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This particular board has not been getting much love for a while... let's change that. This piece came out years ago but there isn't a thread for it yet.

I got this guy two years ago and I simply can't recommend it enough. Honestly, this might be my favorite piece in my entire collection. It sits just to the right of computer, so I find myself spending a lot of time staring at it during work meetings and throughout the day. If you have been on the fence on this one at all for the last few years, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Treat Yo Self.

Very cool.

What is the difference between the "Collector" and the "Deluxe" version, other than $55?

The biggest difference is the inclusion of an extra Grogu. The “Collector” edition just comes with a standing version. The “Deluxe” also includes the hover pram, a stand for the pram, and an addition sitting Grogu. There are some other additional smaller accessories in the “Deluxe” set, a firing whistling bees effect, a hologram, and a really cool light up ice cream maker with beskar pieces.

It’s definitely worth the extra $55 IMO.


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