will it continue? (RS, 6/09/06)

Not in 2006. We're looking at bringing back a Vintage assortment in Spring of 2007 just like we did this year. We choose characters based on their popularity. There are still many fan favorites to be done in the Vintage style.

I combined all questions that asked "will you make __ ?" into the following:
Figures - Quinlan Vos, Padme, Tonnika Sisters, EU characters, Death Star II Luke, Hermi Odle, Animated style, army builder packs
Vehicles - Cloud Car, AT-TE, Sith Infiltrator
Modular Playsets - Tantive IV, Death Star, curved Cantina bar section

Of course there are many more such question. Not sure if you can even answer these, but the bottom line is fans want to see more female figures, EU figures, and new vehicles and diorama/playsets. But you probably knew that.
(RS, 6/09/06)

In response to your question about EU figures -- there are a lot of great characters created in the EU and we plan to include some of these for 2007. And, in regards to playsets/dioramas: as the saying goes, "great minds think alike." There has been a lot of discussion internally on whether this could be successful in today's market. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets. If we ever see the landscape changing, it's something we could take a look at in the future.


Will we be seeing more EU figures, especially characters beyond just clonetrooper repaints? (SSG, 6/09/06)

Yes. There are great characters in the Expanded Universe and we plan to include some of these in 2007. Stay tuned!

Have you considered new playset ideas, especially modular playsets so collectors can build larger playsets from smaller sets? (SSG, 6/09/06)

A scaling playset is a great idea. There has been a lot of discussion internally on whether this could be successful in today's market. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets. If we ever see the landscape changing, it's something we could take a look at in the future.

Are there more new Vintage-Style figures coming, and if so, when can we expect them? (SSG, 6/09/06)

Not in 2006, but we're looking at what opportunities might exist for expanding the Vintage figure assortment in 2007.


How many of the silver foil chase basic figures were produced? Could you break it down by figure?
Has Hasbro heard of the Lucas trooper POP issues? Are we going to see more mail in figures? What can Hasbro do to try to counter theft of the POPs?
Some figures are short packed, ie, only one or two to a case while other figures are always around. The most recent one was Scorch, who was rare and Darth Vader, who can’t be given away. How does Hasbro decide the quantity of figures to be packed in a case and can we expect these “rare” figures of 2006 to be re-released later?
Hear the answers to these questions on this week's show!


Can we have more "new" vehicles? (TJ, 6/09/06)

Yes. We will have new vehicles in 2007.

We understand the idea behind rehashing and reusing older figures in the the sets. But is it necessary to use those figures from way back and not the more modern issue (ie Untimate Bounty Hunter set had older Bossk from 1997 and not 2004) (TJ, 6/09/06)

When putting together sets, we try to use the most current figure available to us at the time, but sometimes the most current figure isn’t always the one that is available for us.

Any possibilites of having smaller playset sections that ACTUALLY connect to make a larger one? (TJ, 6/09/06)

A scaling playset is a great idea, Chris. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets.  If we ever see the landscape changing,  it's something we could take a look at in the future.


What are the current plans for the 6" Unleashed line of figures. Are they coming back and if so what figures can we expect to see and when? (TNI, 6/09/06)

We will re-release a selection of classic Unleashed figures in the fall with four exclusive figures - two figures at Wal-mart and two figures at Target - in an all-new tube-style packaging.

Will there be future vintage waves and if so any hints to what figures we might see released? (TNI, 6/09/06)

Not in 2006, but we're looking at what opportunities might exist for expanding the Vintage figure assortment in 2007.

Are there any plans to re-release the classic Deathstar playset in the Saga line or possibly do a new version, perhaps a modular type playset that people buy in parts and then once they have all of them could combine to form one large playset? (TNI, 6/09/06)

As the saying goes, "great minds think alike." There has been a lot of discussion internally on whether this could be successful in today's market. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets. If we ever see the landscape changing, it's something we could take a look at in the future.


In regards to the Ultra Titanium series:  Will you be creating UT versions of the EI Royal Starship, the Sith Infiltrator, and General Grievous' ship? If so, when do you think we might see them? (YF, 6/09/06)

They aren't currently scheduled. But we are looking at what opportunities might exisit for expanding the Titanium line in 2007.

Does Hasbro intend to release the VOTC Stormtrooper without dirt, just white? (YF, 6/09/06)

That's a very good idea. However we have nothing currently planned.

Is there a plan to ship a variation of the Clone Pilot?  The one which has shipped in the Episode III Heroes and Villains asst. is the black version, however the back of the card shows the gray/white uniform. (YF, 6/09/06)

We are currently shipping the black suited version.

Does Hasbro intend to release any playsets, large or in smaller sections to create a larger playset? (YF, 6/09/06)

As the saying goes, "great minds think alike". There has been a lot of discussion internally on whether this could be successful in today's market. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets. If we ever see the landscape changing, It's something we could take a look at in the future.


Will Hasbro start to offer store exclusives at I love some of the recent Target exclusives but I don’t have a Target within 30 miles and when I do make the trip, the pegs are empty and I have to pay 2x or 3x retail on ebay. If they sold even a small portion on HTS it would give people a better chance to get them! (YN, 6/09/06)

Yes. Soon, fans may visit and purchase a selection of exclusive items including the 501st SDCC figure, Titanium Series Gold TIE Advanced X1 Starfighter, and an all-new action figure collectors case. These limited edition collector cases (6"x9") are branded Hasbro, Star Wars, Lucas Film Limited and Kenner!

Explain to me the relative risks and costs associated with bringing new vehicle and small playset molds into the world, when compared to making massive gambits on entirely new offshoot lines such as Force Battlers and Galactic Choppers. It seems to be a case of fumbled priorities, or rather multiple cases of them stacked and overflowing at my local Wal-Mart. (YN, 6/09/06)

We look to products that will produce the greatest return on our resource investment. Vehicles and figures are more popular play patterns for the kid audience than playsets, and the lines you referenced are squarely kid-targeted. We are looking to introduce some new 3-3/4” vehicles next year (and re-introduce some high demand ones this Fall).

Are there plans for future waves of the VTSC/VOTC range and also a prequel character equivalent of this range, possibly starting with repacks of the Evolutions figures as single carded figures, for example the Evolutions Episode III Anakin with a better cape, Qui-Gon Jinn and a softgood Episode II/III Yoda? (YN, 6/09/06)

Not in 2006, but we're looking at the potential for another wave for 2007.

Week 2 - June 16, 2006

Many collectors are frustrated with exclusives which are often hard to find due to scalper draw, limited or uneven distribution, and exclusives to chains not available in certain areas. While understanding that exclusives are an important part of getting certain items released, as well as a tool for Hasbro's dealings with their retail partners, what can be done to remedy this ongoing problem so that collectors can feel like Hasbro cares about their interests and concerns? (AF, 6/16/06)

Good question, and we do care. We are not trying to deliberately short the market or create frustration. We release exclusives with the size of the collector market in mind. We try to ensure that the retailer is willing to commit to anticipated quantities and item needs to satisfy the collector base We attempt to obtain national distribution on what we think will be high-demand items. What we can't plan for are the store counts and amount shipped to each store, which our retailers decide on; individual collector pockets of high concentration; the unfortunate scalping element (which at least seems to less than it was several years ago); and sets with an inherent multi-purchase pattern (troop building) that motivates folks to go unusually deep. From these standpoints, exclusives are probably no different than national items....some national items can be just as hard to find locally but nationally on the average they are OK.

Will we ever get a Hayden Christensen-based Spirit of Anakin as seen in the OT DVD release? (AF, 6/16/06)

Not at this time.

Will we see more new Vehicles such as the AT-TE, Cloud Car, V-wing, in the foreseeable future? Can you be specific as to which ones? (AF, 6/16/06)

We *will* be producing some new vehicles in the 3-3/4" Starfighter Vehicle line-up in 2007. We cannot be more specific at this time…sorry!


Is there any way to offer previous pack-in characters as singles or mailaways? Bespin guard, Rebel pilots, etc. (AFI, 6/16/06)

Not at this time. There are a lot of great figures that have yet to be made available in the 6x9 format and that's probably where we'll look first to re-introduce some characters. We'd like to try and guage which figures fans would like to see come back into the 6x9 format....let us know via message boards or come by and see us if you'll be in San Diego for Comic Con.

Any plans for GH passed in the upcoming line (Wedge, Stormy Luke and Han) -- including GH vehicles or playsets? (AFI, 6/16/06)

Galactic Heroes has been very successful, and these guys will definitely be continuing for the foreseeable future, with a mix of fan favorite characters and new sculpts in the mix. However, the GH line has proven itself to be figure-driven and the vehicles have struggled, so we're just concentrating on figures at scale. But there are some great concepts coming for this series....stay tuned for details.

Will we be seeing less action feature and more articulation i.e. ROTS pilot Obi-wan? (AFI, 6/16/06)

It depends on the figure. If they come with a significant accessory (say a curved Cantina bar section) we may have to make a choice on the number of point so articulation to deliver the accessory.


Are there any plans to make more 2.5" Star Wars Unleashed figures and/or vehicles (like the mini-Sigma 6 G.I. Joe figures)? (F, 6/16/06)

Unleashed 2.5" figures will continue in their current multi-pack form for the foreseeable future. Vehicles, beyond the Snowspeeder this Fall, we will have to wait and see.

Die-hard old Action Fleet collector here and the return to the AF scaled format with the Titanium line is refreshing, aside from the rehashes (Snow Speeder, Slave 1, et al, already have 'em!). What NEW ships can we look forward too in the larger scale? (ROTS had quite a few only touched in the smaller Titanimum format.) (F, 6/16/06)

Stay tuned for upcoming details on the Titanium line.

Do you plan to make action figures based on the highly anticipated Star Wars TV show and if so, will you be making them a part of the central line of SW figures, or will they be their own line? (F, 6/16/06)

With the television series slated for 2008, it's too far off to speak to with any accuracy whether the figures will be worked into the main line or will have their own segment.


Can we expect to see more animated Clone Wars figures? If so, what is the rough timeline? (GH, 6/16/06)

We do have plans for some of these characters in 2007, but we won't be announcing the specifics just yet. However, any we do will be in "realistic" styling rather than animated. We done some polling with fans, and overall the realistic style is preferred over the animated style so we are going to stick with that.

Has Hasbro explored the possibility of starting a collector's club, offering unique figures and accessories to its membership? How many collectors would need to 'organize' in order to pique Hasbro's interest in this concept? Hasbro dedicates a lot of care and attention to nurturing its relationship with G.I. Joe and Transformers collectors, adopting official conventions and collector clubs, and Star Wars fans often feel left out of the fun. Will Hasbro make any such efforts for Star Wars collectors in the future? (GH, 6/16/06)

Lucasfilm runs the official Star Wars [Fan] Club and Celebration shows to maintain that conduit with collectors. We'll participate in those events (and Comic Con) to showcase our upcoming products and interact with collectors, but there are no plans for another Club devoted to figure collecting.

With Hasbro's recent acquisition of the Marvel license, can we hope to see modular pieces (a la build-a- figure/vehicle/playset) introduced into the Star Wars line? Many larger-scale figures and mini-sized vehicles could finally see production this way. (GH, 6/16/06)

Not at this time.


With the HUGE success of the Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure idea, is there any chance that we might see that implemented in the 3.75" Star Wars line to get figures (such as Hermi Odle or a new Probot) or maybe playsets (like a Jabba's Dais or Moisture Evaporator)? (JD, 6/16/06)

Not at this time.

Articulation is a popular feature on toys for children and adults alike. Is it possible we'll see things like elbow, wrist, and knee joints become the standard in the Hasbro basic line on all figures, regardless of their role in the films, since poseable toys are popular? (JD, 6/16/06)

We weigh each figure based on their individual needs and the costing of the product overall. If a character has a significant accessory, or is in a multi-pack, we will evaluate that vs. just premium articulation for the sake of articulation.

What's the story with the Endor Rebel Soldiers that debuted on your website recently - are they shipping at the same time in the same case, are they randomly packed, or will they be a running change? (JD, 6/16/06)

They will be a running change.


Are there any plans for a poseable 6" Marvel Legends style line of Star Wars action figures? (JI, 6/16/06)

There are no plans at this time for us to do a Marvel Legends-style series.

Will we ever see Darth Sidious' lightsaber? (JI, 6/16/06)

I doubt it. The problem is that it is the tiny hilt and blade, which do not make as heroic a statement to kids. I know Yoda says "Judge me by my size, do you?" but it's not very high on the kid demand list for lightsabers.

What are the plans for the Expanded Universe? (JI, 6/16/06)

A lot of great characters have been created in the Expanded Universe and we do plan to include some in the 2007 line. We can't release more details than that, but stay tuned.


What are the numbers for the figures in the Endor and Naboo waves? (JTA, 6/16/06)

Endor is #39-43 (Wave 5) and #44-46 is Wave 6. The Naboo wave is #49-52 in Wave 6. We combined the two into one wave as both ended up on the same schedule.

When can we expect to hear more information about this years SDCC Exclusives? (JTA, 6/16/06)

Information on the EU "Shadow Stormtrooper" figure is available at StarWarsOnlineShop. We will be making more information available on the HasbroToyShop "501st Stormtrooper" figure just before convention time, so be sure to check it out.


Is Hasbro/Lucas thinking of creating a toy only line with new characters, or will everything be based on movies, comics, TV and novels? (POTF2, 6/16/06)

Interesting question. We aren't planning on designing any new characters that do not have precedence in film, TV, comics, or elsewhere in the EU... with maybe 1-2 exceptions, but these will be worked into the main line rather than be a stand-alone segment.

When will the next fan favorite poll begin? (POTF2, 6/16/06)

This last one was pretty epic and Toy Fare did a fantastic job corralling all the input. We'd like to give the team a rest before going at it again! Seriously... annually would be nice. So again this time next year is something we will shoot for.

I heard that Hasbro is thinking of adding a few EU figures into the mix for 2007, but will any of these figures include characters from novels? And, is there a ballpark figure on the number of EU figures that will be made next year? 2? 3? An entire wave? (POTF2, 6/16/06)
I can't give any more details beyond "wait and see." I know it's frustrating, but I'm glad people share the same passion for the EU as we do and Lucasfilm does.


Why are many much-desired items (the Sith Infiltrator, AT-TE and Cloud Car, Playsets etc.) passed over in favor of a ton of new Star Wars lines like Attacktix, Unleashed Battle Packs, Galactic Heroes, Jedi Force, Force Battlers, Mr. Potato Heads, Star Wars Transformers, Star Wars Customs, Star Wars Miniatures? In the past, it's been said that producing things such as are not cost-effective for today's market, but that hardly seems logical. (RS, 6/16/06)

We look to products that will produce the greatest return on our resource investment. Vehicles and figures are more popular play patterns for the kid audience than playsets, and the lines you referenced are squarely kid-targeted. We are looking to introduce some new 3-3/4” vehicles next year (and re-introduce some high demand ones this Fall).

Will we see any more female figures, specifically Padmé in her various costumes? (RS, 6/16/06)

Eventually, yes, but it's too early to say when the next version will be made available.

Are the American and Canadian Proof of Purchase tabs on the Vintage Saga Collection figures interchangeable? Can I still redeem my Lucas Trooper if I have mix of Canadian and American tabs on my certificate? (RS, 6/16/06)


I have a long list of items that aren't coming out in the UK or other parts of Europe. Why doesn't Hasbro get said toys in limited quantities via FOB and sell them through their web shops to supply the demand? (RS, 6/16/06)

While all of our domestic (U.S.) products are made available to retailers in other regions, that does not necessarily mean that they will see retail distribution in that area - some of these things are out of our control.


Why does Hasbro not want to discuss specifics in regards to possible upcoming products when Hasbro has no competition for making Star Wars action figures? (SSG, 6/16/06)

Excellent question. We manage the flow of information for a variety of business reasons. One advantage to the plan is that we always have upcoming news and collectors don't get bored. When the public knows the line too far in advance, there's a tendency for items new to the shelf to seem old if the line list has been out there for months (case in point last Toy Fair, when our line list was well-known, and the criticism was that there was "no new news.").

Will there ever be the curved Cantina bar end piece, and if so, when will it be made available and what will it come with? (SSG, 6/16/06)

Yes. The specifics on when it will be available aren't ready for announcement yet.

What are the chances of seeing Vintage-Style figures for prequels characters? (SSG, 6/16/06)

Right now, there are a lot of OTC characters yet to be done in Vintage. In the future, if the series continues, we'll look at doing prequel figures in Vintage style after we have covered off more of the key vintage Kenner figures.


Is the Ultimate Galactic Hunt over? Or is this going to be an ongoing promotion? (SWAN, 6/16/06)

The UGH figures are done shipping, they will not be re-released and there will be no more this year. We are looking at sequeling the event again next Spring. Exactly what that will be has yet to be determined.

Where does Hasbro see the future of the toy line moving? With the influx of non-movie, expanded universe characters gaining popularity from the books, video games, and television series, is there any consideration of pursuing a full line of these sort of characters? Even if not, will there remain occasional EU chase figures such as the Shadow Stormtrooper? (SWAN, 6/16/06)

Fantastic question. This really does go to the heart of the directions available since the future of the Star Wars entertainment, be it the new series, comics, video games, novels etc., is by definition EU. However it’ll be a balancing act I think, with demand for Saga based characters (Episodes 1-6) still extremely high for the next few years I see the movies still remaining the heart and soul of the line, but the EU occupying a prominent part. We will have a more concrete answer to at least one of your questions in our panel at comic con, so stay tuned.

What happened to the "one of every figure" club that they mentioned at C3? (SWAN, 6/16/06)

Unfortunately this idea came too late to be able to implement because at that time many of the Episode 3 figures were already out of production having been created in the months prior to the movie shelf date. As a result there was not enough collectors interested in signing up for the whole set to merit reproduction of some figures.


If a character or version of character is already planned for release, do you bar that selection from Fans' Choice polls, so that a truly bonus figure can emerge? (TJ, 6/16/06)

Very timely question ... the Fans' Choice poll that Toy Fare recently conducted was driven entirely by the fans and the results were a true measure of the top figures that fans want to see made. I'd love to go into more detail, but look for Toy Fare to reveal the scoop in their July on-sale issue.

Can collectors of the vehicle line expect any new sculpts in the foreseeable future? (TJ, 6/16/06)

We *will* be producing some new vehicles in the 3-3/4" Starfighter Vehicle line-up in 2007.

Since ball joints offer greater pose-ability and play value (as opposed to the swivel-joints) for things like elbows, shoulders, and knees, why don't more of the figures have ball joints? (TJ, 6/16/06)

For the most part, its much more expensive to produce figures with this manner. Every figure we do is a balancing act between articulation, deco, accessories and the overall complexion of the wave. We add articulation where we can afford it and where it makes most sense for each figure, but ball joints are not going to become the standard on Star Wars for this reason.


I have read much about cost issues etc with creating new ships/playsets. But the Star Wars 3.3/4" line is about re-creating enviroment and scenes that make us feel the magic. Surely there are ways to get ships done including large ones. And smaller ones with electronic features. Whadaya say Hasbro? (YF, 6/16/06)

We *will* be producing some new vehicles in the 3-3/4" Starfighter Vehicle line-up in 2007. We'll look at features (Electronic or otherwise) on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis.

When will we see figures of Commander Bacara's galactic marines?!? (YF, 6/16/06)

Early in 2007.

Any chance we can expect to see a Lars Homestead scene pack with Cliegg Lars, prequel Owen and Beru, anytime soon? This could be a great exclusive? (YF, 6/16/06)

Not at this time. While they would be cool, there are a bunch of characters we'll be getting to first.


Why do we not have the entire line of Star Wars 3" 3/4 product here in FRANCE in our supermarket. Why should we rely on specialized toy shops or the internet to be able to get a complete collection and pay overpriced items ( I mean US customers paid what $8 max when in FRANCE, in US currency, each fig costs $ 13 MINIMUM!) Also why do our neighbors country (Germany and Great Britain ) have the VOTC line in their stores and we could get the George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise ? (YN, 6/16/06)

It's up to retailers in EU regions to decide whether to carry the full or a partial line. There are very large collecting bases in both the UK and Germany, so that is why you see more offerings, including many exclusives in these countries. The best I can say is to let your retailer know, that you would like to see them carry more Star Wars collector lines.

Will we see any more Ewoks? Maybe even an Ewok Battle Pack? Maybe a Tusken Raider Battle Pack? Perhaps a Stormtrooper (not Clonetrooper) Battle Pack? (YN, 6/16/06)

Those are already on our radar, but there is no timetable for them. We have a lot of ideas and not enough space to put them all, but eventually there will be more Ewoks. Probably Ewoks before Tuskens, if that helps..

Will we ever see army builder figures packed consistently in cases, regardless of the relevance they may have to the particular "wave" of figures? A considerable amount of collectors love army builders, and to have a few Super articulated Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers (plain white VOTC mold, not dirty like the Sandtrooper #37 from the Saga Collection), Scout Troopers, ett packed in a case would be great. (YN, 6/16/06)

You bet. This year in fact you'll see more mixing, especially later in the year, and troop builders will be key. However, we haven't created a specific clean Sandtrooper version yet.
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Re: The Categorized Hasbro Q & A Archive
« Reply #16 on: August 23, 2006, 08:49 PM »
Week 3 - June 23, 2006

Will there be any new Star Wars Titanium Series 3" vehicle sculpts that have not already been prototyped? (i.e. AT-TE, Ep 2 Jedi Starfighter, etc.) What about Ep I Die Casts that were never released? (AF, 6/23/06)

Without going into specifics, there will be new sculpts.

Regarding the Toy Fare Fan's Choice poll figures, which figures won (or, when will the winners be officially announced) and what is happening with them (are they designed yet, when will they be released)? (AF, 6/23/06)

Very timely question... the Fans' Choice poll that Toy Fare recently conducted was driven entirely by the fans and the results were a true measure of the top figures that fans want to see made. I'd love to go into more detail, but look for Toy Fare to reveal the scoop in their July on-sale issue.

How does Hasbro cope with lines such as Unleashed Battle Packs, Star Wars Custom Choppers, etc., which fans believe from the outset won't work, and then the lines fail as suspected? (AF, 6/23/06)

Popularity of any lines among core collectors is not necessarily an indication for the success or failure of any line. When launching a new line, we take into account the total consumer audience. These lines were intended for the consumer market beyond the core fan base. For example, Custom Choppers was developed for kids new to the line -- and they're the ones who are buying it. And, it was always planned as 2006 line only. Unleashed also has a dedicated following, although the main purchasers are not those who collect the 3.75" figures. Unleashed will continue into 2007, with additional movie themes on tap. More details will be announced at Comic-Con.


Is there any chance of a prequel-based vintage/premium-style line? (AFI, 6/23/06)

Right now, there are a lot of OTC characters yet to be done in Vintage style. In the future, if the series continues, we may look at doing prequel figures in Vintage style …. But it probably won't be anytime soon, especially since there are still so many Kenner figures to consider!

You said VOTC/VTSC figures are based on fan popularity. Does this mean that an SA Jedi Luke (with removable soft goods cloak and grey tunic) is a good bet for this line? His popularity with fans is obvious since he made the Top 25 in the poll. (AFI, 6/23/06)

Very good question. A SA Jedi Luke is at the top of our list of potential candidate for the next line of vintage figures.

Will we ever see a re-issue of the ridiculously hard to find Ralph McQuarrie concept Trooper? Will we ever see any more McQuarrie concept characters? (I need a Vader!!) (AFI, 6/23/06)

What a fantastic question! The answer is……...yes. The Trooper will be re-released in 2007. Specific details will be released at Comic-Con.


What about a vintage-style Emperor?  The Emperor is high on our list of potential candidates to be considered for the vintage line. (BTT, 6/23/06)

We’re still working out all the details for the 2007 line, so we will not be announcing the specific figures until the fall.  Be sure to ask again in a few months!

With the last wave of TSC hitting in October, what can we expect to see for the holiday season? (BTT, 6/23/06)

Good question.  We’ll have plenty of product announcements for Fall 2006 and beyond at Comic-Con.  Be sure to attend our panel discussion on Friday morning to get all the details!

With it’s seemingly good success, is the Galactic Heroes line planned for a long life? (BTT, 6/23/06)

Galactic Heroes has been very successful, and these guys will definitely be continuing for the foreseeable future, with a mix of fan favorite characters and new sculpts in the mix.


Darth Tater and Spud Trooper were a success and I look forward to Artoo-Potatoo in my collection. Any odds of seeing a BOBA FETT RUSSET:)? (F, 6/23/06)

For now, Artoo Potatoo is the only Star Wars Potato Head figure planned for the foreseeable future.

Had a Death Star playset as a child. You've remade many playsets of my youth, any chance of this coming up (with Trash Compactor Monster!)? (F, 6/23/06)

There has been quite a bit of discussion internally on whether or not playsets could be successful in today's market. However, we continue to see diminished demand for playsets. If we ever see the landscape changing, it's something we could take a look at in the future.

With the recent success of Clone Commando Scorch flying off the shelves is there any plans to make his 3 pod brothers - Boss, Sev, and Fixer? (F, 6/23/06)

Good question … but the answer will have to wait until Comic-Con!


Since a lot of the Modern Era vehicles have been based on Kenner molds, are there any ships that we can strike off of our lists because the necessary molds are simply unfeasible? (GH, 6/23/06)

I can't say with certainty that any are off limits. But, it is extremely unlikely that we'll be using any of the playset molds again.

Will we see a return of the $10-15 price point Deluxe line?  It has a lot of potential for releasing small vehicles and beasts (Geonosian Orray and Arena cart) along with background figures. This format could also be utilized for multi-packs, oversized figures (Hermi Odle) and accessories too. (Did we mention Hermi Odle?) (GH, 6/23/06)

We're not planning to return the Deluxe/Ultra lines in the foreseeable future. But, it may be a possibility with the release of the animated series in 2008.

What three Star Wars action figures does 'the team' want to do before the line ends or the world ends, whichever comes first? (This can be applied to ships, play sets, or beasts, as well.) (GH, 6/23/06)

Heavy question. We would personally like to see every last cantina alien produced at some point in time. Does that count as three?!! (GH editor's note: Yes, there are at least three left.)

Will themed waves continue past the Saga Collection? (GH, 6/23/06)


The Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper from 2003 was a big hit with fans, and they were snatched off of shelves as quickly as they appeared. Is there any chance that we'll see figures based on Concept Art, Poster Images, or other non-movie images in the near future? (GH, 6/23/06)

I can't be too specific right now, but that's a great question. Details will be revealed at Comic-Con.


Will you be offering any more "mail away" figures for 2006? Would it be something that you will look at again in 2007 if the vintage Lucastrooper mail-away is successful? (JD, 6/23/06)

There will be no more mail away figures in 2006. We're still planning for 2007 right now, so it's too early to know if we will repeat the promotion next year.

This year, the VOTC Stormtrooper mold is being reused for the 2006 Saga Tatooine Wave Sandtrooper figure. Is it possible that we'll see the VOTC Stormtrooper re-released back in the basic line at some point? (JD, 6/23/06)

It's possible. But, we don't have a re-release of the VOTC Stormtrooper scheduled anytime soon and there is no definite date of when it might come back.

Willrow Hood (the Ice Cream Maker Guy) seems to have a huge fan following. Even if he does not win the Toy Fare Fan's Choice poll, when can we expect to see him on the pegs? (JD, 6/23/06)

Aha - a trick question! Toy Fare will unveil the winners of the Fan's Choice poll in their issue that will be hitting stands the week before Comic-Con. Check the issue in a few weeks to see if Willrow Hood is a winner.


Are you looking at expanding the Titanium line to include Expanded Universe ships? (JI, 6/23/06)

Not this year …. But stay tuned for 2007

Can you tell us what other clone trooper figures will be released other then the ones already out? There are still many versions from ROTS that have yet to be released in figure form. (JI, 6/23/06)

That's a great question! We do plan to release additional clones.

Any more Star Wars Potato Head figures after R2-D2 in the works? (JI, 6/23/06)

For now, Artoo Potatoo is the only Star Wars Potato Head figure planned for the foreseeable future.


The UGH Georgetrooper program has had its pluses and minuses. Now that the bulk of the initial stages of this program are behind us, can you say that you will be offering a similar program next year? (JTA, 6/23/06)

We will be offering a Vintage line in 2007. However, we have not yet determined the specific promotion that will support the release -- or even if there will be a promotion. Details will be released as things are finalized.

Can you tell us when the Fan Choice figure for 2006 will be announced? (JTA, 6/23/06)

Very timely question ... the Fans' Choice poll that Toy Fare recently conducted was driven entirely by the fans and the results were a true measure of the top figures that fans want to see made. I'd love to go into more detail, but look for Toy Fare to reveal the scoop in their July on-sale issue.

Are there any plans for making a Darth Sidious electronic lightsaber? (JTA, 6/23/06)

I doubt it. The problem is the tiny hilt and blade, which do not make a heroic statement to kids. I know Yoda says "Judge me by my size, do you?" but it's not very high on the kid demand list for lightsabers.


Will we ever see a reissue of Fan's Choice #3 - Ephant Mon? (POTF2, 6/23/06)

Not at this time.

Any plans for a remade/new sculpt Uncle Owen? (POTF2, 6/23/06)

We're not planning a new sculpt at this time.

With the popularity of the many ROTS style clonetrooper, can we still expect to see AOTC style clonetroopers released? (POTF2, 6/23/06)

Yes. If you'll be at Comic-Con, come to our panel on Friday morning to learn more details.


It seems that collector interest is still running high for the Star Wars line...roughly what percentage of Hasbro's market does the collector community represent? How do you determine this number? (RS, 6/23/06)

We don't release sales information or consumer sales profile statistics.

Any possibility of a new line of smaller vehicles, similar to the vintage mini-rigs or the Episode I Invasion Force series, perhaps even packaged with a pilot figure? (RS, 6/23/06)

We don't have a plan to release a smaller line of vehicles right now. But, we will have to wait and see what opportunities may exist with the introduction of the animated series in 2008.

Will any of these planned (but unreleased) items ever see the light of day?

Bespin Vader w/ CD-Rom (POTJ)/Bespin Luke w/ CD-Rom (POTJ)/Yavin Accessory Pack (w/Yavin Technician) (Saga)/Jabba's Palace Accessory Set (w/Gamorrean Guard) (Saga) Gungan Accessory Pack (w/Gungan Warrior) (Saga)/Trophy Series Obi-Wan Kenobi/Trophy Series OOM-9/Holo Queen Amidala/Holo Obi-wan/Holo Nute Gunray/Obi-wan w/"Skeeto"/Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Battle Droid (Action Heroes 2-Pack)/Jar Jar Binks vs. Destroyer Droid (same)
(RS, 6/23/06)

That's a bunch of questions in one! The short answer is: I doubt it, as we've moved in a different direction. Specifically: Bespin Vader with CD-ROM - it's doubtful it will be released.


Is there a possibility of bringing back the 3 3/4" Deluxe figure line? (SSG, 6/23/06)

Not right now. It's possible that we may bring back the line when the animated series is released in a few years.

Are there any plans for any of the unmade Padme/Amidala figures in the foreseeable future? If so, which ones? (SSG, 6/23/06)

Yes. We can't provide an exact timetable, but we will occasionally be releasing Padme figures in the future.

Does Lucasfilm have the rights to the likeness for the Tonnika Sisters (ANH cantina patrons), and if so is there plans to create figures? (SSG, 6/23/06)

Thanks for the question, but that's not something we can comment on right now.


When the Covert Ops Clone Trooper was offered on, the product description said the trooper could be the 'debut of a possible new line of troopers released by Hasbro in the coming months.' Any update? (TJ, 6/23/06)

Currently, is offering Shadow Stormtrooper, which is a great example of an Extended Universe trooper.

Are there any plans for new sculpts in the 2007 line of 6" Unleashed figures? (TJ, 6/23/06)

Right now, we don't have any plans for specific Unleashed figures
other than what has been announced for this fall.

Is there any chance of Ephant Mon being offered in a future Battle Pack or multi-figure collector set? (TJ, 6/23/06)

Not right now.


Of all the figure that have been released in the modern era(1995-2006), are there any you'd personally like to see resculpted? (YF, 6/23/06)

Personally, of all the figures in the modern era, I'd like to see a really great resculpted Jedi Luke.

Are there any plans to revisit the POTF cardbacks when issuing the new vintage line of figures? (YF, 6/23/06)

We don't have any plans to use POTF-style cardbacks for the Vintage line right now.

Based on the overwhelming response to the current TSC-style cardback, are there any plans to depart from this style once the 2006 line has ended? (YF, 6/23/06)

We are looking at a different line look for 2007, which we'll be showing at Comic-Con.


My check has been cashed, so when can we expect to see the Lucastrooper hitting the mailboxes? (YN, 6/23/06)

Anytime now…

The Galactic Heroes figures continue to be very popular and it’s great to see some coming back out. Many of the figures are now selling for insanely high prices on the secondary market. Is there any chance that we will see a re-release of some of those figures that have yet to be announced? Namely the Padme / Anakin and Jango /Obi-Wan sets? (YN, 6/23/06)

Didn't get Derryl before leaving - we'll email him directly as soon as we have an answer.

When are we going to see a line of figures based on the Star Wars novels? The last expanded universe line was years ago. With the success of the book series it would be a perfect time for another EU line. Especially since we only have one figure of Mara Jade, the most popular EU character, and dozens of figures of characters that were in the movies. And I'm not including her bust, since it's only a convention exclusive. (YN, 6/23/06)

You're right. The EU is fertile ground. We know that there are great characters in the EU and we plan to include some of these in 2007. Stay tuned!

Week 4 - June 30, 2006

Can we see EU toys in the near future again? Like the popular KotOR game getting some toys? (A-F, 6/30/06)

The EU is fertile ground. We know that there are great characters in the Expanded Universe and we plan to include some of these in 2007. Stay tuned!

We've seen pics of the Spring-loaded Lightsabers, will we be seeing these in the stores anytime soon? and what all lightsabers will be released in this variety? (A-F, 6/30/06)

The wait will soon be over. You should start seeing the Force Action Light Saber in stores in October. There will be four styles - Vader, Obi-Wan, Luke (blue), and a green Jedi blade which will be available in November.

How come Hasbro keeps packing clones, Republic Commandos and clone commanders in such low numbers considering that they are the most popular of all the new assortments? (A-F, 6/30/06)

They have been selling well, but it doesn't mean we've been shorting them. Usually our case-weighting has more to do with the tooling capacity (how many we can draw from the mold per week). We'll continue to look for ways to get high-demand figures back into the market.


What are the chances of more popular or rare vehicles that have already been made such as the TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Tatooine Skiff, etc., being re-released? (AF, 6/30/06)

We'll look at those opportunities (typically exclusive-based because of their size/cost) as the situation arises.

Why did Hasbro suspend the 7" Unleashed line popular with fans and use the brand name for a line of Unleashed Battle Packs 2" micro-statues? (AF, 6/30/06)

The Unleashed 7" line had fallen off in sales and did not justify the amount of work and expense that producing those figures required. The decision was made to put that scale on hiatus while the 2" line was being drawn up. Because of the nature of the 2" figures (pre-posed in a variety of aggressive poses), it made sense to use the brand on the smaller scale, indicative of the posing, not the scale.

What is the status of the Star Wars Transformers line, will there be more sets, and if so, when and what next? If no, why not? (AF, 6/30/06)

It's too early to reveal details, but yes, SW TF will continue into 2007 with new vehicles.


Is there any chance of seeing New Jedi Order figures in the near future? Either as a spin off line (like Clone Wars) or as a wave or two in The Saga Collection. (AFI, 6/30/06)

You'll have to wait and see what figures are in the EU line as it unfolds. At some point they would be good to do, I agree.

Are there plans for any more figures based on the other Pod Racers in Episode 1? It seems like that is still a fertile pool to pull characters from. (AFI, 6/30/06)

Ah - great question. I have been pondering the same thing, as my kids (and I) love the Pod Racing scenes. However, when it comes to the vehicles, they just wouldn't sell as well as more aggressive or iconic vehicles. Not to rule out that someday we will do them, but we look to focus on bringing out the occasional pod racing driver pack.

Will the Darth Tater Backpack Dangler ever be offered in the regular Galactic Heroes packaging, say with a Spud Trooper or Artoo-Detater? (AFI, 6/30/06)

No specific plans, but it's an interesting idea.


Could we see new SOTE figs as part of the EU line next year? (BTT, 6/30/06)

It's too early to announce the specifics of the EU line.

Why was the latest Anakin Skywalker action figure given an enemy style hologram? Shouldn't it have been called "Darth Vader" or given a friendly holo? (BTT, 6/30/06)

Good catch. The copy on this figure does suggest he's good at that point. The artwork suggests Jedi Temple, maybe on his way to do the Emperor's bidding, before he becomes Vader. I know, this answer is as complicated as, well, Anakin himself.

Will we see a General Grievous that is in proper scale with the rest of the 3.75" line? (BTT, 6/30/06)

Interesting question. We work far ahead of the final versions in some cases, and Grievous was one of those. We based our figures (all five) on the input we had at the time which stated that Grievous was 6'4" and had certain deco. The final film version was much taller and had different deco. If, and when, we go back to do a new Grievous we'll take the official film height into account.


What say so, if any, does Hasbro have in Sideshow Collectibles 12" figure line? (F, 6/30/06)

We have left Sideshow alone to work their magic on the 12" line.

When will we see a Luke Skywalker in Death Star 2 outfit figure? In the fan's choice poll, "super articulated final duel costume Luke" made the top 25, and fan's want this figure over any other Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi (no Jabba's Palace vest). What are the chances we'll see one next year? (F, 6/30/06)

We can't answer this before the results of the Fan's Choice Poll are revealed prior to Comic-Con.

What more can we expect from the youth-inducing Star Wars Galactic Heroes line of super deformed figures? My kid loves 'em. (Ok, so do I:) (F, 6/30/06)

Galactic Heroes has been very successful, and these guys will definitely be continuing for the foreseeable future, with a combination of fan favorite characters and new sculpts in the mix.


It's safe to assume that the 30th Anniversary will be celebrated with exclusives from all of Hasbro's retail partners. Without revealing details (but feel free if you're willing), is there anything over-the-top exceptional in the works for us collecting fiends? (GH, 6/30/06)

Without revealing details.Yes. Come to our panel on Friday morning of Comic-Con to find out more!

Other companies are manufacturing attractive and compatible stands and display environments for Star Wars action figures. What, if anything, can we collectors do to encourage Hasbro to enter this market in lieu of play sets? (We're going to need somewhere to put that Cantina Bar when the U-shaped piece comes out.) (GH, 6/30/06)

It has been noticed. It's just that we have chosen to allocate our design resources toward producing other products right now. That may change in the future.

Many collectors still love the old cardboard backdrop, plastic base play sets from the vintage era. Are updated versions of these considered just too hokey for such a robust, detailed modern line? (GH, 6/30/06)

There is demand for these among a core of collectors, and even on the team here, I have my original Sears Cantina set here at work.  I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they will ever come back, but their right time and place seems to have been in the original Kenner line.


Do you plan on getting to the remaining figures from the Kenner Vintage line that have not yet been given a modern sculpt update? (These include Jabba's Palace Klaatu, Lumat, Romba, Warok, Black Bespin Guard, Imperial Commander, Death Squad Commander, B-Wing Pilot, and more). (JD, 6/30/06)

We're still working out all the details for the 2007 line, so we will not be announcing the specific figures until the Fall. Be sure to ask again in a few months!

The upcoming Endor Rebel Soldiers (from Saga Wave 7) look like pretty cool improvements. Can we look forward to Hoth Rebel Soldiers and the Rebel Fleet Trooper getting "SA" Trooper status at some point in the line? The Rebels seemed to get the short end of the stick with poseability (until the new Endor ones anyway). (JD, 6/30/06)

We'll probably be updating them in the future (actually the Rebel Fleet Trooper is pretty darn good), but it won't be in the short term.

In the design process of action figures, when and why is the decision made to use "cut-joints" at the elbows of figures as opposed to "ball-joints" for the elbows? Each appear to require the same amount of tooling and materials, yet the superior "ball-joints" which provide a better playing and display experience for children and collectors are passed over for the choice of "cut-joints." Can we look forward to a better quality joint for all future action figures? (JD, 6/30/06)

For the most part, its much more expensive to produce figures with the ball joints. Every figure we do is a balancing act between articulation, deco, accessories and the overall complexion of the wave. We add articulation where we can afford it and where it makes the most sense for each figure, but ball joints are not going to become the standard on Star Wars for the reasons stated.


Will we see any larger scale action figures with a decent amount of articulation? (JI, 6/30/06)

Possibly with animation, but not before.

Will there be a release of the SITH INFILTRATOR and V-WING for the 3 3/4" vehicles? (JI, 6/30/06)

That is the rumor circling the Net based on the recent swiped line list. It's too early to confirm or deny any vehicles for 2007.

Will we see more Star Wars/Transformers in made? (JI, 6/30/06)

Yes - the line will continue into 2007.


What is the status of the lines directed at young kids? It seems to be that the Galactic Heroes line is having great success, but what about other lines directed at young children such as Force Battlers and Choppers. If the lines will be discontinued is there something else in the works to replace them? (JTA, 6/30/06)

You're right. Galactic Heroes has been very successful, and these guys will definitely be continuing for the foreseeable future, with a combination of fan favorite characters and new sculpts in the mix. As far as the other lines, Force Battlers will last through this Fall...longer than we originally thought due to the kid demand for larger figures. Also, Customs (Choppers) was always planned as a 2006 line only. We'll have plenty of product announcements for the Fall and beyond at Comic-Con!

For the vintage-style figures...are there any plans to make them with a POTF card with a coin? (JTA, 6/30/06)

We don't have any plans to use POTF-style cardbacks for the Vintage line right now.

Most collectors had a very hard time collecting the basic figure UGH with the silver foil card and figure stand. Will this be a program that will continue in the future? If so, will steps be taken to make it at least a bit easier for collectors to complete the set of figures? (JTA, 6/30/06)

If it continues, we will announce it at a later date.


Come on... admit it... Hasbro keeps a list of all figure and packaging variations that is even more comprehensive than POTF2.COM's Master Lists. :-) (POTF2, 6/30/06)

Ha ha! Good one. Seriously, thanks for all the work you, and other sites, have done in cataloging the line over the years, an invaluable service for collectors.

Is Hasbro planning on releasing any vintage figures on the POTF cardback? (POTF2, 6/30/06)

We don't have any plans to use POTF-style cardbacks for the Vintage line right now.

Will the mini-hologram promotion end with the Naboo wave at the end of this year? (POTF2, 6/30/06)



With the recent battle packs of both The Hunt for Grievous and Clone Attack on Coruscant, many fans have noticed Hasbro's tendency to "kit-bash." While I totally understand this practice for financial reasons, I was curious of Hasbro would ever be interested in releasing a "Make your own clone" type package which could include various heads, bodies as well as accent accessories. I know with all the talented customizers as well as play factor for kids, this could be a great hit for your company and you wouldn't have to sculpt anything new. (RS, 6/30/06)

Interesting suggestion, Dan. That's not something that is in our plans for the near future.

I was wondering if Hasbro ever had plans or tried making an articulated human figure in 3¾" scale. What I'm trying to say is if Hasbro essentially made a 4" miniature Dragon body and just used soft goods with sculpted accessories wouldn't it be much cheaper than having to sculpt new characters each time? Most of the characters in Star Wars are humanoids. They would only have to sculpt a new head and hands for each figure. Of course aliens like a Geonosian, droids, or other oddly-shaped creatures would still be fully sculpted. I think it would benefit both Hasbro (production costs) and collectors who want realistic looking figures with great articulation. I love all the VOTC, Evolutions etc. figures for that reason. When you think about it, they could make male and female bodies in 3 sizes (s,m,l) and just dress them differently. They could even cast them in figure specific colors (brown=Mace, blue=Aayla, black=Maul). Also most of the clothing in Star Wars is repetitive. (X-Wing flight suits (orange for Rebels, yellow for Bossk, Jedi apparel, gloves, boots, belts, etc.)

A good example would be Temuera Morrison. One figure of him could be used for every Stormtrooper, Clone, Jango, and Boba Fett. How cool would it be to have real cloth black body gloves with white plastic armor on Stormtroopers & Clones? Do you see this as the next generation of Star Wars figures? After the VOTC came out I realized that as a collector I think that's what myself and most people really want. They could even market them in honor of their past 12" line by calling them mini 12-inch's or something like that. Would figures like this be considered a threat to Sideshow? I know I'm rambling but it's just a thought or wishful thinking.
(RS, 6/30/06)

Not necessarily. Soft goods are very expensive (fabric costs can be less affordable than even 12" because of the smaller lot sizes). While a standard buck (body) can work for lines like G.I. Joe, the magic of Star Wars is the huge range in size, shapes, and textures that make the galaxy so interesting.

Have you ever considered making display environments (movie accurate set pieces like the Lars Homestead dome, Moisture Vaporators, Yavin Rebel Base Command Center) targeted solely towards collectors rather than playsets that are targeted primarily at kids? Looking at the forums, it looks like collectors prefer movie accurate environments to display their loose figures in rather than kid oriented, action feature-laden playsets. Kids might even go for movie-accurate display environments as well. Would you ever consider offering something like
(RS, 6/30/06)

Deluxe sets (some of which have had pieces like you suggest) have always struggled in contrast to the basic figures or vehicles. We've put our focus in other areas. When the opportunity arises, and when we can afford it, we would rather put some of these elements into the basic figures so sets can be built organically.


In the past, Hasbro has produced figures and vehicles based upon concept drawings and/or deleted scenes. Will there be any more in the near future, particularly figures based on McQuarrie's concept drawings, Doug Chiang's Sith Witch drawings, and of the 'battle-damaged' Jedi concepts from preliminary ROTS sketches? (SSG, 6/30/06)

Great question! Be sure to come to our panel on Friday during Comic-Con to learn more.

What is the future of the 6" Ultra Titanium Series line? (SSG, 6/30/06)

Stay tuned.

As the Fan's Choice Poll revealed, collectors are clamoring for a Super Articulated Luke Skywalker in his Death Star II outfit, the 2003 Saga figure (Throne Room Duel Luke) was a let down and fans badly want a version of this figure done right a la Ep 3 Pilot Obi-Wan or Count Dooku. When can we expect to see this figure, assuming he has not won the Fan's Choice Poll? (SSG, 6/30/06)

We can't answer this before the results of the Fan's Choice Poll are revealed prior to Comic Con.


Will we ever see the Tonika Twins in a 3 3/4 inch figure? (ST, 6/30/06)*

Hopefully, but there's no timeline.

Where are the following Clone figures...
 A. Boss B. Fixer C. Sev D. Commander Fox E. Commander Neyo
(ST, 6/30/06)*

Wait for Comic Con and some of your questions will be answered.

Also what are the chances of seeing more EU figures such as the Solo kids and more Quinlan Vos? (ST, 6/30/06)*

It's too early to release specifics of the EU line-up. There is only one certainty on the EU - there will be many, many figures that fans want to see made and not enough slots to cover them all, at least in 2007…so the best thing I can say is "patience."  If the EU line does well, chances are it will continue and eventually we could get to most or all of the higher-profile figures collectors want to see introduced or re-done.

What is Hasbro planning on doing to make purchasing their product more fan/collector friendly? (ST, 6/30/06)*

Can you please elaborate?  (EDITOR'S NOTE:  )


Any plans on working with the MBNA SW Credit card? I can't speak for everyone, but I signed up for the card because I thought there were going to be some exclusive stuff. A figure or 2 would be nice. (SWC, 6/30/06)


Why is Hasbro ending The Saga Collection at just 51 figures (not including exclusives)? What was the point of that triple-digit numbering system, if they never even got up to 100? (SWC, 6/30/06)

We will be making a packaging change going into 2007, and the numbering will start over for the 30th Anniversary series.

Will there be any new vehicles or maybe even playsets to celebrate the 30th anniversary? (SWC, 6/30/06)

Yes, we will have vehicles for the 30th anniversary. Stay tuned for more details.


Will there be more products specifically geared towards army building in the near future?  Either as part of something like the recent EE exclusive Clone Troopers, basic case assortments with 3 each of 4 different troops, or solid cases? (TJ, 6/30/06)

Troops will be an even greater focus later this Fall, but we won't be having cases as heavy as you suggest simply because we don't want to neglect the rest of the core characters and the other figures in the line. It's always a balancing act getting everything in.

Will Deluxe figures be part of the line in the near future? (TJ, 6/30/06)

Hopefully, but there's no timeline.

Will the Tonnika Sisters ever be made? (TJ, 6/30/06)

Hopefully, but there's no timeline.


Will Hasbro ever make a prequel-based vintage-style line? Like highly detailed, SA, soft goods Qui-Gon, Jango, Grievous etc. on a Kenner vintage style. That would be VERY COOL in my book. (YF, 6/30/06)

Right now, there are a lot of OTC characters yet to be done in Vintage. In the future, if the series continues, we'll look at doing prequel figures in Vintage style after we have covered more of the key vintage Kenner figures. But don't look for prequel figures anytime soon.

Why the hesitation to produce more Padme figures? All of the figures sell through at retail -- even figures with not-so-great paint jobs like wedding Padme -- and when you check eBay or various other collector sites, Padme figures continue to be in demand. (YF, 6/30/06)

There is no hesitation - we've already announced we'll be doing more. Fans shouldn't, however, expect them too frequently, there are a lot of things to balance in the figure line.

With all the time they spent on screen in Revenge of the Sith, why was the BARC Trooper only issued as a pack in to a vehicle and not a real articulated figure? Is a real Articulated one on the radar? (YF, 6/30/06)

He is a good candidate for a figure but we don't have him lined up in the near future.
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Re: The Categorized Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 5 - July 14, 2006

Will you be releasing the last of the unmade 1985 vintage figures (regular Klaatu, Ewoks etc) (A-F, 7/14/06)

We have no plans to release these. If we did, it would probably be in the new style rather than vintage style, if that helps.

Will you be doing any new or rereleased Mini Rigs or nice cheap price point vehicles? (A-F, 7/14/06)

We have no plans to go back to the Mini-Rig idea right now. The problem is that most of these don't exist in the movies (or EU) so when we do "small" vehicles it's better to concentrate on Speeder Bikes and vehicles that are in the fantasy. So if we go to small vehicles, that's probably where we'll look.

Is the Cloud Car coming and is the vintage mold available to use or will it be a new one? (A-F, 7/14/06)

It's not coming. At least for the foreseeable future.


Has Hasbro ever considered presenting a "what if" panel at a show that talks about the lines that never cancelled (SOTE wave 2, oval gen2 CommTech, etc)? (BTT, 7/14/06)

I think others have covered this better than we could. We are very much focused on the upcoming line and tend to quickly move on past the ideas we've discarded.

How do you decide which sculpts get rehashed/repackaged? (BTT, 7/14/06)

We make our choices for refreshed/repackaged figures based on demand for that character, quality of the original figure (for instance, if the aesthetics of the character still work for a re-release), and the availability and quality of the tooling.

Will the figure-numbering system reset in 2007? (BTT, 7/14/06)

The figure numbering will reset with each new line look. When we started the 2006 line, we didn't know how far it would go, so our packaging team inserted the '0' in there. We won't do that again unless we have specific plans to pass 100.


Figure Carry Cases. The reintroduction of Darth Vader and C-3PO was nostalgic and very cool. Plans for bringing these two back and/or new ones in the shape of other characters? (F, 7/14/06)

We have no plans right now.

For years I have waited in hopes of seeing a true vintage line of figures representing characters from Episodes I, II, and III! I know most vintage star wars collectors would go nuts for true vintage sculpts of key characters from the three prequel movies. With the sculpting style of the 80's the vintage line would be the figures to collect. The three movies could be broken down into six figure assortments. (ED: List omitted- overly extensive.) (F, 7/14/06)

We have no plans to go back to the true vintage Kenner style of sculpt. We have looked at this several times, and the belief is that while this would be appealing to some, the greater collecting audience wants figures that continue to offer modern sculpting and articulation aesthetics. Any figures done in this style would not be as popular as figures done in the modern style.

Exclusive 6+plus figure sets (NOT the 3-pk Evoultion sets), like the Bounty Hunter one offered by Diamond, allowed many late in the game to obtain all the great characters in one purchase. Any chances of more, like a 6-pack of Clone Troopers (with Commander Cody- I can't find him!!!!) (F, 7/14/06)

More Cody's are on the way and should be hitting retail soon. As for your question on 6+ packs…stay tuned! We'll be making some announcements later next week at Comic-Con.


Why did Hasbro move to the 2" Unleashed size figures? Why not experiment with a 3.75" scale Unleashed, using army builders as the basis (similar to the Army Builder 3-packs, but with more dynamic poses)? (JD, 7/14/06)

Two reasons for the choice. 1) The purpose of Unleashed 2" is to is offer a way to collect and build squads of troops in a single purchase. We chose a different, smaller scale because we can offer more figures at a target price. 2) It targets a different audience from the 3-3/4" play pattern. Our desire is to go away from the 3-3/4" pre-posed or less articulated figures (like the 3-packs you mentioned, or CW) in deference to more poseable figures, so that's why we didn't consider 3-3/4" for this idea.

It appears as if the highly requested Airborne Clone Trooper sculpt is finally being released (with Purple colors, in the upcoming "Mace Windu's Squadron" Battle Pack at Target). When can we expect this figure to appear in the basic figure assortment, with the highly requested Commander Cody/Orange Squadron colors? (JD, 7/14/06)

You'll have to wait and see.

If it's not feasable for you to make some new playsets (or even re-release old ones, like the vintage Dagobah playset) due to low demand, have you considered sub-contracting the playset portion of the license to another company (like GG or SS)? It's seems to have worked well for the 12" figure line, why not playsets? (JD, 7/14/06)

We have not considered sub-contracting this out, but it's not something we would want to do in any case.


Any plans for a Sith Lords Darth Bane or Darth Pelagius figures? (JI, 7/14/06)

Not at the present time.

What kind of products can we expect to me made for the animated series in the future? (JI, 7/14/06)

It's too soon for us to start commenting on 2008 products.

Any chance Hasbro will be revisiting the Evolution 3-packs in the future? (JI, 7/14/06)

Not in the foreseeable future.


Can we expect to see some kind of 'accessories' pack available to replace lost projectiles? (Something that includes a nice assortment of the 'common' projectiles.) Being a kid’s game, its not hard to imaging these flying missiles turning up missing, rendering the play piece unusable. (JTA, 7/14/06)

We're aware of the problem, especially since the launchers are so powerful! We don't yet have a solution for this but we are looking at it. Thanks for the question.

Are there any plans for a Firespeeder ship? (It would go well with the Firespeeder Pilot!!!) (JTA, 7/14/06)

Not for the 3-3/4" line!

Which store will have the new gray TIE w/larger wings? When can we expect to see it? (JTA, 7/14/06)

We'll announce that at Comic Con.


Is Hasbro going to go back to 100% heat-sealed packages next year?  There is a significant amount of fakes/fraud with the current packaging (figure swapping, etc). This hurts both kids and collectors, as well as Hasbro's brand identity. (POTF2, 7/14/06)

We're still looking at alternatives.

As a follow up, just so everyone is clear... does Hasbro EVER package an older figure in a newer sculpts package (such as POTF2 Garindan in the Saga Collection Garindan package)? (POTF2, 7/14/06)

Never, never, never. It's only one figure or in rare cases an alt deco of the same sculpt (like the upcoming Rebel Trooper).

What does the last digit on the datestamp stand for? Usually it is a 1, but sometimes it is a 2. (POTF2, 7/14/06)

The date codes usually go week-day-shift, so what your referring to is either first or second shift.


We've seen Star Wars Transformers, Star Wars Potato Heads, Star Wars Play-Doh, Star Wars Koosh, Star Wars Tonka, Star Wars Operation (j/k)...what other Hasbro toy line will SW be smooshed with next? (RS, 7/14/06)

Look for Star Wars CandyLand on shelves soon. Just kidding. There are no more lined up for the foreseeable future for the toys group, but games may have more ideas. We'll talk about those when the time is right but now it's too early.

Back towards the end of the vintage line, there were plans for a line of Star Wars toys that were not based on the films, but rather all-new adventures and designs (see The Star Wars Collectors Archive for details). Would you ever consider revisiting this line with new sculpts and accessories? Or perhaps develop something new along these lines that's unique and original, yet still in the Star Wars style? (RS, 7/14/06)

Interesting idea, but the answer is probably "no" unless those ideas have been brought into the EU somewhere. The only places we're really planning to explore outside of the six films and Clone Wars is the EU and the upcoming TV.

It's interesting to see the number of characters from the EU make the top 25 in the current Fan's Choice Figure poll. The fact that 5 characters alone were from KotOR clearly suggests one thing...FANS WANT KOTOR FIGURES!

Without revealing the winner of the poll or even naming any specific characters (I realize that a lot is being kept secret until after Comic-Con), will there ever be any figures from KOTOR?
(RS, 7/14/06)

Thanks for understanding that we're keeping the results of the Fan's Choice vote under wraps until Toy Fare has the opportunity to break the news. What we can say is that the Expanded Universe will be an important part of the line in 2007. (Dan's Note: Obviously, this was written before the winners were announced earlier this week.)


With so many high-demand characters with speaking roles in the movies that have not yet been made (such as Tey How, Tagge, Ask Aak, Jocasta Nu, Lando in Smuggler's Gear, Queen Jamilla), why do you produce new sculpts, not just re-releases of existing sculpts, for minor characters who were done adequately in the past and who have five seconds or less of screen time (eg, Hammerhead, Garindan, Bossk, Dengar)? (SSG, 7/14/06)

The selection of figures for a wave or the year is always a balancing act to keep the widest possible fan (kid and collector) traction in the brand. In many cases the characters you listed as being re-released are more popular than the ones you suggested for new figures overall. While we do like many of the figures you mentioned, and some or all will probably see the light of day over the next few years, the fact is that Cantina aliens and Bounty Hunters are very high-demand segments of the Star Wars figure world. They stand out among others for their strong iconic nature and important role in taking us to a galaxy far, far away in Episodes IV and V.

You mentioned "new" vehicles in your 2007 STARFIGHTER lineup, does this mean all those new vehicles are going to be starfighters, or is that just the name of the assortment, perhaps just denoting a size/pricepoint? I know you mentioned you cannot reveal the vehicles at this time, but can you shed some light on if this assortment will include ground vehicles such as Tanks, Sail barges or Walkers? (SSG, 7/14/06)

That's just the name of the Assortment, at the $19.99 SRP price point.  We won't have the details on the new vehicles until the beginning of 2007.

When will we see the following Tatooine figures:  BG-J38 (from Jabba's palace), Elis Helrot and the Tonnika Sisters (from the Cantina), LIN-V8K (mining Droid), all kinds of different R5 units, a Vac-metal RA-7 (from sand crawler), 2X-3KPR, and Wioslea and CZ-3 (from Mos Eisley)? (SSG, 7/14/06)

Steve - that's many questions in one!  There are some great figures in there, but we won't be able to answer specific questions like this in the future ("When is character X going to be made?" or "Will character X be made?") unless we are close to announcing a specific wave or product.


I have heard rumors and such for awhile on this, but is there ever going to be a Saga Cloud Car made for us?  We have seen the Pilot, the Lego version, the Action Fleet version, but no 3 3/4" version for us. (ST, 7/14/06)*

There are no plans for a 3-3/4" Cloud Car, but that could always change.

