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Ahsoka, a new Original Series, starring @RosarioDawson and set within the timeline of @TheMandalorian, is coming to @DisneyPlus

Mister Skeezler:

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Ahsoka, a new Original Series, starring @RosarioDawson and set within the timeline of @TheMandalorian, is coming to @DisneyPlus

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So when we get more cast announcements, it is reasonable to speculate that person will be portraying Thrawn!   ;D

This announcement caught me by surprise!  I thought that Ahsoka's story would would be an intriguing side plot.  But it's going to be interesting to see her story move forward.

Ahsoka questioning Morgan Elsbeth at the end of "The Jedi" about Thrawn was huge!  I think you can't just leave something like that as a dangling thread in this post Empire / early New Republic period.  I had recently looked up some video of Lars Mikkelson, who was the voice actor for Thrawn on Rebels.  And the guy looks remarkably like Thrawn!  Minus the blue skin and red eyes, of course.  And he has extensive live action roles under his belt.  I would be surprised if the production wasn't looking at him for this role.

I was re-reading the blurb from the Official Site and looked at the logo and the wheels got turning:

After making her long awaited live-action debut in The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano’s story, written by Dave Filoni, will continue in a limited series starring Rosario Dawson and executive produced by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau.

The image seems to invoke the World between Worlds a bit.  Whether or not we learn how Ahsoka got out of there seems like a significant part of her story. 

The search for Thrawn seems like it's going to be a major continuing story line.  She was pretty insistent with Morgan Elsbeth about finding Thrawn after their fight.  And when we last saw Ahsoka in the final episode of Rebels it seemed like she might be going on a quest with Sabine to find Ezra.  I get the sense that Ahsoka might feel indebted to Ezra for saving her.  Considering how Ezra departed Lothal with Thrawn on the Chimaera, it seems reasonable to think that if Ahsoka can locate Thrawn, then she might be able to find Ezra.  And at the heart of all of the storytelling for that has been Dave Filoni, who will be writing this series.


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