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Qui-Gon Jim:
I didn't see a thread for this...

What did you all think of the series?  Aside from the sort of dull opening episode, I thought the rest was really good.  The Dooku arc was really well done.

I've watched all but the last two and I agree with you about the Dooku arc.

Jedi Idej:
The Dooku storyline was really good. New dimension to the character and we see how his altruism led him to the dark side.

I finished it this weekend.  Possible spoilers below:

I really liked the Ahsoka episodes...the way the training episode was juxtaposed with the Clone Wars finale was awesome.  I also liked seeing that final episode with her in hiding, until she realized she can no longer to that.

The episodes with Dooku were good, but I feel like the final episode should've shown him more grey.  Those episodes were good, but I think they could've been better.

I mostly liked them too.  Sort of fun vignettes that filled in a few blanks, but that was also the frustrating part.  I kind of wish they tackled more new material and went deeper in some areas.


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