Will Bai Ling or any of the other characters from prequel cut scenes be made into action figures? (ST, 7/14/06)*

No plans for now.  We won't be able to answer specific questions like this in the future ("When is character X going to be made?" or "Will character X be made?") unless we are close to announcing a specific wave or product.

I know the part was small, but then again it is Jeremy Bulloch and he is a major Star Wars icon.  Are we ever going to see a Captain Colton, Tantive IV Pilot figure with Bulloch likeness?  Bulloch has been behind the Fett mask for so long, I'd like to see a figure with his face, such as Colton. (ST, 7/14/06)*

He is a good candidate for a figure…but we don't have him lined up in the near future.

Is there any chance of seeing a new Dagobah Playset to set up with our "Handstand" Dagobah Luke (OTC) and the Dagobah X-Wing w/R2D2? The new ship looks great, but collectors want more. (ST, 7/14/06)*

Thanks! We're glad that you like the new ship! We're not planning to release any new playsets in the near future.


Ever since TSC's debut in 2005, finding a mint figure has been nearly impossible. As each wave has come and gone, I have noticed more dents than ever from figures coming from the factory itself. With the new 2007 packaging, will we see a package less vulnerable to dents (especially on the top of the bubble)? (SWC, 7/14/06)

We won't have 2007 samples for months yet, so it's too early to say for sure but the blister will have at least as much integrity, if not more, than Saga blisters. The card back will be different though….stay tuned.

Since it's been revealed that there will be an Oola figure in the 2007 toy line, isn't time for the 3 backup dancers from the ROTJ SE (Lyn Me, Rystaal, and Greeata) to get new sculpts, as the POTF2 versions of them are now rather dated? (SWC, 7/14/06)

We did not confirm that there will be an Oola. The "2007 line list" circling around has a gem of truth but many inaccuracies. We have no plans to update the Dancers any time soon.

Are there any plans to make any beasts available again like the Dewback, Tauntaun, Rancor, or Bantha; either newly-sculpted versions or re-releases of previous versions? (SWC, 7/14/06)
We're looking at beasts as an '07 possibility, more-so as exclusives, but there are no specific plans right now.


Is Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo planned? (TJ, 7/14/06)

He would be a good candidate for a new figure at some point, but there are no plans for him in the foreseeable future. We won't be able to answer specific questions like this in the future ("When is character X going to be made?" or "Will character X be made?") unless we are close to announcing a specific wave or product.

Yarrna Dar Gargan (Jabba's 6 breasted dancer) will she ever be made? (TJ, 7/14/06)

As one of the figure in the Fans' Choice Poll, we won't be answering questions on this specific figure until after the results are announced in Toy Fare.

Are the 3 3/4" Expanded Universe Marvel 2-Packs going to be 'realistic' styled figures or will they be designed to look like the comics? (TJ, 7/14/06)

We'll be releasing details at Comic Con.


Will we see Han and Luke Stormtroopers sometime in 2007? I know many collectors have been wanting these figures for a long time, and to have SA versions with removable helmets would be fantastic. (YF, 7/14/06)

We can't answer that one right now - some info will be revealed at ComicCon.

Would Hasbro ever consider doing more of the cardboard dioramas (like Jabba's Palace / Cantina), perhaps as a pack-in with vehicles? i.e. Rebel Hangar with Snowspeeder or Mos Espa with Sith Infiltrator? (YF, 7/14/06)

If it makes sense for the individual item (like the Snowspeeder scene), we will look at it.

Do you ever consider customizers when you produce a figure, and what are the chances of you producing an action figure for customizers? Maybe a Create your own Trooper or Jedi, figure kit, something similar to your build your own lightsaber kit . (YF, 7/14/06)

The closest we came to that idea was the Evolution sets. We don't have plans to specifically tailor a product to customizers lined up.


Are there any plans for a Hoth repaint of the AT-ST? (YN, 7/14/06)

Great idea but not in the near future.

Which ewoks will we be seeing in 2007? Are there plans for major ewok characters, and which? Will there be any ewok females with woklings? How about an ewok battle pack with interchangeable parts? Any new wookie figures  in 2007? Any plans for ewok playsets or wookiee playsets/vehicles? (YN, 7/14/06)

You'll have to stay tuned we won't be releasing any more 2007 wave info until closer to their release date.

Will we be seeing the rest of the Republic Commando clone troopers in 2007? (YN, 7/14/06)


Week 6 - July 26, 2006

Will there be a 5th wave of Star Tours figures? (AF, 7/26/06)

Wave 4 will be the last wave.

In light of the recent Lucas Family boxset, has there been any consideration given to making other production crew movie cameo figures like Rick McCallum and Ben Burtt from the end sequence on Naboo in TPM (AF, 7/26/06)

Those are good suggestions… they aren't in the works now, but when we go back to Naboo they would be interesting figures.

What are the chances of seeing some or all of the ANH holochess pieces done as action figures? (AF, 7/26/06)

No plans for now. Point of clarification: Do you mean actual full-size 3-3/4" scale figures, or as chess pieces done in-scale to the 3-3/4" figures to recreate the chess scene? (We meant as actual 3 3/4" figures, they've already covered these in-scale somewhat with the POTJ Chewie Chess figure's accessory -

Are there any plans to make a new Rebel Transport ship from Hoth or a Bespin Cloud Car? (AF, 7/26/06)

Not at this time. However, we are always hearing requests for the Cloud Car, so perhaps someday.

Will Hasbro be doing more 3-figure, movie-accurate diorama Cinema Scenes/Screen Scenes sets? (AF, 7/26/06)

Not at this time. We're sticking with the Battle Pack series and a couple other multi-figure formats for the near future.

Will we ever see a Moisture Vaporator in toy form? (AF, 7/26/06)



Usually while swapping parts, we customizers get to see how the figure was produced, why a certain joint was used for an arm or leg, and why a certain part was sculpted a certain way. One thing that's puzzled us in recent years is the use of much softer plastic in the limbs of the newer figures when compared to earlier figures. Why did you change to the softer plastic, which we feel is less durable? (FFURG, 7/26/06)

I don't think you mean less durable, but rather not aesthetically pleasing, right? In any case, the durometer, a.k.a hardness, does vary both deliberately by figure and as an undesired manufacturing change. We are aware of the softness issues and are looking at that overall.

Re: the reuse of existing molds for new "kitbashed" figures--how often, if ever, does Hasbro look at customizing sites for new ideas on how to re-use existing parts for new figures? (FFURG, 7/26/06)

We do not look outside for ideas. The design team usually has good ideas they have stored up from previous projects when deciding what to do next.

In customizing, we often use the term "head swap" when a custom consists of simply changing one head for another. One of the most common "head swaps" is a Rebel Pilot custom, which can turn a VTSC Luke or SAGA Dutch Vander into the rest of Rogue Squadron. Would you ever consider producing a group of Rebel Pilots using the same figure base, possibly as a retailer exclusive, with new unique heads and helmets? (FFURG, 7/26/06)

Interesting idea, but not one currently in the pipeline. No Rogue Squadron members popped up in the Top 25 list, but we know there's interest there so it's something we could look at down the road. We like Rogue Squadron ourselves. Good comics!


While we know that Hasbro doesn't take requests per se, does 'the team' consider input from fans who post ideas in the various forums (e.g. people who want a Battle Pack with an Eopie in it)? (GH, 7/26/06)

We do read the forums, so we are aware of fan chatter.  We have to look at the broader market and judge the merit of an idea against the greater market demand for figures/scenes.  The demand from some vocal collectors may be there, but it may not make the best decision to release that idea ahead of others we have.

What concept would 'the team' most like to revisit in the future? (Cinema Scenes? Deluxe/Ultra? Beasts? Princess Leia Collection?) (GH, 7/26/06)

We like all of those, but Evolutions still has a fond spot in our hearts.  If/when we have the ability and retail opportunity to bring that back, we will look at it, but there are no plans right now.

Note: Hasbro was unable to answer one of our forum users' questions regarding the scale of the General Grievous Titanium action figure (i.e. whether it's taller) but they promise to get back to us on that one shortly. Fans of General Grievous can make their own deductions based on images from Comic-Con. (GH, 7/26/06)


Figures like the battledroids from the last couple years have been criticized a lot lately due to the choice of plastic used in their construction. They're prone to falling over due to how flimsy it is, and fans are wondering what the reasons are behind those plastic choices? Any chance we'll see that improved upon in the future? (JD, 7/26/06)

Yes, we are aware of the problem and are trying to improve. It's difficult with thin-walled figures like Battle Droids, because the harder the durometer (stiffness) of plastic, the more brittle and sharp they can become if they break, which is a safety hazard. We're looking at better ways of doing it but don't know if we'll be able to perfect a Battle Droid any time soon because of their design.

Accessory packs seem to have some popularity from the collector base, and people are always happy to get small accessories that look great in scenes and dioramas I believe (Scanner tech box, or the "Hoth" box for instance). Is there a possible chance we'll see the format revisited in the future to include perhaps some pieces that make up a scene like the Scanner Tech boxes, Cantina tables/chairs, or the Outlander bar/stool pieces? (JD, 7/26/06)

They just don't sell well - this is a historical truth across lines like Star Wars or GI Joe. Instead, we recognize the demand for cool accessories and are putting them into basic figures or other sets as we think appropriate. You'll see some pretty cool accessories in 2007!

With the all new SA Biker Scout (Kudos to you Hasbro, that's some super fine work you did), fans are now anxious to know if an all new Speederbike is in the works? The original's sculpt is detailed, however the bike isn't particularly sturdy and it's a bit oversized. A smaller (properly scaled) bike with maybe a clear stand for a hovering effect would be incredibly popular given how many Biker Scouts a lot of us own I'd imagine. (JD, 7/26/06)

Interesting idea. We don't have a new one in the works, but if we do a new bike, we'll take your feedback into account.


Any chance of seeing a VOTC Bespin Luke Skywalker or Han Solo figure in 2007? (JI, 7/26/06)

You'll have to wait and see what the 2007 vintage line has in store.

Do you still have the old Kenner mold to re-release the classic Death Star playset? (JI, 7/26/06)

That's one we're not sure about.

Are there any plans to do more mail-away figures? If so, can you tell us what they would be? (JI, 7/26/06)

We will be offering a Vintage line in 2007. However, we have not yet determined the specific promotion that will support the release -- or even if there will be a promotion. You'll just have to stay tuned for more information.


Does every character cost the same amount of money to produce (i.e. from concept to finish) or do some figures have some features “cut out” in order to invest money in other figures? (JTA, 7/26/06)

Yes, balancing a wave or a year to hit our goals is something we're always doing.  Articulation, accessories, deco, and packaging all are taken into consideration.  Sometimes one character may not have as many accessories to produce, say, large accessory for another.  Same with articulation.  Deco is changed around late in the game when we have a better read on actual costing based on factory quotes.  Sometimes we can add some back in, sometimes we might trim some out.

How much will the SDCC Exclusive 501st Stormtrooper cost and what will be the limit on the number you can purchase? (JTA, 7/26/06)

$14.99, and the limit is 5 per person.  Figures will also be available on-line during and after the show.

Do you sometimes use head sculpts of figures that didn't turn out so well as 'generic' heads for soldiers? Some of the heads look like they could've been Luke, Han, etc. heads that did not work out as planned. (JTA, 7/26/06)

No, we haven't done that.  The "generic" soldier heads are based on scrap (film) reference or, occasionally, real 3-D reference (i.e. people our sculptors work with).


I've really grown to like the little figure stands that are shipping with the current figures, each being embossed with the particular movie logo the character is from. What are the chances that these movie specific bases might be available for mail order from the website in the future, even if the bases have no character name? Maybe even a Jedi Points reward type item? (RS,  7/26/06)

The easiest thing for us to do would be a multi-pack with all movies (say a 30-pack with 5 of each film). Would people want an EU base in it too?

As you know, there are only 3 remaining unmade droids from the Purchase of the Droids scene from ANH: the multi-armed WED Septoid droid, the black domed LIN droid and the small green domed 2X-7KPR droid. What are their chances for being made, and is the Septoid droid even possible due to the small arms? (should be possible after the size of FX-7's arms!) (RS, 7/26/06)

Stay tuned. We really like Droids too, and this iconic scene, but won't do them all at once.

In an earlier question, you blamed soft sales for the absense of vehicles & subsequent focus on figures in the GH line. If my memory serves me correctly, since the Playskool line was re-launched as GH, there has not been one single "new" vehicle introduced outside of EU kit-bashed contraptions. Have you completely written off the possibility of testing a "new" movie version of a GH ship given the current popularity & exposure of the line (which far exceeds the Playskool launch w/vehicles)? Or can we still hold out hope the little guys will have something besides a small handful of aging ships to climb into in the not-too-distant future? Something like the TIE Fighter or AT-AT w/exclusive figure pack-ins would compliment existing sets nicely & have broad appeal. (RS, 7/26/06)

That is true, but given their iconic nature of the MF and X-Wing, we expected them to do better. What it points to is that kids did not embrace vehicles, which was a surprise given the apparent kid appeal of the line. We won't rule out vehicles at some point, perhaps with animation, but for now we will not be pursuing the introduction of vehicles because it appears vehicles appeal to a very small subset of the GH consumers.


Could troop builder figures be made available (indefinitely if possible) on Hasbro Toy Shop after they're taken out of regular circulation? (SSG, 7/26/06)

The preference would be to do more troop builder figures at retail, rather than DTC.

What's up with the female action figures? Some of the most collectible figures have been Padmes and Leias, yet it seems like Hasbro's policy is that there's no demand for female action figures such as other Padme outfits, AOTC Beru, Yarna d'al Gargan, Toryn Farr, etc.. Why is that? (SSG, 7/26/06)

Female character figures will play an integral part of future line releases, so you'll just have to stay tuned!

The "Ewoks" tv-movies and cartoons were released on DVD last fall. Is there any chance of getting figures based on the Ewok movies and cartoons, especially Teek, Princess Kneesa (realistically-styled if possible), the Marauders, and the number of Ewoks who did not appear in ROTJ? (SSG, 7/26/06)

Not any time soon.


What details can you tell us about the planned television series - which known and unknown characters will be in it? (ST, 7/26/06)*

We won't be able to talk about the series for a long time yet, and then we'll let Lucasfilm lead the charge with news. (EDITOR'S NOTE:  )

The Jedi Master Points auction still left quite a few collectors empty handed.  Is there another project to look forward to for turning in our thousands of Jedi Master Points? (ST, 7/26/06)*

Excellent question and one that we need a little more info on.  Did collectors toss out Jedi Master Points after the auction, or keep them?   We don't want to upset those collectors who thought that there would never be a use for them and tossed them away.  Can you dig a little deeper for us on this by questioning your readers on what they did with their points?

I don't collect sports cards but do know how they are sold and how popular some lines of cards are.  There are some sports cards that come packaged randomly with small 1" squares of a baseball bat or a game worn jersey or something along those lines to make the cards rare/popular.  I also realize that Mr. Lucas is tight with letting his original props get out.  But is there any chance that Hasbro and George Lucas would do a promotion similar to the sports cards that I mentioned above?  Maybe have the packaging of the figures hide a small piece from a shirt or pants or even a "You Win" piece that the winner would send in for a prop of some kind; just something different that the Star Wars collectors could look to get in their collections. (ST, 7/26/06)*

We have looked at the "movie used" concept and just don't think we can make it work.  Mostly, it comes down to the scarcity of genuine props and the desire to preserve them rather than sacrifice them for this idea. Lucasfilm has been going the other way...making artifacts available for museum viewing so all can enjoy.  Interesting idea though!

I realize that the 7" Unleashed line is limited and somewhat at a standstill, but if the line gets going strong again, is there any chance of maybe seeing an EU sculpt such as Mara Jade or even Thrawn? (ST, 7/26/06)*

There's a lot of "what ifs" to be solved before going there….we'd rather see how the current 7" exclusives do before committing to anything more specific on the future of 7".


Are there more non film-based Clone Troopers (Expanded Universe) planned as either part of the basic line or as exclusives for 2007? (SWC, 7/26/06)

Yes…but this may change as the exclusives plan is still a long way from being solidified.

Are there any plans at this time to release a figure of the "Darth Plagueis" character that will tie in to the book being written by James Luceno for release in 2008? (SWC, 7/26/06)

He's on our wish list….but not in 2007.

Will there be another mail-in offer for the 2007 Vintage line? (SWC, 7/26/06)

We will be offering a Vintage line in 2007. However, we have not yet determined the specific promotion that will support the release -- or even if there will be a promotion. You'll just have to stay tuned for more information.


Have there been any surprises (good or bad) from the Hasbro perspective to come out of the Q & A? (TJ, 7/26/06)

We are incredibly pleased and encouraged by the passion that our fans continue to demonstrate week in and week out and we look forward to diving into each week's submissions!

The news that there are some starfighter sized new vehicle sculpts on the way has been very encouraging.  Is there the possibility that we may see the release of new large vehicle sculpts, such as the AT-TE, Clone Turbo Tank, Tantive IV or Jabba's Sail Barge? (TJ, 7/26/06)

Not at this time.

With collectors very much interested in playsets as is evident in the previous Q&A's, would Hasbro consider outsourcing a line of playsets to another SW licensee?  Pride Displays is making some very interesting display pieces at this time.  Is there the potential that a sub-license could be worked out with Pride or another similar company much in the same way that the 12" figure line was licensed out to Sideshow Collectibles? (TJ, 7/26/06)

This is not something we would consider, because it would complicate matters should we want to reintroduce playsets at some point.


Will we ever see a Tantive IV playset? (YF, 7/26/06)

A Tantive playset would be in line behind others that deserve to be done first.

Will there ever be a vehicle made of General Grievous' starfighter? Will there ever be a General Grievous figure made of him before he got into the crash caused by Count Dooku. (YF, 7/26/06)

That is on our wish list. Not in the plans for 2007, but if it's in the animation there's a good bet we'll do it.

Now that you have crossed Star Wars into the Transformers line, would Hasbro ever in the foreseeable future be consider making Deluxe sized Star Wars TFs large enough to actually fit the 3'3/4 figures inside as pilots, and have other character TFs be the arms, legs, and head, creating a huge TF robot? (YF, 7/26/06)

That's not something we've considered. They would have to be pretty big (and expensive), but also very cool!

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Re: The Categorized Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 7 - August 4, 2006

With the pending release of the awesome Imperial Conference multipack, could we expect a companion ANH Rebel Briefing multipack including Dodonna, Willard Varden, Leia, & C3PO with the Holotable? (FFURG, 8/04/06)

There are no plans for that right now. In general, fans are more passionate and interested in the Imperial officers over the rebels (especially new officers) so such a set would not sell as well in our opinion.

Along the same line as above, what about a ROJ Rebel Briefing with SAGA Madine, Mon Mothma (new using the ROTS sculpt), (retooled) Ackbar, and SAGA General Lando with a hologram Death Star II? (FFURG, 8/04/06)

Same comments are above.

In the TSC line, why was Barada (#004) a simple re-issue with "added" paint apps and not a complete repaint so collectors could have a Kithaba figure with red pants and a tan shirt? (FFURG, 8/04/06)

Barada is the more well-known of the two so we went with him.


Will the Marvel Han and Luke Stormtroopers be released in non-comic coloring down the road? (GH, 8/04/06)

No plans right now.

Is the #65 Elite Corps Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk), as shown at Comic-Con, the final product, or a mock-up? Collectors have noted that the image shown is a repaint of the Vintage Saga Biker Scout, and the helmet and armor scheme isn't movie accurate. Is this figure likely to be revisited down the road? (GH, 8/04/06)

It is a repaint of the vintage Biker Scout. If we do revise him down the road, it won't be for a long time…so this is the only version of this figure we are able to do right now.

EU us the big topic of the moment. Is there anything that is off-limits, like The Holiday Special? (GH, 8/04/06)

Generally, there is nothing off limits.  However, we select figures based on the overall desirability and interest we think they will have. The Holiday Special has a few cool elements, but overall I don't think most collectors want to see us do too much with it. Nor does Lucasfilm!


OK, ToyFare #109 is now available at comic and book stores everywhere. In that issue, we finally get the news that Quinlan Vos and Darth Revan were selected as the winner(s) of the latest Fan Choice poll.

Willow Hood (the Ice Cream Maker Guy) seems to have a huge fan following among collectors. He even has enough of a fan following at Hasbro to be included in the joke wave presented during the Comic-Con panel.

Even though Willow didn't win the Toy Fare Fan's Choice poll, when can we expect to see him on the pegs? He'd make a nice two-pack if you paired him with a new super-articulated Bespin Han or Bespin Luke (hint, hint). You've got 12 more years ('til 2018), so you have to get to him eventually, right?
(JD, 8/04/06)

OK, it was cruel perhaps to include him (and Yarna) among a group that we would obviously never do. We WILL do Willrow eventually, but there is no timetable for his debut. In any case, it won't be in the 2007 line which is already put to bed.

When exactly will we be seeing the release of a new, SA, high-quality Qui-Gon Jinn figure? It's been a while since Qui-Gon was offered as a basic figure and fans would love a new super-posable version! (JD, 8/04/06)

We agree, but there's no specific time-table for an SA Qui-Gon.

Of all the offerings that you have planned for 2007 so far, who is the one figure that you are really, really excited to see offered up? Yeah, I know it's like asking who your favorite child is, but there must be at least one 2007 product that stands out as super-cool? (JD, 8/04/06)

We truly do have too many favorites to pick one. But it's nice to finally have revealed the Galactic Marine!


Any plans to release the Death Star conference room table from Episode IV to go along with the "Imperial Briefing" set of figures? (JI, 8/04/06)

No plans.

Any plans of re-releasing Jabba the Hutt with his throne? (JI, 8/04/06)

Good question. He's a great iconic character whom we haven't done anything with in a long time. We have no plans right now.

Any plans for some type of Cantina playset for all of the Cantina alien figures, or get curved pieces to go along with the already existing bar pieces? Something to allow them to make a complete bar? (JI, 8/04/06)

The curved pieces *will* be coming out in 2007. There are no plans for a complete diorama or playset….fans will be able to build the bar organically, however (the curved sections will be compatible with the straight sections).


Hi I am curious about certain star wars figures that I get in Canada. Why is there no pictures or artwork on the card backs here but all of the other figures from the U.S. and Europe have a shot from the film or the picture on the back? Is Canada a sort of clearance warehouse for a lot of Star Wars merchandise? We need more Canadian "Exclusives" because we have no Target of Best Buy or KB toys. Thanks for hearing me out. (JTA, 8/04/06)

The backs (and sometimes bottom) of the carded figure packaging is often changed by market to meet the requirements of importing product into that particular country, or because the assortment is different than the product offered to the U.S. market.  We are working on getting U.S. exclusives wider distribution in Canada.

Do you look at fans' customs of figures to get ideas for desirable characters that haven't been made or for improvements over previously made figures? (JTA, 8/04/06)

We don't intentionally review customs for ideas. Our design team has more ideas for figures (and improvements) than we can possibly get to in any year.
How does Hasbro generally feel about Star Wars customizing (figures, ships etc.) in general? (JTA, 8/04/06)

The fan base is a truly great community, and the depth of passion, energy and creativity is amazing.  Our team is driven by this same passion, and it's great to know that this similar enthusiasm is out there on a massive scale in the fan community.


Which courses and type of degree would college students have to obtain in order to work for Hasbro and be involved with the decision making of which figures get released, which are new sculpts, repacks, etc.? Many would love to be apart of the Hasbro team, and that would be many fans' dream job. (RS, 8/04/06)

The Star Wars team (like all brand teams at Hasbro) is guided by a team of marketers and designers. Many of our designers come from industrial design programs from schools such as the University of Cincinnati School of Design, New York Fashion Institute, Rhode Island School of Design, etc. Our marketers typically have an MBA from business school, but not always. In those cases, several years in a relevant field (packaged goods or youth-targeted marketing) is desirable.

Now that the Fan's Choice winner(s) are revealed (Quinlan Vos #1, Darth Revan #2), can we find out how the rest of the Top 25 characters ranked? Many fan favorites (cough, cough--Willrow Hood--cough, cough) did not make the cut this time, and we're all curious to see the final standings. BTW, we'd love to see more figures from that top 25 list in the future! Make 'Em All! (RS, 8/04/06)

Toy Fare has plans to go into more detail on the rank order of the Top 25 so we'll let them run with it. All of the figures on the Top 25 were good candidates for figures in the future (yes, including Willrow and Yarna!) so we wouldn't rule it out eventually covering them over the next few years.
Dan's note: ToyFare has indeed revealed the official rankings. Click here for more.

Will the Titanium Series line continue in 2007? If so, is there any chance of there being any EU vehicles, like the Eclipse, the Outrider, or the Inferno, made? Or will this line only consist of movie vehicles? (RS, 8/04/06)

Yes it will continue into 2007. Stay tuned, but there will be movie & non-movie vehicles in the line.


FOLLOWUP:  I have reason to believe many collectors DID hang on to their Jedi Points, would Hasbro be willing to explore a poll or gauge an interest on their Star Wars Hasbro page? (ST, 8/04/06)*

Yes, we might look at a poll, but the question is really the opposite.  The key question is this....did some fans discard their Jedi Master points because they thought they would never be used again?  If so, then doing something with them now would upset those fans and it would be best to just abandon the idea of using points for good.

Why would Hasbro not give Quinlan Vos the Fans Choice figure on card like he deserves? Shouldn't the #1 vote get the figure on that particular card? Fans voted him in and giving it to Darth Revan seems like Master Vos is getting short-changed, since Hasbro has such a history with repacks, why did Quin get jobbed? (ST, 8/04/06)*

Because Quinlan Vos was already in production for the comic 2-pack series. To take him out would have left an unfilled void in that series.  Because we wanted to be straight up with fans that he was the #1 winner, we also wanted to be straight up about why we went to the #2 for basic figures.  We look at it this way: it means more of the Top 25 figures will be done next year, which is a good thing.

Why were people allowed to buy the 501st figure at the SDCC by the case, and why was service so bad at your web site that you were unable to handle the web traffic and people spent upwards of an hour with the product in their shopping cart but were unable to checkout. Will there be another, more organized opportunity, for people to buy this exclusive figure in the near future? (ST, 8/04/06)*

Without knowing the details, it's possible that what you were seeing was collectors using more than 1 badge, or simply using the empty boxes as a sturdy way to transport figures.  We did confirm with our HTS team that there was a limit of 5 for the duration of the convention.  As for the web delays, the unfortunate issue was with Verizon servers going down that day.  The good news is that there are more 501st figures (and Titanium) available to consumers and they will go back on Friday Aug 4th.  So....spread the word!


The Target computer system is showing an Imperial Shuttle (DCPI #087-06-0483) coming with a $59.99 price tag. Is this a repack of the old FAO Schwarz exclusive, or is it something from another line? (SWC, 8/04/06)

No comment.

Is there any chance that the Max Rebo band or the entire Modal Nodes band could be released in 6 piece box sets as exclusives sometime? (SWC, 8/04/06)

The answer was revealed at Comic Con. The Modal Nodes (5 of them) are coming out this Fall in the Wal-Mart gift tin pack. As for the Max Rebo band, no plans right now but if this gift tin does well it's possible down the road that we'll look at Rebo.

Earlier in the year there were rumors of an ANH wave consisting of Han and Luke Ceremonials, and a Rebel Sentry. Were these figures only just rumors, or have they been delayed to fit into 30AC? (SWC, 8/04/06)

A Yavin wave was slotted for '06, but has now been moved to the 30th anniv. line. The reason was because they were running very late in sculpting and didn't look like they were going to make 2006, so we pushed them out. Subsequently, we developed waves 7 & 8 of Saga to continue to fill the demand for basic figures.

Darth Vader is a very popular character that will find support for just about any figure you choose to make of him. That said, I found the ROTS Deluxe Vader on Operating Table to be rather in front of the figure's mouth, was devoid of any detail, yet past removable-helmet Vader figures had that great, cramped collection of wires and tubes. Is there any chance we'll see a new ROTS Vader with removable helmet in The 30th AC? (SWC, 8/04/06)

It's too early to know exactly what Vader(s) we'll see in '07.

Are the mini-holo figurines in TSC being replaced with minted coins for the 2007 line? (SWC, 8/04/06)

The '06 holo figures and bases are being replaced by coins.

With the new comic book two-packs coming, is there any chance in the future of two-packs consisting of two figures and a paperback version of an appropriate novel? For instance: "HttE" paperback with Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn; "SotE" paperback with Prince Xizor and Dash Rendar. (SWC, 8/04/06)

Very interesting idea, and the format certainly does allow for doing some things like that. However, we prefer the visual medium of comics to allow kids into the product as well. We're more likely to reprint a Dark Horse comic version of these novels before the paperback.


Has Hasbro considered revisiting the large vehicle as carrying case?  Kenner did this successfully with the vintage Rebel Transport.  Could we see the Rebel Transport reissued in this fashion, or perhaps translate the concept to large prequel vehicles such as the Clone Turbo Tank? (TJ, 8/04/06)

We have not considered this in the vintage way, mainly because doing so makes neither a satisfyingly complete vehicle nor a great carry case. If and when we next do a large vehicle, we'll make sure it's a great vehicle first and foremost.

There's been a lot of talk about the medium vehicle line lately, but what about the small vehicles?  Will there be any small vehicles (speeder bikes and the like) or beasts offered in the near future? (TJ, 8/04/06)

We're concentrating our efforts on the one assortment right now to ensure that it has great selection and newness to make sure it continues.  This is the assortment that typically has not received support in non-movie years, yet it is the most important because of the significance of the vehicles and size of the footprint, which can house many existing classic vehicles (such as Darth Vader TIE Advanced) as well.

We've heard that the Cantina scene is a priority with the Hasbro Star Wars team.  By the same token, which Prequel Trilogy scene would the Hasbro Star Wars team like to complete? (TJ, 8/04/06)

Ah, very interesting question.  While they aren't as critical as Cantina and some other scenes, the team here really likes Pod Racing and the Arena Battle.


With the way Hasbro is doing the comic book 2 packs from Marvel and Dark Horse.  Wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to re-issue the vintage Droids and Ewoks series of figures in this form too?  Demand is definitely there for them! (YF, 8/04/06)

The comic packs, like all of the figures slated for '07, are designed in the realistic style. We do not have plans to go back to the cartoon style of Droids or Ewoks.

Is it Hasbro's intention to release all of the vintage Kenner figures in the high end vintage figure series? If so, will we be seeing an "ultimate" version of Leia(Bespin Gown) sometime in the future? (YF, 8/04/06)

Well, that would be nice to have such an end-point in mind. But rather than commit to that as the goal, we'll just have to say "wait and see" and take each wave as it comes. We're focusing on the higher demand figures first.

What types of continuity checks/quality control do figures go through to ensure correct paint jobs and the inclusion of proper accessories? (i.e. giving the current X-wing Luke the wrong lightsaber hilt accessory) (YF, 8/04/06)

Our design team (along with the team at Lucasfilm) checks the figures at several stages to ensure accuracy. Sometimes, due to the amount of details something may be missed. Our team is extremely passionate, but they are human!
As I look at my collection of Target exclusive glasses, I notice that Episodes III-VI have three glasses each representing them. However, to date, there has only been a single glass for each Episodes I and II. (YF, 8/04/06)

And that's all there will be for that collection. Sales weren't the best for the glass/figure concept, so there won't be any more for the foreseeable future.

Now that it has been confirmed there is an Airborne Clone trooper coming out in the Mace Windu's Squadron Battle Pack, what are the chances of him being re-painted orange and sold as a basic figure? (YF, 8/04/06)

The answer was revealed at Comic Con - yes, in Wave 1 '07.


Will Hasbro ever consider making multi-packs of the background characters such as Imperial technicians, Rebel hangar staff or characters from the towns or cities featured in the films? (YN, 8/04/06)

If we did any of these at all, we'd probably do them as basic carded figures first.  For the most part these would be very niche and low demand figures compared to known characters, troops, or droids.

Will Hasbro ever consider making a base figure with interchanging heads? For example a Bespin guard as base figure with a black-colored head, a white colored head  guard.  You could do the same with Imperial, Rebel and cantina characters.  Customizing is an expanding market, will Hasbro play a role in the universe? (YN, 8/04/06)

We do some of this already with the running changes to figures like the Endor Rebel Trooper.  For the most part, unless customization is part of the product feature (like Evolutions) we will be spending our design and sculpting efforts against the main figures themselves with the occasional troop building variation built into a product.

Do you think it would be possible for you to bring out a huge half of a DS playset unlike the original vintage one? Sure we know play sets don't sell as well but if you produced it in a small quantity and made it exclusive to online retailers like the imperial shuttle I am sure the collectors would pay big money for this item. Heck even I would pay a couple of hundred dollars for a DS playset that actually seemed to be more accurate in size. (YN, 8/04/06)

Good question and one which we are always looking at.  You answered the question yourself, though, by saying that we'd produce small quantities and have to charge a lot for it.  That by definition is a very risky niche product with a massive R&D burden and tooling budget.  Quite simply we have to find mass-market solutions to massively intensive R&D challenges like play sets.  By the way, we've got mocked up in the office three versions of the very play set you describe.

Will Hasbro ever go back and expand on the Shadows of the Empire line by adding some characters that are prevalent in the book but did not make the figure assortment? (YN, 8/04/06)

Possibly, but our preference would be to go back and re-do (with current sculpting/articulation) some of those original Shadows figures first.

Week 8 - August 11, 2006

What factors determine whether a battle pack is all re-packs like the upcoming "Battle Above the Sarlacc" and a battle pack with some customized or all new figures like "Jedi vs. Sith?" (FFURG, 8/11/06)

Ahh - great question! The mainline, or national battle packs are designed with kids foremost in mind. That's why there are very few new, and they are more commonly themed repacks with a heavy concentration of recognizable and cool kid characters along with a couple lesser known characters to complete the theme (Battle/Sarlacc being a prime example of this).

Now for exclusive battle packs, we take a different approach. We design these to be collector-targeted, knowing that if we strike the right chord they are something collectors will want to go to that retailer to find and ensure the sell-through at the retailer. This is why the exclusive battle packs have more of a troop building flavor to them. They are designed specifically to ensure that the packs will be able to sell through in a certain period of time.

In the WOTC line of miniatures, we've seen Rebel troops and officers from species other than Humanoid, which goes along with George Lucas' vision of a diverse number of species coming together to form the Rebel Alliance. However, we haven't seen this in 3-3/4" line beyond Orrimaarko, Ishi Tib, and Admiral Ackbar from the earlier POTF2 line. Some customizers have made other species of Rebel troops and officers, like Gran, Bith, and Gotal. Could we eventually see Rebel troops in other species to help diversify the Rebel ranks? (FFURG, 8/11/06)

Good question - and we haven't forgotten our alien pals. Most of our alien "good guy" slots have gone to Jedi recently (which I think underscores exactly the point you were making about George's vision).hopefully we'll be able to turn our attention to some of the other roles in the future as slots permit. We've got so many bases to cover....the good news is we've got some time to do it (or bad news if you want it all now, like we do ourselves!).

Many of us have customized X-Wings over the years to create Wedge's Red-2 or Biggs' Red-3. However, not everyone has the time or patience to customize a vehicle. Would Hasbro consider a nod to the fans and finally release a Red-2 Wedge Antilles X-Wing? (FFURG, 8/11/06)

That's a great suggestion and one we've considered for a future release. No specific date is in mind, though..there's a limited number of product slots we can fill and a lot of great ideas to fill them.


Now that Hasbro is officially out of the "EU Closet", how will you deal with fan requests like Luke Skywalker & Mara Jade wedding figures? That's got to be a tough sell. What's the approach? (GH, 8/11/06)

There are SO many great EU figures to work with, from new Jedi and Rebels to new Imperial officers and troops, to classic but updated versions of the main Original Trilogy characters, to life after the Saga, to the phenomenal videogame characters, that it's a balancing act to try and get to the best of the best of the EU.  Hopefully, with time, we'll be able to cover a lot of these bases.  To answer your specific question, we'd like to tackle a great version of any EU figure before getting to the niche outfits (like a wedding set).  We think collectors would prefer the most iconic versions first, in this case the ready for action outfits.

How is a big company like Hasbro adapting to the smaller, niche companies' personal relationships (through things like blogs and podcasts) with the collecting audience? (GH, 8/11/06)

We just don't have the personnel to be able to build the more personal relationships like some of the smaller companies are able to do.  This weekly Q&A is a good opportunity to be able to address a wide range of questions and provide more info to fans, so we look forward to continuing this as a weekly event.  Please keep encouraging fan questions and we'll get to them weekly.

Are there any figures that are just too morbid to touch (e.g. Dying/Dead Padme)? (GH, 8/11/06)

Yes, there are some that cross the line to grisly. We'd probably never do figures in their deceased state (aside from Spirit of the Force figures). [GH editor's note: Is that a hint???]


Any chance we could see the ROTS #55 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Pilot) and the Evolutions Anakin Skywalker (Episode 3) figures from 2005 both repainted to reflect the burn damage to their costumes from their duel on Mustafar? These would make great repaints for the basic figure line (those Target Mustafar Duel figures were way too orange for most folks). (JD, 8/11/06)

We've thought the same thing….they are good alternate decos for future figures. Thanks for the suggestion.

We love hints and teases... how about dropping a nice tease about a yet-to-be-announced figure from the first official wave for 2007? At SDCC, we saw the 2007 Utapau Airborne Clone, the Mustafar Lava Miner, and the Galactic Marine - what else do you have lined up for us in 2007! (JD, 8/11/06)

We have to hold something back…we felt we revealed a lot as it was for products that still have many months of production to go. Sorry….we're going to hold tight on the rest of the wave for now to have SOMETHING to talk about later.  ;)

Can you hint at the EU Source Material that the future waves of the Comic Book 2-Packs will be based on (beyond the already announced Marvel Comics and Crimson Empire)? Not specific figures per se, just a hint at the source material please. (JD, 8/11/06)

We'll be releasing the info by wave as we get closer to the release date for the packs. Releasing the issues would just be giving out too much right now.


Any chance of ever seeing the Death Star Trash Compactor released in some form like a playset? (JI, 8/11/06)

Probably not. If we do any playsets, we'll have to take our cues from the upcoming animated series.

What plans do you have for moisture vaporators? (JI, 8/11/06)

Info on that will be released when we get ready to announce the specific product it will be included in. Stay tuned.

Can you tell us what the exclusive figure will be offered at Celebration IV? (JI, 8/11/06)

We are working on them, but it's still too far off to reveal any info. Look for more info at the end of the year or beginning of 2007.


Will we be seeing more vehicles (like Boba Fett's Slave 1, Jango Fett's Slave 1, Y-Wing, B-Wing, or A-Wing Fighters) repacked as non-exclusives in the next line. For people whom have just started collecting or even are just kids missed them in the past an theses are extremely favored by many. (RS, 8/11/06)

These vehicles are all larger than the "standard" mainline vehicle footprint which we are working to maintain, so the answer would be no. These larger vehicles will remain exclusives candidates until such a time comes, if ever, that we are able to get a larger vehicle scale to mass retail.

Regarding the Fan's Choice Figure poll...who are the remaining 5 (or 6) characters coming out this year? Will all of them be all new sculpts? (RS, 8/11/06)

We never said that 5 or 6 characters would be coming out this year. We did say that 10 of the 25 would be produced in 2007. All of them will be new sculpts.  (Dan's Note: Since Kir Kanos, Quinlan Vos, Darth Revan, & Galactic Marine are already confirmed, basic math says that leaves 6 characters that are still unknown. I guess "produced in 2007" does not mean "released in 2007.")

Will the EU 2-packs be solely based on comic books? How about characters from the novels and/or video games? Even some of the fringe Miniatures game characters would make for great-looking action figures. (RS, 8/11/06)

The 2-packs are going to be built around comic reprints, so novels are fair game if Dark Horse has done a comic version of it; the same holds true for the video games. Central to the idea, for the kid audience too, is to provide a great bite of the story so folks can get acquainted with it. Now most of the Dark Horse stories run over multiple issues so it won't be the complete picture, but it will be enough to introduce the characters and interest fans and kids in picking up the rest of the story if they haven't read it already. So that's the idea behind the comic and why we'll stick to that format. It doesn't mean that we can't do novel or video game figures elsewhere in the line, though.


A report in the NY Post recently reported a loss by Hasbro last quarter. Many feel this is due to the amount of times Hasbro issues repacks. With many collectors turning to high-end collectibles (Gentle Giant, Sideshow), what are Hasbro's plans to rebound? Is this a concern? (ST, 8/11/06)*

Two issues here - I'll deal with the tougher one first.  The misconception is that we do repacks instead of doing new figures.  We actually plan our year with a mix of both, knowing that we cannot do an entire year of Star Wars with 100% new figures/vehicles - it's simply too costly from both a resource and tooling standpoint.  Instead, we look to repaints and repacks that make sense for the target audience (mainline battle packs, for instance, we know have great kid appeal. For single carded figures we take kids and collectors into consideration for the mix or volume we release). 

As for your second question, it's moot to compare the performance of the line this year to last year (the all-time best Star Wars year for Hasbro). The line always comes down after the activity of a movie year. The key thing is how the line is doing versus expectations.... and the good news is the line is doing great and is exceeding all expectations through the first half of the year.  So thanks to you guys and the incredible kid response to the brand, the outlook is very, very good, and that's why we have gone back and added some items like more basic figures, reintroduced battle packs, added the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes, et al.  This is on top of the new products already in the pipeline slated for the back half to keep both kids and collectors engaged in the brand.


Will the coins included with the basic figures in 2007's The 30th Anniversary Collection be character-specific, or just medium-specific (i.e.: film name or EU source name)? (SWC, 8/11/06)

They will be character-specific on the front, and movie- (or EU) specific on the back.

2006 is the tenth anniversary of the multimedia project SOTE. Was there ever any thought given to commemorating this with a special figure, such as the designed-but-never-produced Guri? (SWC, 8/11/06)

We haven't given this any thought for 2006. Shadows was important for being the hallmark of the EU, an important predeccesor to many things to follow, and in that sense the spirit of Shadows has literally cast its shadow over the rest of the EU figures in our line next year.

Although he's been seen in Dark Horse Comics for some time, now that Darth Bane is also being featured in a novel (October 2006's DARTH BANE: PATH OF DESTRUCTION), could this at all influence the decision to make an action figure of the character? (SWC, 8/11/06)

Certainly he's an interesting character with an interesting prominence in Sith lore. We should get to him at some point, but there's a lot of great stuff to choose from in the EU.  Patience...


Can we expect the 30th Anniversary line to focus on the original movie or the entire Saga? (TJ, 8/11/06)

The 30th Anniv. line will run the entire year, and will celebrate the Saga, all six films plus extensions such as CW and EU.

Why have the last two Tatooine Luke figures had the same color pants and tunic?  As far as this Jawa knew, Luke had tan pants and a white tunic… (TJ, 8/11/06)

Good catch - we just didn't catch that one for the Saga figure this year.  The Wal-Mart DVD 3-pack figure will have the correct coloring when it is released Sept 12th.

Series 2/3 Attacktix seemed rushed and it shows with the quality of several pieces, particularly Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker. (My son has 3 Mauls that never worked right out of the package).  Has this been fixed for the upcoming series and is there any action planned for exchange of these items, considering the difficulty in finding the Super Rare items? (TJ, 8/11/06)

We're constantly making changes to Attacktix to result in a more durable performance. The challenge is that kids really put these figures through their paces!  Our Consumer Affairs dept (, click on the Customer Service tab) will replace broken figures, but we do not currently have a 1-for-1 swap.


I was just wondering if it was possible that the Dagobah Ben Kenobi (OTC #3) might be re-released as a non-spirit version. This is one of the better sculpts of this character and I'd be excited to see this happen. (YF, 8/11/06)

Good suggestion. We'll look at it for a future opportunity…it is a solid figure.

I would love to see an Anakin Skywalker in a medical capsule from ROTS made.  Basically you would just need to make the medical capsule accessory and use the torso from ROTS Anakin #50 (Battle Damage). Any chances of that as well as the rest of the medical droids from the 'building Vader" scene? (YF, 8/11/06)

That is a good scene with some interesting droids, and we've considered that in the mix. It won't be any time soon, though.

Now that he didn't win the Fan Choice, what are the chances of a figure of Nom Anor now?  Obviously from the Fan Choice, fans seem to be craving him.  How about some other Yuuzhan Vong figures as well? (YF, 8/11/06)

We won't comment on any more of the Fan's Choice figures until they get close to release….so you'll just have to stay tuned.


Will the Georgetrooper ever end up on Once the promotion ends if you still have stock left? (YN, 8/11/06)

It will not.  It will ONLY be available via the mail-in promotion.

The new Galactic Heroes Luke & Han Stormtroopers have different paint apps than the previous stormtrooper & different from what is shown on the packaging. Specifically, the black stripe above the eyes is missing. Was this intentional or a paint application that will be ""fixed""?" (YN, 8/11/06)

The paint application will be corrected. It was a mistake that was not caught until Comic Con and will be a running change if not from piece 1.
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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 9 - August 25, 2006

Over the years, we've seen many changes in the price of a basic figure. Anywhere from $4.99 to $6.99. Is the current price the new norm, or will the MSRP increase/decrease for 2007? (BTT, 8/25/06)

We do not set prices, but they are established by our retailers. We do not anticipate a rise in our wholesale cost from this year to next, if that helps. Beyond that, it's the individual call of the retailers for any pricing decisions.

Has Hasbro ever considered selling prototypes as part of their site? (BTT, 8/25/06)

No. Prototypes are tightly watched across Hasbro, since they are basically unsafe to play with, and we don't want them to get into any kids' hand. We defer to the larger initiaitve to make sure protos don't get out into the public realm.

Has Hasbro considered offering small amounts of booth space at shows for certain collector sites / fans to use to educate people or show off their collections? This could be an interesting way to involve the SW community and have value-add for booth visitors. (BTT, 8/25/06)

Our booth space is allocated down to the square foot for all participating brands along with, so having the space to host something like this is a challenge. It's an interesting way of building "community" and that's always a great thought.


How will the continued the increase in oil prices affect toy production for Hasbro? Will it mean that we'll see more repaints and reissues as opposed to new sculpts? Will Hasbro be cutting back on production numbers or raising prices to compensate? (FFURG, 8/25/06)

Well that is the billion-dollar question, Ashley. We have seen some effect of the price increase, which has affected not only plastic but pretty much everything else as well (steel and packaging). We were able to hold the line on our basic figures for 2007 (along with prettty much everything else) but we don't know what it will look like that far down the road. However, the oil price will have no inpact on new vs. redeco or reissue....they use the same amount of plastic either way. We add reissues to the line to add variety while working within our tooling budget for the line.

With the announcement of the upcoming Darth Revan figure from the KOTR line of video games, there is an opportunity to have a figure, like ROTS Anakin #50, that could be two figures in one. One figure would wear the armor, mask, and cloak, while the other character, without giving away the ending, could be the actual jedi/sith character you play. How about it? (FFURG, 8/25/06)

That's a very interesting idea, but we were planning just a straight-up version of Revan. What you propose is an interesting twist on vidgames where you may start as one character but progress through the course of the game to become something very different.

A few customizers have made versions of the unique playable characters in the Battlefront video game series. Although there was one exclusive Scout Trooper for the first release, we'd love to see figures like the Rebel Sniper, Battledroid Sniper, 501st Jet Trooper, Arc Trooper Heavy Gunner, or AOTC Clone Jet Trooper be produced. In most cases, these figures could be repaints with new accurate weapons or accessories. This could be a repack internet exclusive through LucasArts or, even better, a Battlepack with copies of the games now that the price has come down. Is this even remotely a possibility or are we dreaming here? (FFURG, 8/25/06)

That is a very good idea and one we have been looking at with the immense success of BFII. However, while we're looking at it, there are no specific plans right now. It's on a short list of "wouldn't it be cool if." kind of ideas.


Republic Gunship Gunner Pods— why not? (GH, 8/25/06)

It's a pretty good idea for a future accessory.  We don't think it makes a compelling stand-alone item, though.  We'd probably do it as an update to the Gunship rather than the pods themselves…although the scale of the 3 ¾" Gunship does make it tough to do a large pod and look good. Defintely a much further-off kind of thing.

When a toy is canceled, what happens to it? Is the concept (assuming that it was developed enough) mothballed for future consideration? (GH, 8/25/06)

It depends on the state of the concept.  Ideas rarely get mothballed completely.  For instance, nearly all basic figures that have been put aside for one reason or another have gotten back into the line - these are pretty safe products.  But the more complicated and expensive ones... there's less likelihood that they'll ever get made simply because the business situation behind their original creation probably hasn't gone away. One exception: The Ultimate Lightsaber.  This product had been at Hasbro - nearly complete - since 2002 when it was revived for Revenge of the Sith and became our key holiday driver and a big hit for us.  It needed the right timing - a big influx provided by interest in EpIII was the right market we needed to launch it.  We couldn't have done it in a typical non-movie year.

How does the team go about pitching & developing Battle Packs? How do they decide which figure gets a re-deco, which pieces can be "repurposed" or repainted to form a new piece, & what ties it all together? (GH, 8/25/06)

Battle Packs start out by establishing the target: kid (mainline) or collector (exclusive), then we go from there.  Sometimes we have ideas we've been saving. This is especially true for the collector ones where there are a lot of "wouldn't it be cool if..." discussions.  For the kid targeted ones, we may look to a scene we can complete with existing figures (like the Arrest of Palpatine) or a compelling collection of figures with enough combat between them that it seems like a solid pack.  During the ideation, the design team often has ideas on updgrades or new deco that could be done to existing figures to make them fresh...often ideas they had been saving for the right opportunity.  The better battlepacks are the ones that are either grounded in a specific scene and have a nice group of strong characters, or where the theme (such as Mace Windu's Squadron) binds together the whole set in a very strong way.


Remember the RotS Sneak Preview Astromech Droid (R4-G9)? That is one killer Astromech sculpt (I love the retractable leg feature) and fans were thrilled to see it re-used for the EntertainmentEarth Droid 5-Packs. Our question is, when are you going to give us that sculpt with R2-D2's paint scheme? (JD, 8/25/06)

We're glad you like it - it's a favorite of ours, too. You'll be seeing R2 in this sculpt in 2007.

Will 2007 see any basic figure sublines like the Ep3 Heroes & Villians and Greatest Battles Asst's? (JD, 8/25/06)

We don't have any plans right now for these lines. Both of those were created in response to a very large demand for basic figures. We are doing something a little different next year and getting ahead of the demand curve by providing support for the Saga through the first three months of 2007. The new waves that were shown at Comic Con will largely be available from late Nov through Spring. So in a way, we've already shown you what the new subline will be.... so more Saga.

The holster thigh-strap on the 2006 Garindan figure is a nice upgrade from previous figures that had the strap sculpted to the leg but not attached to the holster (example = VOTC Han, VTSC Endor Han). Is this something that could be standard now on all future Han Solo figures?[/b] (JD, 8/25/06)

We'll look into it - thanks for the feedback.


Will we see a new version of the Mace Windu figure released thats on par (Articulation wise) with the Evolution of Anakin or the ROTS Obi-Wan pilot figures? (JI, 8/25/06)

An improved Mace is coming early 2007 - with knee ankle, shoulder, and elbows. The only thing he won't have is ball and socket waist but he'll be a great figure. So….stay tuned!

Do you have any plans for a 'torn shirt' version of the upcoming Geonosis Padme' figure shown at SDCC? (JI, 8/25/06)

Not in the near future, but it is a great idea for a figure that needs an update. It's on our "wish list" to do sometime.

Will we ever see Admiral Piett at any time in the future? (JI, 8/25/06)

Not in the near future…but it's on our "wish list" to do sometime.


Back to you favorite something of a suggestion: You recently stated that you have 3 different Mock-ups of a Death Star playset in your offices. What if you turn those 3 in to modules & offer 1 at each of their major exclusive carriers, Target, Wal-Mart & TRU? It would drive traffic to all 3 retailers and finally give us addicts what we've been waiting almost 30 years for... (JTA, 8/25/06)

This still doesn't solve the issue—there just isn't enough market interest from the combined collector/kid.

Can you tell us when we can expect to see the following Titanium vehicles and Die Cast Figures that were revealed at the SDCC to hit the shelves?

Vehicles: Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (Clone Wars), ARC-170 (Clone Wars Deco), AT-AT (Endor), AT-ST, AT-TE, Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter, Dewback with Sandtrooper, Grievous' Starship, Invisible Hand, Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Ring, Naboo Star Skiff, Naboo Starfighter (Blue), Republic Gunship (Yellow nose markings), Sith Speeder with Darth Maul, Snowspeeder, Speeder Bike with Ewok, Swamp Speeder (with AT-RT Drivers), Tantive IV, X-Wing (Dagobah), X-Wing (Red 2), Y-Wing (Red Deco).

Die Cast Figures: Clone Captain (Ep. II), Luke Skywalker (Hoth Pilot), R2-D2 (Invisible Hand).
(JTA, 8/25/06)

Late Fall to early Spring, for all of these.
Will be carrying the last wave of 2006 basic figures that is slated as a Wal-Mart exclusive? (JTA, 8/25/06)

They will not be. Update on the expected date for this wave is January on shelf at WM.


The POTF2, POTJ and E1 lines all have 2 or 4 digit numbers that would increase every time a change is made to that card (i.e. .00 to .01).  Why was this practice stopped? (POTF2, 8/25/06)

We have a new system and change the PN (part #) when the artwork needs to change. This is why the UGH Vader insert has a new PM from the regular. Any time we make a change to the part, the number will change. Here's how it works. For the upcoming Galactic Marine figure, we have made one change already to correct the spelling of a word. This change was made AFTER the original went to film to go into production. Our design team caught the mistake in the proof stage, and we issued a new part # for the correction. If the factory can use the new PN without slipping dates, they will run the new part and skip the old one completely. If they are pressed to hit their initial dates and the new film isn't ready, they will run with the old (incorrect) part until the new one is ready. Such is the case with packaging, or deco revisions. If we can hit the dates, we will.

Why has the Canadian line remained intact and not been replaced just by throwing French stickers on American cards? (POTF2, 8/25/06)

We produce our basic figure cards already for the three biggest Star Wars collector countries (U.S., U.K., and Germany) and there are extra texts and symbols for these as a result. Adding French and legal marks for Canada would be too much for the packaging to support, and as a result, the Canadian team adapts their product as they determine the Canadian market requires it.

The Endor wave shipped with little black stickers on the bottom of the figures' bubble. What's the purpose of such stickers, and what do those four symbols actually mean on the bottom of the insert? (POTF2, 8/25/06)

It's possible that you got a different county's version of a card in the normal domestic run. The samples we've seen of Endor do not have any stickers. We develop our packaging to be able to go into the three biggest collector markets - the U.S., U.K., and Germany. The symbols on the insert are for consumer caution statements for the U.K. and Germany.


Why do you keep re-tooling the TIE Fighter? First the engine detail, then the wings, and now you re-tooled the hatch! Why didn't you just re-tool the whole ship from scratch instead of doing chinese torture on collectors, where you re-tool bits and pieces of the TIE Fighter on every random release? A new cockpit interior and proper gunwells would be next on the horizon for the next 'new' release of the TIE Fighter of the future methinks? (RS, 8/25/06)

The TIE releases are not "random" as you indicate. They are purposeful re-releases. It starts with our strategy of wanting to get an everyday priced $20 TIE fighter out there for kids and collectors in our Starfighter Vehicle Asst. We could have taken the existing version, but we wanted to make it new, rather than a straight repack. In addition to deco, we wanted to affect another aesthetic change to the hatch change. We didn't have a lot of tooling dollars to use (we were saving those for the new 2007 vehicles) but we could afford to update the hatch. This was a nice aesthetic change that we were able to execute.

As 2007 is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, will we see a larger percent of Original Trilogy characters who have never been made before, compared to previous years? Characters like CZ-3, Hermi Oodle, Yarna Gargan, Tonnika Sisters, etc, would make great 30th anniversary presents! (RS, 8/25/06)

Tough one to quantify, but I think that collectors will be very happy with the selection of new OT figures next year, including at least two that you mentioned.

Are there any plans to release some of the upcoming tin set figures individually carded for a later release? Several of the new or retooled unique figures from these sets are considered army builders (ANH Sandtrooper with removeable helmet, ESB Snowtrooper with removeable helmet, ROTJ Scout Trooper with removeable helmet and ROTJ Endor Rebel Soldier). I know that many fans and collectors would like to aquire multiples of these figures to add to their collections. Having them only available through the tin sets is a bit prohibitive. (RS, 8/25/06)

There are no plans right now to release them down the road on individual cards. We do realize that there are some troop builders in there that in the future would be great to bring onto the 6x9 format, but we're planned far down the road with other figures.


How come Hasbro hasn't made it out to Wizard World Chicago in three years? (ST, 8/25/06)*

We would like to go to more shows, but the crushing reality is the amount time the marketing and R&D teams spend preparing for and attending the shows to do it up right. It's difficult to stay on top of the product line when we're out too much.  Multiply that by all of the brand teams across the Hasbro Boys group and it makes sense to focus on one great show every year plus the occasional extra mandatory convention like CIV.

Recently a report in the news stated there was a loss for Star Wars for Hasbro. Will this affect or change any plans to the current lines? (ST, 8/25/06)*

The Star Wars line always comes down after the activity of a movie year. The key thing is how the line is doing versus expectations.... and the good news is the line is doing great and is exceeding all expectations so far this year.  Because of that there actually HAVE been changes: we have actually added some items like more basic figures, reintroduced battle packs, added the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes, and more.  This is on top of the new products already in the pipeline slated for the back half to keep both kids and collectors engaged in the brand.  How does all of this impact the future of Star Wars?  If the line keeps doing well, we'll keep looking for opportunities to introduce additional items over and above what we have originally planned.

Are any plans for a Playskool Galactic Heroes TIE Fighter vehicle to go along with the X-Wing Fighter vehicle currently out? (ST, 8/25/06)*

There are no plans for Galactic Heroes vehicles for now.  The sales of Galactic Heroes, both to kid AND collector, have been way over on the figure side.  The vehicles we released last year struggled, even with the influx of kids into the market.  So.... what are kids doing with them?  Probably what a lot of their dads do...collect them.  That's why vehicles are a tough sell right now.  But we're passionate about the GH concept and we'll look for news ways to approach the play pattern, but they may or may not involve vehicles.

With the 30th anniversary next year, the majority of the figures released will be from A New Hope. Will these figures be new sculpts, or simply re-released figures from years past. Will there be more creatures/aliens from the Cantina made? (ST, 8/25/06)*

We have not yet revealed anything of the 2007 lineup beyond the few EpIII figures we showed at Comic Con, and a few other hints.  It will celebrate all 6 films, Clone Wars, and the EU…. and will not be EpIV dominated as you indicate.  We have said that there WILL be a curved cantina bar end next year...that's all the hints we'll give, though.  For the rest of the lineup, you'll have to wait and see.


Will the Halfire Droid and ATT vehicles for the 3-3/4" line come in Saga Collection packaging or in 30th Anniversary packaging, and when can we expect them in stores? (SWC, 8/25/06)

They will be coming in the 30th Anniversary line packaging and will be some of the first new products to feature the line look. You can expect to see them on shelves early November, if not sooner.

The 30th Anniversary Commemorative Tin sets shown at Comic-Con revealed the A NEW HOPE set will feature the Evolutions Darth Vader, but with the head of Hayden Christensen in REVENGE OF THE SITH underneath the removable helmet. With only four years taking place between ANH and RETURN OF THE JEDI, shouldn't the head still be the Sebastian Shaw one used on the Evolutions Darth Vader from 2005? (SWC, 8/25/06)

We were trying to add some freshness and variety to the figure for this set. With both Hayden and Shaw having different appearances, having both versions available allows collectors to choose the one they want as their iconic Vader.

With a new Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise coming out in the Expanded Universe comic book two-packs and rumors of a new Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise also coming in that line, could we possibly see those figures released in movie-accurate paint decorations at some point? (SWC, 8/25/06)

At some point we will get to them in movie deco, but there is no timetable planned for their release on basic figure cards.


The Target Exclusive Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter appears to be a repaint of the EPISODE II Jedi Starfighter. The three Kit Fisto figures that have been issued to date(Episode II SAGA, Clone Wars, Revenge Of The Sith) will not fit in the EPISODE II Jedi Starfighter.  Will this new Kit Fisto fighter be modified to accomodate the Kit Fisto figures?  Or can we expect a smaller version of Kit Fisto that will fit within this vehicle? (TJ, 8/25/06)

It's tight, but the Clone Wars (and upcoming Saga re-release) Fisto actually fits into the cockpit.  It's not the most comfortable fit, but we've done it and as such felt good about giving Kit a ride.

With the large number of figures in The Saga Collection (thank-you!), we're fast approaching a point where a '600th' figure could be released.  Are you planning anything special for that milestone? (TJ, 8/25/06)

Ha - good question.  We'll talk about it, but we'll probably wait until the 750th to do something special.  Now if only the Boba had been the 250th, we could have had a logical progression of commemorative figures.

The newly posted picture of 'The Battle Above the Sarlacc' has stirred a frenzied interest in the Skiff.  When is Hasbro going to re-release it?!? (TJ, 8/25/06)

It's a pretty specialized vehicle, & there are some more we'd like to do in front of it….but we should get to it in the next few years.


Could we be seeing a super-articulated Mace Windu in the near future? There are a lot of fans that want him, so you would make a lot of fans happy by producing this figure! (YF, 8/25/06)

An improved Mace is coming early 2007 - with knee, ankle, shoulder, and elbows. The only thing he won't have is ball and socket waist but he'll be a great figure. So….stay tuned!

Will there be more Heroes and Villians/Greatest Battles figures this year? Next year maybe? (YF, 8/25/06)

We have no plans for more H&V figures beyond just this year.

Do you ever intend to realease figures like C3P0 Reveals with Anthony Daniel's head or Chewbacca Reveals with Peter Mayhew's head? (YF, 8/25/06)

Well that's an interesting idea, and one we've discussed with Lucasfilm. However, there are no plans to pursue this in the future….we are staying focused on the characters rather than the actors.


The next time you have an exclusive(s) on, will you be able to handle the traffic without the site shutting down or freezing up or never loading? It's pretty frustrating for those who tried to order and were not able to get what they wanted because the site was so bogged down. (YN, 8/25/06)

That was actually a server glitch during the 501st relist, not due to the traffic. The team assures us that they will be able to handle the volume when exclusives go on sale.

For years I have been wondering if Hasbro will ever like produce a behind the scenes documentary on how your toys are made, from the first stages of design to the final product and packing. Not only would it be great to see other lines, but more importantly the Star Wars line. Would the Hasbro Division ever consider this? (YN, 8/25/06)

We will be working with Toy Fare magazine on such a story, for the developmenet of the Darth Revan (Fans' Choice) figure. However, it will be a print piece, rather than a film. Stay tuned!

Next time you have Exclusives on HTS, can you have orders for say the Star Wars exclusive be at a different time than the Transformers exclusive? That made it twice as hard to get your order in? (YN, 8/25/06)

That's a good point and we'll pass that on to the HasbroToyShop team.

Week 10 - September 1, 2006

Recently, you said some of the figure rumor lists are inaccurate. Will you debunk one of those rumored-to-be-coming-soon figures that Hasbro actually does *not* plan to release in any format in the next 18 months (any figure rumor of your choice)? (AF, 9/01/06)

We were referring to the "leaked" line lists that were circulated a couple months back. These were essentially a very early "wish list" line ist that was not finalized by us and Lucasfilm. As a result, the Yuuzhon Vhong figure is on there which a lot of collectors were excited about. We won't be doing this one next year, unfortunately, but it's high on our "future" wish list.

In the future, will translucent ghost & hologram figures only be the all-blue style, or will we see more like the fully-colored translucent 2004 Luke Hologram and Obi-Wan Spirit figures? (AF, 9/01/06)

It depends on whether they are holo transmission figures (all blue) or Spirit figures. We want to keep a standard for the transmission figures, so they have compatability. (AF editor's note: the Luke Hologram figure we cited is not all-blue but was not being transmitted in the movie, R2 was projecting it from his internal memory banks.)

Are you planning on releasing any new Separatist Leader figures in 2007? (AF, 9/01/06)

We'll be filling the "alien" slots with other figures next year. But fans of the Nemoidians (and other Separtists) neededn't worry…. we do have plans to rotate them into future lines. Of course, this is always subject to change.


We've seen a couple of Star Wars pieces appropriated and recycled in the G.I. Joe line. The Geonosis Arena was tweaked to become Cobra Mountain in 2003. With playsets involving larger investments, has there been any thought given to re-imagining existing playsets? The Mustafar Battle playset from Revenge of the Sith could easily get a nice snow deco, and become a Wampa Cave or a Hoth Echo Base. Does it boil down to the big box and the lack of shelf real estate, or is it the overall cost in a hypothetical situation like that? (GH, 9/01/06)

It's all of that.  Primarily it's a large, receptive audience (which goes beyond collectors and is driven partly by kids), followed by shelf space and the retail productivity for the large footprint that is needed, and then the unit sales expected for the retail price.

Two weeks ago it was mentioned that Hasbro has three concept Death Star playsets around the office. Are these ideas that are being currently (or recently) kicked around, or are they older concepts that have been rejected? How much collector support would it take to really get a substantial Death Star playset made? (GH, 9/01/06)

They are older concepts from a couple years back.  Unfortunately, there is little chance this specific idea will happen as they are ambitous and expensive.  With the cost of plastics having increased even further, the idea of doing a large Death Star playset is even more prohibitive.

We often hear that Hasbro's Star Wars items are being marketed to kids and collectors. With kids still very much in the equation, where are the TV commercials (and viral video for the net generation) for the action figures and vehicles? The vintage-era TV commercials were instrumental in selling the line. (GH, 9/01/06)

We have taken a different strategy toward advertising the line, which seems to have paid off.  However, the fan base is doing a great job of driving the viral video portion with the various stop-action fan clips that folks have done. Great stuff!


Any chance of seeing a ‘battle damaged’ wing on Darth Vader's TIE fighter the next time it's re-released? It would be a nice change of pace from a straight repack. (JD, 9/01/06)

That is a good idea for the next time we bring the vehicle back for an encore. Right now we're going to run with the one we currently have for a while, but your suggestion is very good.

In a recent Q&A response, you said that the ball/socket articulation is somewhat expensive due to its design. Would you ever consider using a less expensive style of articulation to slip more poseability onto more figures? For example, simpler hinged knees instead of the more costly/complex ball jointed knee as a means of increasing poseability overall on Cantina figures (those Cantina guys need to sit after all ). (JD, 9/01/06)

It is not that the ball joints them selves are more expensive but that the more points of articulation / greater the number of parts, then the greater the cost associated with manufacturing them (i.e. more labor and increase in decoration expenses because there are more parts). Ball joints are slightly more expensive than say 45 deg elbows or straight pivoting articulation because the nylon pins are insert molded into the pvc parts (this means more parts, more labor, & slower production times).

The Unleashed Battle Pack Hoth Han Solo has a brown coat, as have many of the other recent Hoth Han collectibles. When the 2003 Saga figure was made there was a huge uproar over the canonical color of the coat, with Hasbro going so far as to release a blue AND a brown coat version. Can you settle the debate for us once and for all? Does Hasbro (via LFL) have definitive proof on the color of that dang coat? (It's brown, isn't it? Come on, you can tell us...) (JD, 9/01/06)

The answer is still split, believe it or not. When something like this grips the community, and both versions become canon, well it's just easier to agree to disagree. It also gives us alt deco possibilities for the future. ;)


Will the Target exclusive Tie-Interceptor or Jabba Skiff be re-released any time in the next year? (JI, 9/01/06)

It's still too early to tell what our exclusive lineup will be next year, but we'd rank the TIE as a higher-demand vehicle right now, if that helps.

Any plans for a VOTC Jango Fett figure? (JI, 9/01/06)

Prequel Vintage is an interesting concept (if not an oxymoron) but we're not there yet…we'd like to continue to concentrate on classic Kenner figures that should be updated first. At some point we can see doing what you suggest, but it's not anytime in the near future.

Any plans to do something with Jedi Points, like to use for a mail-away figure? (JI, 9/01/06)

We've discussed this, but it's still murky. We're not sure how many people were influenced to dicard their points after the eBay auction last year. These are the people who could become upset since they were led to believe that the points would be useless. So....what do you think is the reality? Did people toss them out or get rid of them, and would they be upset if we did something with them? Should we just start all over with fresh points, like we did with the Lucas Stormtrooper mail-in?


Since the beginning of the modern collection of SW figures, there have been many changes due to advances in technology and, I assume, the pursuit for accuracy. One of those changes is in the arena of scale. At some point a few years ago, there was a somewhat abrupt shift in scale for the 3¾" figure line. Most noticeably, we began getting Leias that were much smaller than those released earlier and Chewbaccas that now towered over earlier versions of the same character figure. My question is, at what point and to what degree does scale become a factor in the sculpting of new figures? The recent Chief Chirpa figure seems dwarfed by most of the previously release ewok figures, even those released just a year or two ago. Does scale get occasionally compromised for detail or other considerations? Or, has the Hasbro team settled on a size upon which all future figures will be scaled? (RS, 9/01/06)

You are correct. Along with new & improved tech, we are also constantly striving to improve the sculpted details / authenticity of the 3.75" figure line. Scale goes hand-in-hand with detail. Several years ago (roughly '99 -'00 time frame) we took another look at scale and realized we figures like Leia and Chewie could be done more accurately. Before this time we may have done a Leia slightly larger because we were concerned with perceived value. However, we have sense re-evaluated this philosophy because we feel there is just as much value in accuracy and we will sometimes compensate for smaller scales by adding additional extra value pieces.

Okay, it's not Star Wars related, but hey, we love all science fiction around here! Since you have the licence, and have done Titanium Series vehicles (and the upcoming Cylon figure), would you ever consider doing a line of Star Wars-scaled Battlestar Galactica action figures based on either the original or the new series like; Apollo, Starbuck, Adama, or a Cylon? (RS, 9/01/06)

Scale is key to authenticity across the line but the only compromises to it may occur when a character is 8+ feet tall and may need to be scaled down to fit in package or possibly 2 feet tall and needs to be increased slightly to incorporate the articulation. At either end of the spectrum, we still incorporate as much detail as possible (of course, the larger the detail the easier it will be to recreate it).
Dan's Note: I'm thinking this answer may have been meant for someone else...I've already asked.

Have you stopped the Titanium Series Ultra line completely? If you have, may I ask why? I think fans would be more interested in larger capital ships, like about the same scale as the Ultra wave. Ships like the Venator-class Star Destroyer and the Invisible Hand would sell easy. And possibly unreleased ships like the action fleet Death Star and Star Destroyer? (RS, 9/01/06)

We are discontinuing the Line as of Fall 2006. Unfortunately, sales have not met expectations for this size/scale.


Does the Star Wars team still have interest in seeing every original Kenner vintage figure redone in the modern line in some way (be it basic figure or otherwise), such as: Sim Aloo, Warok, Lumat, human B-wing Pilot, Hoth Rebel Technician / Tauntaun wrangler, black Bespin Security Guard, Woof (vintage Klaatu with the sheepskin), etc.? If so, any specific timeline for them? (SSG, 9/01/06)

It's not a stated goal for the next few years, but it will probably happen eventually more organically... i.e next time we do an Ewok, for instance, it could be an update on original figures. But we haven't just slotted all these into a future line.

Understanding that it's not currently possible for HasbroToyShop to offer a 1-of-every-figure subscription service, what about offering individual 1-of-every-figure-in-the-wave sets on the site when they come out, so a buyer can get all the unique figures in that wave at once without having to buy a full case with all its duplicates? Those duplicates could even be sold as individuals on HasbroToyShop. (SSG, 9/01/06)

We're looking at ways to facilitate this, but there's no solution in place. It comes down to how many different versions of our basic figure waves we can produce and make sure wires don't get crossed at our warehouse level. The operational execution is critical... it would be bad to send these heavy collector-targted waves to mass retail, even if by accident. If we can solve that, we could probably so something like you suggest.

Now that we have a new definitive Biker Scout, can we expect to see a more accurate Original Trilogy speederbike soon? (SSG, 9/01/06)

I think the previous Speeder Bike was pretty good. But there is always room for improvements. The real question then becomes, is it better to make an improved bike or a similar sized vehicle that has never been done before...


With the unaltered Original Trilogy DVD releases coming on September 12th, could we be seeing a re-release of the Power of the Force "Flashback Photo" Anakin Skywalker figure, which was based on actor Sebastian Shaw as Anakin's Force Ghost at the end of the original cut of RETURN OF THE JEDI? If not, could we possibly see an all-new or retooled sculpt somewhere in the future of the 3-3/4" figure line? (SWC, 9/01/06)

That would be a cool nod to the original ghost of Anakin, Sebastian Shaw, but unfortunately we don't have this figure in the works. Perhaps down the road.

What is the reason for the pieces of black tape on the bottoms of each figure's package in the Endor wave? On some figures it is on the outside part of the clear plastic blister, and on other's it is directly applied to the bottom of the blister insert, over the picture of the lion's head inside the yellow triangle and the letters "CE." (SWC, 9/01/06)

We develop product to be able to go into the heavy collector markets - the U.S., U.K., and Germany with a "one size fits all" package approach. Sometimes, this means that the consumer caution statements needed for one country don't apply to all countries The rules are slightly different between the U.S. and European countries and that's where your seeing some of the products "caught" between the slightly different standards. Since we need to have consistent communication in the U.S. (i.e. not have a caution statement when there is none needed), we'll have to cover up the European warnings when the product is released in the U.S.

Will we ever see an accurate version of Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious as he appeared in REVENGE OF THE SITH while dueling Yoda? The version from the "Skirmish in the Senate" Battle Pack had the all-black costume he wore in scenes on Mustafar, in the Imperial Medical Chamber, and on the Star Destroyer bridge, while the costume he wore while dueling Yoda was the one from Hasbro's 12-inch "Darth Sidious" figure and the Unleashed "Palpatine vs. Yoda." (SWC, 9/01/06)

We don't have a new ROTS Sidious slated for the foreseeable future, but that would be a good update. Thanks for the comment.


Has Hasbro ever planned a figure that Lucasfilm vetoed, or has Lucasfilm ever especially recommended a figure? (TJ, 9/01/06)

All the time. There is a lot of collaborative give-and-take when we are designing a year of figures (or isolated exclusives).  Typically we'll go through several versions of a line plan, settling first on the versions of core characters which are usually uncontested, and then working our way to approval on collector-targeted figures.  It's here that folks (with at Hasbro and Lucasfilm) have favorites or may not care for a figure, and there is back and forth to settle on the line that everyone is comfortable with.  The challenge is that there are many great collector-targeted figures and only so many slots to fit them in, and we want to get the right balance.  This is also where early line plans that are "leaked" out to the public can be misleading. It's unfortunate, but the current line plan that you guys have has examples of these early "wishful thinking" figures on early line plan that was revised later before becoming final.  Some collector figures on there will not be in the actual 2007 line.  The good thing is that we take the ideas and push them off for later use....a good figure will come back into the next year's plan, for example.

The Unleashed line has a tremendous fanbase among collectors.  We know that Hasbro has stated that the line is very expensive to design and tool, but has consideration been given to marketing this line specifically towards collector shops where this kind of stylized figure thrives? (TJ, 9/01/06)

When the line was a "mainline" item (open to all retailers), the collector shops were free to order what they could sell.  However, this still didn't help get the sales volumes where they need to be.  If your question is about specifcially making this a product for the collector shop channel, we are not pursuing that idea.  We need to make it work on a mass level first and foremost because the volumes we need are higher than the collector channel can support.

We've been getting a number of figures in the Basic Figure and Vintage lines with softgoods, and the quality of softgoods offerings has gotten much better over the past year.  What are the determining factors in deciding whether or not a figure should get softgoods accessories, and what was changed to improve the quality of the softgoods materials? (TJ, 9/01/06)

Thanks for noticing the improvements to our softgoods. We have tried very hard to get them to a level that meets both collectors and our standards. Because of the small nature of 3-3/4". it's really hard to consistently get great results but we like the results we've been getting.  Softgoods allows us to reinvent characters in fresh, new, and exciting  ways that may have previously never been done before. We typically consider softgoods in cases that will enhance a figures value / performance (i.e. when it will let us achieve a higher / better degree of articulation). In some cases, it's finding the right fabric to drape correctly that makes the difference.   The characters aesthetic details, as well as cost, (Softgoods are very labor intensive, making them costly) will also factor into the equation.


The Galactic Hunt Obi-Wan and the Evolutions Anakin are amazing sculpts. Also some of the Episode III sculpts including Ki Adi Mundi and Kit Fisto are fantastic. When will we see some more of these "super articulated" Jedi scupts?  A Qui-Gon Jinn akin to the Anakin and Obi-Wan previously mentioned would be very exciting to fans, as would any other SA type Jedi, including Adi Gallia, Eeth Koth, and Bariss Offee.  Also, is the upcoming Yarrel Poof figure an improved sculpt over the Jedi Council figure? (YF, 9/01/06)

Thanks for the comment. We do have some of the other Jedi that we want to do in an updated, super-articulated manner, and Qui-Gon is going to get that treatment sometime in 2007. Other that you mention will be updated, but not next year….they are slated for further out figures. Yarael Poof is the same figure as the Jedi Council version, with a lightsaber this time.

Has Hasbro ever considered releasing an iconic vehicle like the X-Wing with several different sticker sheets included so the consumer can decorate it to be like Luke's, Wedge's, or other pilots' X-Wings? It seems like kids would buy the item since it is a recognizable vehicle and collectors might buy multiple to decorate them in different ways. (YF, 9/01/06)

This is an interesting idea. We'll look at it in the context of our vehicle program.

With the elimination of stands for the upcoming SW30 figures, will stands be made available in packs on the official Star Wars or Hasbro shop websites? (YF, 9/01/06)

The answer is…Yes. They will be available sometime in 2007, although not right away.
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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 11 - September 19, 2006

After hearing news on both super articulated versions of Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn, what are the chances of seeing a super articulated version of Luke Skywalker in his Death Star II costume? We now know this Luke was among the top 25 in the Fan Choice poll results but not the winner, yet this iconic version of Luke from the last half of ROTJ has long deserved a high-quality figure, and it'd even have several additional applications (such as a removable vest, and removable Endor helmet & poncho), so when can fans expect to see this? (AF, 9/19/06)

You will have to wait and see if a new Luke is part of the line next year.

Will Hasbro ever produce a figure of the "Imperial Trooper in space" at the Death Star trench's guns watching as the Millennium Falcon is being tractored in? This is different from the EU Spacetrooper. (AF, 9/19/06)

We'll take a look at him. It would not be for some time if we did do a figure, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Why does Hasbro think the Titanium Series 6" Ultra Vehicle line failed? Was it the pricepoint, the early offerings, general fan disinterest, etc.? (AF, 9/19/06)

There are probably two main reasons - the lack of differentiation from the lower-priced Titanium vehicles, and the limited scope of the offerings initially available which did not convery the sense of collectibility for the segment.


Since you have stated a desire to see original Kenner figures reproduced in the Vintage Original Trilogy collection, will we be getting the "Death Squad Commander" (aka Death Star Commander) soon to finish off our collection based on the original twelve figures? If playability is an issue, you can always do the cap/helmet trick with him ala the recent General Veers or the 12" figure - that way kids will have two options when it comes to play and collectors will have twice as many reason to buy multiples! (AFI, 9/19/06)

Well that's an interesting one, isn't it? The challenge with that one is finding a way to make a body substantially better than the one we have in Saga, and we really like that one right now. Until we have a solution for this one, he'll be lower on the pecking order. But we agree that he stands out as one of the original 12 that should be done at some point to "close" the original 12 (along with a Jawa...which will NOT be out in 2007).

Did the amount of EU characters in the Fans' Choice poll surprise you? Did this affect your 2007 (or 2008) plans? (AFI, 9/19/06)

"Yes" to the questions. What surprised us actually was the diversity and strength of support for some of the EU characters. The strong comic character following was expected, but the strength of the game choices especially was more than we thought we'd see. It's not surprising given the success of the great crop of SW videogames (and exciting characters and storylines) from LucasArts. This in turn is great for our long-term program of producing the most exciting characters from Star Wars universe on the whole, including films, games, comics, novels, and the like.

How many waves for 2007? You said there would be a Concept Art figure in the first 8, but will there be more than 8 waves? (AFI, 9/19/06)

There will be nine waves total, with a McQ figure for each of the first 8 waves (including the reissue Stormtrooper in Wave 1).


Almost annually (I think they skipped a year or two) warehouse clubs like Costco have offered a really nice, value-priced, value-added Star Wars toy set for their membership to purchase. Is there anything in the works for this year, and, if so, can we get any details? (Side note: I'm asking because we often don't find out about these sets until it's too late, and they're sold out. So please, any advance warning will help.) (GH, 9/19/06)

Yes - there are two this year.  Both will be at Costco.  One is a 2-Pack of Electronic Lightsabers with 2 pack-in 3-3/4" figures (no redeco, straight repack).  The other set will be the "Star Wars Tater Trio Set" which comes with all three Star Wars spuds in a cool new giant-size Darth Tater outer package that serves as a container.  Look for those in about a month.

Have we seen the last of the Holiday Edition action figures? Was the Vader the end for that series? (GH, 9/19/06)

I doubt it will be the last…but we will not have a Christmas-themed figure next year at least.

Hasbro Q&A revealed a few weeks ago that the 2007 line has been "put to bed". Is the team hard at work on Clone Wars 3D toys, or do they get some downtime before that ramps up? (GH, 9/19/06)

"Put to bed" means that the ideation is done & locked up, but execution is far from done for the back-half.  At any time we are working on parts of 2 years worth of product in differing stages… fine tuning Spring '07, input drawing & sculpting for Fall '07, & strategic direction & line planning for '08.  As a reward for their hard work, we have given our team this Friday afternoon off as down time (Note: Hasbro has year-round half-day Fridays, but the R&D team hasn't been officially informed yet...).


Can you give us details on which sculpt was used for Saga-064 Commander Appo? And on the topic of sculpts, it appears that the Saga-069 Combat Engineer Trooper re-uses the ROTS Evolution Clone Trooper sculpt. Does that mean he has a removable helmet? (JD, 9/19/06)

Appo is based on the super-articulated Clone with the pauldron from the Evolutions pack. The Combat Engineer is based on the Evolutions figure and will have a removable helmet.

When looking at main character re-sculpts, what's the criteria for choosing any given version of a main character out on the market? For example, why choose Tatooine Luke over Throne Room Duel Luke or Bespin Han over Hoth Han, etc? (JD, 9/19/06)

We choose a character that we think best matches the wave that we are crafting, and then decide on how to make that figure new depending on the last version we did. Sometimes it's also based on the desire to update a certain figure, and we can build a wave out around that figure if there are enough other figures from that scene to do.

After 100+ basic figures in the 2006 line (75 Saga, 13 Hero & Villains, 14 Greatest Battles), a lot of collectors are feeling the budget pinch trying to keep up. Can you give us a ball-park estimate for the number of basic figures you are planning for 2007 so we can start planning our 2007 budgets now? (JD, 9/19/06)

Well, you bring up an interesting point.  We consider the loose, completist figure collector first & foremost when we decide how many figures we are going to do in the basic figure line.  That is why the 26 "EpIII Greatest Hits" figures from this year, along with the UGH figures, were straight repacks so the loose collector could concentrate on the manageable core of the line.  We are going with the 60 basic figures as such (plus the EU 2-packs) for the new figure offerings in '07.  As for packaging collectors, well....this is the inherent complication.  As demand for the line remains very high, we seek to find solutions for the market, especially in kid-appealing figures, that will satisfy overall demand for more figures & help us ensure that we have the best overall mix at retail.  Without introducing additional items like Greatest Hits this year, our need to keep up with demand would cause us to release even more collector figures (like Poggle, Lushros) or cause us to pull them out of the Saga asst completely for whole waves at a time which is not ideal either for the core collector.  We are not trying to build as much product as the carded collector can absorb - we are very sensitive about keeping our collectors bases (loose and carded) engaged in the brand & that means striking the balance.  But when demand continues to be very high, carded collectors do feel the pinch largely due to the success of the line and the necessity of finding additional solutions to a what is otherwise a nice problem to have.


Any chance of seeing a Yarna figure in 2007? (JI, 9/19/06)

We can't address any more specific character questions for the line next year. You'll have to wait and see...

With the recent release of the AT-AT, is there any chance of seeing a AT-TE ever being made? (JI, 9/19/06)

It's a cool vehicle, but the cost to produce would be very large. It's on our wish list. If it's featured in the animation, we will consider it.

Any plans for a VOTC Bespin Luke or Han Solo figure in 2007? (JI, 9/19/06)

We can't address any more specific character questions for the line next year. You'll have to wait and see...


Can you shed any light on the Lethal Alliance line of toys, recently hinted at in the Wall Street Journal? Will they be a subline all its own, or a part of The 30th Anniversary Collection? (RS, 9/19/06)

Lethal Alliance is the new PSP game launching in December from Ubisoft. We do not have any plans regarding this game right now.

Why was the POTF2 Millennium Minted Coins series from 1998 so named? Was it in relation to the Millennium Falcon, or was it in relation to the Y2K Millennium fever? (RS, 9/19/06)

The latter.

I understand with the main characters, for example Death Star II Luke Skywalker from ROTJ, you have a lot of reference material to work from in making a new figure: the films, photos, etc. There's plenty of resources to use for main characters.

But what do you do when there's little or no reference material for a minor character? For example, Sgt. Doallyn from Jabba's would you make this character? Does Lucasfilm have reference materials for such a minor character, or would you use your own creative designs? What do you do when their are limited resources?
(RS, 9/19/06)

Sometimes there is more than you would think for reference from costume shots and other stills. Practically everything from the prequel trilogies is well-documented, for example. It gets tricker for the OTC, especially EpIV. Many of the Cantina figures, for example, do not have complete body reference but that hasn't stopped us! In these more extreme examples of needing to "fill in the blanks", our design team will come up with a proposed solution for the rest of the figure that is submitted to Lucasfilm. After one (or more) rounds of comments, that character design then becomes canon for that figure or species.

Okay, it's not Star Wars related, but hey, we love all science fiction around here! Since you have the licence, and have done Titanium Series vehicles (and the upcoming Cylon figure), would you ever consider doing a line of Star Wars-scaled Battlestar Galactica action figures based on either the original or the new series like; Apollo, Starbuck, Adama, or a Cylon? (RS, 9/19/06)

We do have the license to do originals, and we are looking at that. We have no announcements yet, though.


When the Action Fleet line was cancelled the second time (under the 2002-2003 Saga line), one of the comments that kept coming up in the discussion with Hasbro about it was the future of the molds that were almost to production but halted, and how molds are a very significant portion of the toy's cost and have specific budgets that they are expected to make back in order for Hasbro to consider them worth doing in the first place; the Action Fleet line had several molds that were nearing production and many others that were more than halfway finished but were cancelled and shelved before release rather than risk not making their money back. Shouldn't those molds nearing or at fruition at least be run to recoup some of their budgets in partial sales, how can a mold that's already spent most of the budget be more cost-effective to make zero sales than 50% of its expected sales (isn't that still making half its money back versus making none of its money back)? (SSG, 9/19/06)

We base our line plan around product concepts we believe will have the highest audience following and in support of a strategic direction for the line (like the 3-3/4" world of play). As cool as Action Fleet was, it really tailed off and we have moved in a different direction with vehicles (Titanium). That's why even though there was development work for additional Action Fleet vehicles, we are not interested in pursuing those right now. We know there is a collector following for the brand, which is great, but do not have plans for these or the rest of the Action Fleet library right now.

Hasbro was recently quoted as saying that whenever you make a new General Grievous figure it will be correctly scaled, will we be getting a new Grievous figure next year in the 30th Anniversary Collection? (SSG, 9/19/06)

We can't address any more specific character questions for the line next year. You'll have to wait and see...

Hasbro has a minimum sales requirement/expectation in mind for each line and even each item within it - often with a timeline attached - which seems to always be geared towards mainstream mass retail audiences, lines such as Action Fleet and Unleashed and Titanium Series 6" Ultra Vehicles often suffer because they either don't meet these requirements, or like the Titanium Ultras even when they do sell they don't sell fast enough for Hasbro's requirements - many of these lines being collector favorites, and some actually get better products as later waves come out. None of the other SW licensees seem to have sales expectations as high as Hasbro's - with the possible exception of LEGO, and even there they vary their expectations wildly between mainstream casual buyers and the hardcore collector base – yet those others continue to produce their SW lines even when it means lower volume sales. What is the difference between Hasbro and those other licensees in this regard, why does Hasbro need to have higher volumes, why are Hasbro's expectations higher or for faster sell-throughs or overly-focused on mainstream audiences which can lead to premature demises of some popular and quality Hasbro SW lines? (SSG, 9/19/06)

What you are talking about is the difference between a large toy company with a retail-based business model and a smaller company that has succeeded in creating a different business model. The "boys aisle" space at major retailers is intensely compeitive with a high standard for productivity in a relatively small amount of real estate. If a product line does not meet our - or retailer - expectations, it struggles and the future for that line is in doubt no matter how much we like it or how passionate the fans for that line may be. What fans have to realize is that even though they love something, a line that is struggling does not have as widespread support among fans and that is tough to appreciate without understanding the larger retail landscape and the performance of each line. This is exactly why we chose to partner with Sideshow on the 12" line. We knew that we struggle at retail with 12", but a small company that focuses a great deal of their efforts around this category can excel because they have a very different business model than we have.


We often see Hasbro is trying to offer some kind of value added pack-in with the Basic Figure line.  In the past 18 months we've gotten stands and the mini-holograms and we're now expecting coins in the 30th anniversary collection.  What goes into choosing this kind of pack-in, and has Hasbro given serious consideration to abandoning the concept to bring Basic Figure prices down? (TJ, 9/19/06)

We do not set retail pricing - that is entirely dependant on the retailer.  The pack-in has little to do with retail price in any case, and it's inclusion or exclusion does not change our pricing structure.  The principal components are and have always been the figure itself and the packaging.  With the small amount we have to work with we have elected, in the case of this year and next, to include these bonuses as extra values over the course of the year.  In the case of the coins, they are a collectible segment in their own right and kids and colelctors will have a fun time collecting them as a parallel to the basic figures.
We've heard on many occasions that Hasbro is always trying very hard to make sure that everyone who wants a figure or a toy can get that item.  But then collectors are presented with the WalMart exclusive wave of Basic Figures and the situation is somewhat different. Obviously these basic figures will be available at WalMart stores, but is Hasbro actively pressing WalMart to offer these figures online through as well? (TJ, 9/19/06)

We are discussing this, thanks for the suggestion.
Any chance we'll see new vehicles in the Galactic Heroes line?  The figures are great, but we really need a TIE Fighter, and re-releasing the X-Wing, even the dune buggy variety, can't tell the whole story on how a new ship would sell. (TJ, 9/19/06)

Galactic Heroes certainly has captivated both kids and collectors, and we think there is a vehicle opportunity, but we have not figured out yet the exact solution. It's a longer-term initiative in any case. Stay tuned!


Will we ever see a Commander Neyo clone figure? If so, when? (YF, 9/19/06)

We can't address any more specific character questions for the line next year.  You'll have to wait and see...

Any chance of a Galactic Heroes carry case? My son has a ton of these and hauls them everywhere. (YF, 9/19/06)

That is a good point and while we don't have a specific solution in mind yet, we are looking at options. It will not be next year in any case.

Does Hasbro have any future plans to make more waves of the animated CW figures. There are still more figures to be made. Also any plans to go outside the CW era and animate other figures (a la Gentle Giant)? (YF, 9/19/06)

We do not have plans to produce more Clone Wars animated-style figures at this time.


Though I am thrilled with the accuracy and detail (removable knife) of the new Chief Chirpa figure, being a long-time ewok fan, I have a few questions. Why not make his lizard advisor toy? What do we do now with all our other larger ewok toys? Will they be re-made as smaller, more accurate figures? And last, what ewok plans are there for the 30th anniversary collection? (YN, 9/19/06)

We can't specifcally comment on any upcoming Ewoks, but we have gone on record as saying there are Ewoks planned for next year. The new ones will be correctly scaled as Chirpa was. However, this does not, in ouropinion, make older Ewoks any less valid given their time and place in the line. In fact, one of our team has every Ewok, Kenner and modern, grouped together on a shelf at home - and they all look great together.

We will be seeing any wholesale club exclusives this year? If so, where and when? (YN, 9/19/06)

Yes - there are two this year. Both will be at Costco.

One is a 2-pack of Electronic Lightsabers with 2 pack-in 3-3/4" figures (no redeco, straight repack). The other set will be the "Star Wars Tater Trio Set" which comes with all three Star Wars spuds in a cool new giant-size Darth Tater outer package that serves as a container. Look for those in about a month.

Does your Battlestar Galactica license cover both the new and the old series and does it extend to figures or just vehicles? (YN, 9/19/06)

We do have the license to do originals for both segments, & we are looking at that. We have no announcements yet, though.

Week 12 - September 22, 2006

With Hasbro concentrating on mid-sized vehicles, will we ever see an AT-ST with more accurate details, ie: opening eye windows? (AF, 9/22/06)

That is high on our list, but there is no specific time planned for it. It's almost a certaintly slated for an update like that some time.

You recently talked about the extra expense of hinged knees in action figures due to having to use nylon pins riveted through the parts. Why can't you just use a rivetless design and snap them into place the way you do with some of the Transformers line's hinges? If it's a choke-concern, most of the figures come with choke-hazard warnings anyway. (AF, 9/22/06)

Our hinged knees actually do not have a rivet. In any case, the process we currently use is the less expensive compared to your sguesstion and results in (we feel) a better aesthetic. (AF editor's note: our question mistakenly used the term "rivet" as the manufacturing process, but none the less the question is still about the use of nylon pins - which Hasbro does employ in some figures' knee articulation - not rivets.)

When will Hasbro make a new sculpt of the Dewback? There's no reason why it couldn't be done to scale with the 3.75" figures and be the ultimate version. (AF, 9/22/06)

Good comment. It's one of those things where we need to balance the priorities of the line vs the great ideas available to fill them. We don't know when it will happen, but we will do a new Dewback sometime.


Moff Jerjerrod from the 2006 Saga Collection had, shall we say, an interesting face (fairly angry) and a wide leg stance. The character in the film didn't do much but stand around and take a lot of flak from Vader, but his figure looks like he's ready to dish out trouble. Was this figure's sculpt an attempt to make it a more interesting looking character on the pegs or was it just artistic license from the sculptors/designers? (JD, 9/22/06)

Both really. We didn't want to give him a blank expression, & we thought an "in action" direction was more interesting for him.

The Droideka is a figure that fans have always wanted to see in a "collapsible" form, one that is able to fold up into a ball shape. With the skill put into the Star Wars Transformers designs, I imagine a folding Destroyer Droid is now possible on some level in the 3.75" line. Are you guys considering giving it a try, maybe in the Titanium Series figure line (like those transforming Titanium Transformers you've got out now)? (JD, 9/22/06)

We looked at making it transform and collapse, but with the spindly small parts it didn't result in a satisying figure. But we'll continue to explore it.

At Comic-Con, you mentioned that each of the 2007 waves 1-8 will have a McQuarrie concept figure. Are these concept figures just limited to designs from Star Wars (Episode 4 aka A New Hope) or will there be a chance at a McQuarrie design from The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi as well? (JD, 9/22/06)

While most will be from EpIV, some will go beyond. We'll be releasing specifics as each wave gets closer to shelf.


Would you consider the mail-away premium George Lucas figure a successful campaign? What are the plans (if any) for future mail-away exclusive items? Any plans on venturing outside the action figure arena and maybe offering something like display stands or other unique accessories like we saw during the vintage days? (JTA, 9/22/06)

We like the idea of continuing to do promotions. The GWL Stormtrooper promo was certainly a success in showing retailers that we have ideas that get collectors excited and drive traffic to retail, and sell-through was very good overall. Retailers look forward to the next wave next year. There were two key learnings, though, that can inform our future plans:
  1) What did not succeed, and this is something we have to constantly work on, was the requirements for the redemption. We should have anticipated that Scout Troopers (and to a lesser extent Lukes and Tuskens) would be heavily picked regionally and disrupt the redemption model;
  2) It was something of a surprise, but the number of actual redemptions was smaller than we thought compared to the number of sets sold through. A lot of collectors have apparently chosen to keep their clamshells sealed, which means the number of GWL figures in circulation is going to be less than we originally anticipated and built for. This, though, is an unfortunate byproduct of having to heat-seal the clamshell to prevent theft of the stickers. So...despite all of that, we do plan another promotion next year and hopefully it will be smooth with tweaks from our learnings.

Will the distribution of the Caucasian and African American Endor Rebel Trooper be a running change and have they been produced in equal numbers? (JTA, 9/22/06)

They will be produced in equel numbers, and it will be as a running change.
We saw some images of the Han Solo / Chewbacca Transformer with gold Titanium pack-ins a while back. Can you give us information on when and where that will be sold? (JTA, 9/22/06)

This is a Wal-Mart exclusive product available in limited numbers (compared to the main run). It will be on shelf Nov. 1.


What does Hasbro think the current number of "collectors" versus "casual buyers" (kids, and parents who buy for them) are in Hasbro's Star Wars line? (SSG, 9/22/06)

We don't release numbers for our kid or collector bases, but the number of kids actively engaged in Star Wars right now is VERY high. Our challenge is to plan for some of this audience to diminish over time, but we still need to keep a solid mix of heroes and collector-targeted figures to keep kids engaged. We also acknowledge that some kids will behave like collectors and buy very deeply (if not completely) into the line, but for the most part the "kids" we're talking about are the ones who will get a few vehicles and ten or so main figures over the course of the year to continue their involvement in Star Wars. There are a large number of these kids and we keep them in mind when we design waves and greatest hits.

Star Wars collecting has always had heavy interest in its vehicles, the figures are 3.75" tall because that size would best allow action figures to interact with toy versions of the vehicles (a Millennium Falcon for 6" figures would be the size of a sofa, way too big). Lewis Galoob Toys made its mark on Star Wars with 2 major lines: Micro Machines and Action Fleet, both were vehicles supplimented by little mini-figures, and in their heyday Galoob was the 3rd-largest toymaker behind Hasbro but ahead of LEGO (all Star Wars licensees, perhaps not a coincidence?). In late 1998, Hasbro bought Galoob and within a couple years cancelled all the Micro Machines Star Wars lines (Micro Machines, Die-Cast, and Action Fleet), effectively ending consumers' access to Star Wars vehicle toys - many of which could never have been done in the 3.75" line. Hasbro has made several attempts to rejuvenate these Micro Machines concepts, often with sub-par results, but so far the only attempt that has not failed is the Titanium Series 3" vehicle line (which admittedly deserves many accolades, and its future appears to be getting even brighter); Micro Machines vehicles have not been re-attempted at all, while several Action Fleet relaunch attempts have lacked vehicle features and mini-figures resulting in slow sales - both the Saga Action Fleet and Titanium Series 6" Ultra Vehicles started slow with weak entries and higher prices only to pick up steam and fans right as the lines were cancelled. Star Wars collecting again lacks access to those sizes of vehicles, with that in mind, why did Hasbro buy Galoob toys if that company's main line did not meet Hasbro's sales expectations and its core lines were cast aside? (SSG, 9/22/06)

At the time of the purchase, the micro vehicle category was certainly very robust (I recall the days when it occupied almost an entire WALL in the Toys 'R Us planogram!) and was a very popular kid play pattern. However, the micro scale crashed and crashed hard, leaving the collector following as kids moved on to other things. Aside from the robust Titanium line, the the micro efforts you mention have been relegated to the occasional exclusive which never really gives the segment the ability to gain traction and build into something bigger. With the focus on Titanium for the vehicle extension, and with 3-3/4", Galactic Heroes, and Unleashed 2" for the figure expression of the brand, it's unlikely that we are going to try and fit in micro even though we know there is a following for it. So I'm afraid there isn't better news on the micro front.... right now, there just isn't the opportunity nor strategic focus to purse for Star Wars.

Will Hasbro consider making more "clean" army builders such as the ARC trooper, Sandtrooper, Republic Commando, Clone Commander, Galactic Marine, Airborne Trooper, etc., in an army building white color scheme, e.g. no color markings or non-removable pauldrons? (SSG, 9/22/06)

That is a good comment. Right now, we do not have plans to go back to those figures in the near future, but if we do those are good suggestions for making them different and desireable as troop builders.


Can we once again look forward to Army Builder 4-packs?  With so many new Clone versions, new sculpts on old favorites (Sandtroopers!), Are there plans to bring this concept back? (ST, 9/22/06)*

The modern Battlepack series has taken the place of this concept.  We may look at a variation of this for Internet accounts next year, but it won't be the same format.

What is the top 3 things that Hasbro has wanted to do, but were shot down, whether it be by LFL, costs, time, etc? (ST, 9/22/06)*

Usually cost, time, and item count limitations are the culprits in having to lay aside a good idea.  For 2007, there are two concepts we wanted to pursue but couldn't make work at the time: 1) Poster packs, built around the original theatrical posters matched to 3-3/4" figures, was a victim of item count and costing. These were conceived for '07 because of the widespread anticipation of the 30th Anniversary, but because of their size and cost we had to put them aside.  We may look at this some time in the future, possibly as an exclusive farther down the road; and  2)  A 3-3/4" Turbo Tank.  Yes, it will pain some people to hear that we were working on a model that will not make it to market in 2007, but we just couldn't make the timing work.  Now that we are looking at the animation, we will re-visit which large-size hero vehicle or playset we do.  It may not be the Turbo Tank first...but we love this vehicle and will eventually get to it...patience will be rewarded.

Bothans are widely talked about in the Star Wars universe, yet we have never seen a definitive image of one, nor have we ever gotten a figure of one.  Can we ever hope to see some Bothans? (ST, 9/22/06)*

Yes, yes indeed.  If the schedule holds, you will see one at the very end of 2007.


Since Hasbro is doing some of the SCI-FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica ships as Titaniums, will you be doing any action figures from the new series or the old TV series? Would they be in the same 3 3/4-inch scale as Star Wars figures if you did? (SWC, 9/22/06)

Yes, we do have plans and they are in the 3-3/4" scale. The first one up this Fall is the current Cylon. Look for that on shelves in Dec. As for 2007, there are more plans for both the new and old shows but you'll have to stay tuned.

I know current figures based on the Cartoon Network Clone Wars cartoons are being done in realistic (i.e. "film style") sculpts. Will figures based on the upcoming CGI-animated series also be sculpted "film style," or will they reflect the new character designs from the show? (SWC, 9/22/06)

The specific style for the new animated figures has yet to be determined.

We're getting the Sith Starfighter and Vader's astromech droid from the novel Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader. Any chance of action figures based on characters from the book, such as Senator Fang Zar (who was also seen in Revenge of the Sith), or Jedi Roan Shryne and Padawan Olee Starstone? (SWC, 9/22/06)

We might get to those figures, but it won't be for a while. The novel figures don't have much visual reference, so it's tough to work them into the comic 2-packs. This means the only "home" for novel figures right now is the very competitive slots we have planned for EU figures in the mainline basic figure assortments.


Many a collector is impatient to get what they might refer to as an "Ultimate" versions of major characters and the somewhat iconic background characters of the Saga.  How does this concept mesh with Hasbro's need to hold the collecting community's interest for the remainder of the Star Wars toy license? (TJ, 9/22/06)

You have asked a million dollar (or million figure) question.  We're going to answer this one with your submissions next week!  Sorry for the delay.

Can we expect an entire wave or waves of the 30th Anniversary Collection to be devoted to Clone Wars, or can we expect some sort of mixed EU wave? (TJ, 9/22/06)

Good question.  The latter, with some "hero" characters carry-forwards assorted from prior waves.

'Playsets' have been a recurring theme in the QnAs, but what about cardboard dioramas (like the two from the POTF2 days)?  Both of them were very well done and are a great for displaying figures. (TJ, 9/22/06)

We are actually looking at this kind of thing with the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes this fall, which all have bases that can be removed from the box and set-uplike a mini-diorama.  We will keep considering these for future ideas, balancing out the benefits vs tradeoffs (this can also increase cost, meaning fewer figures per pack).


Since we're supposedly getting the curved part to the cantina bar in '07, is there any chance we'll see a Wuher or some cantina character that comes with some sort of drink dispenser piece to add to our cantina bar sections? I was kinda disappointed that the second or third release of the Wuher figure didn't come with something like this. You could even kit-bash it from IG-88's noggin for that extra bit of accuracy. (YF, 9/22/06)

That's an interesting idea, and we'll look at that. Thanks.

Well, Hasbro, you have confirmed that there will be a new Qui-Gon next year. You've also confirmed that there will be a new Mace Windu, as well. Now can you tell us if a brand new Luke Skywalker (in his Death Star 2 outfit) is coming next year? (YF, 9/22/06)

You have asked the right question, but you'll have to Wait until closer to a specific wave before we can reveal more 2007 figures. Does that help?

I'm sure Hasbro is aware but are there any plans to give Commander Cody a much more well deserved scuplt. All of us collectors wonder why he seems to be shorter then the other clones? The articulation is pretty awesome but his height could've been better. (YF, 9/22/06)

We haven't heard that consumers found his height lacking. We liked this version a lot, and with so many other characters to get to, it'll be awhile before we get back to Cody. But thanks for the comment and we'll take that into account next time we do a new Cody (or Commander) sculpt.

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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
« Reply #21 on: September 29, 2006, 03:58 PM »
Week 13 - September 29, 2006

You were recently quoted as saying that in the 2007 basic figure line, the "alien slots" for that year were already full. Could you tell us what these various slots are (possibly something like "core character slot", "imperial character slot", "droid slot") and how many of each would be in that group? If not exact numbers, how about by approximated percentages? (AF, 9/29/06)

We design any line with several levels of figure in each wave. The optimal mix is designed to have both kid and collector traction. It goes something like this: Some core heroes (very strong), some lesser but still know heroes, and then some (usually 2-3) collector figures. These collector figures are drawn from a number of core categories (troopers, Cantina aliens, pod racers, Ewoks, droids, alien Jedi, vidgame characters, Padme and other females, Jabba's palace denizens, Separatists, Senators, Jawas etc) that we know are embraced by, if not all collectors, a stronger and vocal subset. We try and spread it around so there is a good bet that most, if not all, of these categories will be represented each year. One hint... we are fans of Cantina denizens and it's a good bet there will be at least two every year until... well, we run out!

Any plans for releasing the Geonosian Cannon that was on Display with the Arena playset during Toy Fair in 2002? With all of the Clones and Jedi in the arena it'd be nice to give the Sepratists some firepower. (AF, 9/29/06)

That's an interesting idea, but there are no specific plans right now. We'll keep it in mind. Hopefully, it will show up in the animation at some point which would help move it higher on the list.

Although we have what many consider to be the definitive ROTS Obi-Wan figure in the super articulated Obi-Wan Pilot figure, we still lack super articulated versions of Obi-Wan from TPM and AOTC (both of which also need better head sculpts), what about either/both versions of that? (AF, 9/29/06)

Good ideas. No specific date for such figures but they are "on the list" of figures we'd like to do.


Early in the POTF2 line, Hasbro included extra guns and accessories for, as you've mentioned before, additional playability. Figures like Grand Moff Tarkin used to be great for customizers who would get an extra stormtrooper blaster to arm their customs. Where did these extra accessories go in the modern line today? Please bring them back! (FFURG, 9/29/06)

Some figures, like Clone Commander, still come with many guns but for the most part we don't pack in extras. We mix up the accessories depending on what we think each character needs. We take this gestalt view at the beginning of each year, recognizing that some characters will be coming with signifciant accessories, which means others will have just what they need. This way, overall, we're able to achieve our cost target across the whole assortment.

We've seen a few answers in the Q&A recently, both at and other sites, that mention tooling costs. What emphasis during pre-production is placed on the ability to re-use some existing molds to create a new figure? Does the re-use of some molds/parts allow for you to have additional accessories, paint apps, or articulation that we might not see if a character is "all-new"? (FFURG, 9/29/06)

Absolutely. By refreshing a figure (using one that was created before) we can make changes to it and create accessories that would not have been possible before. A good example of that is Foul Moudama. We were able to create a new character by adding some parts to a figure we had before, which we probably would not have done if we had to start from scratch. We do try and take that into account up front for some figures when it make sense.

Has any thought been given to creating more realistic battle damage to vehicles and ships? Many customizers have placed dents and holes in pre-existing parts of vehicles/ships to add to the lived-in, worn-down feel of George Lucas' universe. Getting an updated Battle Damaged TIE Fighter to round out the vintage TIEs would be great, wouldn't it? (FFURG, 9/29/06)

In our experience kids don't respond that well to this concept and would prefer the vehicle to be intact, so the tendency is to lean toward keeping the vehicle largely intact and showing damage through deco.


Is there any toy in the line that you regret making or releasing? My thoughts go to the Cruise Missle Trooper. I know Kenner was responsible for that, but what would you say is the most regrettable one? (GH, 9/29/06)

There are many that make us wince, but I think you hit on one of them.  The CMT is neither a figure nor a vehicle, & that certainly was dissapointing.  How do you display it?  I would also say that the bulkiness of many of the early POTF2 figures is something we could take back if we could.  As for modern figures, there are a couple that we wish we could have back again to make tweaks, but overall we're very happy with the way the factories are executing the product we turn over.

There were some mixed signals at Comic-Con on this one. Will 2007 3¾" Battle Packs come in the new concave packaging similar to the upcoming Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes Assortment? (GH, 9/29/06)

We never indicated that 3¾" Battle Packs would change format.  They will follow the same format from last year (that has continued this year with some exclusives like Mace Windu's Squadron, Defense of the Galactic Senate, etc).

Is the Wal*Mart exclusive wave from TSC going to come and go as quickly as the Separation of the Twins sets did? Is there a possibility of this wave being offered elsewhere once Wal*Mart is finished with it? (GH, 9/29/06)

The seasonal timing more than anything played a big role in helping clear out the Separation of the Twins so quickly.  Since these will be on shelves post-Holiday (latest date is 2/1 on shelf) the guess is that collectors will be able to find them without trouble. Hopefully.

...and I've been reminded by the forum-dwellers that no one ever got back to us about whether or not the Titanium General Grievous is properly scaled (i.e. taller) than basic figures? (GH, 9/29/06)

The Titanium Series General Grievous is roughly the same size as the 3¾" General Grievous.


The plain white Clone Trooper from Attack of the Clones hasn't seen retailer shelves a whole lot lately, but it seems like the kind of army builder that should see a regular rotation in the basic figure line. Is the SA format of this figure due out at retail again in the near future? We know that the Green AOTC Sergeant is on his way this Fall of course, but I'm sure many out there would love more of the AOTC grunts for our armies. (JD, 9/29/06)

Good question, and we agree, but there may be many such figures fans want to see come back. Stay tuned for an opportunity for fans to input on which "greatest hits" we should be doing.

Were the scene specific bases that came with some of the 2002/03 Saga figures or the 2004 OTC Dagobah figures designed with anything specific in mind? It seems like they were designed to be a part of something larger as most of them look like they could connect with something else. (JD, 9/29/06)

The Padme Factory Chase figure's base was designed to interact with the Geonosis Arena playset, as were some of the Deluxe item bases like the C-3PO & Battle Droid Factory set. In the Dagobah sets, they were just designed to go together and form a larger piece of terrain but there was no specific combination in mind other than combining with themselves. These bases were more of a precursor to the 2005 Collection 2 bases.

Last week, you said you were planning 9 waves for 2007. Will there be a specific "EU" wave or will the EU figures continue to be peppered into the movie themed waves they were this year? And since you can't talk about specific 2007 figures yet, can you at least give us a hint on the themes for those 9 waves? (JD, 9/29/06)

There will be a themed EU wave next year that will have most, if not all, of the EU figures (Clone Wars and game-related figures). Most of the 6 movies, but not all, will have at least one wave while some will have more than 1.


What does the Blue Sticker and "A" on the datestamp of recent case assortments mean? (POTF2, 9/29/06)

We haven't seen that ourselves, so we honestly don't know.

The Collection numbers are noticeably absent from TSC line. Will we see them return, or are they gone forever? (POTF2, 9/29/06)

We walked away from the Collection 1/2 separation after 2005 because we felt that we could manage the basic figure business from one powerful SKU (85770, or the Saga Collection). What quickly proved to be the case after holiday 2005 was that demand far outstripped supply and we still could not keep up even with 85770 running at maximum capacity. We looked for another basic figure solution to bring more to the shelf, and especially more Episode III which kids still want in high degrees, and thus the 87181 Greatest Battle/Heroes and Villains line was born. It sort of is a C1/2 strategy, but we didn't call them as such because 87181 consists of 100% existing figures so the analogy of C1/2 didn't follow through. We are now looking to do the exact same thing in '07 because of continued high basic figure demand. This will mean there will be two basic figure assortments next year, with a 100% New/Refresh line (87500, the 30th) and a 100% existing line. We're looking for fan input on some of the character selections and the details on how this will take place will be announced soon.

Why do some bubble changes exist? They don't seem to have any effect on the stability of the figure or any cosmetic/noticeable effect. (POTF2, 9/29/06)

Sometimes changes happen because we request a slightly different packout to facilitate more reliable transit. Sometimes things happen at the factory level without our request and when there is no noticable effect on the appearance of the product in package (for example when there is a better or more cost-effective way to do something like manufacture blisters at a faster rate or an improved design that reduces scrap rate). Many times we ourselves aren't aware of the change if it doesn't realy affect the way the product is shown in package. Collectors do notice these things, but they are not something that we deliberately design into the mix to produce fact, we would prefer that we just have one version from the outset for most items and save the "true" variations for when we really want to get them in (like Rebel Trooper running changes, etc)..


When will we start to see updates on the development of the FC-winning Darth Revan figure? (RS, 9/29/06)

Soon. We just got the sculpts back and will be working with ToyFare on the story.

In past weekly Q&A sessions, it was implied that may offer items that are exclusive to retail stores. Can you clearify that? Also, It was stated that Hasbro is working w/ to offer the Wal-Mart exclusives online, is Hasbro working w/ to do the same for Target exclusives? So far Toys "R" Us' is the only retailer that actively offers thier exclusives to both physical and online stores. (RS, 9/29/06)

We don't have any more information on the exclusives on, except that we will not be offering other retailers' exclusives on there. We have confirmation that will be carrying their exclusives online if the retail price point is over $12. will be carrying their exclusives online this Fall but in limited quantities.

Regarding the announcement of the Vader with coin album...the album leaves spaces for "promotional, exclusive and extra coins." Will the promo and exclusive coin slots be labeled or will they simply be blank? (RS, 9/29/06)

They will be blank because we haven't nailed down what we'll be doing for additional coins yet. Also, we want allow flexibility for folks to slot in coins of their choosing, including dupes if someone happens to be a troop builder.

What are the chances of Hasbro releasing some new Ewoks, maybe in a multi-pack like the Entertainment Earth Astromech Droids (really nice!!) featuring various new Ewoks of different color, size, sex and age (Woklings!!)? Some nice extra accessories like their musical instruments or an Ewok hut would be cool, too. (RS, 9/29/06)

This would be cool. We do have multi-pack plans for next year, but we're not ready yet to add Ewoks to the mix because we need a few more great figure tools before we get there. Patience!

As a follow-up to several fan/collector questions regarding if and when particular figures will be made and released, are there any figures fans have been asking about that you can confirm wll not be made based on current policies? What I mean is, can you say unequivically that the Tonnika sisters simply cannot be made or can you clear the air on these figures and tell us that they can be made but they just don't fit into the line-up at this time?

While I specify the Tonnika sisters, I am also curious about any others that fans have asked for that you may know for a fact that (unless there are drastic legal or philosophical changes) the figure won't be made. You mentioned earlier that figures of dead figures/corpses are a hard sell. Does this mean we won't get a dead Owen and Beru Lars two-pack or simply that it would be really difficult to have someone approve these as a toy? If it's the latter, please refer them to George Lucas's own thoughts on this, "YODA: Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them, do not. Miss them, do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed, that is." In short, Lucas wants us to have our corpse figures.
(RS, 9/29/06)

Hah, that's good Dan. However persuasive your argument is, there is a long, long list of living figures that deserve to be made before we get to figures like the Own and Beru "x-tra crispy" figures. It's possible that some day these could be accessories to another set, but that would be far down the road and in any case wouldn't be the focus of any offering per se. There are no specific figures that are taboo or off limits, really. As for the Tonnika Sisters, I have no comment whatsoever and can give no more information on them except to say that figure(s) are not in development.

Can we ever expect another midnight madness? Each of the three that happened garnered some free media coverage for Hasbro and gave collectors a chance to get the bulk of the figures for a new line in one shot. This would make a great annual event to introduce the new line. (RS, 9/29/06)

Unless there is another film, I doubt we'll see anything like this. The new equivalent is probably the Ultimate Galactic Hunt, which is a strong call to head to retail although it isn't a specific date and time.


Recently you were quoted as saying that Hasbro had subcontracted the 12" figures to Sideshow as the smaller business model allowed them to manufacture collector-quality 12" figures in a more cost effective manner. Given the rabid fan base the 7" Unleashed line has generated among collectors, and Hasbro's struggles to generate a profit on this line, is there any chance that a similar arrangement could be considered for future Unleashed offerings, whether it be Sideshow or another smaller company? (SSG, 9/29/06)

It's possible, but for now we are keeping the Unleashed 7" line in-house while we evaluate it and run with the new tube-style packaging expression.

Given that Ewoks are well-known, somewhat popular (especially with kids), sell fairly well, and were a deciding factor in the final battle of the Star Wars saga, why have the Ewoks been so short-changed in the modern action figure line (8 figures, 3 of which were inaccurate Wicket repaints, in 11 years)? And, are there any plans to correct this in the future? (SSG, 9/29/06)

Well, there are a lot of Ewok champions here too and the little furballs will get their due. But they will be by dribs and drabs and not, by same, a Tribble-like Ewok explosion. Patience will be rewarded.

Titanium Series 3" Vehicle collectors are concerned over the packaging which, while quite attractive and eye-catching, has trouble with the J-hook being easily damaged and the bubble being very difficult to open. How did this unusual packaging design come about in the first place, and is there any plan to make it stronger and easier to open? (If not, please consider doing so, thank you.) (SSG, 9/29/06)

Thanks. The design was meant to be a premium expression for die-cast vehicles as well as something that could not be pilfered easily. As such, it is durable but can be tougher to open. We will pass on your comments about the J-hooks to the packaging team.


Why did you release an Official Star Wars Figure Protector Case and advertise the use of it with the current Saga line, illustrated in its instruction flyer that comes with the cases, if it pinches the top of the current Saga line cards, thus damaging the collectable? I can only assume this was an oversight in marketing or in design. Is this something that will be corrected soon? (ST, 9/29/06)*

We designed it to accommodate the Saga Collection cards and for the most part we have not seen a problem.  However, it is noted that the 2006 (and 2005 before it) cards can have an inconsistent variation in height because of the way they are constructed (blister taped to the backer card, which allows for variations at the time of assembly).  You may have some statistical outliers in your collection that are taller than others, and for that we apologize.

Why does it seem with the re-release of the Boba Fett and Greivous Unleashed and the New Dagaboh X-Wing we are paying for the packaging and assembly? Sure the Unleashed look really cool displayed as the figures are actually in full display mode, but just a few years ago these were released in standard packaging and we had to put the figures onto each base/stand for $5-$6 dollars cheaper. (ST, 9/29/06)*

Because the product itself has changed, at least the packaging part of it. The packaging is more expensive, along with the size of the package, which increases freight cost.  This has resulted in a greater cost on our end, which is passed on the to retailer and ultimately results in a higher price.

The Galactic Hunt promotion for this year was immensely popular, especially the Silver-Foil figures.  However, they seem to have vanished off the radar.  Does Hasbro plan to do a similar promotion later this year or next?  Perhaps a Gold Foil carded chase figure set? (ST, 9/29/06)*

There won’t be any more next year, but it will return again next year. Stay tuned!

For decades, Hasbro/Kenner had made small, EU type vehicles for Star Wars characters.  From the MTV-7 and the likes from the Vintage lines to Obi-Wan Kenobi-s scout sub from Episode 1.  Do these sell well enough to think on making more of these, or are there already plans to make something of this nature? (ST, 9/29/06)*

You won't see anything like this in '07.  We've been turning our attention to on-screen vehicles that deserve to made, and concentrating on keeping the $19.99 vehicle SKU a national (meaning not exclusive) assortment with variety and freshness.


What are the chances of ever getting a Z-95 Headhunter in the Starfighter line? (SWC, 9/29/06)

Since it was not featured in the movies, slim to no chance.

Is there any word on when the Target-exclusive Imperial Shuttle will be out on shelves? The product's DPCI# is 087-06-0483 and it's saying its $59.99. (SWC, 9/29/06)

No comment.

We had a great year for astromechs in 2006, but none have yet been announced for 2007. What are the chances for some new OT astrodroids next year - especially ANH ones such as R5-A2, R5-K6, and R3-O1 to coincide with the 30th anniversary? (SWC, 9/29/06)

One of the challenges of balancing all the cool collector-targeted figure categories we could be doing (troopers, Cantina aliens, pod racers, Ewoks, droids, vidgame characters, alien Jedi, Jawas, Padme and other females, Jabba's palace denizens, Separatists, Senators etc) is just fitting enough of them in. We will have a couple of new droids, but no new Astromechs next year.


FROM LAST WEEK: 1) Many a collector is impatient to get what they might refer to as an "Ultimate" versions of major characters and the somewhat iconic background characters of the Saga.  How does this concept mesh with Hasbro's need to hold the collecting community's interest for the remainder of the SW toy license? (TJ, 9/29/06)

You have asked a million dollar (or million figure) question!  Creating a figure line for any year is a balancing act between hero characters that kids still want and the more obscure background characters that the hard core fan base wants to see. There are so many cool collector-targeted figure categories we could be doing (troopers, Cantina aliens, pod racers, Ewoks, droids, vidgame characters, Padme and other females, Jabba's palace denizens, Separatists, Senators etc) and the challenge is just fitting enough of them in for any given year  Trust me, fan's patience will be rewarded in the long run, as we get to make most of the figures from the films...but patience is emphasized.   We're confident, that every year, as long as we're covering some of these bases, fans will be happy.

Will the Endor C-3PO mold (including all the articulation) be used for any future protocol droids? (TJ, 9/29/06)

Good question, and we might but there are no specific plans right now.

Will the R2-D2 that's being released next year that's using the R4-G9's mold come with a Trade Federation Crusier, the Invisible Hand hologram that attaches to Artoo's dome? (TJ, 9/29/06)

No…it will have a different accessory.

We already know that the entire line for 2007 is being called the 30th Anniversary line, but can collectors expect offerings that are similar to the 25th Anniversary 2-packs we got in 2002? (TJ, 9/29/06)

There are no plans for a similar product.


In a recent Q&A response, you said that most of the figures from the cancelled TSC Battle of Yavin wave will be released in 2007. Does that include the Death Star Trooper? If so, will this be a newly-sculpted version or just a re-release of the POTF figure? (YF, 9/29/06)

Yes, and it will be new.

How about one good playset in 2007. Please Hasbro. (YF, 9/29/06)

We've discussed playsets to death, I think. There won't be any in 2007. Sorry! But if you follow my distracting hand movements over to the new vehicles, I think you'll be very happy.

I've heard rumours about a 3 3/4 scale Sith Infiltrator? First of all, is it true? And secondly will it be scaled like the 'real' ship [ideally with space for a couple of probe droids and a Sith speeder or is it going to be a modified TIE fighter with room for one pilot? (YF, 9/29/06)

Yes, it is true. It will be develoepd for the $19.99 Starfighter Vehicle line, so liberties will be taken with scale but there will be cool features and will be designed for one pilot. We can't wait to show fans the final product…it's a sensational vehicle.


Week 14 - October 6, 2006

What are the chances of Hasbro producing a Millennium Falcon vehicle that's actually in-scale (1/18th) with the action figures? If not, what about at least an all-new, larger Falcon with more interior play areas? (AF, 10/6/06)

A true-scale MF would be huge. A more likely reality - and we have only discussed this - is that we would do a new one someday. The likelihood of this happening would be enhanced if the MF were featured in the new animation of TV show.

Will the 501st Clonetrooper using the Super Articulated body ever be made available on a basic card? (AF, 10/6/06)

The one from the K-Mart Battle Pack could come back - if fans voted for it! So how about it... is this a figure fans want to see? (AF editor's note: the K-Mart Battle Pack mentioned is the 2005 ROTS Jedi Temple Assault which came with 3 501st Clones but using the ROTS#06 "Quick-Draw Attack!" Clone body which is less popular than the ROTS#41 "Super Articulation!" Clone body.)

In light of Hasbro making an ethnicity variation on the upcoming Endor Rebel Soldier figure, is there a possibility of ethnic variations for other figures that warrant it like a Black Bespin Guard or Rebel Pilot, especially since there was a Black Bespin Guard figure in the vintage Kenner line? (AF, 10/6/06)

Yes, it is likely that we will continue this trend when it makes sense.

What is the selection process for characters to be made into figures, and what is the best way for fans to increase the chances of the release for a certain figure? (AF, 10/6/06)

The Star Wars 3-3/4" selection process is probably not unlike the NCAA basketball committee selection process. We start out by framing the line by film (our strategy for '06, '07, and '08) and who we could do or redo from a scene along with any new characters. We then slot in the strongest characters to anchor a wave making sure we have strong ('A' level) characters in every wave (not unlike spreading out the division champions across brackets). Once we have the main figures laid out, we start to look at the collector-type specialty figures, and this is where we get a lot of fun lobbying for favorites (again, not unlike lobbying for the smaller school to get in). It's done as a team approach, with collaboration from the team at Lucasfilm too. We take fan input into consideration... things we've seen or heard, emerging trends we're seeing, etc. The ToyFare Top 25 Poll was a great way (and the best, since it was quantitative) for fans to make their voices heard.

Is it an objective of Hasbro's to eventually make every character that had a speaking role in the films - whether or not they interacted with core characters - into action figures? Nearly all these characters have been given names by Lucasfilm or EU authors. (AF, 10/6/06)

Not a stated objective, no. The objective is to field what we think is the overall best lineup each year between core character and collector-types. We may put a background character with no speaking part (Cantina or Jabba's Palace guys, or many droids) over someone with a speaking part just because it's a better or cooler figure.

What are the chances of seeing more "battle-damaged" human characters (such as Qui-Gon, Shmi, and Owen & Beru Lars)? Assuming the chances are slim, why is that, are they considered too gruesome for release? (AF, 10/6/06)

Owen and Beru are too gruesome to do. Qui-Gon probably at some point. Shmi - I dunno. There are just so many figures we could be doing even for redecos that I don't think we'll do her in Tusken captive deco. You never know though.


What's stopping the production of a Bothan figure like Koth Melan, Borsk Fey'yla, or Asar Seil'lya? We know that's it's the standard EU debate all over again but we'd love to see who Mon Mothma is all shook up over. (FFURG, 10/6/06)

Heh. I can say that we will, at some point in the next few years, see one or more of these (Koth is a good one if we ever do more Shadows of the Empire figures). But it won't be near term. Patience..and know that Bothans are on our scanners.

One of the best parts resources for a customizer is one of your other successful lines, GI Joe. With the sculpts and resources of all Hasbro lines at your disposal, we'd love to see more army-builder type figures using GI Joe heads and parts to reduce production costs, while allowing us to have a Rebel army that isn't populated by clones! Any chance we could ever see something like this? (FFURG, 10/6/06)

We hear you on good guy non-clone troops, but don't think GI Joe parts are the way to go. Joe is a great line but those unique faces should stay over there, and we'll create unique head sculpts as needed. Astute collectors will recognize that we have borrowed from the Joe weapons cache, though - a quid-pro-quo for letting them borrow the Geonosis Arena tool. But we stopped short of a Lando/Stalker hostage exchange (they do look a lot alike...).

On, there are several Star Wars items that have replacement parts order forms, like the Ultimate 12" Anakin/Vader and the Clone Commander #33. Why aren't more parts available on the website? Although I'm sure you don't mind customizers buying up peg warmers for individual parts, I'd bet if more replacement parts were available online, customizers would be buying them in bulk. Personally, I could use more Ewok weapons, POTF2 Stormtrooper blasters, and Senate Pods...nudge...nudge... (FFURG, 10/6/06)

We'll take that under advisement. For the most part, the number of collectors who would find this service useful would be small. But we'll look at it.


Will there be any difference between the upcoming Celebration 4 exclusive figure(s) and Celebration Europe's, be it a packaging difference or a difference in the figure itself? (GH, 10/6/06)

It's too early to talk about Celebration 4 just yet… ask us in about a month.

Is the upcoming Galactic Marine's helmet removable? Are the flames on the 2007 Super Battle Droid removable, and are his hips ball-joints? (GH, 10/6/06)

The Galactic Marine's helmet is in fact removable. The flames on the Super Battle Droid are removable, as they are snap-on parts.  The Super Battle Droid is new and super-articulated with a ball joint head and waist, insert molded shoulders, elbows, and knees…but the hips are not ball joint.

What type of material are the 2007 Collector Coins made from? (Metal or plastic?) Will the Collector Coin Album be available at big box stores? (GH, 10/6/06)

They are aluminum - the exact same material the previous coins were made from. We wanted to stay true to the roots of the coin program and make them from the same material and to be the same size.  There are some new details for the 30th Anniversary, though — some coin details that are pretty cool and unique.  The figure/album will be available everywhere from 1/1 to approximately 3/24.


Have you considered incorporating Remote Control features into ground vehicles for the Star Wars line? It's a vintage Kenner tradition that we haven't seen brought back yet and a few other toy companies working in the 3.75" scale have done this with tanks and things. It produces a pretty cool result and added play value - any chance of a new RC Sandcrawler or landspeeder or something? (JD, 10/6/06)

We assume you meant radio control, rather than the tethered (by wire) remote control. We have thought about radio control, but Hasbro looks to higher-profile performance-based RC vehicles, rather than simply using RC as a feature like you mention since it has a large price impact. We will continue to look at it - it would be cool to see an RC Sandcrawler or Landspeeder someday.

Zev Senseca from the Target Rogue Two Snowspeeder is creating a lot of buzz because he's a pretty nice pack-in figure in his own right. Since people seem to really love the X-Wing and other Rebel Pilots in the line, do you intend to make a definitive "generic" sculpt of the X-Wing Pilot or Snowspeeder Pilot gear? Then you can just swap new heads/helmets and paintjobs to give us a few new pilots every year! It seems like an easy way to put out different pilot figures for a fair price. The 3.75" line fans would get in line to buy them if the sculpts were poseable and just right at an average scale. (JD, 10/6/06)

That is a good idea, and we'll see. We like the pilots too. We think there can be room for several "definitives" at some point, for variety. SA Porkins, anyone? (OK, just kidding….it's unlikey we'll ever do an SA Porkins).

Are there any INCREDIBLY rare figures that only you Hasbro "insiders" have in your personal collections? We don't necessarily mean prototypes or unproduced mock-ups so much as something that was made as a gift/promo for people working on the Star Wars brand internally. (JD, 10/6/06)

Sure - there are a couple things. There is last year's Toy Fair Anakin/Vader press kit, which is more of a special package since the figures were not different. Everyone on the team received one of those…it is still one of the coolest, very limited things we've done. There was also a special gold "Team Star Wars" R2-D2 produced last year and given as thanks to everyone on the team. It was not factory-produced but created in our shop. About 100 were made and distributed. Other than that, we wouldn't abuse our system by making short-run figures. We prefer to use our force powers for good.


We've seen the coin holder on Entertainment Earth for the 30th Anniversary line coins that will be packed in with various figures. The description mentions it will hold all of the coins from the basic line (60) as well as for promotional and convention coins (and I would suppose other exclusives as well). What is the total number of coins we can expect for the 30th Anniversary line? (JTA, 10/6/06)

That number is still yet to be finalized, but there will only ever be 60 basic figures coins. One thing we are going to do, however, is hold the exclusive coins down to a very minimum. The ony exclusives which will have coins would be either CIV or Comic Con. In addition, if we do end up putting a "Greatest Hits" basic figure line into play, we would have to evaluate what sort of coins they would have.

Which items are the official end of the Saga Collection toys and which are the beginning of the 30th Anniversary Collection toys? (JTA, 10/6/06)

The last wave of the Saga figures will be seen at retail in February and will be on shelf until roughly the end of March. All other figures and sublines on shelf in 2007 will be 30th Anniversary. As for how you (the fan sites) categorize the items, maybe this helps. We planned the last wave of Starfighter vehicles (Vader's Starfighter, Droid Tank, Hailfire) to be in 2006 but decided to put them in the 2007 line look to save our rework for next year since they will carry over. But as far as we're concerned, they are 2006 or Saga products. The same with the first wave of Battle Packs, and Saga tins. Because they were designed to carryover, they got the new look. But really we consider them Saga-year products and are "on the books" for this year. I know, this is probably more complicated than you want!

The George Lucas Mail-away figure redemption form stated that the offer is available 'while supplies last'. How limited is this figure? What is the approximate production run? Is there any chance this figure might run out before the December 31 mail-in deadline? (JTA, 10/6/06)

We don't release numbers on our production runs for any figure, even exclusive promotional figures like this. As of now, unless there is larger-than-anticipated last minute surge, we will have enough to honor all submissions.


After the success of Expanded Universe clones, is there a possibility that we could soon see some other EU troop builders like Sith Troopers or Mandalorians so Darth Revan won't be all alone in the Old Republic? Fans want more KOTOR figures! (RS, 10/6/06)

We're looking at that. The EU has many great figures to choose from and we want to spread it around a bit. Stay tuned.

Is there any chance of eventually seeing a newly-sculpted ROTJ accurate Jabba the Hutt? I would also love to see Hasbro build upon Jabba's throne room organically, like you are doing with the Cantina pieces over time. I would love to see the ornate bar-b-que grill that sits behind Jabba (which has never been released before) along with the dais, a new-sculpt Salacious Crumb and sitting Slave Leia. (RS, 10/6/06)

It is time for a new Jabba, we agree, but just haven't found the spot in the line for him. We're thinking about it though. Interesting suggestion on the organic build for his environment pieces, too. Thanks.

As a follow-up to a previous question from week 6, we ran a Probe Droid Poll asking if fans would like to see blank sets of their movie titled basic figure stands on, including an Expanded Universe (EU) version. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of such a set (all 6 films and EU). Can we hope to see this in 2007? Figures need stands! (RS, 10/6/06)

And so it is (time to do stands, that is). Look for a stand multi-pack from next year, at a date to be announced. Thanks for the feedback!


Zizzle has released a 2.5-foot-long Black Pearl pirate ship for their Pirates of the Carribean 4" figure line for MSRP $50. In light of this, why hasn't Hasbro done Jabba's Sailbarge yet, especially when Star Wars is the more popular brand? (SSG, 10/6/06)

What other companies release is not an indicator of what we could release at comparable retail prices, or even that we could release the same toy as they do. Hasbro has different business models, factories, and standards that we work with - it's a very different situation. One thing that has changed from "the way it used to be" is that playsets used to be low-margin drivers that were intended to be the center of the action figure play pattern. Now the situation is very different and playsets are not embraced in the same way by kids, so the business model is a little upside down and we cannot "subsidize" playsets like we used to. This pushes the price up to a very expensive range, and, of course, the higher the price, the fewer the unit sales. The old catch-22. Until we rebuild the kid base, hopefully through animation, we can't look at 3-3/4" playsets as a viable line.

Could we get a US release of the Eopie Creature from the Episode I line which to date has only been released in non-US countries? (SSG, 10/6/06)

We have looked at this. We're not sure how pervasive the demand is, but it remains an option for a future release.

Why doesn't Hasbro include basic figure pack-ins that we can actually use (eg: clear stands; Mouse Droids; Senate Cams; Sith Probes; extra accessories like on and off lightsabers, commlinks, scanners, pilot headsets, oxygen masks, backpacks) instead of gimmicks like holo-minifigs and coins? (SSG, 10/6/06)

Star Wars has a rich history of including pack-ins to enhance the collectibility of the line, admittedly with varying results. Our intention with the coins (and to a lesser extent holos) is to establish a parallel collectible segment with a nostalgic tie back to the vintage days. We think fans will enjoy them, since they are "incremental" to the line in the line and not a replacement for accessories. Incremental in the sense that we make sure each figure has the accessories it needs to be a great figure... and many of them next year have great accessories. Wait and see...

What are the chances that Hasbro will make Yarna D'al Gargan (Fat Dancer in Jabba's Palace) in 2007, after 2007, or if definitively not, has Hasbro actively decided that she will never be made? (SSG, 10/6/06)

We won't be answering any more specific questions on the 2007 line at this time. However, she is definitely a possible future figure. Not out of the question.

Which version of the Jedi Starfighter will be offered in the Titanium Series Ultra 6" Vehicle line, the Episode 2 or Episode 3 version? Will this or any other new 6" vehicle be released before the line is ended? (SSG, 10/6/06)

The Episode III version was tooled up, but unfortunately the 6" scale has been discontinued and the vehicle will not be making it to shelves as part of the series.

If a figure made the top 25 of the ToyFare magazine Fan Choice Poll, does that give the figure more of a chance to be made? (SSG, 10/6/06)

Well, that's an interesting question. Broadly, the answer is yes and the higher it is up the list, the better. It certainly helps justify among the "collector-type" figures we could do if we know that fans have passionately voted for a figure. But it's not a guarantee that a figure will be made in the future.


Will Hasbro ever consider making a case for the titanium series small ships, something similar to the matchbox and hot wheels cases that were released back in the 80's?  Maybe they could release a few exclusives with the case too boost consumer appeal. (ST, 10/6/06)*

We haven't looked at that but it's an interesting suggestion.  Thanks!

I'd love to see the Tie Interceptor make a comeback. Any plans for 2007? (ST, 10/6/06)*

It's on the short list of vehicles we would like to do, given an opportunity at retail that works.

The M & Mpire figures were a lot of fun, and there were rumors once that there were plans for a second series.  Seeing as there are plenty of characters to use still, such as Yoda, different troopers, etc, can we hope to ever see these fun little figures again? Do sales dictate second editions? (ST, 10/6/06)*

That was it for the line.  The promotional window for the M-Pire figures was during and slightly after Episode III and the DVD release, and the promotion was timed to end there with the wind-down of the M&Ms promo activity.  We did not have a second series planned although we brainstormed (and did concept work for) what a line of mini Galactic Heroes--like Mr. Potato Head figures--would be (like Cuke Skywalker, 3-Pea-O, etc...Insert your own vegetable jokes here.  But these just weren't as important to use as doing more Galactic Heroes.

I remember when I was a kid and played with G.I. Joe's that you had a really awesome promotion, as a matter of fact, my all-time favorite promotion that you have ever done.  The promotion was that you make your own G.I. Joe of yourself.  I remember that everyone got the same Joe but what was really neat was that the toy was named whatever you wanted it to be named and you got to create your own battle stats for it.  Any chance we will see this done for Star Wars, maybe as an awesome Fan Club exclusive.  All you really need to do is mail out a Stormtrooper with a piece of paper with the selected stats and name. (ST, 10/6/06)*

Ah yes, the Steel Brigade promotion.  Unfortunately, this is a time-intensive and not an inexpensive promotion and we just don't think it would get that much interest.  Believe it or not, we have looked at the feasibility of custom heads on other lines, Joe in particular, and just can't get past the huge cost and time involved.  It's just not something we're set up to do, which is deliver higher volume products to retail.


Is the 30th Anniversary Darth Vader with STAR WARS Coin Album and Exclusive Coin currently available for pre-order online going to be an Internet exclusive, or will it also be available in stores? (SWC, 10/6/06)

It will be available in stores and online from roughly Jan 1 until the end of March.

Army-builders and collectors alike were ecstatic over the San Diego Comic-Con 501st Stormtrooper exclusive figure, but some were a bit dismayed that it had English characters on both the figure and the banner, instead of the STAR WARS in-universe characters of Aurebesh. Any chance of a future re-release of this figure with Aurebesh lettering? (SWC, 10/6/06)

We don't plan to re-release this 501st figure again, but if we do do a future 501st offering then it makes a lot of sense to do Aurebesh. We did think about it, just didn't do it this time.

With the comic book 2-packs being released with figures and comic book pack-ins, could we see a two-pack featuring new Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade figures, as they appeared in the comic book "Union"? (SWC, 10/6/06)

We won't be doing Mara's spa outfit, if that's the one you are referring to. ;)


The VTSC Scout Trooper seems to be quite the success.  Collectors are raving  about it still, and the figure has been out for the better part of the year. The same goes for the new Sandtrooper.  With that success in mind, has Hasbro explored the possibility of reissuing slightly modified versions of these figures (with ball-jointed hips) along with a new speeder bike or Dewback? (TJ, 10/6/06)

We're thinking about it, yes.  No timetable for either, though, but it wouldn't be in 2007.

Accessories have progressively been getting more and more detailed and interesting.  Witness Ben Kenobi's chest which was packed with the most recent Tatooine Luke Skywalker.  Has there been a concerted effort made towards coming up with accessories like these, and what is the methodology behind the design and inclusion of said accessories? (TJ, 10/6/06)

Sure.  We look to those things that resonate or would be cool as inspiration for either updating a character or giving a new character as an accessory. The inspiration is almost always based on something on-screen.  An accessory we haven't done before, like the chest, or T-16 skyhopper model, or a moisture generator, can be the basis to update a figure to be specific to a particular scene.

With the QnAs, it's clear that many collectors have a two track mind: Playsets and vehicles!  What kinds of things are on Hasbro's wish list?  Can you tell us about any of the cool things you've worked on, but didn't (or can't) release? (TJ, 10/6/06)

Oh I wouldn't say that collectors have a two-track mind…add in troops and droids and Cantina guys and accessories and videogame figures…well, there are a lot of dimensions to what is being suggested!  In any case, we put time and energy behind the things we know we can bring to market and that have the best chance of success.  Right now, that's the Starfighter vehicle SKU and the exclusives vehicles which are almost always updates on existing (previously tooled) vehicles.  Our wish list would be to continue to roll out new vehices each year with some cool updates to classics.  The Death star playset comps we have are well-known as one of those "if we could do anything" things, but one of the more interesting concept models we've worked up is a Clone Turbo Tank.  We won't be looking at a big vehicle like this unless it's in the animation, but it's one of those things that we'd like to get to sometime.  The model is very cool.


I have a two-part, snowspeeder-related question. Now that we have Zev Senesca in the recently released Target Exclusive Snowspeeder, is it safe to assume that a Luke in Snospeeder Pilot gear (As well as other pilots) isn't far off? (Note, the boots are wrong though, sorry, just wanted to mention). Secondly, the Snowspeeder toy is the only one (that I know of) that has the distinction of being TOO big in relation to the figures. Do you think Hasbro will ever create an all-new sculpt of this classic vehicle in the correct scale? (It really shouldn't be much larger than the Expanded Universe Airspeeder from a few years ago). (YF, 10/6/06)

Interesting question. The answer to both is "we'll see" when we next look at doing Snowspeeder pilots or an updated Speeder. It may be a little too large, but it's not as far off as you think.

The new 07 figures look great, especially the redeco of the McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper. My question is that since his card/packaging is part of the "Signature Series" will we see concept figures from other talented Lucasfilm artists like Joe Johnston, Doug Chang, Trisha Biggar or Ryan Church? (YF, 10/6/06)

Well, next year the focus is on Ralph's designs, but there will be one other very cool one in the mix. For future years we could go back and look at other artists and their great concepts, too…but we'll see how the McQ series does before we go there.

I have heard for a long time that Hasbro has shied away from doing more than a few Ewoks since among Star Wars fans there has been much Ewok bashing due to their "cuteness" factor. I haven't counted recently, but I believe there are only about 5-7 different Ewoks ever made (not counting generic ewoks including the one with that globe thing several years ago and whoever came with the glider). I believe we also still have at least three vintage Ewoks (Warok, Lumat & Paploo) that have never been remade. I know I have read repeated requests/suggestions on various collector sites for a mother ewok & wokling and other prevoiusly non-sculpted ewoks. I say all this as background for 2 questions: 1). Is it true that Hasbro backs away from doing several different ewoks? [and if so, how have sales been for ewoks?] 2). Can we someday expect to see the previously mentioned vintage ewoks (including the freeze frame Wicket & Logray) figures resculpted? (YF, 10/6/06)

We love Ewoks. While these guys may have once been on the low-end of the desire scale, that's certainly not the case any more and collectors overall seem to have a good appreciation for these furry fiends. What could it be? Is it that there is new respect for Ewoks, based on calm reflection over the years? That these guys might be pretty nasty underneath the fur since they were planning to roast and eat their captives? That we have granted them more respect with hindsight because they did, after all, have plans in place that led to the defeat of a whole garrison of the Empire's best? Or because the collector ranks have been swelled with legions of now-grown kids who fell under Return's spell as "their" Star Wars? Whatever the reasons, you'll see more Ewoks, delivered a little at a time, and eventually we'll do the remaining ones.
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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
« Reply #22 on: October 22, 2006, 06:42 PM »
Week 15 - October 22, 2006

Recently you were quoted as saying that Hasbro had subcontracted the 12" figures to Sideshow as their smaller business model allowed them to manufacture collector-quality 12" figures in a more cost effective manner. Given Hasbro's shelfspace limitations & struggles to generate profits with playsets, larger vehicles, & Action Fleet/Micro Machines, would Hasbro consider subcontracting those fan-desired items out to other companies? (AF, 10/22/06)

We would not consider that right now, primarily because we hope at some point to re-ente those categories. We decided that we would not pursue the 12" business when we decided to go with Sideshow. We cannot say the same for the other business and want to evaluate the opportunity.

What are the chances that you will make the Homing Spider Droid and Corporate Alliance Tank Droid in 3¾" scale if they appear in the upcoming animated series? And their chances if they don't appear in the series, or perhaps do you already have plans to make either of them? Would you be willing to add cockpits inside each for extra play value which don't affect the look of the outside (this would be consistent with SW Battlefront 2)? (AF, 10/22/06)

We have looked at this, but it would need animation support to make it happen. There is a very low chance of them getting made if they are not in the series.

Hasbro was previously asked in a Q&A if the cancelled trophy edition OOM-9 could be released in a Battle Pack, and the response was "If [it] would fit into a future scene we want to do, we'd consider [it]." What about releasing cancelled OOM-9 and also the cancelled Destroyer Droid (from the Droideka vs Gungan 2pack) and Trophy Edition Obi-Wan as regular basic carded figures? (AF, 10/22/06)

We've dug into this one for you. The simple answer is that these figures never went to tooling. Some of the sculpts (like the Darth Maul and Battle Droid/OOM-9) did eventually get made. But the others never got farther than hard copies and paint. So I'm afraid these concepts are ones that will never see the light of day, still.

(AF editor's note: the Destroyer Droid in question is unpainted and was seen in the test-shot phase which nearly always comes after the tooling phase, so it's surprising to hear it didn't get that far.)


Now that e-tailers have started pre-sells for the Order 66 Two Packs, can anyone at Hasbro shed any light on these? Should we anticipate repaints, or are there new figures paired with troops? (GH, 10/22/06)

We will not have any information on these until closer to the on-shelf date.

Artoo and Threepio don't seem to get much attention. With the exception of the Holiday Edition, there have hardly been any two packs with these iconic characters. Any chance we would see nice sculpts of these droids in a two pack with a nice background? (GH, 10/22/06)

I think you'll like what you'll see next year with our droid pals.  Stay tuned…

I'm not complaining too much (especially since I already ordered the thing and I can't wait to get it and to tear it open), but the Death Star Briefing multi-figure pack raises a few questions. Are the figure images we've seen the final product? The reason I ask is that the Tarkin figure (an obvious repaint of the ROTS figure) has ROTS boots as opposed to the boots the character wore in the original film. Also, the Motti figure seems to be a straight repack (and as such, the coloring is not in line with the rest of the figures in the set). Any chance the legs for Tarkin have since been swapped out to reflect more accurate boots or that the Motti figure has been given the same arms and/or uniform coloring as the rest of the figures in the set? (GH, 10/22/06)

The figures you are referring to are indeed the ones used for this set, and they were not changed except for the Tarkin younger appearance.


The rumor has always been that Ephant Mon was a figure on which you took a beating financially. If this is true, why? The figure's size was obviously quite large but shouldn't you make up for a figure like Ephant Mon by giving us tiny figures like Yoda or the new Chief Chirpa? Many fans would love to see Hermi Odle (Jabba's Palace) but worry that he'll never see the light of retail aisles because he'd be large like Ephant. (JD, 10/22/06)

His large size means that he had a voracious appetite for plastic resin, which made him very costly. However, we have not ruled out other large figures. We just have to be creative in bringing them out and make sure that overall, on an averaged basis, we're making our targets.

Fans were excited to see that the R2-D2 in the first wave of figures for 2007 appears to be the ROTS Sneak Preview Droid sculpt... but then came the disappointment after seeing all the yellow "flame reflection" paint aps on him. Will we be seeing a "clean" R2-D2 using this sculpt or are we going to have to buy some "goof off" to remove those yellow paint aps? (JD, 10/22/06)

This figure will only have Invisible Hand battle-inspired deco.

Any chance we'll see the Episode 3 Felucia Clone Trooper from the Evolutions Clonetrooper set released as a basic figure? It was was pretty tough to find since the Evolutions sets weren't out in abundance for many people and many troop builders would love a crack at this one as a basic figure! (JD, 10/22/06)

Many folks have probably now seen the rumor that there is a Felucia Battle Pack listed at Target for Spring. I can confirm this: it is real and it is spectactular. As a result, we won't be doing the Felucia trooper as a basic figure (and he will be removed from Greatest Hits voting eligibility).


Are there any plans to do any more vehicles with sound effects like the POTF line? (JTA, 10/22/06)

We weigh the trade-offs on every vehicle for various features (lights, sounds, launching missiles, moving or opening parts, etc). It just happens that we don't have any sound vehicles in the line next year, but future vehicles may. It's not out of the question.

Why does the Greatest Battle C-3PO come with so many different base variations. All the rest of the figure in that line come with the ROTS base. We can see where the white/grey Tantive IV base some into play, but what is the inspiration behind the brown one? (JTA, 10/22/06)

Well now that's a case of interative changes to "get it right." We were in such a hurry to get the Greatest Hits to shelf that we asked for products to be carried into the new line exactly like they appeared in the ROTS line. Well, we chose a background for the Greatest Battle C-3PO packaging that just didn't make sense with the lava base from ROTS, but we didn't see this until we were on the edge of production. So it became a running change. We then spec'd the ship interior base in the original colors, and then moved to the corrected, final colors that match the background scene. This was not intended to drive collectors crazy, but to get to what we thought was the best match of background and base. Unfortunately, it couldn't be from piece 1 because of the very tight schedule.

The images of the interacting Super Battle Droid and R2-D2 from the 1st wave of 30th Anniversary figures fresh in mind...will other figures from that line have features that interact and/or will they come with accessories that interact on either the basic figure level or a "deluxe figure level next year? (JTA, 10/22/06)

The Cantina bar pieces will also have the same effect of interacting with each other. But for the most part the other accessories are stand alone.


In the pursuit of movie accuracy, why doesn't Hasbro improve the light-sabre for 3 3/4" action figures, i.e. if you notice the actual sabres are "white hot" with a characteristic colour surround, not transparent as are the current sabres. I would consider this a marked improvement in both play and display modes. (RS, 10/22/06)

Interesting suggestion..we'll take a look at that.

Given the recent Lucas Family set that was a exclusive, How does Hasbro feel about future exclusives that utilize all new tooling? Has it become more feasible now that the Internet is more prevalent in the home compared to the days of the B'omaar Monk and Oola online exclusives from years past? Could this be the avenue through which we might see the really obscure fan-requested characters in the future? (RS, 10/22/06)

That pack was the rule rather than the exception, but we will be exploring some new tooling in exclusives to provide a point of differentiation from things we've done in the past. But it won't be mostly new figures, as the Lucas Family Pack was.

With the popularity of the LEGO Star Wars games, would Hasbro ever think of making a similar game, starring action figures? With the graphics capabilities of for next-gen systems like xbox360, ps3, and Wii, they could make near perfect copies of HASBRO SW action figures and a game could be made with a good sense of humor like the LEGO games. The games background could be set in different locations like a person's living room, backyard, toy store, comic book shop, Comic-Con, etc. The whole concept would be based on fun, action, and collecting. Hasbro could also make exclusive figures and etc to go along with the game, and it could help bring more people into the hobby. Just a thought..... (RS, 10/22/06)

We have already been doing some of this, mostly tongue-in-cheek, in the European commercials. The fan community has also shown that great things can be done with action figures and we would like to cultivate that for the future. But a game? You need a strong stand-alone IP for that, and I don't think we're there yet. Maybe down the road, but not there yet.


Buyers have long suffered basic figure case assortments that cause more collecting problems than they solve, whether they be cases trying to refresh older product, focus on unpopular figures across multiple cases, or an extended lack of focus on popular figures - even a perception of intentional shortpacking (and I don't mean chase figures like UGH, that's a separate can of worms). Case revisions often don't do enough to remedy the problem, sometimes making it even worse. Currently, the "Greatest Battles" and "Heroes & Villains" older-figure assortments are in heavy rotation and are choking off shelfspace for actual new assortments in many markets. Nearly every Target, Toys R Us, and Wal-mart is stuffed with those figures which move much slower and have no room to put out the newest TSC wave, Endor 2/The Phantom Menace. Now Hasbro is saying this "greatest hits" style of assortment will be continuing next year. Why are new-product case assortments still such a problem, what is Hasbro doing to deal with the problems beyond simple case revisions, and - understanding that there is some need for older figures to keep a continued presence on shelves - how will the current problems of the "greatest hits" assortment be addressed? (SSG, 10/22/06)

Just as Collections 1 and 2 in prior years had dediciated space on the pegs, so too will the two basic figure assortments next year (and they also do now, by the way, sit side by side with separate assigned space in the planogram). Retailers replenish figures based on the sell through rate of the assortment, so when stores sell down on 85770 (TSC), they will reorder more. The 87181 (Greatest Hits) have no effect whatsoever on this replenishment. Inventory is managed to keep ample stock on both assortments, independent of how you see them put back on the pegs at the end of the day. One more thing, too - you couldn't be further off regarding the sales of the Greatest Hits figures. They have been a runaway hit and the reason why we are creating a new assortment for next year to keep this going.

On the issue of perceived value with small figures like Ewoks, Jawas, Astromech droids, etc., while scale-accuracy is important, smaller figures have often come in 2-packs - Wicket & Logray, Jawa 2pack, Gonk Droid & Jawa, Yoda & Chian, Jedi Padawans, Library Droids, even the just-released Dud Bold & Mars Guo; Wicket & Logray are not only a 2-pack but are scaled-up for perceived value - yet the recent Chief Chirpa feels like a very empty package because it's a very small figure with few accessories. Why was Chirpa not part of a 2-pack, and would Hasbro consider using the basic 2-pack format with smaller figures again in the future to give greater value for buyers' money and get more figures out there? (SSG, 10/22/06)

We will consider it in the future. As to why Chirpa was a single pack, it was needed to help cost average the wave somewhat.

We often wonder why the current "kids market" is treated so much differently from the "collectors market", could you explain Hasbro's perceptions of the distinctions between the "collectors market" and "kids market" in Star Wars collecting? What are the percentages of "kids" collecting the line right now? Isn't that line blurred since most adult collectors started their interest as kids dating back to Kenner's first Star Wars action figures with notions of "collect them all" in 1978? There's a notion among collectors that the "kids market" is more important to Hasbro in the Star Wars collecting even though collectors make up a significant portion of the line's consumers and often buy multiples of each item, are kids today that much different in how they buy and enjoy their toys from 28 years ago that they should be treated as "non-collectors"? (SSG, 10/22/06)

Last year, kids outnumbered the collectors by a very wide gap. The reason is simple - we had a great movie, and Star Wars became the thing that kids everywhere wanted to get involved with. Just like collectors love Star Wars figures, kids piled on that bandwagon too. Well, kids didn't jump off that bandwagon this year, just like we thought they wouldn't given the product that we were designing to keep them engaged in Star Wars. Usually after a movie year we see kids' interest shift in a different direction, and some did wander away this year, but kids continue to be involved in Star Wars in a big way and are a very important component of the line's current and future success. Collectors do not want to see us focus on just collectors either - a healthier overall line means we can do more products than we otherwise would because retailers see the demand. If the line were just focused on collectors, the relatively smaller volumes would be at risk for being delisted, or we would have to create so many new, more obscure figures to keep the line going that we could not commit the resources and tooling dollars to get everything done. The healthiest Star Wars line is one that has both audiences, kids and collectors, engaged in the highest possible way. How do kids interact with Star Wars figures? Some have a more casual engagement, picking up a few core hero figures, while others dive deeper and appreciate another tier of characters like Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, Plo Kloon that are the next step for someone who really wants to build up "the world of Star Wars." Others do a deep dive like an adult collector, and these kids may never leave the brand like many of us never did. These kids behave like colelctors but our data shows them as kids.


Hey Hasbro ever thought about making battlepacks or extra accesories with your new snowtroopers and sandtroopers and flip up visor scouts, mabye like five per package with a web blaster or something big like that with some nice bfg's for the sandies? I would love to see an AT-AT driver battlepack done like this too. Maybe have a scuplt of a new trooper or imperial commander in with em? I would think these would sell like hotcakes compared to the battlepacks I have recently seen released. (ST, 10/22/06)*

The Battle Packs are a great format and at some time could get to these ideas….but there are others ones in the pipeline ahead of these.  For now and for some tins the only place to find these figures will be in the Tins.

Do some other Star Wars sites/forums get exclusive official polling rights with Hasbro, or do all sites get equal input?  If we are all equal which figures does get to have in our poll?  And what other sites will be included in this polling survey? (ST, 10/22/06)*

This is a great question and an opportunity to explain for everyone the philosophy behind the Greatest Hits polling. As you now know, we are working very quickly to make sure we have two basic figure assortments running full year next year -- and we are going to populate the second line with Greatest Hits like we did this year.  Unlike this year, where our carryforward figures were all Episode III, we wanted to draw from all films this time around.  As such it made sense to open it up to a fan vote.  But we needed to act quickly, while at the same time getting the most accurate input possible.  We decided that ALL previously created figures would be eligible for fan voting and consideration for the Greatest Hits.

We approached with the idea of collaborating on a poll among fans since they have a great comprehensive database and an ability to implement such a poll almost immediately.  The fan vote is not exclusive to RebelScum.  All fans can vote in Round 2 (the bracket of 64) from across the net and make their voice heard.  (Registration is not required for Rd. 2.)

Ensuring that the fans know that their voices are being heard is imperative.  I hope all other sites, such as, realize that although there are many Star Wars fan sites with unique approaches and thriving communities, the Star Wars fandom community as a whole is incredibly strong and this is a chance for all of you to be heard.

Will the new 2007 30th Anniversary Collection of basic figures with collectible coins fit in your figure cases for sale on your website or do we have to look for new cases again? (ST, 10/22/06)*

They will indeed fit any 6"x9" card, and we have designed the 30th Anniversary figures to fit.  Since the 6" x 9" format is a collector standard we are keeping that footprint as the basic figure card size (believe me....we have had wranglings with some retailers who have wanted to change the size over the years!).  We are designing future-forward compatibility in the line so all future basic figure cards will fit the figure cases.


There have been rumors that you may have a Star Wars item at certain stores -- more specifically Target -- that will be released on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), can you confirm or deny this? (SWC, 10/22/06)

I cannot address this issue for any retailer. Sorry.

Is there any chance we could see a re-release of the 3 3/4-inch Max Rebo Band next year, either single-carded, two-packs, or a multi-pack? (SWC, 10/22/06)

Yes, there is a strong chance, but it has not been totally confirmed. But as a result of this, the Max Rebo band members will not be eligible for consideration in the Greatest Hits series for next year.

Since the Star Wars Comic Packs revealed so far show figures packed with reprints of the original Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars #1-3, will we be seeing similar two-packs for issues #4-6 in 2007? (SWC, 10/22/06)

Not initially. We are going to move into some Dark Horse-produced titles after that with occasional dips into the Marvel issues after that. We see the future of the line being roughly 75% Dark Horse / 25% Marvel in the long run.


You answered in a previous response: One hint... we are fans of Cantina denizens and it's a good bet there will be at least two every year until... well, we run out! My question is, does this apply to some of the background human characters like Debnoli, Garouf LaFoe, Merc Sunlet, Swilla Corey etc, or even the space-suited Cantina characters? Also, does this level of commitment apply to the Jabba's Palace denizens as well? And since the Cantina aliens are mostly seated, will we see a return to articulated knees? (TJ, 10/22/06)

Admittedly, the human Cantina guys don't get the recognition they deserve.  Probably because they don't embody that cool, alien, otherworldly feel that makes the Cantina so iconic.  But sometime we'll probably do those guys too - later rather than sooner, though, so hang in there. Yes, we'd also like to look at a couple of Jabba's denizens in the same way every year although there we have the classic "skiff guard or palace denizen?" tough choice to make on which ones to do next for the couple of slots we know we'll have.  And yes, knees are important for Cantina guys especially when they were seated on screen.

Given that there is a commitment to the mid-sized vehicle assortment by both Hasbro and Retailers, what are the chances of including something with the same footprint that is not a vehicle within a case mix?  Perhaps the POTF2 Endor playset (you could even include a Speeder Bike so it is a vehicle). (TJ, 10/22/06)

We are looking at this, but not for playsets. The "footprint" does allow for flexibility.

What percentage of figures you release a year are new characters?  To put it another way, how much room do you give for new characters in a line based largely on the main-line heroes (Vader, Luke, Chewie, etc) in different poses or outfits?  I don't necessarily mean new sculpts, just new characters... (TJ, 10/22/06)

Roughly about 40% of the basic figures next year are "new" figures that have never been done before (which also includes some trooper type variants we have not done).  The balance are new takes on main characters.


Thanks for last week's confirmation on the Sith Infiltrator, I know a lot of fans are looking forward to that one. However another vehicle rumored in the same breath as the Infiltrator has been the V-Wing fighter from ROTS. Is it coming as well? (YF, 10/22/06)

It sure is. We don't have more info for you, but it will be paired in the same assortment as the Sith Infiltrator. This is one vehicle wave we can't wait to see hit the shelves!

I know that you are no longer able to answer questions about specific characters, but is there any way that you could tell us if there are *any* new-sculpt beasts on the way such as the dactillion, the aiwha, or the orray? These could fill a low price point and it has been a while since we have seen beasts on the market. (YF, 10/22/06)

These are all cool ideas, but none are in the works right now.

The Death Star Gunner has got to be one of the best figures released this year. That being said, I'm wondering if we might see some kind of deluxe version with a Death Star turbolaser cannon? There's a photo of a Gunner manning one of the cannons right on the cardback, so as you can see, it wouldn't be very large. (YF, 10/22/06)

There are no plans for any deluxe sets right now, but that would be a pretty cool one for a scene-type of pack. With our other priorities, we're not sure how we'd bring that to retail, but we'll discuss it. Thanks.


Will the new coins be unique to each figure or will every coin be randomly on each card (like the little holo figures were)? (YN, 10/22/06)

The main basic figure line (the 30th Anniversary basic figures) will have a unique coin for every figure (60 total) and will be the coin series that is intended to occupy the 60 numbered slots in the coin binder. There will be additional coins, notably some "movie" coins that are not specific to the character that will be found in the Greatest Hits asst.

The waves of the new Galactic Heroes (Han/Greedo/ Wedge/TIE Pilot, etc.) figures have been very hard to find in the retail outlets. Is this because of any decreased interest from the retailers or has the arrivial of the wave been slowed due to changes made in the paint apps of the troopers? (YN, 10/22/06)

The demand for Galactic Heroes continues to be high�.hang in there, more are on the way.

Are there plans to make more Star Wars charactes as Mr. Potato Heads? (YN, 10/22/06)

As of now, the line ended with Artoo Potatoo. The reality was that demand fell off after Darth Tater and retailers were not interested in carrying additional line extensions, preferring to see us concentrate on the many Star Wars figure SKUs.

Week 16 - October 27, 2006

What are the chances of having a Collector's Society program where fans could buy toys directly (through perhaps, like how the GI Joe 3 3/4" line is currently offered) that Hasbro thinks wouldn't sell well in regular stores, such as an AT-TE, Sith Inflitrator, and new playsets? (AF, 10/27/06)

Actually we think the Sith Infiltrator would sell very well in stores and that's where it will be released. Any future ambitious releases HAVE to involve the major retailers as that's the only way to get these in the hands of the most collectors possible to sell enough units to justify the investment in the product. Our own (or any etailer) can play a part in a product release, but cannot carry the load for a brand new product like that.
(AF editor's note: this question was sent in a while before the Sith Infiltrator was a confirmed vehicle.)

Any chance of seeing updates to major characters who have been somewhat neglected of late, especially Episode I Obi-Wan and Jango Fett (no truly adequate, neutrally posed, highly-articulated sculpt at all)? (AF, 10/27/06)

At some point we will get to those figures, yes, but not in the short term.

On the Saga (and currently shipping again as part of The Saga Collection's Endor wave) ROTJ Emperor Palpatine figure, why is the hood so oversized and why hasn't this been corrected? (AF, 10/27/06)

Other Palpatines have had different size hoods. That was just the size we chose for that particular sculpt and it was left as it was for TSC.


When George Lucas had Carrie Fisher and the other stars sign over their likeness for all LFL products, Carrie was quoted as saying that she couldn't look in the mirror without paying George royalties. Yet, when collectors asked about the long-desired Tonnika Sisters, we've gotten the response that there are "complications" with release of the likeness of one or both of the actresses. Does this mean LFL does not own the likeness to every character and actor within the movies? In the case of the TSC Endor Soliders, did Hasbro have to release royalties for John Doe who played "Endor Trooper #15" in ROJ? (FFURG, 10/27/06)

We can't/won't comment on these issues. (FFURG editor's note: Hopefully we haven't offended anyone at LFL or Hasbro by this question since it was not our intent. Our sincere apologies.)

As you've seen from past Q&A's from FFURG, we love the simple head swap. Sometimes, Hasbro has made it easy for us to swap heads for unique customs, like Wedge, Dutch, SAGA Endor Soldier, etc. Having seen the removable ball joint peg from the refreshed Endor Soldiers, what is the possibility of seeing a universal ball joint peg in the future for scale across the range of humanoid figures? (FFURG, 10/27/06)

We hear you loud and clear and know that this is a cool secondary benefit to a contingent of collectors. We will still design each figure as merits for that figure, and we'll take into account ball and socket when it lends itself.

What will be the thickness and strength of the plastic used on the upcoming Super Battle Droid to be released in Wave 1 of the 30AC? Will the plastic be of a quality prone to warping such as that used in previous SBD's or can we look forward to a stronger material for better play and display value? (FFURG, 10/27/06)

Our desire is for the Super Battle Droid to resist some of the warping we have seen with past figures, and we've increased the width of the knee joint slightly to help.


Of the perennial characters, who is the team's favorite to refresh over and over? Are any of the major characters running out of fresh ways to spice them up for new retail adventures? (GH, 10/27/06)

We love 'em all, with each team member having their different favorites. What motivates us is finding a new hook or avenue for each of the core charcters every year to keep them in rotation so kids get a chance at them too. Our goal is to make sure collectors like the figure too, either as an improvement, upgrade, or to get for the new accessories for display. It is challenging with some of the core, that's for sure, but every year we are surprised still at the ways the movies challenge and inspire us.

Are the "poster style" action figures completely off the table, or is there hope that we'll see them elsewhere (exclusive or otherwise)? (GH, 10/27/06)

They are off the table for now.

When stock numbers for exclusives show up in retailers' computers, is this akin to 'penciling in' a date, as opposed to a done deal? Many collectors assume that once an item is in the CPU, it means the ink is dry. Is this not the case? Is it possible that negative reaction to a rough sketch product description can deep-6 an exclusive? (GH, 10/27/06)

With very rare exceptions, when a product shows up in a retail computer, it's a "done deal" and has been proposed, evaluated, and accepted by the retailer.


Star Wars 7" Unleashed - Have the Target and Wal-Mart exclusive reissues sold well enough to keep the line going into 2007? If so, will we see new Unleashed sculpts or will we see more repacks & repaints (if it's re-issues, any chance you could work the Stormtrooper piece into the mix for 2007)? (JD, 10/27/06)

There will be additional 7" reissues next year, but along the lines of the same "greatest hits" format. But there will be some twists, including a version of the figure you mention. Stay tuned!

Fans love the Evolutions line. Fans love troop builders (especially of the Imperial variety). How about taking the three troop builders from the OT 30AC tins and packing them together in an Evolutions-esque 3-Pack: Sandtrooper, Snowtrooper, Biker Scout! It'd be like a license to print money, right? Everyone wins! (JD, 10/27/06)

We think Evolutions had a specific role as the place to introduce new premium figures. Instead of your suggestion, we would look to use these (existing) figures in new ways down the roads like Battle Packs or as the Greatest Hits voting suggests, as single-carded basic figures. Either way, you can bet that long-term fans will be seeing more of these figures, just not in the format you suggested.

The Star Wars Comic Packs. Set #1, Kir Kanos & Carnor Jax (Crimson Empire) has started shipping and the first non-exclusive wave, based on the old Marvel Comics, were revealed at SDCC. When do we get to hear some official details about Wave 2? Soon? Toy Fair 07? Right Now? (hint, hint) (JD, 10/27/06)

As the waves are slottetd roughly 2-1/2 months apart, Wave 2 will be on shelf approximately the first week in April. We will probably reveal the full contents of Wave 2 in December.


Have you ever considered offering packs of guns or lightsabers for replacements? Lightsabers especially are easy to break or lose. Specifically saber hilts that were released with specific jedi and troops in accessory packs would be nice. (RS, 10/27/06)

Unfortunately, this is much more complicated for us than it sounds since the weapons tools are scattered all over and matched with the figures. It is a very tall logistics order for us and our factories. If we figure out a way to do it where it makes sense, we'll look at it.

Has there been any consideration to making a set of the 9 holographic Dejarik creatures in 3¾" format? Can you make multi-colored holographic figures? They would be out of scale to the other 3¾" figures but they would be very cool all the same. (RS, 10/27/06)

On the surface, this is a cool idea. But these, especially in the 3-3/4" format, would be a very niche product too far removed from recognizeable, more in-demand figures. So it'll remain a distant "what if."

How about Pilot/Astromech two-packs from the Battle of Yavin? For example:

Wedge and his droid (red on silver dome, has yet to be named); Porkins and R5-D8; Garvin Dreis and R5-K6; Luke and a new R2-D2 with dome attachment (manipulator arm); ...or any of the other pilots.
(RS, 10/27/06)

That is a cool idea and we have considered it, but just have not found the place to slot something like this in the mix.


Although we have two figures from Utapau (Tion Medon and Utapaun Warrior, both Pau'an species), the planet had a second species seen in ROTS, the Utai - not major players, but they have several moments of screen time making them at least as prominent as background characters such as the Mustafar Sentry or Neimoidian Warrior which are already figures - so are we likely to get any Utai in the near future? (SSG, 10/27/06)

The poor Utai. The petrol-drenched, varactyl-wrangling blue-collar working class of the sinkhole planet just haven't gotten their fair share of the attention. Which, as befits their status, is a small share. Until they send an ambassador to our line planning meetings, they remain a more long-term goal.

Might you re-release the Naboo Fighter vehicle (last seen in Episode 2, for which there was no toy release) with appropriately-chromed aka vacuum-metallized sections? (SSG, 10/27/06)

At some point, we will probably take a look at the Naboo Fighter, but we haven't yet. The specific issues you mention (vac metal) are not as easy to solve as it seems, and depends on the nature of the parts. It's a good suggestion for something to look at for next time. Thanks!

Many Imperial, Rebel, and other-faction lower-rank troopers seen in minor roles in the films have been given names and backstories in the EU. Any chance of seeing these minor individual 'grunts' released as individual character figures thus lending satisfaction for collectors when the names and individual likenesses of these troopers see action figure recognition, as well as another way of bringing greater variety to the various trooper ranks? (SSG, 10/27/06)

Interesting question. Every once and a while we will give a grunt (Bren Derlin) a name, but for the most part we think keeping these guys as troop builders, rather than one-off characters, is more appealing to most collectors.
(SSG ed note: Major Derlin is a script-named character in Empire Strikes Back, not a Hasbro-named character.)


Is the Darth Vader #01 figure in The 30th Anniversary Collection the same figure as The Saga Collection Darth Vader #038, minus the "debris" accessories? (SWC, 10/27/06)

It's actually the same figure we reissued for Heroes and Villains of Episode III #1.

After responding "No comment" to several past queries, can you now tell us anything about the rumored Imperial Shuttle Vehicle with Darth Vader and Royal Guard figures that is supposed to be a Target-exclusive? (SWC, 10/27/06)

Nope! (SWC note: has already confirmed this exclusive.)

If the upcoming Concept Art-based figures are popular sellers, could we see more figures along these lines beyond wave 8 of The 30th Anniversary Collection? (SWC, 10/27/06)

We think there is a lot of magic in the McQuarrrie series, tying back to those great, early conceptual beginnings of Star Wars, that makes it a perfect series for the 30th Anniversary year. Going beyond that, we probably won't do anything as comprehensive as next year's series, but it's certainly a possibility we'll look for more inspiration in concept art.


When deciding to give a figure an angled-cut-swivel elbow joint, why not add an additional-horizontal swivel joint directly above the elbow joint?  This, in additional to a swivel wrist joint would greatly increase the level of posability in the figure and would seemingly be a great substitute when ball-jointed elbows are cost prohibitive. (TJ, 10/27/06)

Each separate part we add brings with it a cost, and what you suggest does make a more expensive figure along the lines of a ball joint elbow, but with different aesthetics (more like GI Joe swivel-arm).  We'd probably opt for a ball joint in that case if we decided the figure needed to have a more premium articulation.

It's unfortunate to hear about the fate of the Titanium Ultra line.  Is Hasbro actively looking at other ways of presenting vehicles to collectors that may be impractical to produce in the 3-3/4" scale?  Come on, don't you guys remember the Collector's Fleet line? (TJ, 10/27/06)

Fear not about the last few of the Titanium Ultra vehicles….they will be made available to fans after all, just not at mass retail.  Look for details on that soon.  As for your other question, we are always looking at new opportunities to keep the Star Wars vehicle program going strong.  For now, the focus is on the Titanium 3" assortment, which has a long, bright future as long as fans continue to be an engaged in the format as they have been.

Any chance that micro-machine sized ships could be used as a future 'pack-in' item?  They could either be random or themed (like Chewie packed with a Millennium Falcon)? (TJ, 10/27/06)

That's an interesting idea and one we've considered.  However, they are expensive little buggers so we weighed the cost-tradeoff and have decided not to pursue since it might mean compromising some for the accessories we want to do with the figures.


I know you included an Obi-Wan with snap-on Clone Trooper armor in the Jedi vs. Sith Battle Pack last year, but I know I'm not the only fan who was really hoping for one tooled from the SA Clone Trooper body with soft goods cape and robe. Is this on the drawing board?

And since you've been making "real" versions of Clone Wars cartoon characters (thank you for that by the way, can't wait for Snow Bunny Padme), I'd like to know if Saesee Tiin in his space armor is also being considered.
(YF, 10/27/06)

Good questions. In the short term (i.e. next year), the answer is no. But they are both on our short list of great figures to do.

Rather than give us pack ins that most fans don't want like the Hologram figures and coins, would it be possible to give fans something that they want and could go with their figures? How about something similar to the Marvel "build a bigger figure" wave of figures, but instead SW figures could come with pieces that go together to make up a location set or accessory from the movies. I originally had an idea of deluxe modular sets but this could be scaled down to a piece of wall, floor or door per figure. This would give the fans what there after, a playset of some sort without Hasbro needing more space in stores and larger parts could even be provided in battle packs etc. They could still take or leave certain figures and Hasbro would sell more figures through a more attractive offering. (YF, 10/27/06)

We think there is a demand for the coins and we're happy to get the chance in an anniversary year to bring back this cool pack-in. Not every fan will want every pack-in we offer, but we think the coins have a certain nostalgic magic that is just what we were looking for next year. As for the future, it's too early to say but we're looking at lots of ideas. With the rising cost of materials (plastic resin, metal, paper) we feel lucky to be able to offer something next year and hopefully we can keep that going for future years too.

Why do you keep putting out vehicles that the figures cannot fit in? Kit Fisto cannot fit in his Jedi Starfighter, and the Millennium Falcon, even with your cockpit changes, still does not fit Han Solo and Chewie. It seems to me that these vehicles are rush-jobs, and no planning is behind these repaints. It is very frustrating for kids and collectors alike. What is your take on this? (YF, 10/27/06)

Our goal of course would be to have every figure fit in every vehicle, but this isn't always possible because so many figures are different. In the case of Kit's Starfighter, we gave the go-ahead as one of the figures actually DOES fit, albeit tightly. Kit is just a challenge to work with because of his Nautolan hair, but we thought it was a great vehicle and collectors would welcome the chance to have it this year rather than wait or possibly never get it. The next time we do a Kit figure (one of our favorite characters), we'll take the vehicle into consideration and design backward compatibility into the figure.
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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 17 - November 3, 2006

With Hasbro now producing 6" super articulated Marvel figures, could we eventually see a special line with 6" super articulated Star Wars figures? (AF, 11/03/06)

We have no plans for this type of figure line. As the heart and soul of the Star Wars collecting world, we are focused on making sure our 3-3/4" line is vibrant, fresh, and exciting first and foremost, along with providing continued newness for our other play patterns (Star Wars Transformers, Unleashed 2", and Galactic Heroes).

Will you ever release the Trade Federation PK Droid seen in The Phantom Menace? You could use the Star Wars Saga SP-4 figure mold for the body since they have the same design, and just make a new head. (AF, 11/03/06)

Interesting suggestion. We haven't looked at this one, but will evaluate it. Thanks.

What is with the somewhat recent practice of putting the faces of clone template actors Temuera Morrison and Bodie Taylor on helmeted troopers that we never see unmasked in the movies, especially those in the Original Trilogy who likely are not clones (and if they are clones wouldn't be clones of Jango Fett since the DNA source was killed in Episode 2)? (AF, 11/03/06)

They may not be first generation clones, in any case (and don't templates degrade with each successive imprint? But I digress). Yes, we have worked with Lucasfilm closely to determine the basis for faces under the masks and the answer is� both Jango-derived faces and recruits (whether volunteer or conscripted) are acceptable.

Hasbro previously said in a Q&A they wouldn't be releasing any new Separatist Leaders in 2007, but when you do decide to visit these characters, instead of worrying about basic figures not selling, what about offering them as a set like the upcoming Death Star Imperial Briefing set? You could even do an AOTC set and an ROTS set. (AF, 11/03/06)

The challenge with a multi-figure set is that, with the higher price point, it has to have high-demand figures in the set to be successful. The Separatists do have their fans but this is still a small contingent than other higher-demand segments like Imperial officers and Clones. We're not going to say that we won't ever do this, but it would take a backseat to other ideas for the time being.

Now that we're getting a super-articulated Super Battle Droid figure in the 30th Anniv. line, can we expect to see a super-articulated regular Battle Droid as well? If not, what is holding that back? (AF, 11/03/06)

The challenge we have had with doing an SA Battle Droid is simply due to the thin aesthetics of the figure. Instead, we'll be doubling up future BD droid releases to make army building more affordable and to give the Clones something more urgent to point at at home on shelf than Jedi!

Hasbro's efforts to produce a transforming Droid Fighter/Vulture Droid in the 3�" line wasn't entirely successful, yet the Action Fleet Droid Starfighter mold is a very accurate version of the transformation with a quality sculpt and opening wings that's also a tougher toy and coincidentally is nearly the same size as the Hasbro 3�" line's version. Can Hasbro start using that Action Fleet mold as the 3�" line's Vulture Droid? It could even be offered in Ep 1 colors and Ep 3 colors. (AF, 11/03/06)

That's a very interesting suggestion, that we hadn't considered before. We'll take a look and see if we can't make use of this cool tool in the future for the 3-3/4" line.


At FFURG, we're quite excited about the new fan poll at Rebelscum for next year's Greatest Hits (GH) as it will give customizers an opportunity to obtain many figures that are currently quite scarce on the secondary market. You've stated in previous Q&As on other sites that the GH are a separate collection from the main collection of new releases. Does it concern Hasbro that the pegs in stores are full of GH figures that aren't moving, leaving no room for other waves of new figures? We're concerned that if there's no room on the pegs, we won't see much of the 2007 GH waves. Is it simply the result of having this year's GH figures be such recent releases from EP3? Do you feel 2007 line of GH figures, with the entire saga to draw from, will do better than the current 2006 GH? (FFURG, 11/03/06)

Actually the situation is the reverse, which is why we like to remind folks that what they see (or would like to believe) does not reflect the real, national situation for Star Wars. But it does give us a chance to explain. Flow of new stock in to retail is automated based on stock levels and the need to replace sold inventory. The Greatest Hits figures are flying even faster than the main collection, due largely to a huge amount of kids engaged in the brand (a very good thing). However, since they are separately managed from a stock perspective (there are two different assortments set up, like Coll 1/Coll 2), with dedicated pegs, the abundance or lack thereof of Greatest Hits has nothing to do with the stock levels of the regular Saga assortment. And thanks for the support on the Fan's Choice vote!

Staying on the 2007 GH subject, will the winning figures be straight repacks or, if an opportunity presents itself, will the figures be upgraded, through kit-bashing, with improved sculpts, articulation, and/or weapons? For example, would you simply reissue Dak Ralter if he wins the vote or would you use the old head on the new Zev Senesca body, which would be a much better figure? (FFURG, 11/03/06)

The figures would be straight repacks. We decided to go this route simply because it made it the easiest to get the fan vote boiled down and also because we do not have the ability to go in and have our design team design more "new" figures at this stage since tooling and deco take time (which we don't have) and resources which are being spent on delivering the already planned new figures in 2007. However, one great by-product of the Fans' Choice vote is that they have helped identify figures that deserve an update even though they may not be in the final Dak.

With the first images of the new 2007 battlepacks reaching the web, many collectors are getting extremely excited for the Tantive IV battlepack with what appears to be VOTC Stormtroopers. Anticipating that collectors, specifically army builders, will be buying tons of this set for the VOTC Stomies and Rebel Fleet Troopers (with two different heads perhaps?), does Hasbro adjust their case assortments and/or distribution of given sets based on perceived collector interest, thus putting more of these sets on the shelves to meet demand? (FFURG, 11/03/06)

The Rebel Troopers do indeed have two different head sculpts (based on real individuals, whose identities shall for now, remain a mystery..). We will be making sure that this pack, which features the Evolutions Stormtrooper tool, will be in abundant rotation through the Spring.


OK, so we have a confirmed mock-up for a Juggernaut/Turbo Tank for Revenge of the Sith. Was a concept ever actually worked on for an AT-TE vehicle? If so, what can you tell us about it? (It'll give us something to drool over until the Clone Wars 3D line launches!) (GH, 11/03/06)

We have never done up a concept for an AT-TE. We mocked up the Turbo Tank because it had the more memorable scenes from the films, although actual screen time for both was very short. Either one would be a cool vehicle to do at some point if they played a prominent role in the animated series, and assuming that there aren't cool new vehicles that become our focus. Those would be good choices to have!

Can you confirm for us that new (newly sculpted) vehicles will be a part of the upcoming Clone Wars 3D -animated line, or is it all still based on how well vehicles sell in 2007? (GH, 11/03/06)

Vehicles are an important part of the 3�" play pattern and we don't see adjusting our focus on developing new ones as long as demand continues.

Our Stormtrooper armies are seeming a little thin these days. (Deserters? Recruitment problems? Cloning malfunctions?) What action is Hasbro taking to beef up the ranks for the Imperials? (GH, 11/03/06)

OTC Troop fans should be well-pleased by some upcoming packs next year, from basic figures to the upcoming Tantive IV Battle Pack. One of the reasons we did not consider the VOTC Stormtrooper for elgibility in the current Fan's Choice voting is because this sculpt will be used in the 2007 line. Stay tuned!


With the upcoming 10-pack Cinema Scenes in both the Galactic Heroes and Unleashed lines, you must know that you run the risk of driving completists away from this line (since they won't want to spend that much money for 8 or 9 figures that they already have just to get the one or two new exclusive ones). You must also know that you (and the retail stores) also run the risk of having numerous sets tampered with as frustrated collectors (for the aforementioned reason) pull the old "figure swap" by removing the exclusive figure(s), replacing them with some older figure(s), and then (fraudulently) returning them back to the stores. So my question is, will the few exclusive figures to these sets be made available seperately at some point to avoid these potential problems? If not, why stick it to the fans of these lines like this? (JD, 11/03/06)

We have no plans right now to bring these figures forward as part of the 2-packs. One thing we've learned is that there seems to be quite a few families playing and collecting Galactic Heroes together. We thought that this is a great pack to share, so adult collectors could get figures with some variations they wouldn't see otherwise and we might never do, and kids could get some figures they might not have. So that's why we went with adding new when we could, and it turned out that some packs have quite a bit of fresh figures. One thing to mention, that fans can entirely remove the blister packaging from the inner package and use it as a cool cardboard playset. For the Unleashed, this is more of a troop building play pattern and the new troops, we felt, were important to include. There are also no plans to bring those out in 4-packs.

Speaking of the Unleashed minis, will you ever be correcting the SIDEWAYS Rebel Insignias on Snowpeeder Luke's helmet? They should be right-side up like the picture on the box (and on every Rebel Pilot figure ever released in any line). Is there any hope we'll get a corrected version sometime soon? (JD, 11/03/06)

Unfortunately, we are done with the production run on this wave and won't go back and correct. If we re-release next year we'll correct.

Cloud City. It's the site of one of the huge turning points of the Saga, yet it hasn't been granted a wave of action figures since 2004 (and even then the wave was only 3 figures, although that Cloud Car Pilot was pretty sweet). Yeah, there was that one lonely Bespin Vader squeezed into the Tatooine Wave this year, but when can this Captain Solo fanboy expect to see that new SA Bespin Han he so desperately wants? Oh right, no specific figure questions... uh, how about a simple "will we see a Bespin themed wave in 2007" question then? (JD, 11/03/06)

Not in 2007. We will definitely be going back to Bespin, but patience. It'll be worth the wait!


Are there any plans to release battle packs of Order 66 and the execution of the Jedi, like maybe a 4 pack with Obi-Wan, Commander Cody, and 2 Utapau troopers or 1 and a Parjai? Something similiar for other scenes, like a Yoda, Chewbacca, Gree, and Elite corps trooper? You get the idea. Because that would be a super-cool and fast army builder set. Call it "Order 66", or "Rise of the Empire" or something flashy. The kids will love it. (RS, 11/03/06)

This is definitely a strong theme and some of our Battle Packs have had (and will have) this kind of structure. We know that the Jedi/Clone cooperaton/betrayal leader/troop dynamic lends itself to some interesting possibilities, and will be a focus of some of our products in 2007. Stay tuned....

With all the recent holographic figures that have been released recently (Emperor Palpatine, Princess Leia, Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Darth Maul, Commander Cody (upcoming), and Obi-Wan Kenobi (upcoming)), where's Darth Vader?? He has more screen time as a hologram that any other character, except for the Emperor. Might we see this figure one day? If so, which Vader figure would you likely use as the base? Maybe an all-new sculpt? (RS, 11/03/06)

This is a good suggestion, and we don't know why we haven't slotted in Vader for this unique treatment. We do know that we want to be careful how many we do and how much of each holographic figure that we do (they are some of the smaller run figures we do), but he is a great candidate the next time we do one. Which sculpt should we use? Thanks for the suggestion.

Will there be new versions of Jar-Jar Binks or Episode I Anakin released anytime in the near future, or are these characters considered too unpopular to bother doing again? (RS, 11/03/06)

Definitely not too unpopular, just in a holding pattern until we find an opportunity to update them or a way to get them into a multi-figure set.


In a recent Q&A you stated it's important that Cantina patrons have bendable knees because many were sitting. With that said, why don't the figures in Death Star Briefing pack have bendable knees? If I remember correctly these guys were all sitting down, besides Vader and maybe Tarkin. (SSG, 11/03/06)

The difference there is that we have produced the Cantina bar elements and we needed to be consistent with that. For the Briefing set, we went largely with character tools we had available to us at the time we created it. We thought it was more important to go for this set this year because we might not have had a window to do it down the road.

Would Hasbro consider changing the Greatest Hits-style line to have packaging different from the regular basic line, the cardback graphics being more different than they currently are, so both it and the regular line draw unique attention from each other? (SSG, 11/03/06)

We work with Lucasfilm very closely on the differentiation of each line. It's felt that a "family" look is more important than a different look, and that is why there are small changes between the two rather than very large ones. This is likely to be the case next year for the 30th Greatest Hits line as well.

Is there any way that could be better-stocked than it is? There's rarely any new SW product on the site. And could's ordering system be augmented with an active preorder system on all items listed as "coming soon"? Currently they cannot be preordered if they're still listed as "coming soon". And/or how about an email-notification system on "coming soon" and "out of stock" items? All the pages say now are "check back soon" which isn't too handy, especially for high-demand items that sell out quickly once they go online. (SSG, 11/03/06)

These are good suggestions and we've passed them on to the team. As for product availability, Star Wars has been challenging this year because of contuinued high demand for many assortments... a lucky problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

If Hasbro is "testing the waters" with the new Unleashed reissues, why release figures like Grievous who were easy to obtain the first time; why not the second (unmasked) Darth Vader, which you've said you know everyone wants and very few people were able to get? And if the retailers were largely concerned with the size of the Unleashed figures packaging, why re-release them in packaging that is about double the size, especially given that they would logically be a tougher sell at the 33% higher price? (SSG, 11/03/06)

That would be a good Vader to do next, but we have slotted one Vader at a time to be on shelf (the exception being the K*B re-release of the Best Buy Vader). As for Grievious, we thought the tube package format really made this figure shine and if there was a figure that would expand the appeal of Unleashed 7" to a new market it would be a great figure execution like Grievous.

Why aren't all the SW forum boards voting on the inclusion for next year's Greatest Hits line? (SSG, 11/03/06)

In the future, if we run another such poll, we will probably do it differently to make sure we get the widest possible net-wide participation. Ideas range from selecting a smaller subset of figures for voting and allowing all sites to send back results, or possibly using the Hasbro site as a voting place. We understand the reluctance to drive traffic off-site, but I think it's the community that you and others have worked so hard to foster is what makes each site special, and that's what makes people keep coming back.

Lots of fans love both Jedi Starfighters and were looking foward to the AOTC Action Fleet release and then the ROTS Titanium 6" Ultra release, both were cancelled just before going into production but were tooled up. Could these be saved from limbo and presented as an exclusive special Titanium 2-pack? (SSG, 11/03/06)

We have no plans for Action Fleet at this time, but stay tuned for new on the Titanium vehicles. We are working on a way to bring them to retail.


Hasbro has come up with various interactive games, most recently the Jedi Training game. Do these sell well, and what can we look forward to in the future? (ST, 11/03/06)*

The Jedi Training Game was a big success.  Our opportunities to invest a lot in new technology and expensive games usually present themselves when there is new entertainment, but we're always looking at concepts.

Are there any characters owned by companies such as Dark Horse or artists such as Jan Duursema that are owned by them that you don't have license to produce?  If so, are there any you are pursuing to get license to produce? (ST, 11/03/06)*

All concepts are owned by Lucasfilm, and are fair game.

Customizing is a huge trend with collectors from all around.  Are there any plans in the near or far future to come up with packs of body parts, heads in particular, or something of this nature? (ST, 11/03/06)*

We aren�t focusing on this area.  Sorry!

Any thoughts on other crossovers?  There was the SW/Transformers crossover.  How about a SW/G.I.Joe or Marvel Legends crossover, especially since Hasbro takes over the Marvel Legends line in 2007? (ST, 11/03/06)*

We have no plans for this type of figure line.  As the heart and soul of the Star Wars collecting world, we are focused on making sure our 3-3/4" line is vibrant, fresh, and exciting first and foremost, along with providing continued newness for our other play patterns (Star Wars Transformers, Unleashed 2", and Galactic Heroes).

How come it takes so long to mail out the George Lucas figure? (ST, 11/03/06)*

It depends on the workload at the time at our redemption facility, which is why we allow for a window for delivery.  Sometimes it takes less!

Using Star Wars collector sites to run a fan poll is a great idea. It's also an opportunity for a specific site to introduce itself to thousands of potential members the site may otherwise never have a chance to reach.  In the future will you allow other collector sites to have this exclusive opportunity? It's a win-win situation for everyone and Hasbro doesn't run the risk of offending anyone. (ST, 11/03/06)*

Well - in the future, if we run another such poll, we will probably do it differently to make sure we get the widest possible net-wide participation. Ideas range from selecting a smaller subset of figures for voting and allowing all sites to send back results, or possibly using the Hasbro site as a voting place. We understand the reluctance to drive traffic off-site, but I think it's the community that you and others have worked so hard to foster is what makes each site special, and that's what makes people keep coming back.  The Greatest Hits vote right now on Rebelscum is open to all and registration is not required, so folks can debate beforehand on their own community, vote, and come back to discuss.

Any plans to re-introduce some greats from the Vintage era such as Droids or Ewoks figures?  I'd love to get a Droids edition Boba Fett! (ST, 11/03/06)*

It's very unlikely we'll be going there any time soon, but we do know that there are some, shall we say, "interesting" characters and deco possibilities from these vintage lines.

What is Hasbro's #1 strategy to retain current and obtain future Collectors? (ST, 11/03/06)*

Interesting question, Troopers.  Putting kids aside, who are also considered heavily in our line planning, our primary strategy is to keep delivering quality new products that get collectors excited, and believe that this "moving forward" approach demonstrates Hasbro's commitment to Star Wars.  The newness and continual evolution of figures against core "Wants" (whether it's aliens, Jedi, Ewoks, Droids, and the like) is what keeps the line fresh and new.  As for acquiring future our experience, a great retailer presence and continued buzz and excitement for Star Wars is the best advertising we can have.  It doesn't really work to advertise to a more casual audience to get folks to "become" collectors.  When talking to collectors, we've found that usually the way they become reacquainted is by rediscovering the fun of Star Wars by seeing it in store or finding vintage gems at a sale or flea market and rekindling those fond memories of their youth. Increasingly, lately, it's also stumbling onto an online fan community that is already in place and getting pulled into the fun of collecting Star Wars figures that we all can relate to and enjoy with our own approaches.  These are experiences that are often happen on the collectors own terms and involve a nostalgic component that is difficult to trigger with conventional advertising.  So we think our best method of acquiring new and future collectors is by continually evolving the product line (looking for new hooks and angles, like the Saga Tins), working with the fan community to spread the word about our great hobby, and making sure that we have a great retail presence for the brand.

What is next on the drawing board at Hasbro HQ that is going to blow us all away? (ST, 11/03/06)*

We've got a lot of fun stuff in various stages of development so it's difficult to answer that specifically.  We've already revealed a good number of secrets for the line next year, but there are more to come. Sorry to revert to the old "stay tuned" but we gotta!


With Sideshow offering a 12"-scale Jabba's dias, could we be seeing one in 3 3/4"-scale to go with the Saga '04 Ultra Jabba with Hookah? Perhaps with a new sculpt of Salacious Crumb as an accessory/figure? (SWC, 11/03/06)

We'll look at this as it makes sense when (and if...) we do a new Jabba. We'd do both at once rather than just a dais, though.

The packaging for The Saga Collection's Naboo Soldier shows some soldiers in red armor and helmets. Any chance we might see those other soldiers, using the same body but with a new head? (SWC, 11/03/06)

We were thinking about this originally. With the production run on this figure, we didn't get a chance to spec this change in. Perhaps some time down the road, but it won't be this year.

If Hasbro were to re-release the ROTS Anakin Skywalker (Battle Damaged) #50 figure, any chances of packing in the Medical Capsule as an accessory? Lots of diorama builders have been asking for this one! (SWC, 11/03/06)

We don't have any plans to re-release this...painful...looking figure right now but if we did that's a good accessory to include. Thanks.


Given your confirmed attempts at utilizing the mid-sized vehicle footprint for items other than vehicles, do the concepts call for repacks of existing toys or new sculpts? (TJ, 11/03/06)


I know that collectors are usually more passionate about cantina aliens or imperial officers when it comes to supporting characters from the OT ... but are there any plans to release more rebel officers in 2007? If so, could this include new or updated versions of alien characters like the Mon Calamari, Dressellian or Ishi Tib as well? (TJ, 11/03/06)

Imperial officers are indeed more popular, probably because there are more known by name from the films (and possibly because there are more Imp officer victims of Vader's wrath on screen than Rebs!).  Anyway, I digress.  We will look at this for the future, but it's unlikely you'll see anything like the Imperial Briefing Room scene for Rebel officers.  As for your other question, they are on the wish list for the future but time will tell when we'll be able to create a wave with a slot for them.

The past several waves of Basic Figures (with the exception of the current Naboo wave) seem to have focused much more on the OT and ROTS.  Can collectors expect more offerings from TPM and AOTC early on in the 30th Anniversary Collection?  If so, are there any hints as to what we might see? (TJ, 11/03/06)

We don't want to reveal much more about 2007 line to save some info for later.  Fan interest is very high for OTC and dual kid/fan interest is propelling ROTS.  In time we'll be doing EpI and II justice, but you'll be seeing a greater balance during the 30 Anniversary on the OTC and ROTS.


Will there be any changes made to the Target exclusive Imperial Shuttle, other than the Royal Guard and Vader pack-ins (both are rehashes)? Will the paint scheme be exactly the same as the Saga version? Will the footpegs inside the vehicle be fixed to accomodate the modern line of figures? Will the copyright stamp on the toy be changed from 1983? I know this ain't gonna happen, but how about some ELECTRONICS? (YF, 11/03/06)

I cannot answer any questions about any such vehicle.

What's the status on a Hermie Odle figure? (YF, 11/03/06)

Stay tuned.

You recently said you won't be doing a new Falcon unless it appears in the cartoon, what if it appears in the live-action show will you do one then? (YF, 11/03/06)

We don't know anything about the TV series yet. If the Falcon is in there, and it's a focus of the series, we would certainly like to look at the opportunity.


The Jedi starfighter toy from Episode 2 featured a 'fight or  flight' action feature that ended up looking remarkably similar to the  Episode 3 Jedi starfighter (notably the TIE fighter-esque wings that folded up and down)...was the design of the Ep 2 toy reflective of  some sort of unused Lucasfilm concept sketch or was the Ep 3 fighter something of an homage to the Hasbro design or a little of both or neither? (YN, 11/03/06)

The feature for the toy version was proposed by Hasbro. We were looking to develop an �off camera� feature that would play-up the fact the vehicle was a �fighter�. Something that, when deployed, would give the vehicle a formidable appearance. We proposed that the jettisonable body panels (increased firepower reveal) and the opening wings would add visual interest and expand the designs �toyetic� appeal � while maintaining the vehicles �on camera� authenticity. The intent was to add a cue hinting at original TIE Fighter - to give a glimpse into to things to come � helping to tie (no pun intended) the Jedi Fighter to the classic design. We are not aware of any ILM concept sketches that depicted opening wings. Our understanding is that the EPII fighter did influence the EPIII design.

Will we ever see another run of Clone Wars Animated 3 3/4 Figures? (YN, 11/03/06)

If we do more of the Cartoon Network Clone Wars figures, we'll be focusing on realistically styled figures.

I love the Darth Tater T-Shirts on the Hasbro site and the one for sale on and was wondering if you thought of a  roll-out of shirts based on the figures and vehicles in adult sizes? (YN, 11/03/06)

The Darth Tater shirt was a one-time program developed with Disney, so it's doubtful we'll do something similar.

Week 18 - November 10, 2006

Would Hasbro willing to create a catalog of replacement parts for those parts that break or get easily lost on vehicles and playsets so consumers can always get replacements even long after the toy has stopped manufacturing? If not, why not? (AF, 11/10/06)

We do offer replacement parts through our consumer affairs department for as long as that toy is expected to have a normal useful life. However, it's not every piece, and limited to mainline products (as opposed to exclusives, which operate on a different engineering and ordering system within Hasbro). But, quite simply, with as many products as we have it's just logistically not feasible to be able to stock every part for every toy at all times.

Will fans have a chance to vote for any never-before-made figures in 2007? (AF, 11/10/06)

Yes, that has already taken place with the Top 25 Fan's Choice voting conducted by Toy Fare magazine at the start fo the year. The winner of the poll was Quinlan Vos, who was already being produced in the comic pack line, and the #2 figure was Darth Revan, who was NOT slated for production in 2007, and was added into the mix. So the fans have spoken and we have listened! (editor's note: we meant voting in 2007.)

Will the final 22 The Saga Collection figures be available in Canada? (AF, 11/10/06)

We're looking at that right now. Most will come in with the Wal-Mart exclusive wave, but all may not be available. We are working with the Canadian team on a way to make sure collectors have a chance to get them all between now and spring. Stay tuned...


Customizers and diorama builders debated for years but have determined that Star Wars and GI Joe are roughly 1:18 scale. We love to get the background accessoies, like the recent Bespin Vader's boxes, or Luke Tatooine's Footlocker. When designing vehicles and accessories, do you try to keep to that exact scale whenever possible? Also, are there any accessories you'd really like to make someday? (FFURG, 11/10/06)

Yes, we like to keep true to the scale of the figures which (we won't quibble) is approximately 1:18 scale. As for more props, we look to signature movie accessories whenever possible to update a character. One example for next year will be the Moisture Vaporator packed with Luke. We will do these when we feel we have a good window to do them and can afford the piece count. They will tend to be more "signature" than generic, though.

You've mentioned that certain products coming out next year, like the Imperial Conference Room set, would not have enough support to be done later if it wasn't for the 30th anniversary theme of the 2007 lineup. Given this "last chance" for the original trilogy mindset, wouldn't it make sense to re-release the vintage Dagobah playset to accompany the awesome X-wing we got at TRU earlier this year? Are the Kenner molds and tools still available for this playset? (FFURG, 11/10/06)

The Kenner mold record is very spotty, and we don't know if Dagobah is intact. Admittedly playsets have been faint on our radar screen due to the unenthusiastic market reception for most playsets in the last few years. I do want to correct a misperception, however....we don't see the 2007 line as a "last chance" for the OTC, as the OTC will still be an important focus in our thinking down the road. It's just that with animation and other forms of entertainment looming on the horizon we may not have the opportunity to slot in something like like Imperial Briefing Room in future years.

The "Hunt for Grievous" battlepack was a very innovative use of a head swaps and customizing to make the heavy gunner action figure. Are we going to see this figure re-issued (given it's current rarity) anytime soon? His gun accessory would be awesome to get in a carded figure. (FFURG, 11/10/06)

Perhaps in future greatest hits lines or battle packs, but no plans right now. Since he didn't advance beyond the Round of 64 in the Fan's Choice polls, he won't be on our priority list to bring back right away.


During the beginning of the recent Greatest Hits (now known as Saga Legends) campaign, there was an indication that the Y-Wing is in the running to become an exclusive. May we firmly encourage Hasbro to use the classic, vintage mold with a functioning droid port, rather than the less-functional modern refreshed version? If Hasbro isn't open to this expandable playability, why not? Is there a reason that the classic mold hasn't been used? (GH, 11/10/06)

Adam, good question. We don't have the vintage tool available to us, so we're looking to the modern one.  While we will be doing some tooling mods, adding a functional droid can't be among them due to the way the tool is structured.

Do you ever put into consideration that a figure might sell twice if you do some simple things to it. I bought two of the Imperial Gunner (one to have the vest on and one to have it off), I also bought two of the VTSC Han Solo, because I could have one with the jacket on and one with it off. These both made sense movie wise. The rumored Endor Leia would have a removable poncho I assume too. That would be another fig that I would buy two of. From a marketing point do you consider this? (GH, 11/10/06)

Well that's an interesting question, Mike.  Thanks for letting us know how you like to use the figures in your displays.  The answer is that we do consider this for some figures (like running hair changes in Imperial Officers or face changes in Rebel Troopers, where we actually created a physical difference).  In the Solo you mention, the soft goods is a play feature that happens to work well for your display needs, an unanticipated but welcome second purchase.  Thanks!

Now that we've seen Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter, might we see Lord Vader's Sith Speederbike, his own personalized Sith Infiltrator, or other toys that can be tailored around our favorite Dark Lord? (GH, 11/10/06)

We were inspired by the Vader Starfighter when we heard that it was going to appear in publshing, so we had to know more. If these concepts spring from other published sources, we will certainly look at new opportunities for Vader.


Can we get a picture of the 2007 Galactic Marine, sans removable helmet? Does he have the same head as the 2007 Airborne Trooper? (JD, 11/10/06)

Sure, here you go.

(NOTE: Unfortunately, the image file that was sent was corrupted, we’re working on getting it fixed!)

It is actually not based on the same head as the Airborne Trooper. It's based on the younger clone played by Tihoi Taylor.

Early catalog images of the "Ambush at Ilum" battle pack appeared this week thanks to an e-tailer (so I'm sure you'll see this question asked by someone else). Will this set come with one or two of the new droids pictured on the packaging? (JD, 11/10/06)

It will come with two: one "solid" and one partially transparent.

Early catalog images of the "Capture of Tantive IV" battle pack also appeared this week (so I'm sure you'll also see this question asked by someone else). Collectors are already asking about those Stormtroopers. Are they based on the VOTC sculpt or the Evolutions sculpt or something else entirely? Will they be nice and clean or will they be "battle damaged" or dirty? The mock-up images make them look pretty dirty which is disappointing if true, everyone knows the Stormtroopers have shiny new armor; it's the rest of the imp troopers who get dirty. (JD, 11/10/06)

The figure is the Evo Stormtrooper sculpt. The troopers will be clean. The dirty ones are an error at the factory that we are working to correct. As a result, this one will be delayed relative to the other two national battle packs (Dagobah and Geonosis), but should catch up in schedule quickly. These packs will be available throughout the spring ('07), so collectors should be able to pick up one or more Tantive IV sets without a problem.


With the release of more Battle Droids in the future are you planning on using the plastic that was used on the Episode I droid? They were the only ones that really stood up without bending over time. (JTA, 11/10/06)

We are looking at ensuring they don't have the problems we've seen at home on shelf with our BD armies...that annoying droop.

The Battle of Naboo wave is just starting to show up at retail now and there are 22 more figures slated for the Saga Collection and less than 2 months to go before the new year. Are these all slated for release in 2006 or is the plan to have them released in 2007 and lap over the start of the 30th Anniversary Collection? (JTA, 11/10/06)

These last 22 Saga figures will stretch out from roughly the first week of December through 3/24, when the 2007 greatest hits waves should start to feed into the pipeline. If all goes according to plan, these will have ample time at retail for collectors to get them and will not suffer the same short-window fate as prior basic figure waves.

How many comic book 2-packs are planned?  Can you tell us which story arcs they cover? (JTA, 11/10/06)

We have 15 packs slotted into the lineup next year with a possible early ship against the 2008 line bringing in one more wave before the end of '07. We don't want to be too specific on the story arcs, but it covers some of the greatest Dark Horse stories (with the occasional Marvel reprint) from both movie period and beyond.


UK collectors have been fed rumours of a cantina band tin set as a Toys "R" Us exclusive. This was thought to be part of the "spend £50 and receive free tin set" promotion until now. Will this set actually be available to the UK, and if so, when? (RS, 11/10/06)

The Cantina tin (a Wal-Mart exclusive this Fall in the U.S.) will not be shipping to TRU in the U.K.

Also, speaking of the Cantina, is there any chance of seeing screen-accurate tables and chairs? The tables that came recently with Momaw Nadon and Hem Dazon were too small. And once the molds are made, this can be an annual rerelease and/or exclusive with different characters included to keep it fresh and expand on the Cantina. (RS, 11/10/06)

This is a good idea and we'll look at it. There are some other Cantina pieces (like the alcove for Han/Greedo encounter) that also deserves to be made at some point. Patience!

Finally, we have seen the prototypes from a few years ago for the Rebel Fleet Trooper accessory pack. Any chance of seeing the X-Wing Ladder, ground lights, and handheld lights eventually released? Preferably with carded figures instead of vehicles so that we can collect multiples at a more reasonable price? (RS, 11/10/06)

They have a better chance of being done with basic figures than as accessory packs, which just haven't been big sellers for ANY action figure line including Star Wars. Some of those we have looked at for pack-ins down the road. It may take a while to get to these, so we recommend patience. Thanks for the input.


Why go with the full card-width bubble and figures displayed in poses via the tray? Have you thought about going back to side-bubble, neutral-posed figures for basic figures a la the Vintage, POTF2, and Episode I lines which were easier to store carded and could fit more units into cases? (SSG, 11/10/06)

Admittedly, we are less concerned about how many figures fit into a box as we are with the whole presentation of the figure and keeping the excitement and energy level for each figure very high. With the Saga line, we really wanted to emphasize the integration of the figure in the context of the movie scene as well as ensuring we have dynamic posing. That's what we thought was best for the line. For 2007, it's a different approach emphasizing the energy of the character and the focus on a new look for the 30th. The 2007 blister is on one side and not all the way across the card. This might be more like what you are talking about in terms of somewhat smaller blister size, but still a strong departure from some of the past lines in terms of presenting character.

What are the chances of seeing a relaunch of the Collector Fleet series (the larger, electronic starships of the Rebel Blockade Runner, Imperial Star Destroyer, & the very-rare Super Star Destroyer from '96), with new entries such as ROTS ships like the Venator Class Star Destroyer and The Invisible Hand? (SSG, 11/10/06)

They don't fit any of the strategies we have, so there are no plans for their re-introduction.

Vacuum-metallizing is nearly always used for C-3PO and R2-D2 even though it seems to be more troublesome to work with, makes the parts more fragile, is difficult to keep paint applied to, limits the amount of articulation & gimmicks that can be have, and the chromed-look doesn't scale down very well. The only time R2's vac-metallized dome has looked right is on the Episode I figure where a dull-coat was applied over it, and unfortunately this technique was never used again. And painted R2-D2 domes generally aren't painted shiny enough even though Hasbro has used shinier paints in other items. Why use vac-metallizing so often with these figures, why not use shiny metallic paints instead, and for remaining vac-metallized elements what about using dull-coat again? (SSG, 11/10/06)

Simply, kids like things that are as bright and shiny as they can get. Currently available metallic paints don't achieve the same results, so we haven't been excited by them. There are, however, some new paint techniques available that our R&D lab is evaluating for future vac-metal applications that may offer the same solution you are talking about. We don't know if or when we'll use these (they have to pass our rigorous play test standards), but if they work out, you'll see us using these for future shiny parts or figures.


Since you are delving into the EU are there plans for figures such as Commander Faie, Commander Keller, Clone Assassins? (ST, 11/10/06)*

These are good figures (the Commanders can be seen in action in Dark Horse's Republic comics series), but haven't found a specific opportunity for them yet.

Most of us hate the elbow swivel joints they are using, it makes posing too hard. Are there any plans to change this, or will this be what we see from now on? (ST, 11/10/06)*

We take the needs for each figure into account and realize that there are inherent trade-offs between the different styles of articulations and, importantly, cost of the waves.  Swivel will remain an option for us when a figure needs more articulation, but we are not able to execute a different or more complex (i.e. ball and socket) scenario due to figure or wave costing.

The Heroes & Villains, Greatest Battles, and other figure re-hash lines have been teeming the pegs at all of our stores.  This begs the question: are these product lines actually profitable?  Hasbro has frequently stated that one of the reasons (if not the only reason) for this re-packing is to filter popular characters to younger collectors, who ultimately only want the popular characters.  Is this philosophy based on the actual sales of these type of figures, or focus groups of children who may or may not be collectors? Will Hasbro provide a comprehensive analysis that demonstrates their philosophy that lines like Heroes & Villains and Greatest Battles ACTUALLY sell?  Doesn't the mass amount of figures from these re-hash lines collecting dust, while waves of the new line are selling well, demonstrate that younger collectors--like older collectors--are also more interested in new product?  Does this lack of sales of the Heroes & Villains/Greatest Battles waves cause stores such as Wal-Mart and Target to purchase less Star Wars figures from other lines of new product such as The Saga Collection and, potentially, the upcoming 30th anniversary line? (ST, 11/10/06)*

We use both market sales data and research with kids to inform our decision-making.  In the case of the Episode III greatest hits figures, we took sales data from Episode III and selected the best-selling figures who still had some ways to go with their sales potential.  As you recall from last year, we had huge demand and many kids couldn't get their favorites by the end of the year.  We have been chasing this demand all year.


Would any future "Force spirit" action figures, such as a new Spirit Yoda or new Spirit Anakin, be done in a style similar to the OTC Spirit Obi-Wan? Or would we see a return to the translucent blue figures, such as the old POTF2 Jedi Spirits Cinema Scene? (SWC, 11/10/06)

We would probably do any future Spirit figures with a sparkly luminescence like the Spirit (Obi-Wan) figure. It does mimic the intended effect, and separates it from the pure blue holo look.

Dark Horse Comics' new STAR WARS: LEGACY monthly is certainly stirring up the imaginations of figure customizers, with multiple Sith Lords and all-new Jedi and Stormtroopers. Any possibility of seeing figures from this comic in the next few years? (SWC, 11/10/06)

Not next year for sure (we locked down the year before we knew about Legacy), but it is a strong contender for future issues. This series certainly has some fantastic new characters, and if any fan isn't currently reading this title, they should be!

With the new, spring-loaded electronic lightsabers now hitting the shelves, any plans for an updated, ROTS-style Mace Windu lightsaber or a Darth Sidious lightsaber? (SWC, 11/10/06)

Mace is a natural for a line extender, but we haven't slotted him into the lineup yet. We're going to let the 4 main styles (Vader, Obi-Wan, Luke, and the green Jedi) carry the line next year as kids upgrade their main lightsaber arsenal with these 4.


A number of the offerings in the vehicle line have been character specific.  For instance, we've seen the images of the upcoming Saesee Tiin Jedi Starfighter, and it looks pretty sharp.  However, it seems that we're much less likely to get a pack-in figure with the offerings of the Assault Vehicles line.  Is there an active effort going toward offering Basic Figures that will compliment what we're getting in the Assault Vehicles line?  A pilot version of Saesee Tiin would be a welcome offering with this new Jedi Starfighter, as would a reissue of the OTC TIE Fighter Pilot to compliment the upcoming TIE Fighter. (TJ, 11/10/06)

The figure lines were designed well before the vehicles, so we were kind of locked in there to the assortments we were going with.  We'll look to that for future releases to do a better job coordinating ships and pilots.  Thanks!

I can't wait to get my hands on the recently confirmed Sith Infiltrator and V-wing starfighters in the '07 vehicle line. How many ships are scheduled for the line and will Grievous' Fighter be among them as well? (TJ, 11/10/06)

Those are the two new ships for next year.  The Grievous fighter is nice and on our wish list, but is not slated for next year.

More and more it seems that we only see figures packed in with exclusive vehicles.  What goes in to determining whether or not a vehicle includes a pack-in figure? (TJ, 11/10/06)

It's a combination of our cost targets and whether we feel that based on the product it needs an exclusive figure to help sell through.  Our $19.99 (SRP) Starfighter Vehicle collection is at the consumer price we want it, and has a very tough cost structure for us to maintain.  As such we have chosen not to pack-in figures which would bump the price.


Since, just like the vehicles, some of the old Kenner molds are often reused for role-play weapons like the Han Solo and Stormtrooper blasters, I was wondering if the mold for the vintage Biker Scout pistol still exists, and if so, could we see it return to retail? (YF, 11/10/06)

We're pretty sure we don't have that one, and are focusing on different blasters in any case.

Will the vintage Rebel Transport vehicle ever be redone for the modern line? (YF, 11/10/06)

It's doubtful, but not out of the question. It suffers from not being a "heroic" fighting vehicle, so it's lower in the priority scale for us.

We know that all good things must one day come to an end, that being said, what is the ONE dream project that you would love to see happen before the line finally ends? (Please say Death Star Playset, lol). (YF, 11/10/06)

The better "dream" project would be eventually to see all of the vintage Kenner figures updated in our Vintage line. There are a lot of figures to go, and some of them get pretty obscure, and various challenges exist (item priorities, product differentiation, and drop-off of character importance) before we can say for certain that we will get to them all. But, like you say, it's a nice dream to have.


Aside from monetray issues, why is tape used to seal the 3.75" figures to their cardbacks for the ROTS and TSC lines? Will tape be used for the 30th Anniversary line? You do realize that a chunk of your makret is made up of collectors that don't open their figures and tape sealed figures will not do well in posterity? (YN, 11/10/06)

Tape is the only option to seal blisters that wrap around from the front of the package to the back, the aesthetic that we were going to for in TSC. The 2007 basic figure line will be heat-sealed to the front of the blister card like the OTC blisters. The comic packs will continue to sealed with tape around the back of the card.

Will there be any more Vintage Style figures coming back again or have we seen the end of that run? (YN, 11/10/06)

There is a wave of vintage figures slated for May '07�.stay tuned!

The "re-release" of the 7" Unleashed has not gone well (at least  from what I see here and read on the fansites), Both Wal-Mart and Target have "red-tagged" these down to under $5 and yet they still  sit. Even the resculpts at Wal-Mart sat around for long time. Is it safe to say these are done and only the smaller line will continue? (YN, 11/10/06)

There will be another wave slated for WM in Spring. One of the things we were trying to accomplish with this line is find an additional audience for the figures over and above the collectors who got these the first time around, since the (first) audience didn't get us to where we needed to be to continue the line. After spring, we'll take a look at the program and see if there are future opportunities for Unleashed 7", looking at the volume we released, sell-through rates, etc..
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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 19 - November 17, 2006

Will all the straight-repacked figures solely be in the Greatest Hits collection next year, or will they also be mixed in with the regular line as they were this year? (AF, 11/17/06)

There were few straight re-packs mixed in the mainline Saga Collection this year, and there should be even fewer in the main assortment next year. There will be re-packs, but we are trying to make each of them differentiated (from their previous release) in some key element.

Any chance of getting a TIE Defender, Moldy Crow, or other Expanded Universe vehicles? EU figures need EU ships to fly around in. (AF, 11/17/06)

Well, doing entirely new EU ships is a challenge because of the tooling, so we probably will not be going there while there are still good screen-accurate vehicles or key re-paints to do. It's a better possibility for the Titanium series.

Hasbro has said that for future releases of Battle Droids they would be released as 2-packs, how about releasing a blue Pilot Battle Droid 2-pack since that BD has been requested since the Episode I line came out? (AF, 11/17/06)

We will look at that possibility. If it doesn't come out next year, we'll probably get to it sooner rather than later.


Diorama builders often have to customize their own minor characters and background figures to fill in their scenes...that is, until recently. Hasbro's Naboo soldier in the latest wave, as well as the rumored Rebel Honor Guardsman, show that there's a desire from Hasbro to see a few of these background characters made. Although a few Q&As from other sites have already asked about the X-Wing ladder accessory from the canceled Yavin Accessory set, how about making a Rebel Ground-Crew Technician with the ladder accessory? We know it's not in the short term plan, but maybe someday? (FFURG, 11/17/06)

We have looked at the Rebel Ground crew guy and while we do like him, he's just not as..well, others that we have lined up to do. So he'll have to take his place in the queue.
(FFURG editor's note: Yeah, he's not that exciting, but someone has to fuel Luke's X-Wing!)

With the vastly superior (and impressive) sculpt of Chief Chirpa coming out this past year, will there be an effort eventually on the part of Hasbro to re-scale or resculpt Teebo, Wicket, Logray, and the other Ewoks to make them all the proper scale to Chief Chirpa? There's something a little disturbing about the POTF2 Wicket towering over Chief Chirpa. (FFURG, 11/17/06)

Yes, we will eventually get around to re-doing them, although we can't say when we'll slot each of them into the line. We'll probably take one or two at a time.

One of the recent Q&As from another site regarding Jabba's dais got me thinking that there haven't been many new releases of Jabba's guards in recent years. Sure, there's been a good repaint of Barada and the resculpt of Boushh & Lando Skiff Guard (excellent job on both, I might add), but there's a bunch of good characters left to do. Hasbro's already produced some of the parts needed, including Bora Solq's head which could be used for a new Weequay. Could we expect some Hasbro love to Jabba's band of merry men with new Nikto or Weequay figures, Kithaba, or possibly Geezum? (FFURG, 11/17/06)

They are very good figures to do, and we have them high on our list of guys that should see some attention with the new modern figure aesthetics. But, like many of the "wouldn't it be cool if." figures that are still out there to do, we just need to slot them into the line when we have an opportunity.


Now that Tomy (Japan) has made the remote-controlled R2-D2, is there any chance that Hasbro will make the "light show" R2-D2 from RotS where he distracts General Grievous with all of his gadgets? (Spinning action and lights!) Are we likely to see 3¾" scale R2-D2 figures with electronics in the future? (GH, 11/17/06)

Ha! This is a good one. We actually hadn't considered this but it would make an interesting figure at some point.  As for additional electronics, we evaluate on a case by case basis as to what we can afford. A motor is a much more expensive component than a light/sound chip so we won't be doing something like this for a basic figure.

The rumors on the Internets are predicting that the Bantha will be re-released next year-ish. So while Hasbro is feeling beastly, what are the odds of getting a Dewback with some real-feel hide, or at least a removable saddle? (The Saga Collection's Sandtrooper would look awfully good on one, wouldn't he?) (GH, 11/17/06)

We agree that the Dewback should see a new sculpt at some point and he's on the shortlist of vehicles and creatures that we'd like to do. But, like so many cool things, there's no specific timetable set for an update.

With the Max Rebo Band being potentially revisited in the near future, is there a movement toward "finishing" the band? (Meaning Umpass Stay, Ak-Rev and maybe Gargan?) Also, are we ever likely to get Tech Mo'r from the Cantina Band updated with an instrument that he can sit at whilst playing? (GH, 11/17/06)

At least one of those figures is slated for next year in the main assortment. The rest will have to bide their time patiently waiting for their turn on stage, confident in the knowledge that we hear the music, too. We hear the music…


OK, so, we’re creeping closer to Spring 2007. Any chance we can get some hints about the upcoming 2007 Vintage-style line? Pleeeeeeeeease? Also, on the topic of vintage-style figures, now that you’ve confirmed the inclusion of coin pack-ins for 2007, have you given any more thought to offering up a few vintage-style figures based on the original Power of the Force Kenner cardbacks? It seems like the perfect time to revisit that idea now that you’ve got those new coin toolings going (and the perfect way to get a new Stormtrooper Luke and Endor Leia we all want). (JD, 11/17/06)

The new vintage figures will be out in May. The details on the line will be revealed at Toy Fair, in February. We can confirm that there will be six figures in this Asst.

Amidst the plans of recycling ships for 2007, is there any chance of seeing the Toys R Us exclusive Jedi Starfighters re-released (sans pilot figures)? The Blue Utapau and Green Mustafar Jedi Starfighters were items that came and went pretty quickly and are still missing from a lot of collections. (JD, 11/17/06)

Good question. Yes, there is a high likelihood that at least one of these ships will find their way into the 85196 Starfighter Vehicle mainline (non-exclusive) assortment next year. There is still very high demand, among kids, for the Anakin and Obi-Wan Starfighters and these do play a very prominent role in EpIII.

The concept for Battle Packs like Mace Windu's Attack Battalion are cool but they are not really from the Clone Wars Expanded Universe material exactly... Is this something Lucasfilm gives to you to run with or do you design things like this yourselves and thus add to the ever-growing EU on your own? (JD, 11/17/06)

Interesting question and one that goes to the broader question of "where do ideas that expand the Star Wars mythos come from?" We on the Star Wars toy team like to consider ourselves as storytellers as well; with each product, we reinforce the magic of Star Wars whether its from the movies, games, comics, TV, and even toys, allowing collectors and kids to play Star Wars the way they want to at home. Given the jedi/droid/clone relationship (and one could also addd Starfighters in there too) there are a lot of "off to the side" figures that seem a natural and continuous fit to go with what we see on screen in Episode III. For instance, if we know that Kit Fisto and Plo Kloon have Starfighters, then it also stands that they also have Astro droids. Even Quinlan Vos, who is not seen in the movie, has troops and probably also has a Starfighter and presumably an Astro droid. All of these would be interesting to explore over the course of time. But something about Mace just struck us and we came up with several concepts that explore his off-screen attachments (wait.... Jedi don't form attachments... his... tools?). It's part Mace's power in EpIII. He's such a great character, but his unique choice of purple as a signature color just demands attention. So, indepentandly, we presented his Starfighter, clone batallion, and astro droid, and Lucasfilm gave us the go-ahead with each in turn and so we have expanded the character basis for Mace by expanding his repetoire a bit. So to get back to your original question...the creation of an "off-screen" expansion of the Star Wars mythos is allowed when the result is a natural, adjecent fit with what we already know from on-screen, and when the idea forwards exploration of the rich and expansive, and uniquely Star Wars, world of the jedi-clones-droids-ships relationship.


Will there be another outlet to acquire the coins next year other than having to buy figures we already have? Perhaps mail-order, POP redemption, or some other service? A lot of fans are excited about the re-release of the coins, but acquiring a whole set would mean purchasing figures we might already have. I think using 30th anniversary figure POP's for redemption would be a good solution since we would still have to buy figures to redeem for the coins we are missing. Any thoughts on this? (JTA, 11/17/06)

There will not be another way to acquire basic figure coins other than getting them with the basic figures.

The sculpts of many of the army-building figures have gotten quite better over the past few years (biker scout, snowtrooper, rebel troops, etc). Are there any plans for more army builder packs like we saw with the stormtroopers, sandtroopers, and rebel troopers? (JTA, 11/17/06)

The battle packs have been an answer to some of this (for example, the Tantive IV pack). However, we would rather have a rich variety of army builder figures offered as basic figures to facilitate fans being able to scale up as they want. We do not plan to go back to the 4-pack model from the past, simply because we understand the troop building affinity and will seek ways to get great troop builders at mass retail.

Will Hasbro have a presence at Celebration Europe, or only at CIV? (JTA, 11/17/06)

We will be at both shows.


Any chance we can see the Galactic Heroes figures released in two-packs of Clone Troopers like was done with the Stormtroopers a few years back? Fans really like the 501st and Shocktrooper Galactic Heroes figures and would like to get more, but they don't want to get several Palpatines and Sith-Eyes Anakins. (RS, 11/17/06)

We are doing other troop packs next year, we just haven't slotted in any clones. We'll look at that when we get an opportunity. Thanks for the suggestion.

Is the upcoming 41st Elite Trooper going to be the flip-visor version from the Tins or simply the "regular" VTSC version? (RS, 11/17/06)

It's going to be the regular VTSC version.

With all these Stormtrooper incarnations receiving unmaskable versions featuring Jango Fett Clone heads, surely it's worth making an "unmaskable" Boba Fett with a repainted Death Star Gunner head, except more grim perhaps and more scars. As Boba Fett is a popular character and the VOTC version is reaching high in the "Fan Favorite's Showdown" Poll then this would be a welcome edition and many fans and kids would buy them. (RS, 11/17/06)

That would be a good figure to do at some point, and we are looking at him as a possibility in 2008.


In the photos that recently showed up of the 2007 battle pack "Capture of Tantive IV", why are the Stormtroopers in the box using the Evolutions Sandtrooper mold - the one without any mid-torso articulation - and why are they sporting that Sandtrooper's dirty paint job instead of a clean Stormtrooper deco? (SSG, 11/17/06)

They are showing up as Evo-style Stormies because that's what they are. The mix-up came when the factory grabbed existing deco masks to make the sets, rather than the new deco input we specified. They will ship clean. (SSG editor's note: we were asking why they are using Evolutions Sandtrooper molds in this battle pack, not just in the photos.)

In the Episode I line, the Naboo Pilot Anakin figure came with a flight simulator accessory that was really the panel with control sticks and actually fit in the Naboo Fighter vehicle. Would you consider reissuing this accessory in more accurate colors, and making similar flight simulator control stick accessories for the X-wing, Snowspeeder, Y-wing, TIE Fighter, Jedi Starfighters, etc.? These control stick accessories add a welcome layer of realism to the toys and could be released with future pilot figures or with the vehicles themsleves. (SSG, 11/17/06)

That's an interesting suggestion. We prefer blasters and sabers (or removable helmets) as primary accessories but will see if your suggestion can be incorporated for a future figure at some point.

What is the status/future of Action Fleet under its original concept - minifigure interaction and true play features? And what is the status/future of actual Micro Machines (the smallest vehicles Galoob regularly made in plastic)? If there are no immediate plans or foreseeable future for either line, why is that? (SSG, 11/17/06)

There are no immediate plans for either scale, primarily because we are putting our development efforts against making sure Titanium is as strong as it can be.


In 2007 or 2008, are we going to see any Star Wars Legacy figures? We'd love to see a Darth Talon, Darth Kryat, Cade Skywalker, Delialah Blue and mostly the new Stormies and Imperial Knights. (ST, 11/17/06)*

Not in 2007, since the comic pack line was "put to bed" before we knew about Legacy. But there's a high likelihood we'll see a couple figures in 2008.

How about a Shark-deco ARC-170? (ST, 11/17/06)*

We do have on in the Titanium line. If you mean how about a 3-3/4" one?  It's on the list of "wouldn't it be cool" but nothing is locked down yet.

What about 3 3/4" Fem Trooper (Female Stormtrooper) or female Imperial officers? (ST, 11/17/06)*

We will probably be doing a female Imperial in the comic packs at some point, since there are some great characters there that we can work with and have storylines in which they play central roles.  However, female Stormtroopers just aren't a natural fit with anything so we will not be going there.  If female Stormies do appear in a future vehicle (such as TV, videogames, or comics) then we'll look at it.


Will there ever be a single-carded version of Obi-Wan Kenobi as a general of the Republic figure (dressed in Clone Trooper armor)? One that utilzes a Clone Trooper body, perhaps, instead of snap-on armor? (SWC, 11/17/06)

This would be a good figure for a future basic figure and is on the wish list for doing sometime down the road. It won't be in 2007, but there's a strong chance he'll make the 2008 roster.

Now that we're getting a Saesee Tiin Jedi Starfighter, any chance of seeing a figure of him in his battle armor from CLONE WARS, Vol. 2? (SWC, 11/17/06)

That's another gem of a figure from Clone Wars that deserves to see a plastic version someday. He is in the same camp as Obi-Wan in General's armor ... it would be cool and it's on the short list for the not too distant future. If we do Obi-Wan, this would make a good companion figure in a wave.

You recently mentioned you've considered doing rebel pilot/droid 2-packs, and you also mentioned that you've looked at including Micro Machines as pack-ins, but that neither concept really worked. How about combining them? You could release a rebel pilot, his astromech, and a uniquely painted version of his MM ship, along with a stand for them to go on, with perhaps a cardback photo that you could cut out for a backdrop. This would be great for the anniversary of the Death Star trench run scene, and it would be all repaints except for a couple new head sculpts for removable helmets. This concept would also work for Jedi pilots and their droids. (SWC, 11/17/06)

We've thought about combining figures & vehicles in the past in such a way (the obvious idea is a pilot & his ship), but the thought is that the ship would need to be substantial to make this interesting, & the Titanium line fits that bill. Right now we're of the mind that 3-3/4" & Titanium are separate audiences & should probably be kept that way for the time being.


Was there something - whether it be one specific item or an entire line that surpassed company expectations?  And flip side- What did you expect to do better than it actually did? (TJ, 11/17/06)

The greatest hits this year have surprised us all, especially since we shipped a record number of Star Wars figures last year for Episode III.  But demand continues to be very high for these core iconic figures, and that strength bodes very, very well for the future of Star Wars collecting.  As for the opposite?  You can look for any prematurely discontinued line as an example of something that did not meet original expectations.  Fortunately, there have been few of these in the past several years.  Probably one item that never hit our "payoff" numbers were the later waves of Unleashed 7", and that was simply due to the declining sales against an item that was at the high end of difficulty in design and production.

The minis from Wizards of the Coast have covered a lot of territory and some cool designs (Basilisk War Droid!), any chance we'll see some of them offered as toys (or made in a larger scale)? (TJ, 11/17/06)

We do enjoy the Star Wars Miniatures.  We might look to some of their new designs if they will get screen time in other media to help get broader acceptance of the concept.  Expensive new items in a 3-3/4" scale like you mention need extra support to get going (as opposed to say a figure deco we are passionate about and willing to take a chance on).

In regards to the Cantina, is there any chance of seeing screen-accurate tables & chairs? The tables that came recently with Hammerhead & Arcona were too small. And once the molds are made, this can be an annual rerelease and/or exclusive with different characters included to keep it fresh & expand on the Cantina. (TJ, 11/17/06)

At some point, we will probably do this, but we can't speculate as to when that might be.  But it is a goal eventually for the Cantina guys.


There are cool looking astromechs coming out from Mace Windu's and Sith Anakin Skywalker's Jedi starfighters. Will we ever see the droids from Plo Koon's, Kit Fisto's, and Saesee Tinn's starfighters? They have really awesome looking colors. (YF, 11/17/06)

They are on our future wish list for figures, but we don't have them slotted in for any particular time. It's probably safe to say that we might see these droids in the next few years.

In prior Q&A's, Hasbro stated that there is an even mix of Greatest Battle figures & new figures being released & that stores will make room for the new stuff. I spoke with a Hasbro rep at a local Walmart last week & she contradicted this information & stated exactly what some of us think is an ever increasing problem. Stores appear to be so over-saturated with Greatest Battles figures (both on the shelf & in the storerooms) that they have no room to put out any of the EP1/Endor waves. It appears only TRU is receiving these waves, yet they were initially released nearly 2 months ago. How does Hasbro ensure their latest products get put on the shelves or even get ordered by stores when the stores have no shelf space for their current stock? Does Hasbro ever recall their merchandise so stores have room for the new products? When will Targets start receiving the new waves? (YF, 11/17/06)

You shouldn't worry about the latest waves getting to retail. They're on the way or showing up now in greater numbers. All figures are strong right now. The greatest hits figures will NOT be a problem for the new Saga figures getting to shelf.  The figures should be put out in the proportion to which they're selling, barring any temporary log jams due to the holiday build-up.

How about a EU dark Jedi Sora Bulq, all it would take would be a repaint of the existing figure to dark colours, cloak and red sabre. (YF, 11/17/06)

It would be a good one to do down the road. Some of the Republic issues that feature him are some of the best Dark Horse Clone Wars-era stories, and fertile territory not just for Sora Bulq, but other great off-screen Jedi as well. With all the great characters to work with, it'll just take time to get to them all.


The vintage Imperial Dignitary is one of the few figures that hasn't seen the light of day in the modern line. Any hints on when it might surface? (YN, 11/17/06)

It might be a bit of a wait before he gets updated.

I love the Galactic Heroes line and would love to see them in a larger scale. Any chance we would see them in a 4" or 6" scale? (YN, 11/17/06)

We haven't considered that, preferring to keep our product development focused on the main scale.

Are there any plans to make a larger interlocking Star Wars Transformer, where you would need 6 vehicles to make one large giant vehicle, like the Constructicons who formed Devastator? (YN, 11/17/06)

We haven't looked at something this ambitious! It's an intriguing idea, but we're staying focused on delivering core single figures (with the exception of course of the Han/Chewie combiner).

Week 20 - December 1, 2006

Why is the upcoming Saga Collection #64 figure being called Commander Appo? He is clearly modeled after Commander Bow (as he appears in comics, with the pauldron), not Commander Appo (who in the film wears the same armor and markings as the other 501st clones). If it is to differentiate between him as a commander and the regular grunts, why not just call him Commander Bow for the sake of accuracy? (AF, 12/01/06)

We made the assumption that it was Appo who appeared in Purge and took our cue from that.

What level of priority does Hasbro give to redoing original POTF2 figures in either the 30th Anniversary line or the Vintage line? There are some great figures out there we're still hurting for, such as a Luke and Han Stormtrooper that don't resemble Hans and Franz, a regular Princess Leia that's not preposed or weird-looking, Luke Snowspeeder pilot, etc. (AF, 12/01/06)

We don't set out to redo POTF2 per se, but instead look to figures that we think are needed for release and see if they make sense for a good new treatment. We will be getting to new versions of those you mention in time.

Is Hasbro completely satisfied that the VOTC Stormtrooper mold is the definitive 3¾" Stormtrooper figure for the foreseeable future of the line, or might there be changes down the road? For example, the figure has trouble holding the barrel of the blaster due to stiff plastic in the hands; has a stiff, narrow-legged stance that does not lend well to dynamic posing; and of course not all Stormtrooper armor elements were identical in the films, some of the "brows" and "mouths" varied. Also, the current use of the mold uses a different material for the helmet & limbs than from the shinier, harder torso pieces, leading to a noticeable coloring variance as well as trouble with the limbs and helmet staining. (AF, 12/01/06)

Interesting comments, and while we have no plans to do a new "definitive" Stormtrooper any time soon, at some point in the future we will probably by necessity (such as tooling wearing down from use) need to look at upgrades and it might make sense to take a look at a new body. But for now we're sticking to our gunslinger.


Since we saw at least one playset for each of the prequel films, are we likely to see one (or more) for the upcoming animated series? Was there a contractual obligation to produce a playset for each film, or were they created to fit a play pattern? (GH, 12/01/06)

There is no contractual obligation, although the periodicity with which we have released them might seem to indicate that!  We'll look at the opportunity as it presents itself for the animation.

Who has the greater say in the Hasbro Star Wars toy production, the bean counters (marketing, budgeting, etc.) or the creative team (designers, toymakers)? (GH, 12/01/06)

Depends what you mean by "production."  As far as line planning, the sessions where we decide what segments and price points we're going to develop and the subsequent details of who fills out the line, it's a 100% collaborative effort.  For individual style and sculpt and deco elements, that's the design teams'  responsibility.  As for how many of each product that actually get's produced (directing the releases), that falls in marketing's camp.

It was rumored a few years back that a Jedi Starfighter (E2 Version) was developed with a hyperspace ring. Is there any chance that we will see this cool accessory developed for our fighters (both versions, please) in the future? (GH, 12/01/06)

Yes….at some point we will do this.


Can we get a picture of the 2007 Super Battle Droid, sans removable flames? (JD, 12/01/06)

See attached image: Image

You said previously (via Q&A answers) that the upcoming Target exclusive "Battle of Felucia" Battle Pack would get us more of the Evolution-Sculpt Felucia/Yellow Clone Troopers we desire. Will it also give us a Gelagrub (that blue slug thingy) for the troops to ride on? (JD, 12/01/06)

We have no plans to make a Gelagrub at the present time. The battle pack will follow the current Battle Pack definition of 5 figures against a backdrop. Would we do the Grub in the future? Maybe, but it's a really specialized creature and I'd have to say it's low on our list of things we "need" to do.

Is the Snowbunny Padme figure from the Target exclusive "Ambush on Ilum" Battle Pack an all-new sculpt? Is she heavily articulated or pre-posed? (JD, 12/01/06)

It is an all-new sculpt. She is not pre-posed, but has normal articulation.


The Titanium die cast figures were very prominent at this year's San Diego Comic Con yet only 4 from the entire line have really shown up en masse at retail while a few others seem to have made it in limited quantities. Is this an indication for how this line is performing? Can we expect to see the figures shown at SDCC to make their way to retail or will the line be scaled back? (JTA, 12/01/06)

More are on the way! Titanium figures have had a very tricky production process with some delays due to various issues.

How many waves/figures will we see in the Saga Legends line? (JTA, 12/01/06)

Saga Legends will have four waves, with the Fans' Choice coming in the last two. However, there will be multiple remixes of these waves just like the regular basic figure line.

With non-movie stories becoming the future of Star Wars it seems like you are (will be) really jumping into tying in the comics and the future TV series into the toy line. The Legacy of the Force novel series is right in the thick of things now. Do you have plans in offering characters from this series or other novels into the line? (JTA, 12/01/06)

First, I would rather say that we are embracing the EU storytelling right alongside of (and not replacing) the movies. The movies are the foundation and will remain that way for a good long time. We know the novels are looming out there, but it's tough to make the direct connection to figures since they are not an inherently visual media. We will have to see how these figures do on future fans' choice polls, and if the strength of the characters continues to resonate, we'll consider them.


Back at the start of the modern line of 3.75" figures Hasbro (well, probably then Kenner) used to post design sketches of the figures (front, back, and side view) on their website along with a photo of the finished product. I LOVED this feature, as it was interesting to see how the figure was conceptualized as well as how it changed (if applicable) along its path to finished product. This has also been done with a number of the Fan's Choice figures. Might there be a chance to see some "behind-the-scenes" sketches on current/upcoming figures on your site? With the vast improvement and sophistication of articulation (thank you!) has the design process changed? Has the process of developing a figure shifted from drawings on paper to something else? (RS, 12/01/06)

The process itself is still very similar but involves more tech, as you might guess (drafting onto a pad vs paper in many cases), but the essential input remains the same. It's just a matter of time and priorities regarding getting this out on the website, and partly, it's a victim of wanting to try and hold some new product news as close to the vest as possible (on Star Wars, the ability to surprise and excite is challenging!). We have been prioritizing other types of content for the website, and since the process of how figures are produced has been told before, we didn't think there was a lot of new news there.

I like the way you are making the EU comic 2-packs. I was wondering, what factors go into the selecting of what comics to use, and then what figures to make? (RS, 12/01/06)

We meet and go through our favorite issues that resonated with cool stories and great characters. We keep a running list and update it as we get caught up with the entirety of the Dark Horse and Marvel library. On our spreadsheet, we note whether we would need new sculpts or can work with existing ones. We also note whether there is any inherent kid appeal to the figures or whether they are purely collector-targeted. We base our final selections (in close collaboration with Lucasfilm and consultation with Dark Horse) on a balance of all factors so the wave has balanced kid and collector appeal, some important new tools, but a manageable quantity, affordable cost, etc. In short it's not unlike the process we go through for basic figures....creating balance that will enable the line to succeed at retail.

What question are you guys most tired of answering -or if you'd like to be more diplomatic- Which question have you been asked the most since this feature started? (RS, 12/01/06)

It's all fair game, after all, that's what the Q&A is about. We welcome the chance to explain our decisions and thinking. We are often asked about our approach to maintaining balance in the lines, such as the fact that kids are as important to us as collectors, which some collectors still don't recognize as a very positive sign of health for the future of the brand; the misperception that the Greatest Hits means that the regular basic figure line is disrupted, etc. Or questions that require some more detail on the business situation (like the case for playsets). It's all good dialogue and we're happy that we can make it as 2-way as possible.


Why is it that with some of Hasbro's Star Wars non-main lines (most recently the Potato Head line), the initial item ships in large quantities while further releases are released in smaller numbers that diminish as the waves continue, resulting in a glut of the first items, later items very difficult to find, and diminished sales overall for that line? And why use secondary waves to replenish initial waves when often there's no way to tell how the early waves sell, such as stores having plenty of Darth Tater while the Spudtrooper's case has more Darth Taters in it so stores have less room for Spudtroopers and even less room for them when the R2-Potatoo comes out? The POTJ-era Mega Action line was the same issue, and these examples are hardly alone. (SSG, 12/01/06)

The question you ask goes to a drop off in popularity after Darth Tater. The casual consumer (not collector) was what kept this subline turning at retail. Artoo Potatoo and Spudtrooper just weren't the iconic draw and commanded less volume, not enough volume on their own to keep the line going. Darth Tater by far was the more popular of the figures among consumers as a whole, and as such we kept releasing him in heavier ratios.

Since two recent Neimoidian figures (Neimoidian Warrior and Lushros Dofine) were extremely heavy pegwarmers, and the Episode I Neimoidians sold slowly as well, how does that affect the chances of more Neimoidian figures being made in the future? (SSG, 12/01/06)

We will do the occasional one every once in while, but we will carefully manage the volume. They are not off the table, but are like Senators... every once in a while we should be doing one to keep that theme active.

Removable lightsaber blades so Jedi figures could have saber accessories that were "on" or "off" and could be worn on their belts was a good concept, but this made the saber blades more fragile. Are there any plans to release Jedi figures - both main characters and secondary - with both solid one piece ignited lightsaber and "off" lightsaber hilt accessories? (SSG, 12/01/06)

We have done this in some cases already. It's a good idea for more widespread use and we'll look into it.


Since you release random Clones and Battle Packs of Clones that are based on your imagination and not featured in the movie, case in point Mace Windu's Battalion, are you considering doing a repaint of Cody to match the 442nd Siege Battalion clones as their commander? if so I would welcome it as well as any more Clones you come out with that has that awesome SA sculpt! (ST, 12/01/06)*

We would not redo Cody to match, because Cody needs to maintain his on-screen persona.  Glad you like the clones…we were glad to have the Lucasfilm reference for these.  We like them a lot and glad you do too!

I realy like the different flavors of Jedi Starfighters you've been creating especially Vader's, my favorite is the ROTS body style so unfortunately I'll be passing on Kit Fisto's and Seasee Tiin's JSF. I would however like for these repaints to continue and wonder if you plan to release one for Aalya Secura(it was in the comic Obssesion), Yoda, or any other Jedi? (ST, 12/01/06)*

Ayla's Starfighter in Obsession is awesome, and we'll probably get to it sometime, but for now we're going to take it easy a bit on the Starfighters.  But we'll be back to it at some point….that EpII and EpIII Starfighters are great vehicles.

Can we see pictures of the 2007 Basic asst 2nd wave now please? Think of it  as an early holiday gift for the fans! (ST, 12/01/06)*

They will be available soon….just not yet.  Sorry!

Will we ever see rebel tanks from Force Commander and Empire at War? (ST, 12/01/06)*

Probably not, unfortunately, at least in 3-3/4". Titanium is a better possibility but not confirmed.


Any chance Hasbro would revisit the shirtless Darth Maul from your earlier "Darth Maul with Sith Attack Droid" toy and redo him properly?  The original figure suffered from many problems, not the least of which was lack of poseability. If the comic book packs prove successful, a fully tattooed SA Darth Maul would easily be a good seller for this line. And it could even be packed again with the Sith droid. (Whatever you do, please don't re-release the original shirtless Darth Maul mold). (TJ, 12/01/06)

Yes, we want to do this one again, but we don't have a timetable for his release (in will likely be in 2008).  Stay tuned.

Most of the Clone Troopers that have painted 'battle damage' or wear and tear only have it on the front.  Is there any particular reason for this, or is it just overlooked during the development?  (PS It drives this Jawa nuts!) (TJ, 12/01/06)

The deco hits add a great deal of cost, believe it or not, so we put it judiciously where it has the most visual impact.

You've stated that fans have been "unenthusiastic" about playsets and that info suggests that playsets don't and wouldn't do well if released.  Have you considered that perhaps it's the specific playset idea that is unexciting or mediocre to fans, and not the toys themselves?  In other words, the last few playsets that I remember (Theed Palace, Geonosis Arena, Mustafar mountain) are really good toys but lack iconic appeal (for me anyway).  Perhaps if better, more fan-friendly scenes or movie locations were the idea at hand (like a Death Star or Cantina), then the set would sell "enthusiastically?" (TJ, 12/01/06)

Your points are valid about the ones we have released to date in that they weren't the most iconic from Star Wars.   However, the problem isn't just Star Wars, but many great boys line have suffered from an inability to produce profitable playsets.  Partly it's because the active age of action figure kids has shrunk considerably from the golden age of playsets (1978-1980s), but these great playsets of the past are always the reference point for a lot of us collectors who are from that generation.  Combine that with the fact that collectors on the whole are figure-focused first, vehicle-focused second with playsets somewhere in the second tier, and it paints a business scenario that does not lend itself to taking risks on big playsets.  The liability when they don't sell can be enormous.


The wookiees were a big part of Revenge of the Sith, plus they make awesome figures. Will there be any new wookiee figures in the 30th anniversary collection or any ewoks, maybe a female ewok with child? (YN, 12/01/06)

We're going to hold off on Wookiees for a while. It may have been their rather small time on screen, or it may just be that their speech is unintelliglbe to the average human, but the Wookiees, aside from Chewbacca and later in the year, Tarrful, did not seem to enjoy the same level of popularity as other characters last year. We'll come back to them at some point, but we're resting them for now.

Regarding the 7" unleashed line, Little kids don't really like this line IMO because they cant play with it. Collectors like myself can't find all of them because of your vendors (Walmart & Target) do not have the products in stock for us to buy! We need some re-releases ( Padme, Slave Leia, Stormtrooper, Unmasked Vader) But we want new sculpts. Also you would have better luck with this line if you sold it through specialty shops like the local Comic Stores or through Diamond. Then you would be able to gage the real following this line has, as the collectors could by only the ones they wanted & not have the peg warmers through off the sales bottom line. Maybe not that great of a question but I would like an answer and I hope Yodasnews can get it for me. I have almost everyone of the Unleashed 7" figs ever put out (that I could find anyway) & would like to add plenty more to my collection. (YN, 12/01/06)

We are still going to try some things with Unleashed 7" next year, but all-new sculpts are not in the mix, and we have to be careful on re-releases. We will probably not re-release Padme and Leia, but the other two are possibilities at some point.

Why are the most sought after figures one to a case. I remember Cody and Scorch being hard to find at first but you have Commander Appo being one to a case as well. Do you realize the demand for the figure? Why not put more per case of have solid case packs? (YN, 12/01/06)

For basic figures, collector-targeted ones, we tool at 1-up tools so our capacity is more limited. It costs more to duplicate figure tools, and for more narrowly released figures it does not make fiscal sense to cut more steel than is needed. When demand is high, we can produce only so many to go in the case packs and as such, the factory can only supply enough to provide 1 per case because the overall production is elevated. That was the case this year. Sometimes (like Scorch) we re-release because demand was much higher than we originally anticipated. Also, keep in mind that what is highly prized by collectors is not necessarily what kids are looking you have been seeing very different case mixes than you were used to seeing, say, during Saga 2002-2004 where collector figures were heavier up, but the overall figure volume was lower too.
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Re: The Categorized (and Chronological!) Hasbro Q & A Archive
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Week 21 - December 8, 2006

Why do some pack-in figures with vehicles and multi-figure sets use older or less-popular sculpts of the character when better-quality ones exist? Examples include the large-wing TIE Fighter being packed with the POTF2 TIE Pilot figure rather than the vastly-superior Saga TIE Pilot, or Battle Packs that use the ROTS #06 Quick-Draw Clone Trooper or Deluxe Jetpack Clone rather than the #41 Super-Articulated Clone, or the upcoming Tantive IV Battle Pack using the Evolutions Sandtrooper mold that doesn't have mid-torso articulation over the VOTC Stormtrooper. (This question isn't looking for answers to those specific examples, but to the general "why" of this practice.) (AF, 12/08/06)

The reason varies depending on the availability of specific tools, the factory where the tools are located, and whether they can be transferred without causing problems with other products. We like the Evo trooper, though, and we think that it makes a great figure. Overall fans will be very pleased with the results (and we agree that a couple of our vehicle choices were not the best figures but the best available figures). If the aesthetics are solid (like the different SA Stormtrooper tools we have) then we feel variety, rather than uniformity, is something we think is welcome in the Star Wars figure universe.

If and when you decide to make a Battle Droid Commander 2-pack, will you make one figure in the regular color and one in the Geonosis color, or are all of the Battle Droid 2-packs going to be 2 of the same paint application? (AF, 12/08/06)

If and when we do it, it will probably just have one commander and one trooper.

Any possibility of releasing an SA IG-100 Magnaguard (aka Grievous' Bodyguard)? (AF, 12/08/06)

At some point we'll probably do it, but that figure might be one that needs a fresh approach. We might see a new tool before a re-release.


We know that during the POTF2 era there were various attempts to get the original Darth Vader (Removable Helmet) just right, and the figure was sent back to the drawing board more than once. We know that the POTF2 Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial) was also revised. Are there any instances of this happening in the most recent (post-Episode II) era since the team has been so focused on accuracy? Can you give us any details and specifics about who/what was refined to improve its detail? (GH, 12/08/06)

There is quite a bit of back and forth between the Hasbro design and sculpting team and Lucasfilm regarding likeness details. In some cases taking several submissions to get it juuuuust right.  The McQuarrie Boba Fett figure, images of which were released this week, is one example of a figure that underwent numerous revisions to get it just right, and it was a process that actually resulted in two heads; both the McQuarrie design and Joe Johnston-inspired design.  Both heads will now be packed in....a cool result from a somewhat protracted sculpting and approval process.

3¾" Battle Packs seem to be doing really well at retail (especially during this holiday season) and most of those "leaked" over the summer are already out, or coming soon. Is this segment meeting Hasbro's expectations, and can we expect more (general release) Battle Packs in 2007? Any hints as to what concepts or locales we can expect? (When can we expect images and information about the Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack? When is it expected to be at retail?) (GH, 12/08/06)

The segment is doing very well and it will continue through spring '07 with remixes of the six packs for which details have been released.  As to whether this will continue throughout all of 2007, we have yet to decide, but we are considering it for a year-round product.

Where do we stand on getting a Silver Death Star Droid (like the vintage Kenner line), a Death Squad Trooper (grey uniform), and an Imperial Officer in a black starched, pressed, and ironed uniform? The Silver Death Star Droid could just be a repaint and the Imperial Officer could have multiple heads... more bang for your buck. (GH, 12/08/06)

The Imperial Officer will be coming back based on the fans' choice voting, so he'll be our focus for now. The silver Death Star Droid is a good opportunity for a re-pack at some point, but first we'd bring back the black one, which did not make the fans' choice cut.  As for Death Squad Trooper, it would be an interesting re-paint at some point, but currently there are no plans for him.


Since the Episode 1 Eopie wasn't eligible for the Saga Legends voting, is there any chance you can squeeze this beast into a Battle Pack in the future? (Sort of like 2004's TRU exclusive Naboo Final Conflict set which featured a repainted Kaduu). The Eopie is still one of the toughest Episode 1 items to track down and many collectors would love to see it return (especially since the beast was featured alongside Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith as well). (JD, 12/08/06)

This is a good suggestion and we will consider it for the future. Thanks.

Let's talk Titanium. The 3" line has grown into a fan-favorite as many fans have been sucked in by the appeal of these little beauties. As we head into 2007, can we expect to see more ships from X-Wing and TIE Fighter video game series? So many ships from which to choose - the TIE Defender, TIE Avenger, Z-95, and Stormtrooper Transport are a great place to start! (JD, 12/08/06)

We have a looong list of new and re-paint vehicles planned for 2007 (and beyond if the line continues to do well). Our plans are to dip into the expanded universe realm and video games for more inspiration for our vehicle selections. It may take a bit, so look for two out of the four vehicles on your list to make it to shelves near the middle of 2008.

What's been the biggest learning point that you've taken away from participating in the first 20 Q&A sessions? Has there been anything in particular that made you sit back and think, "wow, those crazy collectors are really after product X?" Have there been any specific products set into motion for 2008 or beyond based on the collective Q&A input? (JD, 12/08/06)

Interesting question. If anything, it has been that our intuition and interest in expanding into the EU definitely struck a vein of fan interest and the large number of EU-related questions have enabled us to think as broadly as possible about the prospects and think about other opportunities. Another thing we have taken away is that beyond the EU, we think that we have been constructing the whole line in a way that touches upon many, if not all, of the specific sub-classes of figures and themes that fans like at least as far as the figure and vehicle selection goes that fans have been asking about. If fans are asking detailed questions that is good for us and helps us think more deeply about things. Of course, the hardest thing about the Q&A is holding ourselves back a bit in our answers and not "spilling the beans" about the exciting things we have coming out. We prefer to keep things as close to the vest as possible so we have new things to talk about, and not have the line gradually revealed all the way until the end of 2008.


If you ever get around to making a Spirit Anakin what likeness would he most likely have? Hayden Christensen, Sebastian Shaw, or (what I want to see) interchangeable Christensen and Shaw heads so everyone is happy. (JI, 12/08/06)

Well that's the real trick, isn't it? (...To borrow a phrase) Ideally a combination of interchangeable heads if we ever did this figure.

Back at ComicCon it was stated that 10 of the choices from the Fan's Choice poll were in the plans to be made next year. Is that still true? (JI, 12/08/06)

That is no longer factually accurate. The answer is that 11 will be in the line by next year! This total includes Kir Kanos, who of course has already shipped.

If you were to update Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise in the 3 3/4" line, would it just be a head swap, or, would it actually be a shorter sculpt (maybe with head and/or paint deco variants)? (JI, 12/08/06)

Interesting question. Our preference would be to use the existing tools rather than mod them or do new tools for a one-time use.


The 3" Titanium series X-Wing mold is being rereleased as a Dagobah version soon but the S-foil wings are stuck open on this mold which doesn't look right for the paint scheme. Will Hasbro eventually make a new X-Wing that has opening/closing wings? How about a new 3" Titanium Millennium Falcon with retractable landing gear, or other Galoob die-cast molds that could use updating? (SSG, 12/08/06)

At long last the X-Wing will be retired after the release of the Dagobah version. We have plans for a completely new x-wing in 2008 with retractable s-foils and flip down front and rear landing gear.

The Battle Packs Unleashed line recently had a Snowspeeder vehicle set as part of the Battle of Hoth assortment. Will we see more ships in the line? How about taking larger ships from other Hasbro lines (like the 3¾" line's Millennium Falcon for example) that are close to the line's scale and retool them into the Battle Packs Unleashed line? (SSG, 12/08/06)

We will not be doing any more Unleashed 2" ships (or playsets) for the time being. The sales have simply not been there for this sub-line, while the 4-packs themselves have been doing very, very well and have found a new audience complementary to the other "major" lines (3-3/4", Galactic Heroes, and Star Wars Transformers). So instead of going after the vehicles, we have actually stepped up production of more new 2" Unleashed figures for next year. Stay tuned for what those will be.

Any chance of getting a figure of "Heater", the character name given to the human actor stand-in for Jabba in for A New Hope played by Declan Mullholland? (SSG, 12/08/06)

Very low probability of us ever doing him. He was always meant to be a stand-in and be replaced, so he would be behind a long list of on-screen figures that we would do before him.


How about hasbro making a new skiff? One a little larger and has the feature of C-3P0 and R2-D2 with the clamps that picked them up in the movie? (ST, 12/08/06)*

There are other bigger, more aggressive vehicles we'd like to get to before considering a skiff.

What does Hasbro do to try to avoid peg warmers? For example, when you made the Lushros Dophine figure, which has been a peg warmer for about 6 months now, you had to know that this would not be an extremely popular figure among kids or collectors so why did Hasbro make so many of them and how will this issue be rectified in the future? (ST, 12/08/06)*

Key learning on Lushros: Initially, we dedcided to limit him to a historically-based "low-end number," but because of the runaway success of figures this year, we scaled him up in proportion with the rest of the line (this happens automatically, say, if we decided to double the amount we make of any one wave to keep up with demand, instead of remixing and deleting and adding a different figure). We knew kids didn't want him, and that there are more collectors engaged in 3-3/4" then there have been in many years so we felt confident we could let the line play out on him. We did overshoot on him though, and it was valuable data for future line planning. He is really the only figure that we have seen in abundance, though.  Overall, we do not have any problems with figures and it has not gotten in the way of getting TSC to shelf so this was an isolated incident that has not been a problem and we are watching it more carefully.

Are there any special plans to keep this line alive and well after the 30th Anniversary celebrations are done next year? (ST, 12/08/06)*

You bet!


Why were seven out of the ten figures chosen for the Ultimate Galactic Hunt promotion villains? As you know, the "pewter/silver" hologram figures were very limited, especially for those who were trying to obtain a complete set of the heroes; only Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Scorch (impossible to find until the red hologram version was released) included hero holograms. I don't see why Princess Leia and Chewbacca were not chosen over the AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper.  Leia and Chewie are far more iconic than the two Imperials, and it would've balanced out the hero-to-villain, pewter hologram problem. (SWC, 12/08/06)

We did not give thought to balancing the holo mix. We selected the figures based on getting a mix from all waves up to that point.

I'm worried that the collectible coin pack-ins for The 30AC might lead to increased incidences of vandalism at retail. Unscrupulous collectors who don't want to buy one of every figure might break into packages in order to get a complete set of coins, leaving behind the carded figures. While it was rare, I did see a few TSC packages at retail that had their hologram figures stolen out of the packaging. Was this at all considered during the product development of the coins and The 30AC basic figure packaging? (SWC, 12/08/06)

Yes, we have taken this into account in the blister design. There is an inner trap blister into which the coin is set that cannot be easily removed in the store.

A few weeks ago, Hasbro answered that figures of Clone Wars General Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Armor and a Space Armor Saesee Tiin (Clone Wars, Vol. 2) were great ideas for the 2008 line. Might we also suggest the following figures to round out a Clone Wars-themed wave in 2008?

* Barriss Offee (all-new, super-articulated sculpt, from Clone Wars Vol. 1)
* Holographic Darth Sidious with Mechano Chair (EPISODE I Holographic Darth Sidious with all-new Mechano Chair accessory)
* Roron Corobb: Ithorian Jedi Knight (Clone Wars, Vol. 2: all-new sculpt)
* Yoda on Kybuck (Clone Wars, Vols. 1 & 2: Yoda from ROTS Deluxe Yoda on Can-Cell, with all-new Kybuck)
* IG Lancer Droid (Clone Wars, Vol. 1: mix of retooled IG-88 parts and all-new sculpts, with battle lance accessory)
(SWC, 12/08/06)

Thanks for the comments. There are some exciting figures here. At this point, 2008 has been locked down for some time and the good news is that at least one of the figures, and maybe more, are on there. In addition, at least one of these, maybe more, will appear before then. Stay tuned...


In regards to the Vintage line, do you cater more to the collectors versus kids? I ask because in the last Q&A you mentioned your hopes to complete the classic vintage line, including the more obscure characters. I would guess that this was a more collector-oriented line due to the pricepoint and presentation, which would lead me to believe that even the obscure characters would still sell very well. And as there are still a few vintage figures that have not yet been remade in the modern line, such as the palace version of Klaatu, this would be a great way to see these unmade characters. In addition, it would be great to see updates of some earlier figures in the Vintage line such as Admiral Ackbar, Wicket, and the Ugnaughts for example. (TJ, 12/08/06)

The vintage line is definitely a collector-oriented product because of the price point and in a way, the aesthetics of the package and figures as well (kids don't care as much about articulation, for example).  However, there are also varying degrees of collector affinity for figures as well. The more obscure the figures get, some collectors will drop out and not get the whole assortment.  This is the difference between completist collectors, and collectors who cherry-pick their favorites.  The proof of this is in the rate of sales in the vintage line.  Troop builders aside, which of course have greater depth of purchase, vintage figures sell at a rate proportionate with their overall appeal as iconic Star Wars figures and also, with the excellence of the execution of the figure and degree of "must have"-ness.  So either some kids are skewing vintage (which is possible) or there are subtypes of collectors who are causing this effect.  We think the latter is the major factor.  So naturally, this paints a backdrop of uncertainty for the "last half" say of vintage.  Will waves made up of third-tier figures be as appealing as the first and more iconic 25 or so figures we wil have done by next spring?  No, they won't be to the overall collecting audience.  So that's why we can't say, with certainty, that we will ever complete an entire vintage recreation line because of this.  Hopefully we will some day, but there are a lot of figures to go and we'll probably be doing mainline versions of them before we do vintage.

While the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars and the associated 30th Anniversary Collection are looming on the horizon, it seems that Hasbro is probably planning further ahead for 2008 and beyond.  And it seems very likely that what Hasbro designers may be working on now is a 2008 collection and possibly a line to complement the upcoming animated series.  Now we've heard from Lucasfilm that the Clone Wars cartoon that is in production is going to be very different in style from the 2 Volumes of Clone Wars that we've already seen.  Now to the question:  Has anyone at Hasbro seen concept art or designs for this new cartoon?  And will the toy line that is sure to complement this new series be stylized like the new animation, or in the current life-like style? (TJ, 12/08/06)

Well, as far as the non-animation component goes, the 2008 line has been "locked down." The line plan has been secure for months and we are moving into sculpt mode with the first waves of figures.  We do not anticipate that there will be changes to this line beyond the few usual character tweaks and refinements, when we are moving from concept into execution. The Clone Wars line has not been finalized and remains in development. We have been working with Lucasfilm very closely on the series, and there are many stylistic details yet to be worked out that will not be revealed for a while, so stay tuned.

In a previous Q&A, you mentioned that you'd already tried to make a Droideka that could turn from "wheel" mode into battle mode but it was too difficult/cumbersome to make viable. What about a "2-pack" then, where you have the regular Droideka mold and the "wheel" Droideka mold that was used in the "Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher". This could be done in both eps1 and eps2 color schemes as a running change. (TJ, 12/08/06)

The problem with the wheel is that it's not a fun figure and just becomes a fairly expensive accessory or set piece.  We will consider it if the opportunity ever comes up.


There have been rumors about seeing the ARC-170 next year. Can you confirm that this is true, and if so any details about it and any pack-ins? I would love to see Oddball's fighter with him and his droid, which appears to have the same paint scheme as R4-P17, only in green instead of red. (YF, 12/08/06)

We are looking at an ARC-170 re-release, but it has not been confirmed yet, or even what deco it would be. In any case, we're likely to hold something like that close to the vest for release at an upcoming show.

I understand why you are using the S/A Scout Trooper for now as a Kashyyykk Trooper instead of making a new one, but why didn't you use the S/A Scout with opening visor then you could of at least molded a Kashyyykk Trooper visor and belt for it, to make it slightly more accurate. This surely would not have cost much and helped with any future new Kashyyykk Trooper. While I'm at it will we ever see a Snowpeeder Luke figure with grapple gun accessory and the famous Hoth Trooper sitting with his small repeater cannon? (YF, 12/08/06)

The Kashyyyk trooper was a costly one already (due to deco), so we went with the closed mask version to not escalate ops and part count. As for those accessories, it's unlikely on Luke and at some point we will probably get to the Trooper with cannon.

I really dig the Original Trilogy Troopers in the tin sets with the removable helmets but I was curious about something.  Did you have to go to Lucasfilm to get permission to use the Jango Fett headsculpt for the Storm/Snow/Scout trooper figures? The reason I ask is because sometimes when you have an idea for a toy release, it can end up, either directly or indirectly, as canon to the overall Star Wars saga.

We've seen the Prequel clone troopers without their helmets but not any of the OT troopers, though it's always been assumed that the OT troopers were a mix of clones and conscripted soldiers. Now with the release of these figures, Hasbro is kind of confirming that some of Jango's clones are still in use in the OT, which is why I have to wonder how much permission you have to get from LFL before you produce something that might be integral to the "story". Thanks!
(YF, 12/08/06)

Yes, we get 100% approval from Lucasfilm on everything in the line.  We are not at liberty to create a new canon, but instead discuss opportunities and issues with the team and move purposely if something is cool and fits a direction that is ripe to explore.

Week 22 - December 15, 2006

What other toy lines do you see as the Star Wars line's chief competition, both in-house and across the market? (AF, 12/15/06)

Generally, any property that is vying for kids' mindshare is a competitive property. As far as collectors, there is only one Star Wars! It doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels, though - we have exciting things in store to keep collectors excited for many years to come.

Other than the Comic 2-packs and Battle Packs, will there be any sub-lines for the 3¾" figures (such as Deluxe, Evolutions, Tins, etc.) next year? (AF, 12/15/06)

Right now, aside from the occasional exclusive, we are focusing a little more tightly and do not plan for more tins or deluxe. This is simply because shelf space will be extremely competitive next year and we will not have the luxury of pursuing items like a widespread listing of tins.

Why were there only 5 Vintage-style figures this year, and why was Empire Strikes Back left out of the line-up when there are such worthy candidates as a Snowtrooper, Bespin Luke, Bespin Han, the Hoth incarnations of Han, Luke, & Leia, and even ESB style Boba Fett waiting to be made? What does the future hold for the Vintage-style line? (AF, 12/15/06)

We did not actually think about the line-up in movie terms, but strictly on character terms. As for why there were five - with everything else we were doing, this was the number that we could complete without having to reduce items elsewhere. There is a wave slated for 2007, which will be revealed around Toy Fair timing (February). Beyond that, we are going to stay mum on the topic for a while.


Due to the cost of producing plastic playsets for the 3 3/4" action figures being so high, would you ever consider updating the old Toltoys or Palitoy cardboard style Death Star playset with new graphics? There's hardly any plastic pieces so production costs would be low. (GH, 12/15/06)

We have looked at cardboard (and other materials) but have been underwhelmed by the results and believe that the majority of fans (kids and collectors) probably would be too.

I loved the Jabba's Sail Barge R2-D2 with bar tray you released in 2004, however it's disappointing that he didn't have an open slot in his dome for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber hilt. The original 1998 R2-D2 with launching lightsaber was far from accurate in design, due to his oversized third leg and the ignited lightsaber inside him. Have you considered redoing a more accurate version in the future with just the lightsaber hilt hidden in his dome? It's one of the only remaining R2-D2 variants we still need.

***Note: We could also use a re-release of the Bar2-D2 with a sturdier bar tray! The plastic on the previous release was a little too pliable.***
(GH, 12/15/06)

Yes, we have considered this (the saber-launching version) as a future R2-D2 update we could do. Good point on the serving tray, too - we'll take that into account.

With tooling very similar to the Emperor's Wrath Darth Vader figure, are we ever likely to see the nixed CD-ROM Darth Vader (Bespin Confrontation) actually released? There are a lot of "samples" of this figure out there, so why not use it? (Seriously -- it's very close in detail to the Emperor's Wrath Vader which has been released several times with different deco.) (GH, 12/15/06)

We'll look into it thanks.


The new pictures of 2007 wave 2 were really fantastic! It was great to see that both the new Death Star Trooper and Rebel Honor Guard figures appear to be super articulated. Both have removable helmets (another great feature) with unique and fairly generic likenesses. Are the faces based on anyone in particular in the Hasbro organization as some past figures have been, or are they just random? (JD, 12/15/06)

They are not based on anyone at Hasbro.

Is there any chance of a variation on the Death Star Trooper in a grey costume for the Death Squad Commander from the vintage line (and just barely visible in A New Hope)? (JD, 12/15/06)

Down the road it's a possibility, but there are no plans for next year.

There was some hope for the poncho with the McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett figure. Is the poncho a scrapped idea or just not included in the photo we saw? (JD, 12/15/06)

The figure does not have a poncho.


With so many new Star Wars video games coming out these days, and with kids being so into video games these days, has there ever been thought about doing a line of figures based on them again? (JI, 12/15/06)


Do you think we will ever see a return to where the toy market will support the release of large vehicles and playset like back in the 80's? (JI, 12/15/06)

Older kids (10-12 year-olds) who were once active in action figures have left the category entirely in favor of videogames and other pursuits. So we won't see the return of these kids to the category - they have aged out. Combine that with more TV shows and movies, and more toy lines, vying for attention and it means there's a smaller share of the pie for the existing boys brands. I think it's challenging for many boys brands to make playsets work, including Star Wars. We do not preclude playsets from Star Wars, but we would lean in the favor of large vehicles. There are some large vehicles in the mix, but it's too early to commit to what those might be other than what info we have already given previously.

Now that 2007 is almost upon us, can you give us any hints as to what characters we might see done for the VOTC line next year? (JI, 12/15/06)

That will be revealed soon - at Toy Fair or around then. Right now it is too early to reveal.


Several years ago, during one of the past Fans' Choice competitions, you offered as one of the possible voting options a Rebel disguised in as a Scout Trooper. While this figure did not win, it certainly seems to have been a precursor to the recently released Flip-Visor Scout Troopers. Was this figure the basis for the current Scout Troopers? Any chance we'll get out Rebels in Scout Trooper disguise figures as well? (RS, 12/15/06)

It was not the basis for the current flip-visor Scout Trooper, as that was a new concept. We currently don't have plans do to a Rebel disguise Scout Trooper, but it's certainly a cool idea for down the road.

Since you aren't giving specifics on figures for next year, how about answering this: We've heard you want to do an updated version of Luke Skywalker from the second Death Star, however would you offer a variation to this character? He fights Vader and his flap is closed, and after the battle and after the Emperor's lightning, his flap is open. Which version of Luke would we see? Would we get both? Next year maybe?! (I know you said no specifics, but I have to inquire, just this last time tell us when well see this guy!) (RS, 12/15/06)

When we do this figure (and it's a matter of when, not if, since he needs to be done) we'd probably do just one version, then come back at some point and do the other. Since a torso tool is significant (as compared to a head) we'd have to do it this way.

In terms of the Comic Packs, is this going to be the only series of action figures looking solely on the Expanded Universe? Because that leaves a massive hole in everyone's collection. Especially seeing that, apart from Splinter of the Mind's Eye and The Thrawn Trilogy very few, if any, Star Wars books have been made into Comic Series. Do you intend to do a wave of EU figures in next year's or even 2008's series of figures based entirely on figures that couldn't possibly be included in the Comic Packs? (RS, 12/15/06)

Admittedly, books that do not have visual representation are very low in consideration for us, simply because we can't pack in a story as a way to convey the context for a figure that otherwise the broader audience may not be familiar with. We do not intend to slight the novel fanbase, but we do think we have some figures that will keep them very satisfied over the next couple of years. As we look to the future, we want to evaluate how we can better take advantage of the characters from the novels.


Can Hasbro give us an idea of how many waves and figures there will be in '07? And roughly how many from each movie or EU source? (SSG, 12/15/06)

I cannot give you as many specifics as you want, simply because we do not want to reveal some surprises we are holding in store. But we will answer your question since we have seen some concern from fans who are afraid that we are abandoning the OTC. That is very far from the case now and in the future! It's been simply a case where a lot of discussion (and excitement) has been expressed about exploring EU in the Q&A so naturally fans have been seeing this. Here's a chance to assuage some concerns. There are nine waves of the 30th Basic Figure line (which I think you are asking about), not including Saga Legends or comic packs which are separate SKUs. There are 60 figures in the 30th figure line, of which 8 are McQuarrie figures. The remaining figures break down as follows: 50% are original trilogy, 25% are prequel, and 25% are from other sources, including some Clone Wars. I cannot give more specifics on this breakdown, in order to save some surprises.

In an earlier Q&A, Hasbro said they wanted to put larger accessories in the packages such as the Moisture Vaporator and the curved bar section for the cantina. Can you elaborate on some of the other larger accessories we may see? (SSG, 12/15/06)

We cannot give details on others right now simply because they would reveal characters. You'll have to stay tuned. ;)

Was it intentional for the recent Target-exclusive Rogue II Snowspeeder to be without stickers (especially for low-deco areas such as the cockpit), and without the spring-loaded landing gear? The landing leg in previous releases of this vehicle have a spring which held it in the down position when its door was slid open. (SSG, 12/15/06)

That was the intention, on both counts.


Was the Toys 'R Us exclusive Battlepack, "The Hunt For General Grievous" under produced or under shipped?  This was one of the most difficult to find.  Is there any chance of a re-release of this in the future? (ST, 12/15/06)*

It was was simply very popular.  While the TRU-exclusive Clone Wars Republic Gunship was re-released, TRU chose not to re-release the matching Battle Pack, so that explains the paucity of this pack.  We are thinking about the possibility of re-releasing it elsewhere but it would not be until well into 2007 if we did re-release.

Are we ever going to see a Clone Blaze Trooper and a Clone Assassin Trooper from the Ep III game? (ST, 12/15/06)*

They are not in the plans right now, but with the welcome reception to the Republic Commandos figures, we are looking to see what videogame inspired figures we could work into a future line.  We’ll take your suggestion into account.

Is Quinlan Vos still slated for release? If so when? We are seeing a two pack believed to be the Hasbro retailer catalogue stating Komari Vosa and Vilmarh Grahrk, is this a typo? (ST, 12/15/06)*

He is indeed slated for Wave 2 of the comic packs.  We do not have an image available right now, but the pack should be made available very soon.


Jabba's holochess droid, BG-J38, has the same body as 8D8 but painted yellow and with a new head sculpt. The Death Star's supervisor droid, AV-6R7, has the same body as EV-9D9 but painted black and with a different head sculpt. Have you looked at these recently as a (relatively) easy way to get never been done characters out while utilizing existing molds? (SWC, 12/15/06)

We have not looked at those but will at some point. On the surface, a holochess droid is less interesting than a physical droid. Thanks for the input.
Wondered if you were doing any more Galactic Senate figures? Would really like to see from Episode III a Cellheim Anujo figure and Tundra Dowmeia. (SWC, 12/15/06)

With so many cool themes to choose from that have high collector affinity, the Senate is one of those themes, along with Nemoidians, that is "in the mix" but not the highest on the list right now. Over the next couple of years we will be getting to them occasionally, but they won't be too prolific. Hopefully the occasional one will keep those shelf dios active.

With a new Bantha and Tusken Raider on the way from Toys "R" Us next year, what are the chances of getting, say, a reworked Jabba the Hutt from ROTJ with his dias and maybe a sitting Slave Leia and Salacious Crumb, along with a bunch of accessories? This would be a great set. (SWC, 12/15/06)

We are looking at a new Jabba sometime but it won't be in 2007. By the way - the Bantha on the way is a redeco, not a totally new Bantha.

How do you feel about characters that have been eliminated from the newer cuts (Special Editions, DVD releases) of the movies? The Wolfman (Lak Zivrak) came out right before the SE, but does the fact that he will no longer appears in new versions of ANH hurt his chances for a resculpt or re-release? The same goes for whether we will ever see the very similar Coyoteman or, my personal favorite, R2-A6? (SWC, 12/15/06)

Since the original cuts have been reissued on DVD, we now still consider these characters to be under consideration. But it may take a long time to get to some of them.


Hasbro mentioned in an earlier Q&A that one of the Revenge Of The Sith TRU exclusive Jedi Starfighters would be reissued in the 2007 line.  Currently at least one etailer is listing an Anakin Skywalker jedi starfighter in one of their assault vehicle case assortments.  Is the fighter that's being offered in this 30th Anniversary Collection assortment the green jedi starfighter that was previously a Toys R Us exclusive? (TJ, 12/15/06)

Right now, it is the same (yellow) version.  When we add these into the mix, it will be for the back half of 2007.

The Jawa had previously asked about the possibility of coordinating figure releases with the release of vehicles that are somewhat character specific.  The response we got was that it would be looked into in the future.  Fast forward to the announcement of the Saga Legends lineup, and that series has brought us a couple of figures that do seem very well suited to being pilots, those being the Darth Maul for the Sith Infiltrator and Saesee Tiin for the Saesee Tiin Jedi Starfighter.  Now with another new assault vehicle on the way in the V-Wing starfighter, can we expect a new Clone Pilot figure for this vehicle that is similar in deco to the V-Wing Pilot that was part of the Attacktix line? (TJ, 12/15/06)

You have made a good point and that is why those two figures (Tiin and Maul) are in the line-up.  However, we do not have a V-Wing pilot slated to go with the V-Wing as of this time.  Eventually, it will be a figure we'll do but we do not have a timetable.  Patience on that one.

With many desirable clonetroopers being re-released next year for Saga Legends, would Hasbro consider finally giving us a "clean" variant of many of these troopers (perhaps as a running change?). For example it would be amazing to see the Evo Sandtrooper sergeant (white pauldron) and the RotS #41 clonetrooper without the dirt markings. Clones especially since for army builders it looks VERY bizarre to have an entire army of #41 clones with exactly the same dirt patterns. A clean version would save Hasbro money, give fans a new reason to add to their clone collections and customizers could also customize their own dirt patterns if so desired. (TJ, 12/15/06)

But since Clones undergo the same training and are pretty much identical in all ways, the markings do make sense! You have a good point for pushing for variety and we'll look into it.  However, we can't make any promises we'll be able to do this next year as the Saga Legends slate will be pretty crowded with the paint schemes we have committed to doing.


I was very excited when I picked up an Obi-Wan Kenobi #28 on sale at Target a few days ago. I could finally have a soft goods cape, unlit hilt, headset and stand all in one figure, but I was kind of disappointed the figure's foot wasn't deep enough for the stand. Hasbro is releasing another Obi-Wan next year that has been retooled for the mouth piece, but will this version have a retooled peg hole in his foot? With all of the accessories that have been released with this great sculpt of Obi-Wan, dating back all the way to the ROTS Pilot version, I want him to at least be able to stand on his... stand without any problems. (YF, 12/15/06)

Thanks for the comment. The figure does have the same footpeg from this year's version and will ship that way to begin with, but we'll take your comment back to the engineering team and see if we can make the hole deeper going forward. It’s tricky to get the peg that deep when a figure has a super-articulated foot because the foot peg cannot always be migrated to the thicker heel, so it may not be possible. Thanks.

I know the Q&A has had a lot of new vehicle and playset questions and you have told us why you don't make them, but fans are not convinced by these reasons because, they walk down the toy aisles seeing other large toy companies and small companies (who have less funding and resources than Hasbro, make new molds without the issues Hasbro has with making new molds) filling the shelves with new vehicles and playsets for their toy lines, which the retailers obviously don't mind selling in their shops and are being bought; many items could be listed in one store alone. GI Joe being an example of the outcome of this. I would of thought as a toy maker, Hasbro would want to constantly put out new product not just new packaging to keep it fresh, to be Innovative and up to date in your chosen business. For example Hasbro has said no to build-a-figure suggestions, but the next Buffy wave of figures will have it so it must be a good idea. This is the point most fans don’t get Hasbro turned it down; though the company will experiment with items like Choppers and Playskool etc.

As well as fans, Kids want new Vehicles and Playsets to put their favourite figures in, as we all did when we were kids. Collectors will only buy so many Jedi Starfighter repaints before they've had enough and most kids will only want one of each different vehicle, again as we all did when we were young, because we wanted new ships not the same we already had but in a different colour.

Sorry if this sounds more like a rant than a question, but this is the frustration many fans have, we feel let down compared to other fans and kids. You have given us some great figures and battle packs but what about the rest? My question boils down to how come you give reasons, saying you can't do something or you say retailers have an issue with shelf space, when other Toy companies are doing it and retailers are stocking it?
(YF, 12/15/06)

Just because other companies are doing something does not mean it is a successful business model, or that even if it successful for them does not mean that it would be successful for Hasbro or for Star Wars to pursue. We cannot speak for other Hasbro brands, because they have different strategic objectives and make a decision to allocate their resources against the objectives that are going to be important for them to gain momentum with kids. However, we are committed to making new vehicles and that has been well-discussed, as vehicles are an important part of the play pattern. The development of playsets in an inordinately expensive, time-consuming and resource intensive endeavor that has not proven, in Star Wars, to be worth the investment. It literally means that we would be doing less of other things like figures or vehicles, and we do not think that this tradeoff is worth it.

Since the beginning of these Q & A's, (which I want to thank you for by the way) is there any upcoming product that has been given the go-ahead as a direct result of an idea from them, that perhaps otherwise wouldn't have been? I understand if you can't give out specifics right now, though if you did, it would be appreciated. (YF, 12/15/06)

There are a couple important ones. First, there are the Fans' Choice figures in the Saga Legends assortment for next year. While we do read the fan boards to see what folks are talking about, it was the questions about character reissues that got us to thinking about straight re-issues for some characters, which we would otherwise probably never have gotten to (like Pit Droids, for example). That led to to the vote, which really was an amazing thing and the end result is that we were able to accommodate many figures and many types of figures (troops, droids, and characters). The multi-pack of Battle Stands that will be coming out from HasbroToyShop next year is a another good example of something that we wanted to do at some point, but did not trigger specifically until the early Q&As got us to bring forward and finish the idea (look for these in May - 40 stands from all six films + some EU, for $9.99). Other than that, no specific new ideas have sprung from the Q&A, but some of the questions and back-and-forth have given us more confidence in pursuing certain ideas, some of which I cannot discuss right now.


With the seemingly growing success of the 2� unleashed line especially with the playset style and the awesome snowspeeder , are you going to look into creating more vehicles in this scale? An AT-TE would be incredible. Also, can we look forward to some ewoks and/or a battle for the bunker playset for Endor? (YN, 12/15/06)

Actually, the figures themselves have been doing exceptionally well and the packs have found a new collecting audience of troop builders or desktop diorama builders, including a sizable kid audience too. However, sales for the scenes (the Snowspeeder and Hoth set) have been disappointing. We do not have plans to pursue more of these sets, but are expending the range of 2" Unleashed figure packs for next year in response to demand.

Is there any chance we will be getting an updated version of Klaatu from Jabba's dungeon? (YN, 12/15/06)

At some point, it's a certainty. But when that will be we can't say for certain. has had some nice deals in 2006, especially the ability to get exclusives there. Any chance in 2007 you will offer solid case packs on the site? (YN, 12/15/06)

We are looking at this possibility.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Week 23 - January 12, 2007

Hasbro's answers about making EU figures based on the novels have suggested one of the reasons they're not as likely is because there are no singular visual representations of the characters. However, one of the licensed reference books currently out is "The Essential Guide To Characters" which use Lucasfilm-approved artwork of character likenesses from the novels that are not in the comics, such as many of the Yuuzhan Vong and the Solo Kids. Also, the Japanese cover art likenesses has been claimed as canon by Lucasfilm Licensing executive fiction & comic editor Sue Rostoni, these likenesses being used even on the EU main page as graphic elements. Will Hasbro consider using these sources for the inspiration for future EU figures? (AF, 01/12/07)

We will look at all possibilities to bring popular EU characters out wherever they originate, including novels. The challenge is that novel characters can really only slot into the basic figure line right now and those slots are for the most part driven by the movies and Clone Wars. The comic packs will all have comics, which will house most of the EU this year and next, and is a comic-based format. So that's where we will continue to concentrate our efforts. For the EU characters that are relatively unfamiliar to the larger SW audience, this is important as our strategy has been to tell some of that story (via their comic appearances) so the context is understood and appreciated. Kids like comics too, so that is a great medium for them, as well as for collectors. Novel characters unfortunately have little visual reference and their story is tough to convey in context so they are at somewhat of a disadvantage. All that said, there will likely be some novel-based characters in the comic line either based on the novels Dark Horse has done, or because they are cross-over character who are in other comic stories. Keep in mind that we are aware of the interest and are looking for opportunities to get novel figures in where it makes sense and where they would be positioned for success, rather than failure.

Considering it is the very first spaceship we see in SW and plays a significant role in the first part of the movie, as well as appearing in ROTS, will the Tantive IV (aka Rebel Blockade Runner) vehicle ever be offered? (AF, 01/12/07)

I assume you mean for 3-3/4". The answer is that while it is not out of the realm of possibility, there are several more "large" vehicles we'd like to do ahead of this one so the chance of having it come out in the near future is very slim. To do it right it would need to be large (and thus expensive from both the resource and retail price standpoint) and we think there are some more iconic and action-oriented vehicles we'd like to explore first.

With the onslaught of Titanium Series 3" vehicles lately (5 waves hit stores from beginning of October to end of November) are there less vehicles per wave being produced or are they just moving that fast? Also, will there be refreshes of these waves for collectors that missed them when they were briefly on shelves? (AF, 01/12/07)

There are not fewer vehicles per wave, in fact, they are just moving that fast. There generally are at least 4 vehicles per wave but most average 5 or 6. Unfortunately there will not be refreshes per say but you may see one of the vehicles you may have missed later in the year. Happy hunting!


The Marvel Comics 2-packs have been hit or miss with collectors. I personally like them as this is something I wanted to see Kenner do back in the 80's and the execution with these figures is great. I was wondering though about the choice of Vader's for the Vader/Rebel Officer pack. This pack is clearly based off the scene where Vader chokes the Rebel Officer, yet Hasbro chose to go with a Vader figure that could not re-create the scene, such as the 2002 SAGA Vader. Even a new arm sculpt would have done the trick here. Was there a decision made about not re-creating the choking scene as shown in the comic? (FFURG, 01/12/07)

Our choices were based entirely on the figures we had to work with, with no opportunity for any new tools in the first wave, in order to get the product to shelf in the time needed for retailer resets. So our choice was based on that. But in general, we don't necessarily intend to recreate any panel (one scene) in the comic but provide a couple of interesting and new figures when possible wherever they appear in the comic.

Customizers often use other LFL licensed sources for inspiration or reference, like Wizards of the Coast's Miniatures or Trading Card Game. The Miniatures line seems to be in full swing but what about the Trading Card Game? We haven't seen a new set since ROTS. Is the Trading Card game dead or just resting? (FFURG, 01/12/07)

There will be no further expansions coming from Wizards. Lucasfilm is the best place to ask about the future of the SW trading card game program.

In the last two years, Target has received many exclusive SW items, but inevitably many of them go on clearance on a national-scale such as the Lava Reflection Jedi and Demise of Grievous figures as well as the Skirmish in the Senate Battlepack. How do these clearances effect what exclusive items Hasbro will make in future years and what steps are being taken to ensure a more premium based item is made as an exclusive? (FFURG, 01/12/07)

The goal is to try and call a number that we think will sell through in a certain period of time (like the duration of an end-cap at Target for instance) Even when we call the number "right", things aren't always perfect in every store, & there are usually some pockets of stock that will go on clearance as part of the move to clean up the stores and get ready for the next end-cap. We use the sales of any exclusive to dial-in on what we think the right quantity is for any future exclusive release. In general, our 3-3/4" releases have been very clean and nothing we have released has had much of an impact on future 3-3/4" releases. The exception has been the Unleashed 7", which we have cut back on for the spring Wal-Mart release to be more in line with the sell-through of the Fall products.


Titanium action figures seem to have found a nice niche. Is there any chance of seeing some of the cool speeders, like the Return of the Jedi Speederbike, made in metal? This would open the door for a whole new level of detail (similar to Gentle Giant's Speederbike mini-statue). (GH, 01/12/07)

Keep your eyes peeled… you will see some speederbikes in the mini scale in the future. As far as a full fledged action figure scale, there are no plans for that at this time, but thanks for the suggestion.

With half of the year leaked out via retailer solicitation lists, are there any major surprises still in store for us collecting folk at Toy Fair this February? Will we see Hasbro circling the wagons around existing lines, or will there be any new sub-lines introduced? (GH, 01/12/07)

We are trying to get some surprises there, and there should be a few. You won't really see any new sublines there, either, as most of our lines are already in place at retail. However, we will not be showing any exclusives at Toy Fair, consistent with out past protocol.

Through European outlets, images of the Treachery on Saleucami Battle Pack have leaked out, and the set quite obviously includes two Republic Speederbikes. Is this, perhaps, the future for the small-sized vehicles, or is this Battle Pack a one-off? (Is this a Target exclusive?) (GH, 01/12/07)

This is an exclusive for Wal-Mart, and is not part of the same Battle Pack line that is at all retailers. We are open to thinking of figure/vehicle packs like this for ideas further down the road. Stay tuned…


How many sculptors work on the basic SW figure line and how does the process work? Is one sculptor assigned to a particular figure and solely responsible for it's look? Are there sculptors that work solely on SW or do they work on other lines as well? (JD, 01/12/07)

We have a team of 10-12 freelance sculptors on the outside who are supervised by our sculpting design manager. One sculptor will be assigned for a particular figure, and then tweaks and changes (as needed) will typically be made in house, so the end result is usually the collaboration of either one or two sculptors depending on the extent of the changes needed to secure approval from Lucasfilm.

The E-11 Imperial Blaster role-play toy has never looked quite right since it lost the 3 position, fold-out stock featured in the original 1978 release. Any chance we could see that piece return, even if it doesn't actually fold out anymore? (JD, 01/12/07)

Probably not. We do have some new blasters coming out in the next couple months - a Rebel Blaster and Episode II Clone Blaster - that are very cool and those will be our new ones for a while.

What does the future hold for the Titanium Series 3.75" Forged Figure line? It seems like the major retailers are clearing out the figures and ending support for the line, but there are a pile of 10-12 previously announced figures that have yet to be released. Is this line really being canceled or will it be making a comeback this summer? (JD, 01/12/07)

We would love to continue to support the Forged Figure line and we will continue to support the line through Spring 2007. Unfortunately there was not enough demand for this figure line which has resulted in a lack of retail support for the figures by our retail partners. My advice, buy them now because they will not be around for long.


Images of the Treachery On Saleucami Battle Pack with BARC speeders recently showed up on the internet. First can you tell us if this will be a store exclusive, or will it see a regular release? Second can you tell us if there are any plans to do further battle packs like this one with the small vehicles? For instance Speeder Bikes with Endor Luke and Leia or Taun Tauns with Hoth Han and Luke are some suggestions our readers have made. (JI, 01/12/07)

Since the cat is out of the bag..we can confirm that it will be a store exclusive for Wal-Mart and will probably be on shelf in April sometime. We are looking at the possibility of additional ones like this in the future, expanding the battle pack idea.

With the Transformers movie due out later this year, can you tell us anything about the plans you have for the SW/Transformers line in 07? (JI, 01/12/07)

The response to the SW Transformers line has been astonishing and we will be continuing with this great sub-line all year. Look for some announcements regarding our next products at Toy Fair.

In a previous Q/A you said there would be a new Mace Windu figure released this year with decent articulation, any chance we can get a sneak peek of that figure with an image? (JI, 01/12/07)

The new Windu figure is in the first wave of the (TAC) and images were released in October. We have attached the released image in case you have not seen it.


What are the chances that Hasbro can make some type of accessory pack for clones that might include (but not limited to) alternate head sculpts, alternate hand molds (for pointing, making a fist, relaxed, hold other weapons, etc), alternate weapons, and other clone accessories? With the large quantity of clones out now, these would make army building funner and give some additional options and reason to buy clones! (JTA, 01/12/07)

An interesting thought, but lower on our priority list right now since things like this in the past have been more niche and do not sell as many as you might think. However, we have done collector cases, and now battle stands, so a pack like this might make sense as a HasbroToyShop item sometime. We'll look at the options, but no promises yet.

Can we expect to see anything unannounced at Toy Fair this year, or has everything for 2007 pretty much been announced already? (JTA, 01/12/07)

If all goes well, there will be a few new announcements at Toy Fair.

Can you shed some light on what types of exclusives we might see this year for conventions and mail-away? (JTA, 01/12/07)

It is too early to announce anything yet on our Convention exclusives..but we can confirm there will be some.


From time to time, collectors of the 3-3/4" figures discuss the figures' likely life spans, and how best to store them when not on display. The figures, are, of course made from a variety of plastics, and different plastics degrade at different rates. Many original vintage figures have discolored or have become sticky, and some reports of the earlier modern figures discoloring have come up as well. It seems to me that Hasbro must have in its employment one or more (most likely more) experts in these materials, so I thought it might be nice to here it from you. How long can we expect the modern line of action figures to last before they begin to deteriorate? What range of life spans do these figures have, and are the longer lived plastics generally more expensive to use? Does Hasbro put much thought into this when plastics are chosen for figures? What can we do to display and also store figures in ways that will best prolong their lives? Thanks for your advice. (RS, 01/12/07)

We produce toys first and foremost, so do not take into account the long-term storage needs for figures (decades or more) into account but instead choose materials that will provide durability and play value for the expected life of the toy. We do know that collectors would like their figures to stay in optimal shape over the long run. There are some common factors that have proven to be the enemy of many collectibles, not just toys, and those are sunlight, moisture, and dust. There are archival techniques that can be employed, such as storage in cool, dry places away from sunlight and humidity and volatile temperature changes. We can't offically advise you in this capacity but encourage collectors to research the methods that will give them the best results for their particular storage conditions.

Every year we see more Darth Vader figures released, and typically they are simple repacks, repaints, or retools of previous Vaders with perhaps some new accessories. Collectors sort of presume the justification for what may be an overdistribution of this figure is that there should always be a Vader available for kids or new collectors because he is such an iconic SW character. That makes perfect sense. Now, a character that is nearly as iconic is the Stormtrooper. The basic plain white Stormtrooper has the added bonus of being an Imperial (always popular), probably the best army-builder of all time, and you have that superb Vintage Style sculpt. While Vader has been hard to miss, the Stormtrooper, in its various iterations, has been somewhat scarce since 1995. It sounds like you are taking steps to correct that next year with the Tantive IV battlepack and the Stormtrooper with removable helmet. What prevents you from making the stormtrooper as readily available as Vader? Why can't Stormtroopers be released two or three times a year since they'd fit with just about every Original Trilogy assortment? Why shouldn't kids, new collectors, and even a few army-builders have as much access to this iconic character as they do to Vader? (RS, 01/12/07)

You bring up a very good point, and the simple answer is yes, we believe that we have a core cadre of characters (not just Vader or Stormtroopers) that should be there in many if not all waves. Because we want to balance it out and mix it up to keep the retail mix fresh, they won't be in every wave, but characters like R2 and Clones, Yoda and Jedi Luke are key characters in the fantasy and need to be heavier in the rotation. As a result you will see us making sure that there are more Stormies than in years past in the mix in the future.

Sometimes exclusive figures are just "too" exclusive, for example the Hunt for Grievous Battle Pack. Is it possible or even feasible, that when an exclusive is released, maybe a few months after it has been gone from the shelves, that Hasbro can offer that exclusive for sell on the net? It seems that most places (i.e. Target, Toys R Us, Wal-mart) do a poor job of stocking the exclusives on their shelves as well as on their websites. Any help from Hasbro would be great! (RS, 01/12/07)

In order to incentivize our retail partners to get behind an item, we have an exclusivity policy that we will not offer those packs (or figures from those packs) elsewhere for a length of time (usually up to a year) after they clear the shelves. There are two tricks with that. One, it's rare that an exclusive sells out everywhere clearly and there are sometimes pockets of stock that retailers still have - just the inevitability of the distribution system. Two, we have usually (but not always) moved beyond an item at that point and we're not certain that collectors will embrace a re-release with the ferver that is needed to sell through the quantity that we need for a re-release (another factor that needs to be considered). That said, you will see some cases where we will be bringing out exclusives again, so look for that.


Will the Mara Jade comic figure be based only on how she appeared in the comics or will Mara Jade-actress Shannon McRandle's likeness be taken into account? (SSG, 01/12/07)

She is based on the Dark Horse comic imagery.

From what we've seen, the recent TRU-exclusive Endor AT-AT and Target-exclusive Imperial Shuttle have both sold fairly well, the Shuttle selling through in only a matter of weeks. Will this mean we'll be more likely to see more larger vehicles in the future? If so, would they likely be all-new molds, retooled molds, or unmodified reissues? As a side note, some collectors have felt that large vehicles would always sell better if they were released just before Christmas the way Imperial Shuttle was, furthering the likelihood of selling more units to a wider market - what's Hasbro's take on that? (SSG, 01/12/07)

Obviously, higher price points do better before the holidays since that's when gift giving really ramps up and that is the ideal timing for anything that is not an "everyday" priced item (we consider the $19.99 SRP Starfighter Vehicle collection to be sustainable all year long and will keep that going with continued fresh waves). As far as our optimism for large vehicles succeeding based on the recent success - we knew that there was a market for the larger vehicles, the challenge is the extraordinary cost of doing new ones. We are looking at every opportunity to bring all-new ones out. We can't confirm anything right now though. If we did, because of timing, it might not be until 2008.

Off and on since the first Saga line in 2002, basic figure waves have been planned and released around themes - either by a specific scene or by a movie in general. By planning figures in themes, does that require rushing some figures to make a wave's deadline simply because it fits the theme, or padding the wave with figures that aren't entirely satisfying simply to fill the wave with theme-oriented characters? Is the themed wave idea somewhat constricting to what can be done, and have there ever been figures that were planned for a wave but didn't get finished in time and were shelved for missing their theme? (SSG, 01/12/07)

We start any year by planning out themed waves to take advantage of each movie, or catch-all EU theme and then work from there. This means digging into figures we have yet to do (usually collector-targeted) and finding ways to keep the core characters fresh to provide a "hero" appeal to the wave for kids. However, the waves can and do vary in size mostly by what we come up with for a good overall wave balance and may be as few as five new and as many as 10. So there is no set formula except for the theme idea to work, we have to have a minimum. Now in some cases, we may feel that we don't have enough ideas we are excited about for figures compared to say another movie, so we might skip a movie in a year (Empire and Phantom Menace are particularly challenging because all the core characters have been produced and we don't feel we need to go back to them every year).... in that case we may take a rich movie like RotJ or RotS and split them into two waves each. Now your question on the challenges it presents when figures are late.... we prefer to keep waves intact and sometimes the wave might be delayed if we feel strongly we need to keep them together. There are other times when we may split and recombine like we did in '06 with the Endor/Naboo wave, which was previously two different waves with more figures, some of which were shifted off into '07 or later due to delays.


The aliens from Jabba's Palace and Sailbarge show some of the most wild creatures in the SW universe.  Are you planning to make never before made figures from the movie, such as Sgt. Doallyn, Bane Master, Weequay Skiff Master, Weequay Marksman, Kithaba(an easy Barada repaint), and of course new Niktos? (ST, 01/12/07)*

You bet - that is very fertile ground.  However, like Cantina aliens and other favorites, we'll be doing a couple at a time and over time will add more characters (and hopefully one day almost all of them) so collectors can recreate this very iconic scene.  Your suggestions are very good ones, but I can't give you any more info on who is up when in the rotation.

I fully applaud the current direction you're taking with respect to the EU characters that are slated for 2007. I'm a big EU fan and especially love Timothy Zahn's creations. That said, I'm thrilled to see a new Thrawn, Mara and Bothan announced, or so I read. For the Bothan, what interpretation (source) will you be using for the figure? (I'm very partial to the old 'SW: Rebellion' computergame look for the Bothans myself) Also, are there currently plans to incorporate Talon Karrde, Joruus C'baoth and a Noghri into the line? (ST, 01/12/07)*

Patience - with time, we hope to get to most of these pretty important figures (we're not sure about C'baoth though….he's lower than others).  As for Bothan reference, we'll probably take our cue from the Rogue Squadron-esque styling of Fey'laa and others which has been a consistent visual mainstay in many of the Dark Horse EU books.

Is there any truth to the rumor tail end of waves aren't produced as much as figures in the beginning of the line? (ST, 01/12/07)*

In the past this has been the case, and it usually happens when line planning volumes are overestimated and characters become over-released meaning we can't hit our full volume plans but decide to release the figures anyway.  It can also happen when too many new waves are slated for any given production window, meaning that each wave might be produced at a lower quantity of each needed to support sales.  This is why you saw a different strategy in '05 & '06 - front-loading the figures so they are heavier in the front of the year and taper off toward the back half, followed by the need to keep the heat going by introducing some new (often repainted) figures to bridge the gap.  It's always a balancing act to get everything right and running like clockwork, and we do use all the forecasting metrics at our dispoable to smooth out the figures and ensure we have newness throughout the year, so we don't have short waves that will frustrate collectors.


None of the Kit Fisto figures released so far by Hasbro fit properly into the Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter vehicle. Could we see a revised figure designed to fit into this vehicle at some point? (SWC, 01/12/07)

Actually it takes some manipulation, but we have found TSC #55 Kit Fisto to fit. The image on the package actually shows this figure fitting in the cockpit. We do not have plans to do a new Fisto for the foreseeable future, so the current Fisto is the only solution to getting a pilot for the craft.

Many people are complaining about the repackaged Unleashed figures, such as the upcoming ROTS Obi-Wan / ROTS Anakin / Shadowtrooper. The Shadowtrooper, a re-paint, is the only one people seem to want since, ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin can still be found on shelves in some areas. Are there any plans for new sculpts for the 7" line? If not, since you're releasing older ones with new packaging, why not release ones that hardly anyone was able to find during initial release, like the removable helmet Vader? (SWC, 01/12/07)

There will be no 100% new Unleashed 7" sculpts for the foreseeable future, but there will be an important partial resculpt coming a little later this year as an exclusive. Details on this one have not been announced yet and probably will be held until CIV. As we have discussed in prior Q&A on Unleashed 7", our struggle has been trying to find the largest aggregate audience beyond the audience that picked them up the first time in their carded form, since that market was not enough to continue to sustain the development of new items. Our strategy has been to get the best characters back out there, in measured amounts, in a new package style to determine whether the market can support overall the volumes we need to recoup development costs. While the jury is still out on how successful we have been, we are not abandoning the 7" format.

The past Holiday Edition figure sets, such as R2 and 3PO, Yoda, the Jawas, and then Vader, were great. Since the Vader didn't seem to sell that well, and wasn't very well received by many collectors, is that why the line has been canceled? Just a personal note, just because the Vader didn't sell well doesn't mean people don't want these Christmas figs. Maybe if the Vader would have been the one shown on the card enclosed, you probably would have sold out. (SWC, 01/12/07)

We have not pursued one for '06 or '07 simply because we didn't really find any concepts we felt strongly enough about to pursue (one of the reasons we tried something different with the red Holiday Vader). however, there will be a holiday pack in '07, but it won't be Christmas. Hmmm!


Will every SW film have a wave in the (TAC) line this year? (TJ, 01/12/07)

Most will, but not every film will have a wave this year.

SAGA # 042  C-3PO - Ewok Deity was a great step forward for a protocol droid sculpt.  Can we expect to see this figure sculpt reused for future protocol droid releases such as E-3PO, U-3PO or for a new version of 4-LOM? (TJ, 01/12/07)

We will certainly look at that for future protocol droid releases.

In an earlier Q&A session, Hasbro was asked about trying to get exclusive items offered through various retail partners' websites.  The response that we got was that efforts were being made to get some of the exclusive items made available online.  However at this time it appears that only TRU and KayBee have made their exclusives available online.  What has the response been from retail partners like Target and WalMart on this issue?  It does not appear that they have made their exclusives available to collectors online. (TJ, 01/12/07)

It has not been as easy as you may think.  The ultimate merchandising strategy is decided at the highest levels of our retail partners, but they have been made aware of collectors' desire to find the exclusive products online.


I love the holographic/ghost effect you used on the Saga Jedi Luke Skywalker (Hologram) and the Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi figures. Using the different colors of translucent plastic along with the pearlescent finish made it look very close to the holograms/ghosts in the films.  I'm wondering why this approach was abandoned on subsequent hologram figures like Commander Cody, Plo Koon, Aayla Secura and so on?  Flesh tones and colors on clothing and armor are quite distinct on the characters in their hologram form albeit muted under a blue or purple glow. Which is why I love the Luke/Obi-Wan figures and why I was a bit disappointed when all holo figures afterward became entirely translucent blue.

Finally, are new spirit of Yoda and Anakin figures being considered to match the previous Obi-Wan, and if so, is it possible for Anakin to have swappable Hayden, Sebastian heads? Thank you!
(YF, 01/12/07)

We wanted to distinguish between Spirit figures and hologram figures and felt the blue was best for the latter. If we do more Spirit figures, they would be like the Luke you mentioned. If we do a new Anakin (and that is "if"), swappable heads is a great idea. Thanks!

For the upcoming Geonosis Arena Battlepack, what was the reasoning for putting in the selection of characters you chose? Why not a little more of a mix of some more accurate sculpts/more desirable figures, such as the following -

- Pablo Jill / Coleman Trebor / Red Battle Droid x 2 (from SAGA Accessory Set) / Destroyer Droid (EPI battle damage)
(YF, 01/12/07)

That pack was mostly kid-targeted, and the one "less known" character slot we had to fill was assigned to Aayla because the tools were all in the same factory (a critical component for any battle pack in order to hit our price and release date targets). The figures you suggest would be a good start for another Arena battle pack if we go back to that theme at some point....Coleman Trebor is a figure that deserves a re-release in some form or another.

Are there any plans for producing Galactic Hero Playsets? Given the size of the figures, success of the line, and the fact that nearly all of them now have holes in the feet... it would seem to be a natural course to take. The Falcon was awesome especially since it doubled as a ship and playset. I know a six year old who would love to see a Death Star, Arena Battle, or Hoth playset sitting on his floor. (YF, 01/12/07)

We are looking at ways to expand the GH play pattern but have not settled on our solution and whether that would be vehicles, playsets, creatures, cardboard playsets, or more. We do think that there is a need for more fun things to play with in addition to collect so we will look for ways to bring those to market. Stay tuned....


With the wide variety of Clone Trooper colors, my stormtrooper contingent is looking rather drab in comparison. Given that it's possible that "just offscreen" there might have been some elite stormtrooper squads (like the blackhole troopers) that had coloring other than white and black? Have you given any thought to making a camoflauge deco stormtrooper, or a red royal guard stormtrooper or other types of colorful markings? (YN, 01/12/07)

In measured steps, I think you will see us look at some of these kinds of troopers and we are open minded. But we have no specifics on release dates or figures to discuss just yet.

The titanium Red Royal Guard TIE Interceptor looks sweet! Is there a chance a 3-3/4" version might be in the works? (YN, 01/12/07)

Not in the near future, but you can bet it's on our short list of awesome things to try for future exclusives!

Has Hasbro been given access to upcoming SW projects, like the new tv shows, to begin working on products that will be released when the projects debut? (YN, 01/12/07)

Lucasfilm Licensing does a great job of bringing us into the projects at an early enough stage to allow us to conceive well-rounded product lines. Beyond the animated line, which we have been looking at, I can't comment on any other entertainment being worked on.

Week 24 - January 26, 2007

Will we see a TIE Interceptor with the new, more accurate, center pod - the improved center cockpit TIE pod that has been released on the standard TIE Fighter the last couple of times? If so, would it have the old 2-piece hatch or the newest, 1-piece, side-opening hatch seen on the upcoming white TIE Fighter? (AF, 01/26/07)

If we do another TIE Interceptor release (and it's high on our "wish list" for an exclusive release), then we would use the new pod with 1-piece hatch from the new white TIE fighter release.

The 2001 POTJ Princess Leia Bespin Escape figure has the best likeness and the first real quality use of scale on a Leia figure ever, yet this figure has not seen any decent rereleases. How about re-releasing this figure with new limbs that aren't preposed, perhaps with a little better articulation? This mold could also be used with changes to the hair, boots, and hands (turned into gloves), plus a new vest that fits, to make a new Hoth Leia. (AF, 01/26/07)

This is a good suggestion, as the aesthetics of that figure are very nice and is one of our favorites too. We'll consider it for Leia in the future.

In the past, TRU has had several promotional figures that could be obtained free with a purchase of $15 or so (such as Holographic Yoda and Palpatine, and some silver figures). Will we see more promotional figures such as these in the future, perhaps more holographic figures that would otherwise not be sold at normal retail? (AF, 01/26/07)

We don't have plans to continue this campaign right now, instead choosing to use our "item count" in different and more impactful ways with our retail partners, preferring to do an additional vehicle at regular price rather than one of these figures.


It has been widely published that during the 1978-85 Kenner run, that over 250 million action figures were produced. While I understand that Hasbro does not release production run numbers, I was wondering if you could share with us if the 1995-present run by Kenner and Hasbro has surpassed the 250 million mark and if so, approximately when did this occur? Also for comparison, can you provide an approximate total of how many total action figures have been produced during nearly 12 year run of the line? (FFURG, 01/26/07)

We closely guard information on our production runs, so we cannot answer your question (it is also difficult to validate anything from the Kenner run since our records are spotty). Regarding the number of figures made to date.well, that would take some time and might be an exercise best left to the fans to figure out!

In previous Q&A's you have mentioned that it is difficult for Hasbro to design EU based figures due to a lack of visual reference material and that has led in part to the creation of the Comics 2-Pack line which has the visuals you need. I was wondering for EU characters from novels which do not have comic adaptations, would Hasbro consider using the various Novel covers, Reference Guides, and CCG Cards that exist depicting EU characters? (FFURG, 01/26/07)

If we select to do a novel-based character who does not have any comic appearances, then any other canonical artwork from any source would be valuable inspiration and would not be ruled out for that characters' appearance. It isn't our intent to re-create characters when good information already exists.

This may be considered more of a suggestion than a question, but I'd like to know that should Hasbro consider re-releasing the Imperial Speeder Bike would it be a possibility that it would get all new steering controls? The existing controls which date back to the 1983 vintage Bike are inaccurate and Hasbro has already produced comparable controls on the 2003 Clone Wars Speeder Bike. Should the Imperial Speeder Bike be re-released, it would be a great to see the controls updated to match the design aesthetic of the current figure line. (FFURG, 01/26/07)

That's an interesting suggestion, and we'll take that into account the next chance we have to update it for re-release.


This one hasn't been brought up in a while, but a lot of fans still hope to see a movie-accurate Vader with removable helmet (i.e. the two-stage helmet). Is this figure anywhere on the horizon? If not, with the advances we've seen on the SW figure lines, what's holding it back? (GH, 01/26/07)

While the idea is a very good one, the truth is that the minimum thickness needed for the parts to be reliably drawn from the tools is the limiter for this idea and other ideas like it.  We'll take a closer look to see if it is possible, because it would be a cool figure.

The Bossk Titanium figure comes with a strange accessory, a lightsaber hilt that is wedged under his foot. To whom does this lightsaber belong? It's a nice easter egg! (GH, 01/26/07)

The thought was to add a bit of story / mystery to the item. He is engaged in a fierce battle with someone... but who is he about to defeat? The lightsaber hilt is meant to be the clue to this question. Unfortunately, the Jedi Order is about to lose one of its own at the hands of this mighty Bounty Hunter. The lightsaber hilt and the Jedi in question remains a mystery (we did not pick a particular figure).

On the upcoming McQuarrie Boba Fett, what on earth (or not) is that thing in his midsection? (GH, 01/26/07)

It is the weapons compartment! We wanted to be true to the original design which is why we built this in. Obviously, Fett changed from concept to production, but this… interesting… little feature is something we wanted to put in there as tribute to the source material.


Any chance we can get a picture of the Rebel Troopers from the "Capture of Tantive IV" Battle Pack without their helmets? (JD, 01/26/07)

We only have one picture available for one of the Rebel Troopers, and it's only with the helmet. We're sorry, but this is the best image we have for now.

Is the Vader figure slated for 2007's Wave 3 different from the 2007 #01 Vader that comes with the Coin Folder/Album? Is he a new Vader sculpt or is he just the same Vader sculpt as the Coin Folder #01 Vader but with a new ANH coin? (JD, 01/26/07)

He is based on the Darth Vader from the comic pack, with new movie deco. He was in turn a rework for EPIV from the 500th Vader.

The new 2007 Death Star Trooper has piqued the curiosity of a few collectors on our forums. Is the figure a 100% new sculpt or are there parts re-used from another figure? Most notably, people think they're seeing Count Dooku parts being used. Is that the case or are they just seeing things? (JD, 01/26/07)

He is a 100% new sculpt.


With all the SA clones being released, there's a significant lack of rifles for clone armies. Has Hasbro considered a weapons pack of rifles and other assorted clone gear to help army builders? (JI, 01/26/07)

We have heard fans, and we are considering this for a future year. What would fans ideally like to see in such a pack?

The Target Exclusive Imperial Shuttle seems to have gone over quite well. Is there a chance we could see new large vehicles as limited time offer retailer exclusives in the future? (JI, 01/26/07)

The recent success of the 3-3/4" high-price vehicles has certainly helped the case for the potential success of larger (more expensive) vehicles down the road. However, we won't commit to anything right now because it's still very far from when we'd introduce anything new that is larger than our $20 assortment, and also because things have a way of changing. But know that larger vehicles are on our radar and we consider them an important part of the SW 3-3/4" play pattern.

Will we see new comic packs in 2007 after the first wave? Any clues on what we will see? Will they always be based on old Marvel Comics, or will we see some based on Darkhorse Comic titles? (JI, 01/26/07)

There will be at least 15 comic 2-packs on the shelves this year, and judging by the early fan reaction, they can't wait to see more. This validates our assumption that delivering two figures (some new, most always refreshed) with a great story is something that fans and kids want to see. The second wave won't be on shelf until about April, and consists of Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk from Star Wars #19, Republic #55 with Obi-Wan and Alpha, and Star Wars #4 (Marvel) with Luke and R2-D2. About 25% of the comics this year will be Marvel-derived and the balance will be Dark Horse.


So now we know that the VOTC Stormtrooper was pulled from the fan voting because the tool was being used for the removable helmet trooper in wave 3 of (TAC). Does that mean that the original unmodified tool will be available for 2008? (RS, 01/26/07)

We do have plans for Stormtroopers in '08, but it's too early to reveal any details.

It has been said many times that larger vehicles are a tough sell due to their size and cost to produce, so Hasbro is understandably reluctant to make them. However, several recent larger-scaled exclusive vehicles (TRU AT-AT, Target Imperial Shuttle) have sold out. Is this a good indication that there is demand for these? It appears that fans will support larger vehicles. (RS, 01/26/07)

The recent success of the 3-3/4" high-price vehicles has certainly helped the case for the potential success of larger (more expensive) vehicles down the road. However, we won't commit to anything right now because it's still very far from when we'd introduce anything new that is larger than our $20 assortment, and also because things have a way of changing. But know that larger vehicles are on our radar and we consider them an important part of the SW 3-3/4" play pattern.

Will Hasbro ever decide to change the distribution in their waves? Let's face it, army builder or not, clones (and the like) are easily the best selling figures due to their numbers on screen. Why not release a wave containing 1 each of slower moving characters such as Palpatine, Vader, Senators, and Cantina extras and another consisting solely of clones (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per case). This way, Hasbro could ensure that peg warmers would not be over-shipped and there would be enough clones for all. (RS, 01/26/07)

The best way to manage the line, as we have been doing very successfully for the past two years, is to stick with a balanced approach. We balance our cases to ensure that we have the best mix at retail for both kid-targeted figures and collectors, ensuring the best retail "turn" on the pegs. Producing solid case packs of "niche" characters is a sure way to doom the productivity and would lead to these types of figures being dropped entirely, which nobody wants to see.


What happened to the scale when you made the previous Hoth Rebel Trooper (Saga '04-01), which is very short next to other figures, even taking his pose into account? Can we expect a more definitive Hoth Rebel anytime soon to go with that great Major Derlin from last year? (SSG, 01/26/07)

We didn't see this figure as particularly short, at least it wasn't designed to be deliberately so. When we do another new one, he'll probably be more of an average height (regression toward the mean).

What are the chances of seeing Titanium Series Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, and Destroyer Droid die-cast metal figures made? This would avoid the thin-wall problems of their plastic action figure counterparts. (SSG, 01/26/07)

Very unlikely at this point. The Titanium series figures slated to go through Spring will be the last of the series. While it would be cool to create a metal series of droids, we don't have any plans for this as these are pretty expensive relative to our 3-3/4" regular line.

Hasbro has previously said that vehicles for the GH line did not sell well, but the only vehicles that have been released in the GH line itself are 2 re-releases of previous Playskool vehicles at higher pricepoints and 2 transforming vehicles taken from an unrelated line. The GH line has only 2 movie vehicles to choose from, the Millennium Falcon and the X-wing, but no vehicles for them to fight. Given that there is now a TIE Fighter Pilot, it seems only natural to make a TIE Fighter around the same size as the X-wing. What might be done to rectify this situation? Also, are there any plans to re-release any of the SW Playskool figures or elements that have not yet been offered in the GH line, such as Wicket or the Wampa or the Naboo Fighter? (SSG, 01/26/07)

We are looking at the GH vehicle situation, and agree with you that they deserve another shot. However, before we commit to new vehicles, we have some research to do with kids to get at what they want to see to further their GH experience. We are also looking at getting some of the other un-released Playskool figures and vehicles back out there.


Will Hasbro try to hit more conventions to showcase their products since we'll never see a movie again or will CIV be the main focus? (ST, 01/26/07)*

We will once again showcase our Fall line at the SDCCthis year (in addition to CIV).  We'd like to be at more fan events in person, but the travel schedule for the team is what prevents us from committing to more shows than we can handle.  Both conventions are a great time to meet with fans face to face and discuss the line, and we'll continue to support those shows.

Are you going to sell the 501t Trooper that was issued to the 501st members who marched in the Rose Parade to the general public? The packaging is awesome! (ST, 01/26/07)*

This figure is a special tribute figure and a token of thanks for the folks who did the heavy lifting and provided amazing support for that great event. It will not be made available or sold to the public, aside from the very select few which will be auctioned for for charity on eBay.


In ANH, when the Falcon is being pulled by tractor beam into the Death Star hanger, we see two Stormtroopers in armor modified for outer space. These designs are significantly different from the EU-based Spacetroopers. Could we see this film-based Space Stormtrooper made as a figure, eventually? (SWC, 01/26/07)

We recently asked Lucasfilm about these. They are significantly different than EU-based Spacetroopers because they are, in fact, Stormtroopers with some very minor modifications. Not enough to really be called Spacetroopers, in any case. They would be a cool refresh to the Stormtrooper some time down the road but they are not in our near-term plans.

In any future re-releases of the Saga '04 Luke (Jabba's Palace) figure, would it be possible to use the lightsaber mold from the ROTS Pilot Obi-Wan figure? That lightsaber is much more accurate now than the version from '04 (which was really reusing the lightsaber from the POTJ Ben Kenobi figure from 2000). (SWC, 01/26/07)

Good suggestion - thanks.

With all the different, scene-specific versions of Vader made between 1995 and the present, it seems likely that Hasbro will soon have to delve into the EU for new versions of him. In the Dark Horse Comic one-shot Star Wars: Purge, Vader suffers some serious battle-damage at the hands of a group of Jedi. Any chance of seeing a figure of a beaten-but-unbowed Sith Lord somewhere up the line? (SWC, 01/26/07)

Yes, but it won't be the version from the Purge comic. Stay tuned…


I have always wondered why for the VotC R2D2 mold that the rotation of the dome that triggers the pop-up periscope is designed as it is. As it works, the periscope pops up after a short turn and then descends again. This means that the only way to pose R2 with the scope up all the way is only when the dome is partially turned. It looks quite awkward to say the least. Why not have it such that a full 360-degree turn would fully raise the scope so that R2 can face front in both cases whether the scope is hidden or up?  Or wouldn't it simply be better to have let this be manually adjustable? (TJ, 01/26/07)

A manual feature just wasn't as fun as having it automatically pop up and down when turned, so that became the reason for the design.  We did not consider the posing of the figure as you suggest, but if we ever go back and rework that figure again, we'll take that into consideration.  It's unlikely though - we just don't give such a retool a high priority compared to the other projects on the plate.

For the forthcoming comic 2-pack with Obi-Wan and Arc Trooper Alpha, will the blue stripe on Alpha's helmet be correctly painted i.e. the stripe should run down the helmet to the visor. I've noticed that Hasbro seems to forget this on many occasions (for the original Clone Wars ArcTroopers, the recent re-released Saga2 Clonetrooper sergeant with the green stripe, and the recent Clone Wars Hunt for Grievous Battle Pack).  Also, will this issue be fixed for the Saga Legends colored clonetrooper re-releases next year? (TJ, 01/26/07)

The figures you mentioned were "good to go" as such but as with sculpting and articulation, refinement over time allows us to dial in more specifically to collectors wishes.  We'll look into this for future figures….all of the ones you mention are currently in production and we may be able to influence change, but we'll be looking at that more carefully for future releases.

Palpatine/Sidious really came into his own in ROTS as a character and established himself as THE Ultimate Villain of the SW Saga.  He got a fair amount of play in the ROTS line with a number of incarnations that were scattered between the Basic, Deluxe, and Evolutions figure lines, but several of these figures suffered from what some collectors are calling the "salt and pepper shaker treatment" and a number of collectors felt that the Evolutions Sidious didn't look enough like the character.  Plus this year Palpatine seems to have fallen by the wayside in the TSC line with three reissues, and once again those figures were rather static in nature.  Can we expect to see more of Palpatine in the near future treated with the kind of aesthetic that more and more core characters have been given, in terms of sculpt, softgoods and articulation? (TJ, 01/26/07)

Eventually, yes - he is an important character to re-approach in the next couple of years.


A couple of the figures released lately have incorrect figures bases/stands. (i.e. Kit Fisto, Clone Trooper Sergeant). Will these errors be addressed/corrected in later case revisions? (YF, 01/26/07)

Unfortunately, by the time we caught these mistakes it was too late to change them out. However, there will be an interesting component to our collector stand pack (which will be available through for the first time at CIV) that will easily allow collectors to "correct" the mistake. Stay tuned...

Would you consider doing a reversal on the ball joints and swivel elbows on figures? You've proven you can make knee articulation utilizing swivel joints with the POTJ's Rebel Fleet Trooper and both Sagas' Sith Training Maul. With most figures, the elbow articulation is SO, much more important than the knee articulation, especially with the lack of chairs or accessories that require sitting. (YF, 01/26/07)

We take it on a case by case basis depending on cost and other factors, but we do hear you that the ball joints and swivel elbows allow for greater poseability. We will incorporate this as the situation allows, but one thing we cannot do is use super-articulation for every figure - we just wouldn't be able to cost out the line if that were the case.

The exclusive Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes Commemorative Tin is now in Wal-Mart. The repaints are nice and it gives kids and collectors a great chance to catch something they might have missed from the Fan Club release.

However, Lucasfilm licensees agree that there are SIX, sometimes SEVEN members. (I lean toward seven because of the photo in the classic SW Storybook.) In fact, Hasbro even released six band members in its 12" line in 1997. So, why did Hasbro produce only five bith for this set?

It seems a conscious decision was made to exclude a figure because the card even mentions "Sitting out sick: Doikk Na'ts," although a "fizzz" instrument is included. Was this a pricepoint issue? Three figures clearly fit in the bubble. All it required was an additional figure with fanfar instrument. Will we see a single-carded figure to complete the band? (Perhaps with articulated knees?)
(YF, 01/26/07)

We didn't intend to offer the whole band (and there is a compelling argument for seven members). We wanted to keep the price of this tin the same as the regular EpI-VI tins, but didn't want to shortchange the value either. We could have just gone with four figures, but added in the fifth for value since it looked a little sparse with just four of them in there. There won't be a single carded regular figure available in the main line this year. Articulated knees would be a cool feature to add to the Nodes at some point.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Week 25 - March 2, 2007

Many collectors believe that the recent trend of figures having ball-jointed heads has more flaws than advantages, what with the joint requirements creating heads that appear cut off behind the jaw and below the ears making for a bizarre profile, as well as unrealistically long necks. In some circumstances the ball joint's range of motion can be so limited that it renders the joint all but moot; also, with removable-helmet figures sometimes the head comes off with the helmet. Some examples of problems caused by ball-jointed heads are the Ep IV Commemorative Tin's Sandtrooper, the Evolutions Ep II Anakin figure, and VTSC Luke Pilot. So would it be possible to do away with ball-jointed head articulation and either go back to the traditional swivel neck or come up with something that looks and works better? (AF, 3/02/07)

Thanks for the input. Ball jointed heads do offer some advantages in development, for example when there is an opportunity to do head character head swaps. We are aware of the issues and are working on solutions to make the ball joint function better and still have the aesthetics that we think can be very successfully achieved with this format.

Recent high quality sculpts of R2-D2 and C-3PO have been for the most part clean and shiny when generally the droids were dirty and scuffed throughout the original trilogy. Could Hasbro fit in more worn, dulled, and resculpted versions of our droid heroes into the lineup anytime soon, such as Tatooine paintjobs and minor sculpt alterations including sand, restraining bolts and a dented head for Threepio? Modern sculpts of the droid twosome haven't yet been given such a treatment and collectors are still using outdated, inaccurate sculpts for Tatooine scenes and other "weathered droids" scenes. (AF, 3/02/07)

Good input - we'll take that into consideration for future releases. Thanks very much.

Will Academy outfit Biggs from wave 3 have his cape, and if not, why? (AF, 3/02/07)

He will have a cape - we just forgot to bring it to Toy Fair.


You've announced previously that in 2008 you'll be revisiting Bespin for a wave figures. Will you include Willrow Hood in that wave? If not, do you realize collectors will storm the Hasbro parking lot and smash the windows out of all your cars? Rhode Island is a small state... we'll find you. I mean, to do a Bespin wave at this point and NOT include Willrow? You may as well just spit in all our faces. (CC, 3/02/07)

We will base any future Empire wave (realizing that not all Empire waves are Bespin-focused) on the most important characters that we feel need to be re-visited or new ones that should be introduced, and not simply because he was the 10th-ranked figure in the fans' choice poll. At some point, you will probably see a Willrow figure, but not in 2008, so the community will have to be patient.

How come we haven't seen any Super-Articulated (SA) Rebel Soldiers? I mean it would super cool to see a Evolution 3-pack with a Rebel Fleet Trooper, Hoth Trooper (with a re-sculpted bearded face sculpt from POTF2) and a Endor Trooper all SA. We get SA Imperial Troops(including Clone Troopers) all the time and almost every wave. But they're the bad guys who stand for evil, oppresion and tyranny. Rebel Troopers are freedom fighters and soldiers for liberty. Does Hasbro have a pro-Empire leaning? Is Hasbro against freedom? If Hasbro doesn't make SA Rebel Troopers, the terrorist win. (CC, 3/02/07)

Now hold on….many of us pay taxes to the empire but oppose the tyranny ourselves, and are working in secret to make sure that the seeds of rebellion are properly cultivated. Good fun aside, yes, we hear ya and the SA rebels will not be forgotten, if and when the opportunity presents itself next; that's the key, though, since the demand for Imps is so high that it just takes a while to work in the new rebels. But when we do, we'll evaluate as you suggest.

Could you please describe the marketing strategy for the Star Wars Transformers line? Obviously, there is a lot of overlap between the two fan bases. I for one am as likely to bore my friends for hours on end describing the Hegellian dialectic operating in the Transformers Movie as I am to discourse on the Roman historical parallels at work in the Star Wars saga. That being said, why didn't we see a greater synthesis in this hybrid line? Maybe a Sith would be so narcissistic as to want to drive a giant robot with his own augustan likeness, but it seems to me that a simple headswap could have had Starscream transforming into an Imperial Shuttle. Did you conduct market tests that showed six-year-old boys preferred vehicles that turned into giant versions of Star Wars characters rather than Transformers that turned into Star Wars vehicles? I'd wager that the 35 year old collector market would have enjoyed the latter. (CC, 3/02/07)

Excellent question and one of the decision points we were faced with when our Star Wars R&D team created the idea for the line. We very clearly kept the Star Wars Transformers line focused on the *functional* aspect of transformation rather than an intellectual property (IP)-based transformation to deliberately not confuse the "real" Transformers storyline. This was especially important considering the upcoming Transformers movie this Summer. For the same extent, we have not as a company pursued any GI Joe-vs-Transformers toys even though the cross-over comics have been very successful. It's keeping the communication very clear from a kid standpoint, which was our primary focus. Believe it or not, we did not factor the collector very heavily into the SW TF line thinking at the beginning, since we were not confident that collectors of either Star Wars or Transformers would be converts to the line. Since this super-cool line has been well-received by both kids and collectors alike, you have seen us delve a little deeper to deliver more collector-focused concepts like transforming Imperial Shuttles, Clone Wars deco-vehicles, and Snowspeeders to deepen the collecting and playing experience.


Can you please offer two points of clarification for the new figures revealed this week on the net? Specifically, will "Academy" Biggs Darklighter have his cape, and will Umpass-Stay have a large drum to beat on (either included with the figure or is it eventually planned for separate release)? (GH, 3/02/07)

Biggs will have his cape - we just forgot to bring it to Toy Fair.  Umpass-Stay will come with 1/2 of the drum, which is designed to snap in place to make a whole should you decide to get two for this purpose (or wait until it may be re-released at some point).

Is there any effort going into the hopeful re-release of Commander Gree with accurate paint deco in a Kashyyyk Battle Pack? I want to emphasize the "accurate paint deco" portion of this as the previous figure is way off in terms of movie accuracy... and I know of many who are longing for this. (GH, 3/02/07)

We have stayed our hand at re-releasing Commander Gree simply because we are feeling that the fans would want to see us retool him before we repainted one that does not have the correctly molded torso.  Right now there is no timeline for the release of an updated Commander Gree, but that's why we are holding off.

There are rumors of 3¾" figure 10-packs coming out for the Mos Eisley Cantina. Might we see a big box set (sort of "Ultra" Battle Packs) in time for the holiday shopping season? (GH, 3/02/07)

The rumors of the 3¾" Cantina band 10-pack are untrue.


Every year, Hasbro puts out a bunch of really great figures. With that said, I'm sure that every year also has a couple figures that you would have liked to improve or tweak just a bit, but you just ran out of time. In 2005's Revenge of the Sith line, what figure is THE figure you'd like to backtrack and maybe start over again? Grievous' Body Guard Droids perhaps (who could use some more articulation and detailing)? Maybe Commander Gree (who seemed a bit rushed to fill out the line at the end of 2005)? (JD, 3/02/07)

Well, there are always a couple at which we wish we could take another pass, but we're glad we were able to get them all out. Since the only way we could do Gree at the time was to repaint an existing tool, we made the decision to go with him and we think he's a nice figure to have. Given his importance to the ranks of the Clones, though, he's the one that we've stayed our hand against re-releasing, even though the demand for him has been very high, simply because the if and when we get Gree back out there he should probably be a new figure. No timeline for him right now, though.

Judging from the rumor lists and photos we've seen so far, 2007 is really shaping up like "The Year of Luke". We've seen many new Lukes with brand new sculpts and that's a great thing for collectors. Are you concerned at all that you're overloading everyone's favorite whiney farmboy into the line this year and not saving "new" versions of the character for the next few years? (JD, 3/02/07)

This year does seem to be the year of Luke, which seems appropriate for the 30th Anniversary year. It wasn't deliberate, though - we just came up with a lot of good ideas for look, spaced them out, and then some events conspired (like the delay of our 2006 wave into 2007) to deliver a slightly higher concentration of Luke than originally designed. But this is a fine thing, in our opinion. Luke is the emotional heart and soul of the OTC, a hero who transformation journey is one of the greatest ever told, and its his story (linked inextricably with Darth Vader) that binds that Saga together. We do have some good ideas for future years too, but you won't see as many Lukes next year (or future years) as you will this year.

OK, it's not Star Wars, but we have to ask - do you have the toy license for Indiana Jones IV? If so, can we expect to see the 3.75" scale Indy figures we all want in 2008? (JD, 3/02/07)

We cannot comment on the Indiana Jones franchise and whether Hasbro or another company will be executing the license.


With your great Dark Horse partnership in action figures, can we foresee the selling of cost-friendly "SABER SLIPS" (the pieces found in build-your-own Ultimate Lightsabers) yet "SLIPS" culled and characterized from EXPANDED UNIVERSE sabers / characters such as Quilan Vos, Darth Revan, Darth Krayt / Talon / expandable to Nihlus, and Exar Kun, etc.? I can see this compliment sales of the "Ultimate Lightsaber" as well as the EU line and interest. (JTA, 3/02/07)

Good question and one we have given consideration to as we approach a new era of entertainment. Role-play (such as the Ultimate Lightsaber) is driven overwhelmingly by kids, not collectors, so we'll look at new character sabers as they make sense given the recognizability and demand for those characters among the kid audience. Right now, there is almost no awareness of the EU characters among this audience, and as you know, we have even stopped short of generating sabers for the "second tier" level of Jedi like Saesee Tiin, Plo Kloon, Kit Fisto and Sith like Palpatine because the demand for these characters is not as high as the primary heroes. It is likely we would go to these characters before we would get to EU. We hope that helps frame our direction for character selects when it comes to role-play.

With the success of large vehicles (old-molds with better-paint) can we see the mother-of-all-ships; the Royal Naboo Starship, CHROMED to a super-shiny mirror finish? Maybe include a new figure Darth Maul, or new Amidala? (JTA, 3/02/07)

We have looked at the Naboo Starship for re-release, but are holding off on it right now and working on other ideas to keep demand satisfied. As for your suggestion about chrome, this is an extraordinarily expensive process and does have some tricky issues with adherence on surfaces that larges, but we'll look into it if and when we do a re-release.

Customizing is very popular among SW fans; ever thought of bringing "Customizing Kits" onto the market ... would save us the trouble of hurting our fingers prying figures apart. They could come complete with pots of paint and little "how to" manuals. (JTA, 3/02/07)

Unfortunately, this area is not one in which we are investing a lot of time since it is likely any expertise we develop would still be dwarfed by the great work that you guys are doing and the more advanced tool set you have developed to do the job to your satisfaction. In short, you guys are the experts here, not us, and we prefer to keep it that way. Continue to amaze us with your work...that's the involvement we seek to continue having with this segment of the hobby!


We know that playsets are not in the cards right now, due to cost restraints and such. But, now that I think about it, I don't really want a playset in the traditional sense. What I want, and perhaps I'm not alone, is a display set of some kind. I want something that allows me to display my figures in various locations on the Death Star. Perhaps a better Carbon Freezing Chamber, or a Bespin Gantry where Luke and Vader can be posed. I want a great backdrop of Mustafar, or Geonosis for my figures to be displayed on.

Maybe something along the lines of the vintage Land of the Jawas, Land of Hoth, or the Rebel Base playsets. These were not much more than plastic stands with a cardboard backdrop, but I think modern versions could be cool. Imagine taking the Land of the Jawas set, turning it into a Mustafar background with lava river and embankment instead of desert sand.
(RS, 3/02/07)

You have captured, my friend, the very crux of the problem. What you have described is uninteresting from a kid perspective ("passive" vs active action play), which puts us in the range of high-tooling/low return (i.e. extremely high risk). While some vocal collectors are imploring us to pursue this (we can hear the chorus of voices.."Take the risk!"), the market data suggests, and Hasbro management knows, that products like this that narrowly focus on one audience will not succeed and thus they will not take hold. Until we identify those ideas that we are confident can satisfy both markets, we won't be looking at playsets/displays/dioramas.

With all the Clone Trooper figures being released, there's a significant shortage of rifles among my clone armies. Especially for AOTC Phase I Clone Troopers, who carried rifles, not blasters, yet they are always packed with blasters (why is that, anyway?) Has Hasbro considered a clone trooper weapons pack with rifles, binoculars, new pistol and rifle sculpts (ARC Trooper pistols and sniper rifles maybe?) and perhaps gunship turrets? And will the Saga Legends clones (all colors) fix this recurring error? (RS, 3/02/07)

This is a good comment that we've heard from many different avenues, and we'll look at it. It's unlikely we'll do the ball turret in something like this venue, though.

General Grievous' Starfighter. There's a LEGO version (not your thing, I know), there's a Titanium Series version, but no action figure version? This is one vehicle that seems to fit into your desired starfighter-scale assortment that actually had some significant screen time in how about making it for action figures? (RS, 3/02/07)

It's a cool design and on "the short list" for vehicles we could do next if there's an opportunity and we can fit it in among our priorities. There's a good chance that if it's in the animation, we'll be taking a hard look at it.


Just about all modern Jabba the Hutt figures have been based on CGI models of the character which look notably different from the original ROTJ puppet. With the excitement generated by Sideshow's 12" Jabba figure, can we expect to see a Jabba with Throne (dais) of similar quality for the Hasbro 3¾" line? (SSG, 3/02/07)

Your suggestion is certainly a valid one. We are looking at doing a new Jabba at some point, but he has taken a back seat to some other ideas we've been working on. When we get back to him, we'll look at what makes the most sense regarding style.

The only versions of the AT-ST to date have been the ESB Kenner mold, while at first glance it appears to be the same shape as the ROTJ version, in reality the ROTJ version is actually a significantly different design. Understanding that a Return of the Jedi AT-ST would require an all-new mold to be made which likely lessens its chances, is it a vehicle that Hasbro might be considering making at any point in the future? (SSG, 3/02/07)

We'll look at it at some point, but with the animation coming up-to-speed, the slate is certainly getting more crowded. We know the demand for AT-ST is out there though.

Last time we asked this question in October, you said "We won't be answering any more specific questions on the 2007 line at this time. However, she is definitely a possible future figure. Not out of the question." However, now that Toy Fair has come and gone, can you tell us what the odds are that we will see Yarna D'al Gargan in 2007? (SSG, 3/02/07)

There are still several waves to be revealed for 2007, but you will not see a Yarna in the line this year.


Would you consider doing a fans choice ballet for the Titanium 3" vehicle line? I ask this because the reissues with paint variations and "battle damage" give the impresson that Hasbro has reached the end of the line as far as new ideas. I believe there are plenty of vehicles to be made and maybe the fans need a contest forum to shed light on new vehicles. (ST, 3/02/07)*

This is an interesting idea and certainly, given the large fan passion for Titanium, a valuable tool for our input.  We'll look into this.

Why do we keep getting different Clone Troopers using so many different body styles?  I just purchased Commander Appo and the Combat Engineer. I was very disappointed to see that Appo does not use the removable helmet body style, instead using the #41 SA body. Same thing with the Mace Windu battlepack (minus the Airborne Clone, kudos for that) and the Betrayal at Felucia battlepack (again, minus the one Clone Sergeant). Two different body styles were created for the Evolutions packs, each with a removable helmet. Why not use these two sculpts exclusively going forward? While I must say that I love getting so many Clone Troopers, I'd love it even more if they were all given a removable helmet. (ST, 3/02/07)*

The simple fact is that we have more demand for Clones than we have capacity to deliver at once, so we use the most high-quality tools available to us. Judging by fan reactions we have seen and heard, different fans have different favorite bodies, so we are likely to continue to use multiple tools while Clone demand remains high.

What was the thought process behind making the last 5 figures in the 2006 SAGA line exclusives? Any collector can tell you that the last wave in most of the current lines is nearly impossible to find (i.e. Episode 1, POTJ, SAGA 2002, ROTS, etc.), and now it's exclusive to Wal*Mart as well which makes it twice as hard to find, if not more. Not to mention that these five figures are included in a case with other figures, and only 1 of each per case at that. While I am not a fan of exclusives, I do understand that stores want something "special" to bring customers in. However, I would urge Hasbro NOT to make the exclusives part of the regular line of figures in the future. (ST, 3/02/07)*

Troops - because the "last waves" of any line have been hard to find in the past does not mean that this one will be.  We are very aware of what has happened in the past and have designed this wave not to fall prey to the same issues.  There are other reasons those waves were short as well - mainly the time between the wave's release and the fact that the old line look must make way for the new gives it very little breathing room.  This one has a different circumstance.  The simple fact is that we are releasing as many of these figures as we are for any other average figure in the line, which means that WM will have a good concentration of this.  As is the case with all of our case packs where a figure is weighted at 1-per, like early on with Scorch or Cody, our ratio weighting choices are dictated by the tooling capacity of how many we can physically manufacture to satisfy the overall demand, and not the demand of the figure itself.  How many we put per case is largely irrelevant for collector-targeted products; the most important statistic is the number we eventually make.


Does Hasbro want to know why I decided to pass on purchasing a certain Star Wars product or why I'm not entirely satisfied with a product that I was on the fence on but decided to try anyway? If so, what is the best way to communicate this information? Can you tell us a specific website, email, or phone number that is best to use for this? What specific information should we include (product's name, UPC, etc)? (SWC, 3/02/06)

Sure. You can send us any and all comments on our product line (not just Star Wars of course) to our Customer Service center at Check it out - we've made it pretty easy to get to where you need to go. This feedback is collected and gets back to the team periodically. Regarding products that are defective or are unsatisfying for a specific reason, information on the products' specific name and UPC code is vital to connect your comment to the issue. The more specific you are, the better. In cases where you didn't choose to purchase a certain item, keep in mind that you may not be the intended target market for that item and your feedback in that case would be less valuable to us. On collector-targeted lines we try to keep up with the various message boards for feedback in any case, so we advise the community to keep doing what they are doing and talk about the products on different forums.

During the last few years there have been chrome, then silver painted convention exclusives, some later sold at TRU. My question is why did you switch from the chrome to the toned down silver and are there any plans to keep up this tradition for convention release or mass release in stores? Those figures rocked! (SWC, 3/02/06)

Thanks for the comment. There has been some feeling that once the major characters were done, these "trophy" versions (silver of chrome) sort of lost their uniqueness. In addition, they really don't have a place alongside the figures on the shelves of our collections as a living part of the Star Wars character universe, so our philosophical shift has been away from silver and more toward figures that have a purpose. That's not to say we won't look at it in the future, but we'd rather look at, say, Shadow Stormtroopers as interesting figures than all silver. Regarding the shift from chrome to silver, our factories determine what's best based on what is needed for the paint to adhere to the specific plastic substrate. PVC parts cannot be chromed but must be painted, while ABS parts can be. If something spec'd as chrome will not pass our QA standards, factories will not want to proceed with the figure and silver paint is the only way to go.

Keeping up with Hasbro's tradition of the 100th Luke (12-inch line), 300th Boba Fett figure, and Darth Vader being the last one made (500th figure). Are there plans to keep this going and any hints on what the figure might be and when would this see the light of day? (SWC, 3/02/06)

We will definitely keep it going when there is a milestone to celebrate, but right now we don't have a specific one in the mix.


Can we expect to see the Acklay repacked anytime soon? (TJ, 3/02/07)

There is a good chance, yes.

Some of the package inserts on the window boxed products look amazing.  Going back to POTF2 with the Y-Wing up to current pieces like the Death Star Briefing multipack or the Betrayal on Felucia battle pack, the backgrounds to these pieces look fantastic, and in a way they might satisfy fans who are clamoring for diorama/playset offerings.  Where did this drive for intricate backgrounds come from?  And might we see some kind of evolution of these backgrounds to where they may be almost as durable as the ships or figures that they're offered with? (TJ, 3/02/07)

Thanks for the comment - we'll make sure our packaging team, who pioneered this approach and keep "upping their game" with every release, gets your note.  We also hear you on whether the inserts (as they are known) can become more of a part of the play and display aspects similar to what we have done successfully for the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes.  It's a little trickier in the 3-3/4" sets but we are looking at ways to make the packaging part of the play experience, and there may be a couple test cases coming.  Thanks again for the comment.

This is something of a 2-part question regarding the Comic 2-packs.  We've been seeing consistent reports of a Comic 2-Pack with Mara Jade.  Who will the other character in the set be?  Also, we've seen reports of an A'sharad Hett & Anakin Skywalker Comic 2-pack.  Will A'Sharad Hett have his Tusken Raider face coverings? (TJ, 3/02/07)

Mara will be packed with Luke, re-creating their escape from the Stormtroopers in Shadows of the Empire.  Hett will indeed have his Tusken Raider face coverings.


Would you consider some sort of "Padme Amidala Collection" of 2-packs like the Leia ones? But maybe making them a more limited run/exclusives to avoid an issue of them not selling well? If so, and you included good pack-ins, here are some potential ideas:

- TPM "Chinese outfit" Padme w/ retooled TPM Palpatine or retooled Panaka
- AOTC Fireside Padme w/ AOTC Evolutions Anakin
- AOTC Super Articulated Arena Padme w/ AOTC Clone Trooper (from when they fall out of the Gunship)
- ROTS "Leia hair buns" Padme w/ ROTS Evolutions Anakin
(YF, 3/02/07)

That is certainly an interesting idea for a future Padme line and a "bookend" to the Leia collection. While we don't have that specific idea in mind, at least one of those figures will be coming to the shelf this year. Thanks for the suggestion.

I noticed that the hilt for the up coming Ceremony Luke is the hilt from Darth Vader. Is this just a case of a sample image with the wrong saber hilt? If not, why does Hasbro keep getting this wrong? (i.e. VTSC X-wing Luke also came with the Vader hilt). Also, the hilt in on the attached saber hand for the Ep. III Obi-Wan (which was made early on). (YF, 3/02/07)

We know that the hilt is wrong, but have been spec'ing it when we need a hilt that gets us pretty close. It's something that we are aware of and will be looking at for future releases.

Since the collector tin sets gave us Stormtroopers / Snowtroopers and Scout Troopers with removable helmets or flip up visors to reveal Jango Fett's head underneath, can we expect a Boba Fett with removable helmet in the near future? Or does LFL still want to keep Boba's face shrouded in mystery for the time being? My thinking is that even though he's a clone of Jango, who knows what kind of deformity he might have suffered since he was a kid, has LFL ever hinted at this with you? (YF, 3/02/07)

It is not a case of wanting or needing to keep Boba's face hidden, it's just been a matter of picking our spot for a good Boba like that. At some point there is a virtual certainty of it, but no definite timeline.


With your great Dark Horse partnership in action figures, can we foresee the selling of cost-friendly “SABER SLIPS” (the pieces found in build-your-own Ultimate Light sabers) yet “SLIPS” culled and characterized from EXPANDED UNIVERSE sabers / characters such as Quilan Vos, Darth Revan, Darth Krayt / Talon / expandable to Nihlus, and Exar Kun, etc.? I can see this compliment sales of the “Ultimate Lightsaber” as well as the EU line and interest. (YN, 3/02/07)

Good question and one we have given consideration to as we approach a new era of entertainment. Role-play (such as the Ultimate Lightsaber) is driven overwhelmingly by kids, not collectors, so we'll look at new character sabers as they make sense given the recognizability and demand for those characters among the kid audience. Right now, there is almost no awareness of the EU characters among this audience, and as you know, we have even stopped short of generating sabers for the "second tier" level of Jedi like Saesee Tiin, Plo Kloon, Kit Fisto and Sith like Palpatine because the demand for these characters is not as high as the primary heroes. It is likely we would go to these characters before we would get to EU. We hope that helps frame our direction for character selects when it comes to role-play.

Anticipating the “Dark Times” which Obi-wan lionized as the saga between Episodes III and IV --- can we see what was done to the recent repaint of Mace Windu’s saber --- but with Obi’s saber (e.g. Obi’s ROTS saber-mold but in a ANH paint job, with tiny little re-tooled add-on’s? Packaging alone can attract fans both (young and old) picturing both Obi’s (young and old)! Like your old vehicle molds with tiny new retooled add-ons; Obi’s weathered “New Hope” saber can wield tiny new details; although small, can make such big differences. Example; a thin-strip of transparent plastic formed to make the “bubble-lined-button” for the igniter press. Or a cheap thinrubber-wrap molded to make a “dull-grip” (covering the “sharp-grip" ROTS-molded-handle) painted rough with weathered spreckles, would be so cool, yet still cost-effective. You did it with Mace’s repainted saber (shamefully, sorry to say). BUT, you’ve done it successfully and beautifully with more detailed repaints of old vehicle molds (coupled with tiny re-tooled add-ons made perfect). You did for Mace, did it for old vehicles --- can we do it for Obi? (YN, 3/02/07)

See above for our philosophy and direction for role-play. The changes to the Mace saber were done for kids and collectors were not a part of our thinking. To this point, our research has shown that collectors are not a big consumer of our role-play toys and we have been devoting our collector-targeted efforts to the things that are most meaningful on the whole to the collector audience, primarily the universe of 3-3/4" figures and vehicles. However, we'll dig a little more into the situation to see if the passion you are talking about for Hasbro role-play is a prevalent feeling in the community, and we'll consider that when we make future release decisions.

Can we anticipate that the 2007 Hasbro Summer Convention Exclusives will once again be for sale on HasbroToyShop? (YN, 3/02/07)

The details on the convention exclusives, both products and who will be distributing them, will be announced closer to convention time.

Week 26 - March 16, 2007

During the POTJ line, you featured a Jedi Training Qui-Gon and Cold Weather Gear Kenobi. Is there any chance of revisting this concept, but with OT core characters? (BTT, 3/16/07)

Good question. With Episode III in the house and new sculpting and articulation approaches that can update figures we have done before, but in a more "definitive" way, we've felt that we will stick to entertainment (film, animation, or comic) reference before doing more of the "off-screen" variety. However, as we begin to "nail" more and more of those definitive versions, in time we will probably turn our attention to some ideas like this is order to provide new and unique takes on characters that will be satisfying to kids and collectors. That probably won't be for a while though...we've got a lot of great character takes from the entire Saga to go.

The weapons/accessories that come with the figures have numbers or letters imprinted on them. I believe these are the cavity numbers used when creating the mold. What is the purpose of this designation? (BTT, 3/16/07)

It is chiefly used for debugging purposes by our factories to keep production moving quickly and smoothly. For instance, if it is noticed that during production all of the guns from the "4" cavities are showing deformities (such as from something preventing full plastic injection, or details that have become obscured due to overuse), the tool can be quickly debugged and serviced and gotten back into production quickly, preventing costly downtime.


Now that some of the upcoming waves have been previewed online and at Toy Fair, what is the difference beyond price and packaging between a basic figure like Award Ceremony Luke and Death Star Trooper and a Vintage style IG-88 or Vintage Bossk? Also when we gonna get some love with an updated 4-LOM and Zuckuss? (FFURG, 3/16/07)

The vintage figures will once again be packaged in the clamshell packaging, like last year's figures, and will feature "definitive" premium articulation for those figures or as detailed as we think we will probably ever get. You are correct in noting that more articulation is being incorporated into the basic figures on a figure-by-figure basis, so some will have more and some will have less. In some cases they can even be vintage-like as we can afford them, but we think Vintage still sets the standard.

How is the color schemes of Jedi fighters and their astromechs determined? By Hasbro or Lucas Film Ltd or some Collaboration? There obviously is some strong correlation to tinky winky purple and Mace Windu, black with Vader etc. It would go greatly to helping create custom vehicles for various characters that haven't already been made, like Aayla Secura, Quinlin Vos, etc.. Finally to wrap up this question, is there any correlation between these color schemes and the units of the clone armies, beyond Mace Windu, of course? (FFURG, 3/16/07)

If the colors are not defined already (like Mace Windu was, based on the Clone Wars series) then we will collaborate with Lucasfilm to figure out what they should be (it is important to note that nothing is done in a vacuum; even when we suggest figures or ideas that are new these are evaluated for fit into the universe). Some correlations are stronger and more obvious (Mace having had both a purple Lightsaber and Starfighter already, it made since that this theme would carry forward to his troopers). Others do not have a correlation, such as Obi-Wan's Starfighters, which do not tie in with the orange colors of his clone squadron. Aayla's Starfighter already "exists" in the Republic comic series, by the's a dark blue and it's very cool. We have been slowing down on the Jedi Starfighter repaints for now, but there are some cool ones yet to be done. What do the readers of FFURG say about us doing additional ones?

(FFURG Staff Comment) We've had some mixed reaction to the repainted jedi fighters in our ranks. Speaking only from my own personal collecting habits, I've got one of each color fighter, regardless of who's it is, because, like you said, they look cool. I agree that Aayla's fighter would be awesome, but I'd rather see a Rogue Squadron Wedge's F/X X-Wing or a re-issue of the Y-Wing before more Jedi Fighters. After all, it's the 30th anniversary of "A New Hope". Time to give 'ol Wedge some love finally!

The customizing community, well, at least on the Forums on our site, erupted with cheers of joy at the new Force Unleashed Female Imperial Commander. We here at FFURG have two repack suggestions for you that would only require new heads, Admiral Daala and Ysanne Isard. Both are Expanded Universe but are pretty well known and deserve to be in plastic. (FFURG, 3/16/07)

We have to admit, when we first saw Juno Eclipse presented to use we were very happy..finally a female imperial officer. There have been several beyond the ones you mention who were prominent in the EU, including Lt. Deena Shan's impersonation and an Imp officer and Moff Tavira from Rogue Squadron's adventures. Hopefully we'll be able to work some of these into the comic pack line with time.


Vintage series Hoth Han Solo - will he come with two heads (one of which was "accidentally" shown at Toy Fair)? Also, is there a chance that we'll get him in both blue and brown variants again? (Two heads, two color schemes, and completists will have to buy four of the same figure!) (GH, 3/16/07)

(See JD, 3/16/07)

Hasbro has produced some of the most astonishing vehicles (not just for Star Wars) for decades, so we know the company has what it takes. Does an upstart company producing a massive vehicle/playset (some big pirate ship) inspire Team Hasbro, encouraging the team to push for large vehicles with play features (hypothetically, a big tank, or a big walker)? Did the Imperial Shuttle's holiday success show Hasbro that parents and kids do still want a big box under the tree? (GH, 3/16/07)

Thanks for the kudos. We do not base our decisions on what other companies do, we do what is needed to support our own business model which is a mass-market driven kid/collector product line. We have looked at the playset and large vehicle opportunity for the right products, and have not found an opportunity that made sense for both the market and our business model. The success of both the AT-AT and Imperial Shuttle have given us confidence for higher-priced items should we find the right one for our dual audience.

The concept of the 3 3/4" Battle Pack has evolved to include Beasts and Speeders (welcome additions). The original concept used newly re-tooled figures or new paint schemes, more accessories, and clear stands. Are the bonus accessories and stands completely phased out in favor of a new figure here and there? (Padmé from Ambush on Ilum could've really used a stand.) Would the Battle Pack series be the outlet for a completely new Imperial Speederbike? (It's overdue for an update, and there are several key figures that can interact with them.) (GH, 3/16/07)

The concept of multi-figure packs is not a new one, as you point out, but the success of the new ones versus the older ones lies in the energetic, scene-based packout and the character selection (either heroes or Clones/troops), and now we are expanding that out to include smaller vehicles and beasts which we are excited about as well because it adds a dimension to the line we haven't had since the "deluxe" price point. We are looking at opportunities for new speeders but don't have anything definitive in the works. Finally, while we don't rule out larger accessories where it makes sense for the these packs, battle stands won't be coming back into them. Fans will soon have the opportunity to get 40-packs of official figure stands (2006 Saga stands) from They will be made available for the first time at Celebration IV in Los Angeles.


The 30th Anniversary Collection "Vintage" Hoth Han Solo - are we going to see a blue coat variant? And what’s the story on that unapproved (as of Toy Fair) "hood-up" head sculpt? If approved by LFL, will we see the alternate head included as part of the 2007 figure or will it be saved for a re-issue down the road? (JD, 3/16/07)

OK, good question. The answer is that the vintage figure will only feature *one* color version - the brown coat. We will look to deliver the blue coat at some point, but we do not want to split the vintage run in two to do it. It will just be brown for 100% of the vintage run. As for the hood-up head that was shown briefly at Toy Fair, it was not approved by Lucasfilm and will not be included in the vintage product. It was a mistake that was removed from the Toy Fair display right after we noticed the error, but not before pictures got out.

One more note in will start to appear on-shelf on or about 6/1. Because of this timing, we will not be making as many figures as we did in 2006, and are cutting back some to 2004 levels to ensure we don't have a lot of lingering stock this Fall. Collectors should make sure to get them when they see them because they will not be as abundant as they were in 2006.

The large accessory pack-ins with some of the 30th Anniversary basic figures shown at Toy Fair were out of this world. Things like Umpass Stay's drum, Luke's moisture vaporator, and the corner curves to the bar are long requested fan items. Can you tell us if you have any other large accessory pack-ins planned for the future, either the second half of this year or next? (JD, 3/16/07)

Thanks! There are a few more surprises planned, such as the torture rack for Han Solo. We will look to do this when we can, but with increases in both plastic costs and the costs to tool up these cool accessories, we can't guarantee we'll always be able to do it. But we're glad fans appreciate them, they are important pieces we've been waiting to deliver up!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is already generating a lot of gaming buzz and the Toy Fair figure reveal has the toy buzz going too! Will the recently announced delay in the game’s release date affect the release of the figures? Also, what are the 2 Trooper types shown at Toy Fair? Do they have names yet? (JD, 3/16/07)

We will be pushing back all of our The Force Unleashed product with the exception of the new Lightsaber with spring-activated hilt guards. We know that the figures that were shown at Toy Fair really whet a lot of appetites, and trust us, they will be worth the wait! In the meantime, the place in the calendar previously marked for the TFU figures will be occupied by wave 8 of the basic figures which had been pushed out to make room for the TFU wave (wave 9). So there won't be any gaps in the delivery of new figures to the shelves late this Fall.

The two troopers do not have official names yet, as LucasArts is still nailing down the details. By the time we need to deliver packaging they will be final but we have some time yet for that.


Will the delay of the Star Wars Force Unleashed video game to 2008 have an effect on the release of the toys based on the game? (JI, 3/16/07)

(See JD, 3/16/07)

Do you have an image of the TRU exclusive Star Wars Gold Squadron Y-Wing Fighter you can send us? (JI, 3/16/07)

We don't have an image available yet. We will reveal the Y-Wing (along with more of our exclusives program) at Celebration IV. Stay tuned!

Celebration 4 is fast approaching. Can you tell us if Hasbro will be offering an exclusive for the event? if so what is it and are their any images? (JI, 3/16/07)

We will be offering an exclusive figure, but Lucasfilm will be making the official announcement. In addition, the 40-packs of the official Star Wars figure stands will be available for the first time to fans at the event. They will be based on the Saga Collection stands and will be available for $9.99.


What does the Blue Sticker and "A" on the datestamp of recent case assortments mean? (POTF2, 3/16/07)

We add the blue dot or " A" on the package if the existing item has been changed to non-phthalate PVC.

The back of the coins for the Galactic Marine and Airborne Trooper have the 8 spoke Republic symbol. Shouldn't it be the 6 spoke symbol? (POTF2, 3/16/07)

Our design team chose the eight-spoke for these by the flip of a coin . Ha, just kidding. EpIII clone troops can be seen as either pre- or post- Order 66, like some with alternate shoulder pads (Shock Troopers for example) have been portrayed in the past. It could have gone either way of course, and we still look at them as either pre-Empire or post to suit our own display needs, and we figured collectors would do the same.

Over the past 11 years of basic SW action figures, we've seen numerous different sculpts of ANH Han, ANH Leia and ANH Luke.  However, in that same amount of time, we have yet to see a single carded Endor Leia, and it took all this time to finally get an Endor Luke.  Throughout the spectrum, there are still some core characters that have yet to be made in a particular outfit (ESB Lando in Han's style shirt), and others that are way overdue for a rerelease (Hoth Leia [which was an internet exclusive many years ago], DSII Luke).  So, instead of asking when and if these characters will be released, I want to know why Hasbro decides to release over and over the before mentioned characters in garb we've already seen instead of creating new figures with different clothing as seen in the films. (POTF2, 3/16/07)

We hear you. Sometimes, with the number of figures we have done over the past couple of years in both single basic carded and multi-pack figures, it's a little hard to keep track of all the most iconic versions to make sure they have some representation. Our process focuses more on the figures we feel need to be redone first, while we sometimes feel a certain scene needs to be redone again before perhaps another lesser scene. For example, Hoth Leia is still by all standards a great figure, so we haven't seen the need to release her on a basic figure card or update her just yet, but we will look at what we can do with her in the future. The good news is that we have a very nice Endor Leia coming in Vintage, which is where we figured we can really do her justice. It's not basic 6x9 of course, but this is where you will find her for the foreseeable future.


Cantina aliens seem to be more popular with collectors than Jabba's aliens. I believe the Cantina scene is the most iconic "space fantasy" scene ever. When determining which cantina alien to produce as a figure, do you base your decision more on movie scenes or on popularity of a character?

For example, the decision to make Myo to fill the scene with Muftak and Djas Phur. If it is based upon movie scenes what's the possibility of such characters as Arleil Schous, Brainiac, F'u Man-Chu, & Bom Vimdin to sit with our Hem Dazon?
(RS, 3/16/07)

We have to admit that we love our Cantina aliens, but don't necessarily agree with them being more popular than Jabba's Palace denizens, which have gained steam with collectors in recent years and seem to be popular in the Q&A, in online forms, and at conventions. We think the importance of both iconic scenes is that they, more definitely that perhaps any other scenes, transported us to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. We think It's best to "spread the love" to both of these iconic scenes in equal measures and you'll see us try to continue to do to that. As for Cantina character selects, since many of them have about the same screen time, we tend to base our selections on the ones we think look coolest and most uniquely Star Wars and are "must haves" for the Cantina fans. At least one of the ones you mentioned are scheduled for 2008. We hope, eventually, to be able to do all of them but the humans are taking a back seat a bit.

Never-before released Original Trilogy characters (or never-before released scene-specific outfitted characters) are big on my list. This year's line-up appears to have many of these. How big of a priority is it for you to seek out characters and/or outfits that have never before been made?

There appear to be few core characters in outfits we have not yet seen (Luke in Medical Frigate garb and Sumggler Outfit Lando from the end of The Empire Strikes Back come to mind). After these and a few others have been exhausted, will your focus be mainly on how best to re-release many of these with new and exciting accessories or on newly improved sculpts of existing core characters?
(RS, 3/16/07)

Great question that gets to the heart of our long-term basic figure strategy. It's important to have iconic characters as wave "anchors" to make sure that the waves have kid traction, but at the same time our strategy for coins and beyond is to need to justify their purchase for collectors as well. So we have scrubbed the films very closely to find main characters in versions that make them new and unique and fresh, and in some cases that is a new sculpt, outfit tweak, new sculpting approach with more articulation, or an important new accessory (like Moisture Vaporator) that makes the figure an important one to slot into the mix. Over time, we'll look to all of these factors to keep the mix interesting for both audiences and this strategy should last us a good long while before we look to "off-screen" versions such as the still very cool but "off-screen" POTJ Jedi Training Qui-Gon and Cold Weather Gear Kenobi.

If at all possible, could you have a few of your sculptors share with us the figures they worked on that they are most proud of or most enjoyed? It would be nice to get some feedback from them on what qualities they look for in a figure (either for aesthetics or for play-value) and to know which figures in our collections are their personal best to this point. (RS, 3/16/07)

Dave Vennemeyer, Star Wars' sculpting manager, reports that of the hundreds of figures that he has sculpted and supervised over the years, his favorite is the VOTC Stormtrooper. "I feel that we really got everything just the way we wanted it with this one. The articulation was well-hidden. The proportions were right. It's a really iconic character and it just all came together well." We also had Dave check with some of his sculptors on the outside, many of which have been involved with Hasbro Star Wars figures for several years. The answers were various: one sculptor prefers his work on the EpI Queen Amidala figures, another likes the recent Bib Fortuna as an example of a very cool alien that was just fun, and a third cites the recent Utapau Airborne Trooper as their personal favorite.


Looking at my ROTS calendar the other day I saw a scene where Obi-Wan is watching a holographic video in the Jedi Temple of Anakin bowing to Lord Sidious after executing Order 66. Would we ever get to see this as a two-pack, kind of a Holographic Lord Vader's Rise? (SWC, 3/16/07)

This is an interesting suggestion and one we too have eyeballed for doing something with at some point. It's worthy of looking into, possibly for a future comic 2-pack for example.

A Cloud Car question seems to come up from time to time, but we never seem to get much commentary back on it. Specifically, the big question that it seems like has not been definitively answered is, "Is the vintage tool still available and usable to re-release this vehicle at some point?" (SWC, 3/16/07)

The vintage tool is not available for the Cloud Car, which has left us with the problem of needing to do a new one IF we make the decision to re-release. However, we don't feel it is one of the strongest to redo just yet. We will probably get to it someday. With the new vehicles we have on the slate, I think everyone would agree that holding off on a new Cloud Car is a worthwhile tradeoff. As for the other new vehicles, stay tuned for CIV or San Diego Comic Con for more details....they will be worth the wait.

Will the delay of "The Force Unleashed" next-gen video game until April 2008 mean the delay of Hasbro's game-based action figures? (SWC, 3/16/07)

(See JD, 3/16/07)


The Vintage Figure line has quickly become a fan favorite since it's inception in 2004.  Is Hasbro actively trying to limit the line to one wave per year?  Additionally, it seems that with the pack-in coins that we're getting in the current line that incorporating the Power Of The Force line into the vintage line would be a natural fit.  Has that concept been entertained considering the current coin pack-ins? (TJ, 3/16/07)

We deliberately stayed away from the coins in the VOTC because not all of the figures would have had them.  Instead, we came up with the idea of doing the coins as a mail-in follow-up to our 2006 promotion and to be a "parallel" set with the 30th Anniv. coins.  As for how many we do per year, the vintage line is quite a taxing line from an item standpoint, each one requiring more work than the standard figure. We can't really "fit in" more than a wave of 6 or so per year with all the other sub lines we're developing.  Even though they are popular, we want to make sure we don't over-commit and fall behind on other products as a result.

The Force Unleashed figures shown at Toy Fair were very impressive.  What are the names of all of the characters in that wave?  And when can we expect this to be released?  Will their release coincide with the release of the video game? (TJ, 3/16/07)

(See JD, 3/16/07.)  The final characters names are not all in (especially for the troopers and the Samurai Jedi) and won't be until a little later.  We will probably have the final lineup with us at Comic Con.

While we didn't see him at Toy Fair, we've seen Hermi Odle listed in the product catalog that came with the Battle Packs.  Can we see a picture of the figure? (TJ, 3/16/07)

We will be saving the debut of Hermie for either CIV or Comic Con.  Stay tuned…
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Week 27 - March 30, 2007

With basic figures waves, why is it that some waves will show up in such small amounts that there is never a trace of them, yet the next wave shows up soon afterwards in findable quantities? This is also happening with the Titanium Series 3" vehicles waves. (AF, 3/30/07)

Unless we hold it back for some reason (like we did this year with TAC Wave 1), what you are seeing is an initial "first shot" that factories get out as they ramp up production. If we aren't holding it back, it goes out earlier with more to follow in successive weeks until you are at full production capacities 2-3 weeks after the first batch when is debugged and production is at full steam. Compound that with a collector pounce on the initial product, and it can look like Death Valley on the shelves until supply catches up with demand.

With you knowing that collectors have been asking for new versions of movie accurate Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguises for a while, why did you go and make them only in the comic 2 packs which are chiefly for EU fans? Will this further delay us getting movie accurate versions of these two now, or perhaps hasten it? (AF, 3/30/07)

Our mainline Episode IV basic figure waves had other versions of Luke and Han slated for them that we prioritized over these versions. We know Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise are demanded figures, but we wanted to slot in others first. These versions are sure to come at some point, but for now the comic packs have these guys.

The Galactic Heroes line has really taken off with kids and collectors alike, however the most "kid-friendly" film in the saga - Ep I: The Phantom Menace - is heavily underrepresented with the only offerings being re-releases of the now-defunct Playskool line and 1 new Maul set. Characters like Jar Jar Binks, Sebulba, and Qui-Gon Jinn seem like obvious choices for the line. Will there be more Episode I offerings in the future? (AF, 3/30/07)

Yes, there will be. We should have more information at Celebration IV on what you will be seeing.

We received the following tentative answer back on November 10th and were wondering if there were any new developments on it: ACTIONFIGS: Will the final 22 The Saga Collection figures be available in Canada? HASBRO: We're looking at that right now. Most will come in with the Wal-Mart exclusive wave, but all may not be available. We are working with the Canadian team on a way to make sure collectors have a chance to get them all between now and spring. Stay tuned... (AF, 3/30/07)

Actually the Canadian market did pick up all figures, but the last 22 were in US packaging, and not the bi-lingual. Wal-Mart only picked up their 5 exclusives, but the others were available through TRU and Zeller's. We don't have information on the quantities, but they did get to retail.


We know the rule about any sorts of sales figures, but... Have the recent larger multi-packs (Delta Squad/Geonosian Warriors, Death Star  Briefing, and Bounty Hunters) been successful enough to keep this "collector market" niche line going even if it's one-off here and there? If so, any hint as to who's next? (Ewoks! Kashyyyk Troopers! Stormtroopers!) (GH, 3/30/07)

Yes, they have been well-received and you will see additional offerings in this format for the all. Stay tuned for more details at either Celebration IV or (more likely) Comic Con.

There was a hint in the last Q&A sessions that there are MORE new vehicles on the table to be revealed at Celebration IV. Is this accurate? If so, are we talking Speeders, Fighters, or is Hasbro pulling out the Big Guns? (GH, 3/30/07)

Right now we are looking at new ideas in the $20 (Starfighter Vehicle Assortment) price point as that segment has been very well-received and we want to keep the excitement going. We are open to looking at "big guns" if it makes sense against the backdrop of the Clone Wars.  We are not certain that we will be able to announce anything for Celebration IV. Comic Con would be more likely given the timing.

Now that Hasbro has created those really spiffy Chameleon Droids for the Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack, is there any chance we'll see the classic Imperial Probot finally revisited and updated? Also, what are the odds of getting a clearer, more cloaked Chameleon Droid down the road? We need an updated Barriss Offee at some point, right? (Pair her with Yoda and the amazingly executed ROTS Luminara Unduli, and we've got Battle Pack magic!) (GH, 3/30/07)

Those are interesting suggestions for sure and the battle pack could be a possibility some time.  No plans for an updated Probot, though.


Since you were kind enough to confirm the imminent 2007 arrival of the torture rack for Bespin Han Solo last time, can you give us any juicy details on the Han that surely accompanies it? Super-Articulated? All scowly-faced in an "ow, stop torturing me" manner? All new? Repack? Please? (JD, 3/30/07)

The figure is partially new with new face (there is more emotion but not all the way to extreme pain), with new upper legs, new torso, and new arms.

Let's talk 30AC "Vintage" IG-88. First off, he looks amazing. On par with the Vintage OTC Chewbacca and all the detail he had. What type of knee and elbow joints is IG-88 sporting (if any)? It's tough to tell from photos we've seen so far where all his articulation lies. (JD, 3/30/07)

They are insert molded ball joints at the elbows and knees. He is a sensational figure! We can't wait to get him to the shelf. He is also one of the reasons why Vintage is one of the more labor intensive and tooling intensive lines we have and why we can only slot them in batches of 5 or so when we can do them, but it's all worth it.

The new 30th Anniversary Mace Windu can't sit down due to his plastic skirt. With the Mace Windu Jedi Starfighter on the shelves, one might assume that this Mace would be able to pilot the ship, but the skirt will keep him upright and out of the ship. What happened? Any plans to correct the skirt, either with soft goods or side splits to allow more flexibility? (JD, 3/30/07)

He's not the only Mace out there (or will be out there) so this wasn't deliberately considered when we wanted to achieve a certain aesthetic. We do not plan any updates to the skirt for this one.


In the promotional images for the new 30th Anniversary Collectors Coin Album, there is what appears to be a gold coin shown. Can you tell us what that coin is? Will it be an upcoming exclusive? (JI, 3/30/07)

That is a preview of the upcoming Ultimate Galactic Hunt gold chase version, which should be on shelf around July. All coins for the year will be silver except for a shorter parallel set of gold from the UGHs.

With the release of the Boba Fett figure from the Holiday Special, will we see more figures based from that Special? (JI, 3/30/07)

That is the only one we are planning and will probably ever do.

In a previous Hasbro Q&A, Hasbro mentioned that they have 3 prototypes for a Death Star playset. Since it is likely that these will never be released, how about at least showing us pictures of the prototypes? (we love to drool!) thanks. (JI, 3/30/07)

Sorry, but we're not ready to go there yet, in the chance that someday we (or another brand team at Hasbro) may use some of the ideas for a future project.


For the SW 30 year Anniversary, any thoughts of making more cut-scene figures like the Biggs, such as Fixer, Cammie or Tank? What about small scale vehicles to go along with these, such as Fixer's or the Lars landspeeder? (JTA, 3/30/07)

There won't be any more cut scene figures in the 30th line, but we are considering these for future (post-30th) possibilities and weighing them against other EU-type concepts we see as important in doing. There is a probably a good chance (it may take a few years though) that all of the characters you mentioned will make it to the shelves. However, it's unlikely that we'll ever do the Lars landspeeder given the complexity and tooling required for vehicles and the relatively unknown status of that one compared with other vehicle possibilities.

The decision to push back all TFU product (with EXCEPTION to the new Lightsaber with spring-activated hilt guards) begs the following: Does this mean new lightsabers from new characters? Such as the Zabrak brandishing twin green lightsabers with tonfa shaped hilts? Or those saber-tipped-staffs wielded by those cool black Shadow Guards (whose unique design we haven't seen since Walmart's blink of the eye (re)sell-out of Maul's double-blade)? It's said TFU will be treated like the next chapter. Can we anticipate this will come complete with new sabers? (JTA, 3/30/07)

We are going to be doing the one new saber to start with and then see where the others take us. Because of the different "footprint" of some of the other sabers it's much more challenging to bring those to retail (for instance, the Wal-Mart exclusive Darth Maul lightsaber re-issue had to be merchandised out of the normal planogram last Fall). So, for the rest of them we're adopting a wait-and-see attitude and if the demand is there, we can go after it.

When can we expect to see this years UGH figures arriving in stores? Last years UGH figures arrived several months before their projected street date, can we expect the same with this years? (JTA, 3/30/07)

We are projecting July "on shelf" this year for the UGHs. We don't think it will be earlier, but that could change depending on the time it takes to build up stock for that wave (Wave 4) and deliver it to retail.


Has any of the questions or feedback from these Q&As led to any changes in product plans? If so, can you give some examples? (POTF2, 3/30/07)

For one, it led directly to last Fall's Saga Legends Fan's Choice voting. Many characters were being asked about for re-release that we decided to open it up for vote, and that was a great result of this Q&A. There have been other results as well such as us slotting in a certain idea here or there for figures or pointing us to certain aspects of the EU that deserved attention - like figures from the novels. So yes, we do definitely listen and while results are seldom immediate, you will see some influence from the collective fan input. Keep up the great work!

From time to time, you mention that a figure is on the "short list". How short (or long) is the "short list"? (POTF2, 3/30/07)

Ha! The short list is always longer than we want it to be, but usually enough figures (sorted by movie or source) for the next couple of years. So you might say that it's 12-15 figures deep at any time, which is culled down to make a compelling wave when we begin our next cycle of line planning. And then we start restocking the list again when we get ideas and inspiration for a new take or a new figure we need to do.

What will the variation be on the Bantha & Tusken Raider Battle Pack? (POTF2, 3/30/07)

The variation is a change in coloration of all of the Tuskens to a darker reddish brown hue, the idea being that it is another clan. This was actually our intended original version but due to some difficulties in the schedule we decided to split the run using original colors and the new colors.


Has Hasbro ever considered making action figures from the TV live-action Ewok Adventures? Many fans would like an updated Wicket (with prominent pupils, as seen in the first Ewok Adventure), as well as the main protagonist Cindel Towani, and the fan-favorite from the second movie, Teek. He even cameos in Star Tours. (RS, 3/30/07)

We have to admit that we haven't taken a look at Ewoks (or Droids) for some time but as these are out there on DVD, and fans are showing very high enthusiasm for Ewoks (and Droids) lately, they do merit another look to see if there's a way to bring some of them to life. Right now there are no specific plans for tie-ins, but you never know. Thanks for the suggestion.

I know it's pretty early to be asking, but will the basic line this year end at 60? Or will there be another couple of rehash/repaint/exclusive waves at the end like 2006 taking us upto 70+. I really hope this won't be the case, for the last 2-3 waves of ROTS and TSC were impossible to find here in the UK, and as far as I know all across Europe. If the last TAC wave is indeed The Force Unleashed wave this should at least keep the main retailers interested as there is something out there to directly help marketing. (RS, 3/30/07)

It's still murky, but we're working the details of what the changes mean. With The Force Unleashed moving out to Spring 2008 (exact date TBD), we are moving around our waves to make sure that there is a steady flow of figures. Also, like last year with TSC extending into Spring, there is a possibility that the 30th Anniversary line look (TAC) will extend as well throughout the Spring. We are committed to delivering a collection of 60 figures with coins, hopefully all in this calendar year, a wave of coin figures may go into 2008. What is for certain is that there are additional waves for Spring (including now TFU wave) that may or may not have coins. We know that the basic figures continue to do really well in Europe and that demand has remained high, which could relate to your perceived scarcity comment. We are continually working with our international counterparts to make sure that European collectors can get the complete offering and get a mix to retail that matches demand, and will keep passing your comments to them.

I have question about the figures design and production: On average, how long does it take a brand new figure (like the Firespeeder Pilot) to go from the idea stage, through design, and then to first shipment to stores, and where would a figure's production tend to get "bogged down" the most? I know some ideas for figures have been kicked around for a few years before design, and some have been prototyped way before production, but I'm asking for a general average timeframe. (RS, 3/30/07)

Actual line planning, laying out wave by wave an entire year actually happens a long time in advance of figure development, so for example we may have had the idea to to a "Han Solo with torture rack" figure way back in late 2005 when we were planning 2007, but a specific figure actually won't get on shelf for 12-24 months later depending on where the wave falls in the rollout. An average time frame from the time our design team starts working on a concept for a newly tooled figure (actually drawing it up, with proposed articulation and accessories) is typically 12-13 months before the intended on-shelf date. This is for less complicated figures usually. Vintage takes longer because the sculpting usually requires more time, and role play (new lightsabers), vehicles and Star Wars Transformers take longer (up to 15 months) depending on the complexity of the engineering required to ensure the features work. Repaint waves, when we try and cover a long anticipated gap in the figure delivery schedule, happen on a much shorter time frame because they rely on existing tools and deco can be done more quickly.


Given that there are only a limited number of unmade figures and figures that need a serious resculpt, does Hasbro deliberately choose not give some figures up-to-date articulation (like knee articulation, etc - even for figures whose characters spend much of their screen time sitting)? We know and understand the argument for the additional cost factor for better articulation and spreading the cost throughout a wave or year, so that Star Wars is profitable, but we also know Hasbro has the license until 2018 and that a business model of *not* producing every figure as a super-articulated ultimate figure would allow Hasbro to continue for many years with later updates to previous sculpts - even when those sculpts were already at modern quality - by simply adding more articulation (ball-joint knees, elbows, shoulders, etc.) while keeping the rest of the mold the same. Is that at all consideration on Hasbro's part? (SSG, 3/30/07)

We think the universe for Star Wars figure possibilities is unlimited, rather than limited. We have never been more excited about the possibilities unfolding for the line! It is a tough decision at times, between articulation (more points = more tools, deco, and labor to assemble), accessories, and deco. We add it when it makes a meaningful difference to a previously released character to make them an "upgrade." When it comes to new characters like Cantina patrons, sometimes we can afford more and sometimes not so much so it really varies based on the wave and full-year cost. With so many new figures on the year (2007), it means the pressure is high and we aren't able to liberally distribute super-articulation like we know some fans want. Also, with the comic packs in particular the fact that there are two figures at a sharp price means that we have to manage them so we don't get into trouble and jeopardize the program. As you probably guessed, there are some figures we do hope to update down the road when we get a chance and can get another crack at them. But with new Clone Wars series and great stories being told in comics and video games, it's uncertain when we'll be able to get back to any particular figure.

With the recent addition of the Comic Book Two packs, and the thoughts of EU Figures being shipped in future waves, will we ever see a new sculpt of Kyle Katarn, perhaps as he appears in either Jedi Knight or Jedi Outcast ? This would be great way also to release perhaps the Dark Jedi in the game as well as other characters in the games like Jan Ors or Rahn or even an older version of Luke Skywalker. (SSG, 3/30/07)

We hear the fan demand for a Kyle Katarn figure and are looking for ways to get him into the line, hopefully by the end of 2008. We also like the idea of a post-EpVI Luke and will be releasing him (along with Mara Jade) in an Heir-to-the-Empire comic 2-pack in a few months. There are other worthwhile Lukes to look at, but only time will tell when we can get to additional Lukes. The other two characters are not high on our radar screen right now... the best way to rally support for them would be in the next round of a fans' choice poll like we did with Toy Fare last year. We'll discuss the idea of sequelling that great poll with them.

We received the following open-ended answer back on November 3rd and were wondering if there were any new developments on it: SSG: Lots of fans love both Jedi Starfighters and were looking forward to the AOTC Action Fleet release and then the ROTS Titanium 6"" Ultra release, both were canceled just before going into production but were tooled up. Could these be saved from limbo and presented as an exclusive special Titanium 2-pack? HASBRO: We have no plans for Action Fleet at this time, but stay tuned for new on the Titanium vehicles. We are working on a way to bring them to retail. (SSG, 3/30/07)

We still do not have any plans for Action Fleet at this time due to other priorities for the line. As for the Ultra series, the last vehicles are coming to TRU as exclusives and that will complete this series. There is nothing more planned for this line exclusive or otherwise.

In the past, figures have included interlocking bases that can create larger diorama pieces. Will we see more of these in the future? (SSG, 3/30/07)

We will not be pursuing this idea in any of our sublines right now. While some collectors like these, they don't seem to be universally popular and we have chosen to spend our development dollar in other areas.


Will there be more holographic figures, if not this year in the future?  We have yet to see Anakin; or Imperial officers, such as Admiral Piett; and there are others I'm sure that would make effective figures. These make a nice addition to my collection, and would love to see a few more from time to time. (ST, 3/30/07)*

We're glad you like them, Troops. They are cool to do, in measure, and we haven't ruled out the possibilities that we'll do some more at some point.

So on a catalog included with my Battlepack it states that there will be a #30 C-3PO with Salacious Crumb.  Will Salacious Crumb be a repaint or an all new sculpt?  And will the C-3PO have an eye hanging out of it's socket? (ST, 3/30/07)*

He will be all-new, and the answer to your last question is…yes.

The reason why you made figures from the, "Force Unleashed," game, is because it is a multi-media event (books, comics, toys, and games).  But my question is if these sell well, will you make more characters from other video games, like the 7 Dark Jedi, from Dark Forces II? (ST, 3/30/07)*

Great question, Troops, that touches on the several exciting directions the Star Wars franchise is headed from here on out.  While movie characters will continue to remain our focus for the main basic figure line (which should have many fans breathing a sigh of relief!) it's no great secret that other entertainment media such as videogames, comics, and novels are making seismic waves in their respective areas because of fundamentally great storytelling that is uniquely Star Wars.  When LucasArts shared their plans with us, we were blown away and new that this was an important new story and we needed to partner with them on bringing these characters to life (so to speak) sooner rather than later.  We'd like to think that this, just like we are doing with the Clone Wars animation, is a great model for keeping the Star Wars line fresh and exciting.  We are looking at some of the other previous games for inspiration as well.  Although there are no plans for Dark Forces figures right now, we will be looking at them for future possibilities.


What is the rational of mixing specific, i.e. named, characters with troop builders? I can understand a multipack with a specific characters, customers only need to buy one of them to get those and get all those characters. But doesn't it hurt sales to throw in, say, two Stormtroopers, two Rebel Troopers and Darth Vader? Now replace the Vader with another generic trooper and troop builders will buy multiples of this pack. But doesn't it seem like a disscouragment to have a specific character amongst all the troop builders? It seems wastefull to end up with ten Vaders just because I wanted to swell my ranks of troops. Take for example your Toys 'R Us ARC trooper battlepack which was the hardest to find to date. Why not do more like that? (SWAN, 3/30/07) (direct link to MP3)

For battle packs, we select the best characters that help us execute a particular scene, especially given that kids actually want these characters, too.  The opening scene of Episode IV is so iconic, that the scene cannot be completed without Darth Vader.  The same with Felucia.  It's not a complete story without the Aayla or Bly.  The Clone Wars pack was different in that it was an all-clone scene.  But in general, for more collector-targeted packs, we feel that collectors will overlook one-to-two figures they may not need per pack to stock up on troops they want.

What would be the chance of seeing a Jabba the Hutt battle pack? I am thinking something along the lines of re-releasing the Ultra Jabba the Hutt from a few years back complete with hookah. This would be a good opportunity to repack figures like Bib Fortuna, Slave Leia, or any of the various figures that have relevance to Jabba. What would also be nice is a retooling of the dais that could be included in such a battle pack. With a dais, while not necessarily a playset, I think it would lend itself to the diorama type collectors, give us a dais which we have had since vintage days, and could have enough play elements to appeal to kids. Given the price point and the nature of the battle packs, as well as how battle packs have been evolving lately, this is something that seems like a good fit. (SWAN, 3/30/07) (direct link to MP3)

When, and it's not a matter of if, but of when, in the next couple of years that we do a new Jabba, we'll need to look to the price and format it makes sense in which to deliver him.  It may or may not be the battle pack format that is the one we choose.


Does the upcoming VTAC Snowtrooper have a removable helmet? If not, is Hasbro making a conscious effort to avoid things like this that tie directly to the prequels in order to maintain a strong vintage feel in the line? (SWC, 3/30/07)

Yes, it does have a removable helmet.

In our last Q&A, Hasbro stated that 30th Anniversary Collection waves 8 and 9 would switch places as a result of the delay in the release of "The Force Unleashed" video game, with wave 8 coming out before wave 9 now. Does that mean that wave 9 will still be released in 2007, and that "The Force Unleashed" figures will still be on 30th Anniversary Collection cards and have coin pack-ins? Also, will there be more than one wave of action figures based on the game, even if a second wave were delayed until 2008? (SWC, 3/30/07)

The Force Unleashed figures will be moved out to Spring 2008 and will not come out this calendar year. As a result we are arranging our waves so there is continuous flow of new figures through the holidays and Spring 2008. It's too early to tell whether they will have the 30th Anniversary line look, but they will probably not have coins as they are likely to come after we have completed the 60 basic figure coins.

We're getting a lot of grumblings from collectors about the Sith Infiltrator vehicle being in the Jedi Starfighter scale. While we understand that the $20 price point seems the most attractive to retailers, a lot of our readers are saying they'd have been more than willing to pay $30-$35 for a version that was slightly closer to scale. Is this a case where it was either do a Sith Infiltrator at this size, or never do one at all? Is a line of ships in the $30-range--larger than a Jedi Starfighter, but smaller than, say, a Millennium Falcon--just absolutely out of the question? (SWC, 3/30/07)

That is exactly the issue. We would not have committed to do this vehicle at a larger scale due to tooling costs and the issue that we do not have this price point in the mainline (the volume requirement are simply too great for an exclusive). We went ahead at the $20 price point because we wanted to see the vehicle get out there. We were less worried about scale - many Star Wars 3-3/4" ships are "distilled" versions of their on-screen inspiration (the Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic!), and flat-out we knew we could deliver a great toy that kids and many (if not all) fans could enjoy as a welcome addition to their shelves. It's a great toy - we hope that everyone gives it an open-mind and checks it out - they won't be disappointed.


Whatever happened to the 3 3/4" Battlestar Galactica figures you once said were coming out at the end of 2006?  Sure enough, we saw some cool Titanium ships from BG, as promised.  But what about the figs? (TJ, 3/30/07)

The whole Titanium figure program for Star War was scuttled due to disappointing sales of the first waves.  This includes the Battlestar figure.  While there are no plans currently, we wouldn't rule out the possibility that these figures could eventually ship as retailer exclusives at some point.

Will we ever see a SA Admiral Ackbar, perhaps accompanied by his command chair?  The majority of the tooling for this could then easily be reused to make army building Mon Calamari officers, technicians, and soldiers... (TJ, 3/30/07)

Some day you probably will see an SA Ackbar.  The Admiral (and the Mon Calamari in general) has his fans here on the team, but we haven't slotted in an update for him yet for any specific time.  It's great to know support is out there for him!

Will the comic 2 packs ever feature the more obscure characters from the Marvel Star Wars era such as Lumiya, Kiro, Dani the Zeltron, Chido, Crimson Jack, Baron Tagge (with his lightsaber), Jaxxon the rabbit, and most importantly Valance the Hunter (with alternate cyborg head). I've noticed that so far the obscure characters are only from the Dark Horse era. (TJ, 3/30/07)

While we still will be heavier on Dark Horse, we do want to keep Marvel issues in our sights, too. Dark Horse has created a great depth of characters who are a contiguous extension of the on-screen adventures, and that's why we have been focusing our efforts there for the most part.  Some of the Marvel characters you mentioned are simply not as strong and uniquely Star Wars (Crimson Jack or Jaxxon for example).  You have mentioned a few that we are considering (Valence and Baron Tagge are two of them) but we just have to figure out when we can fit them in.  There are a lot of great characters to do!

Also, I tried to sneak in a follow-up:  In the last round, we asked a question about the Mara Jade comic pack.  Here was the answer:  "Mara will be packed with Luke, re-creating their escape from the Stormtroopers in Shadows of the Empire."

Our resident expert says, "Mara Jade doesn't make an appearance in the Star Wars Saga until the Heir To The Empire storyline.  Shadows Of The Empire takes place between TESB and ROTJ and does not involve Mara Jade."

I asked for clarification on the comic.
(TJ, 3/30/07)

You are right - we made a mistake.  Luke and Mara are from Heir to the Empire, not Shadows.  Thanks for the correction.


Why didn't you have items like the Bantha Battle Pack (which is scheduled to hit retail next month) and Order 66 2-packs at Toyfair Obviously photos and mockups exist - what's the story? (YF, 3/30/07)

While Toy Fair has changed over the years in according more attention to press, it still remains a retailer-driven show. For this reason, we don't show exclusives at Toy Fair, concentrating on the "main line" product available to all retailers touring the showroom. Instead, we show and discuss our exclusives privately until the time we are ready to show at a fan-event like Celebration or Comic Con.

If The Force Unleashed game is delayed until Spring of 2008 as rumored, what does this mean for the figures that are coming out? Will there be any more Force Unleashed figures coming out, like Shaak Ti and how are you going to tie in figures to the Clone Wars Animated 3D series that is coming out? Will they be movie style sculpting/articulation? (YF, 3/30/07)

The Force Unleashed figures will be moved out to Spring 2008, but this should not have an effect on our figure planning, as we have a lot of figures planned in the back half of the year to a compressed calendar (Wave 1 being available at retail just now). We will be swapping some waves around to make all the pieces fit together but there will be a steady flow of figures despite the move. As for specific figures, the ones we showed at Toy Fair comprise the whole basic figure line. At some point we'd like to do a The Force Unleashed Shaak Ti but she's not in the works right now.

Did sales for the Lucas Exclusive set do as well online as you had planned? Personally I loved this set and bought a couple to use the figures for miscellaneous characters in dioramas and am glad that you came up with a way to release these unique figures. That being said, can we expect to see any other sort of online exclusive box sets, that might not have the demand to be sold at retail?

If so, what about some sort of Prequel Trilogy Lars Family set to fill the void of some of these characters - Cliegg Lars, Owen Lars, Beru Whitesun, C3PO (SAGA2 Endor mold, but AOTC paint scheme). Maybe someday down the road, Padme's family that is in the deleted scenes of AOTC and briefly at the end of ROTS could be made as well?
(YF, 3/30/07)

The figures from the Lucas family set were for the most part figures that we would not have done in the mainline, and were bound together by a very interesting off-screen relationship and was available uniquely through the only venue for which it really made sense - the StarWarsOnlineShop. So that set was really unique from that perspective and can't really be repeated.

Some of the other figures you mentioned are interesting and could be basic figures themselves or possibilities for, as you mention, a scene pack or Battle Pack type of set although there isn't a lot of action to it, which we usually like to have in our multi-figure sets. We have other concepts we are pursuing for unique multi-figure sets, which you will see in coming months.


After the incidents of Votc stickers vanishing from the clamshells last year, will this years batch be heat sealed, taped, or both? (YN, 3/30/07)

The clamshells will be sealed, like the majority of last year's run.

When will we see a long lineup of vintage pack figures again? When the OTC lineup was released we got 12 figures total. Now we are lucky if we get half that each year. Not to mention 2005 was skipped altogether. Also, Why do we get excellent super articulated figures from the original Kenner lineup in basic figure packages instead of in the Vintage Collection lineups? You did an excellent job with Saga Collection R5-D4, the 30th Anniversary Jawa, and the Death Star Trooper so why didn't you take the extra step and pack them into Vintage packs? There are many more instances to speak of, but you get the idea. (YN, 3/30/07)

Here's one way to look at it: There is the heart and soul of our figure line - the basic figure mainline, which consumes a good chunk of our design resources - and then there is "all other" which includes or has included vintage, comic packs, Battle Packs (when they have new figures), exclusives (ditto), and Evolutions packs over the past couple years. Each of these takes resources from our pool, and vintage in particular is extremely resource intensive. That's why as long as other lines are going you won't see a huge offering of vintage like you did in 2004, when it was the only ambitious new subline in that lineup. Also add to that the fact we are trying to do more new or substantially refreshed figures in the mainline and you see that we just can't drop big sublines into our production without risking derailing something else. Instead we make sure that we can deliver everything in the "bites" that keep collectors excited, but it just takes more time to get around to everything probably everyone wants. As to why we didn't hold some of the figures for vintage, well we felt that it was too important not to wait on those and to get those in the mainline when we did even though they are vintage-quality and probably will see an upgraded version for a long long time. So in short, we couldn't wait.

The various repainted Jedi Starfighters are great but where's the love for the female Jedi like Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli and Aayla Secura? Surely they were starfighter pilots in their own right? For that matter what might Master Yoda's starfighter looked like? (YN, 3/30/07)

Well, we had been hearing from fans that they want us to throttle back a bit on the various Jedi Starfighters, but now we're hearing some voices for keeping the program going. Maybe you could help us out with a poll on this one at Yodasnews! Do fans want to see more? And if so, what's the next one they want to see? Aayla in particular has a cool blue one shown in the Republic Comic series, and the others you mention (along with also Quinlan Vos) would be interesting to see as well. Not sure as much about Yoda, seems his ride is more the escape pod kind of vehicle.
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Re: The Hasbro Q & A Compendium
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Week 28 - April 13, 2007

In a future release, would it be possible to re-release Dannik Jerriko with the holes in his face (the ones caused by the removable proboscises) filled in? (AF, 4/13/07)

We'll look at this next time we look to use the figure- thanks for the suggestion.

Recently, several unique figures and accessories have been released in boxed sets (multi-packs, vehicles) - for example: Zev Senesca, removable-helmet Snowtrooper, white AT-RT Driver, the Geonosian energy binders, etc.. As many collectors who have been with the line for 12 years haven't wanted to purchase (for example) yet another Snowspeeder they already had just to get a new figure, have you given any thought to releasing these figures separately, either carded or as exclusives? (AF, 4/13/07)

Everything is fair game for re-release at some point, but we won't do it for at least one year after it appears in that set. Many of our figures will probably NOT be available on basic cards simply given the number of figures that we could choose to repack this way. The best way to have a say in this is to muster support for favorites the next time we do a Fan's Choice poll like the one for Saga Legends.

In the vintage line, Kenner included a cloak with Bib Fortuna that was made out of a wonderful material that lay down closely to the body of the figure. The modern cloaks leave a lot to be desired, as it appears a number of materials have been tried but all coming up lacking in one way or another. Why not use the material that was in the Bib cloak? (AF, 4/13/07)

We can't always use the exact fabric we want due to cost or availability. We purchase fabric on the open market and not everything is available when we need it, and it may not be available at the cost we need either. So we work with what we have available and can afford to use. Sometimes the aesthetic is perfect, other times it is sufficient.


The Bantha Battle Pack and Betrayal on Felucia Battle Pack raise a certain question. Where's the battle? Is it a little taboo to have Anakin Skywalker beheading a Tusken Raider, or a troop of Clones mercilessly shooting Aayla Secura in the back? (Some of us would be happy to have a battle ravaged Aayla Secura.) With some Battle Packs aimed at collectors, and mass release Battle Packs aimed at kids, what's the rationale? I'd like to see an Octuptara Droid and a mess of Galactic Marines ripping Ki-Adi Mundi to shreds. I'd LOVE to see Yoda actually beheading the troops who betrayed him. So what's the official policy on this? (GH, 4/13/07)

The idea is that it may not be a battle happening in pack per se (some do have a battle), but about-to-happen in the case of the many trooper-focused ones we have done. Scenes like you describe may not always make the best kid presentation, either - something we keep in focus.

With the myriad IG-88 figures that Hasbro has created over the years, and the team's creative use of small-sized vehicle parts, are we likely to see IG-Lancer Droids on their swoops in the near future? (As seen in Clone Wars.) (GH, 4/13/07)

If and when we get to another Clone Wars wave, this figure could be a great choice. You are more likely to see the droids than the swoops.

With figures being shuttled around to make up for the delayed Force Unleashed line, is there any chance that Hasbro might revisit some cool figures that have been stuck in developmental limbo? (Swamp Obi-Wan Kenobi? Wind-Up Walking Vulture Droid? Holographic Nute Gunray? The Bespin Dinner Table Darth Vader?) (GH, 4/13/07)

You do know your concepts - some of which never got off the drawing board. Our modern sculpting aesthetics have left some original ideas, like the swamp Obi-Wan, behind.  If we do that figure someday, it will be with an all-new sculpted figure. The battery-operated Vulture Droid never got tooled, so that would be an all-new project (not a bad one to think about, but certainly not a basic figure). The holo Nute Gunray would not be our first choice for a new holo figure (someday we may do him), and Bespin dinner table Vader was nothing more than a new hand proposed to "deflect" a laser shot but the effect was not that powerful so the idea was abandoned.


Toys R Us has what appears to be a huge new exclusive Battle Pack, The Battle of Geonosis Creatures, listed on their website. Just how big is this set going to be? Are we talking a re-release of all 3 of the Arena beasties? Any new ones? With figures? (JD, 4/13/07)

We will be revealing details of our Fall exclusives program at CIV and Comic Con.

Recently, a few of the on-line retailers announced pre-orders for two "new" Battle Packs, 'Clone Attack' and 'Jedi Vs. Sith'. Are these simply the 2005 Battle Packs of the same name in the new 30th Anniversary Packaging or are they something else? (JD, 4/13/07)

These are both repackaged versions (in the 30th line look) of previously released Battle Packs. There will be no change in the set contents.

Also from the recent news pile, pictures popped up this week of single carded Galactic Heroes figures. How and when will these be available? Summer conventions? Are they exclusives? (JD, 4/13/07)

These will be available through some of our non-mass-based retailers - Family Dollar and Big Lots. These figures will be 100% repack figures from prior 2-packs (no new deco), but figures who are not in the current Galactic Heroes lineup.


Can you confirm whether or not the special display box that came with the coin offered at Toy Fair is exclusive to Toy Fair? Or, will this be distributed elsewhere? (JTA, 4/13/07)

The special coin box is exclusive to Toy Fair, although the coin is part of the Vintage redemption set.

Will the Celebration IV exclusive 2-pack be available only at Celebration IV, or will it be available online like the SDCC Stormtrooper was? How about the European version? (JTA, 4/13/07)

There are no plans to make the droids available other than at Celebration IV, right now at least (the same goes for the Europe version). Gencon (the group organizing Celebration), not Hasbro, is the actual retailer for this product, so Gencon is setting the strategy for its own exclusive. However, the McQuarrie Luke is a exclusive, so we have more control over that. If we do make it available online through, it won't be for some months after the Convention unless there is leftover Convention inventory.

When will we find out about the remaining figures (31-60) and their numbers/waves? With the delay of the Force Unleashed figures, will this alter their numbering? (JTA, 4/13/07)

We will reveal most all of the details at CIV. The delay of Force Unleashed has caused us to move some waves around to ensure consistent flow of new figures through the holidays—so some changes will be coming.


Will the McQuarrie droid exclusives be available on or Star Wars Shop or eventually in retail but in non-exclusive packaging? Please say yes and say it won't be too long after the end of May 2007! (RS, 4/13/07)

There are no plans, right now at least, to make the droids available other than at Celebration IV, (the same goes for the Europe version). Gencon (the group organizing Celebration), not Hasbro, is the actual retailer for this product, so they are setting the strategy for their own exclusive. However, the McQuarrie Luke is a exclusive, so we have more control over that. If we do make it available online through, it won't be for some months after the Convention unless there is leftover Convention inventory.

Will future Ewok releases focus on individual characters or two-packs to add more value? As covered previously, sometimes money goes into accessories and/or additional articulation. Since these characters are so small with limited accessories, would you seriously consider 2 packs to help collectors build their furry armies? One cost-saving measure might be a newly sculpted Ewok packaged with a significant repaint of an existing mold. This repainted figure can be given a generic title such as "Lumat and Ewok Warrior" or the generic figure could be given a random name not yet established in Star Wars films or literature. Since these figures are so small, this would seem a great way to get more value, to keep costs low, to get out more Ewok figures and to keep collectors and army builders happy. (RS, 4/13/07)

It'll probably be a bit of both. We can't always afford 2 new sculpts or even the cost of 2 whole figures. We may have a cool accessory we want to do so can't promise that they will always be 2-packs either. What we can promise (and hopefully we can stick to it) is that we won't be putting out single Ewoks without an important accessory like we did for TSC. The exception, possibly, would be if we ever did Vintage Ewoks....then we'd pretty much be tied to the format.

Thanks for producing the amazing Battlestar Galactica Titanium starships. Just wondering if you would ever consider producing an Ultra Battlestar Pegasus, the Blackbird Stealth Ship, the Cylon Heavy Raider, a Cylon Basestar, classic Battlestar Galactica or Cylon Base Ship, or any of the ships seen in the fleet? (RS, 4/13/07)

Two of those (Classic Galactica and Cylon Heavy Raider) are in development for 2008. The Ultra will not come out, unless it becomes part of a future exclusive, because demand for the Ultra line was much softer than anticipated. The other two are probably not likely to happen due to the complexity of production for our price point.


When Episode II came out, there was a big fuss made about Hasbro using Realscan technology as an advanced guide assisting in the sculpting process - especially for heads and accessories. In the 5 years after, how often has Realscan been used since then, how helpful has it been, what are some of the most common drawbacks when using it for you, and what is the figure or figure's accessory that is closest to the Realscan source data? (SSG, 4/13/07)

We have found that while it's a good start in some cases, 3-3/4" figures needed in some cases more expression than the scans provided, so we have gotten into the habit of simply sculpting fresh almost all the time.

Will the moisture vaporator be available only with this upcoming Luke figure so those who want multiples of this accessory will need to buy multiple Lukes, or will there be other ways to get it in the foreseeable future? (One possibility is to reuse the accessory with Ep 2 Owen Lars, Beru Whitesun, and Cliegg Lars figures.) (SSG, 4/13/07)

It's a definite possibility, but for this year at least that's the only way to get this figure.

There has been some confusion about the upcoming Vintage-style Han Solo in Hoth gear figure, specifically his headgear. Pictures from Toy Fair show a version with a removable hat/goggles combination, but will the figure also be able to wear the hood-up look that covered the hat in the movie, and if so, how will this be achieved? If not, why is the movie-accurate hood-up look not being utilized here? What was it about Vintage-style Han Hoth's hood-up accessory which made Lucasfilm pull approval of that item? (SSG, 4/13/07)

Lucasfilm did not think the aesthetics of the hood-up head sculpt were right for the product, so they asked us to pull it out. Given that it was too late to resculpt the accessory, we pulled it from the product rather than rework it and delay Vintage more than it had already been delayed.


I really love the Titanium line, however the recent increase in repaints scares me into thinking that Hasbro "may" be running low on ship ideas.  I would love to see the inclusion of more video game/comic/cartoon vehicles (i.e. TIE Hunter, Outrider, and more specifically the TX-130, AT-XT, and the much beloved Torrent Starfighter). I think these would be welcome additions and breathe much needed diversity to the line.  Has Hasbro thought of including more non-film vehicles as opposed to repaints? (ST, 4/13/07)*

The problem with this model is that these ships are less iconic and (we think) will probably have less demand and appeal, and at the same time Titanium vehicles are expensive to develop and tool up.  So while we would like to explore some of these options, the best balance for the line will be a continued focus on the most recognizable vehicles with a measured entry into some of the others like the ones you mention.

I have multiples of just about every clone you guys crank out (keep up the good work!!).  Sadly my forces don't have many vehicles to defend the Republic.  I know the 19.99 price point is where you want to keep vehicles.  Without tipping your hand (to much) Can you tell us your thoughts on a 19.99 Torrent Starfighter, AT-XT, or TX-130?  The latter two are from the Clone Wars video game (which I know will be a focus for Hasbro as the animated series arrives). (ST, 4/13/07)*

You will be getting some much-needed troop vehicle relief over the next couple of years, but we can’t make any announcement about which ones will be coming when.  Please know that they are "in the mix."

Any chance of us getting more of the old army builder type four packs, but using updated figures? I'm sure there are a ton of people who would love to get their hands on a 4 pack of loose VOTC Stormtroopers, Galactic Marines, SA Clone Troopers, etc. (ST, 4/13/07)*

The Battle Packs (some exclusive, some available at all retailers) have been our solution to cater to the multi-troop purchase model, and you will see us continuing that focus.  Also, the Saga Legends this year will be chock full of highly demanded troop builder figures, so we think fans will have ample choices this year and into the future to stock their armies with choice figures.


Recent photos of the wave 3 Luke Skywalker (30AC #18) figure show him packed with the lightsaber hilt for Darth Vader's lightsaber. This is the exact same error from 2006 that occurred with the Vintage X-wing Pilot Luke figure. Is it too late to correct this error before the figure ships? Can someone please note that the correct saber hilt is the one that was packed with TSC Tatooine Luke (Saga #036) figure, and perhaps prevent this error from occurring again in the future? (SWC, 4/13/07)

Yes, this has been addressed for the Luke #18. Any future releases of the Luke #12 will be corrected too. We do realize that Luke’s saber is different from Vader’s. Because we use several factories in China, sometimes they do not have the same figures or accessories and to save on tooling expenses we will sometimes specify a Vader hilt to be used without the black banding (but it has slipped by with the black in the past...). We will do our best to keep a close eye out in the future. Thanks for all the fans who help us out!

Since it was confirmed in the last Q&A that the VTAC Snowtrooper does indeed have a removable helmet, do you have any "unmasked" pictures that you could send us?

See attached image. Also, please note that the front of the kama has been shortened since the time it was presented at Toy Fair, and in fact it's a little crooked in this sample. That will be corrected in final production, but this length is correct for the front.

While we're on the subject of classic troopers with removable helmets, will you ever consider releasing non-Jango or variant, removable-helmet, classic troopers with different heads (packaged with their helmets off, of course) like you have with other soldiers and officers?'s Q&A quotes Lucas as telling Episode III crew members that Classic Trilogy troopers were made up of Jango clones as well as other sources like new clone hosts, political favors, and academy graduates. You could even subtly delve a little into the Expanded Universe that has further developed this concept and use characters like the Joker Squad from the Legacy comics, former troopers from Marvel like Beilert Valance and Flint, video game ties like Brenn and Dellis Tantor in Force Commander, or even get into illustrious fan favorites like Davin Felth. An easy win could always just be to start with the existing Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax heads since all Royal Guards were supposedly once Stormtroopers. (SWC, 4/13/07)

We like this idea and it's a good candidate for future comic packs and ideas like it that rely more on the personality under the mask rather than simply a new head on a generic trooper body.


Is the Destroyer Droid with shield being released later this year going to be a new sculpt? (TJ, 4/13/07)

It is a modified version of the destroyer that launched projectiles. We have deleted the launchers and swapped heads to a better head than the one it originally came with. Each will come with half of a full shield (due to package fit). If you buy 2, each half of the shield will attach to entirely enclose the droid.

We've recently seen some online retailers listing two new Battle Packs. Those being JEDI VS SITH & CLONE ATTACK.  Can you fill us in on the character lineups in these sets, and what might be new in these battle packs? (TJ, 4/13/07)

These are both repackaged versions (in the 30th line look) of previously released Battle Packs.  There will be no change in the set contents.

Clone Troopers and Battle Packs have been very popular products with collectors.  Has consideration been given to unit oriented battle packs?From Revenge Of The Sith alone there are some units that have been popular with army builders, including:

    * 212th Attack Battalion:  Including Commander Cody, Airborne Trooper, Utapau Clone Trooper & AT-RT Driver
    * 41st Elite Corps:  Including Commander Gree, Elite Troopers, Kashyyyk Trooper (from the Order 66 2-pack) & AT-RT Driver
    * 501st Legion:  Including Commander Appo, Commander Bow, 501st Trooper (pick one!) & Airborne Trooper
    * Galactic Marines:  Commander Bacara & Galactic Marine
(TJ, 4/13/07)

This is a very intriguing idea and takes some of the thinking we have been having about army structure to the next level, given that each unit (as seen with Obi-Wan's unit at least) has different specialized troops under the same command.  The Order 66 packs started to expand these boundaries, but we have yet to take the next step as you described.  It certainly is an interesting possibility for future Battle Packs.  Thanks for the suggestion.


Okay, I love all the Imperial officers that you have been producing over the last few years. But I still have an empty slot in my Empire Strikes Back collection for the ill fated Captain Needa. Any sense on when I might be able to fill that spot with an action figure? (YF, 4/13/07)

We can't tell you for certain when he will come out, but it's a good bet that in the next two years you will have him in 3-3/4" format.

I know the V-Wing Starfighter is just now hitting shelves (I found one last week and it is awesome by the way, thank you!) but is a repaint too early to think about for this vehicle? Specifically, I was wondering if we would ever see it released again someday in it's all-grey Imperial version as seen at the very end of ROTS? (YF, 4/13/07)

The one we produced is the official Lucasfilm-approved movie version.

We're in the midst of the 30th anniversary celebration for A New Hope, but I was wondering if the seeds for the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back have been planted? Do you think you'll even do anything to commemorate the anniversary of ESB (good opportunity to finally get a Cloud Car out there dont you think? 'wink 'wink)

Plus, 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of Phantom Menace. Do you think this would be a good opportunity to crank out some long awaited figures or a few overdue updates? More pod-racers, a SA Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and some new, previously unproduced versions of Amidala to name a few?
(YF, 4/13/07)

This year was not meant to be a celebration of A New Hope per se, but of the entire Saga. That's why our packaging and communications don't celebrate the original Star Wars film as much as the whole legacy of Star Wars as it was launched 30 years ago. Right now we don't see doing anything special for the 30th Anniversary of Empire specifically, but something could resonate. It's too early to tell on that one, in any case. The Cloud Car is a low priority for us because there are many excellent newer vehicles we want to get get done first.

Regarding Phantom Menace, yes, over the next couple of years you will see a focus on bringing out more of these characters, although in proportion with the other films of the Saga. You won't see a bigger emphasis on EpI in general, though.....but an important component in the Saga mix.


Do you plan on doing anymore of the 2 packs, like the Order 66 packs, but perhaps theme specific....example: Biker Scout w/Ewok, Tuskin w/Jawa, Gungan w/Battle Droid, Snowtrooper w/Hoth Trooper, Stormtrooper w/Bespin Guard etc.....? (YN, 4/13/07)

We do not at this time. For the Order 66 packs we wanted to get traction from both audiences and that's why we selected popular characters to pair with the clones. The ones you describe are 100% collector-focused and not very kid-friendly; instead, we think that troop builders will have ample selection with the 30th Anniversary basic figures and Saga Legends, some battle packs, and maybe 1 or 2 comic packs that fit this bill.

Fans would love to get some more figures in the animated style? Can they look forward to a return of them at some point? (YN, 4/13/07)

We will not be producing any more of the Clone Wars animated-style figures. Unfortunately, for each one of these we produced, we did not get results on par with the realistically styled versions of Clone Wars characters. Realistic is where we will be keeping our focus, but we are not leaving Clone Wars behind - there are still many excellent characters to be done from the series.

With all the apparent fan support from wishlists and purchases will we ever see a Cloud Car? Also with the McQuarrie concept figures could we see more of the concept vehicles? (YN, 4/13/07)

The Cloud Car is a low priority for us because there are many excellent newer vehicles we want to get done first. Unfortunately, it suffers because the shape is not very aggressive compared to the rest of the vehicle universe, and the vintage one is one of the least expensive vintage vehicles to acquire meaning that either supply is large of the vintage one or demand just isn't that high compared to everything else.

Also, due to cost of tooling, we don't rule out doing concept vehicles at some point, but we are concentrating our efforts on screen vehicles for now.
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