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I don't know how many of you buy/collect/display posters, but I really enjoy them.  My wife bought me the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi movie posters, and framed them, for my birthday a couple of years ago.  I've always wanted to get the rest of the series, to have all six movie posters displayed.  For now, I just want to get the New Hope one next, and I have been trying to decide which version to pick up.  I was curious what some of your opinions are, between these two posters (courtesy  Also, feel free to post any posters you like, enjoy, collect, etc.  Really looking forward to that VOTC ANH poster that Hasbro put together as well, looked pretty neat.  Anyways, which of these do you prefer for A New Hope (or Star Wars, as we used to know it)?

Or This:

Angry Ewok:
I like both, but I decided to get the second one because I really don't like how buff Luke is in the first poster.

I'm in a similar predicament as you, except I'm looking for a ROTJ poster. I may use the one that Star Wars Insider mailed out - if the creases don't show up too bad... but I've got a feeling the creases are too deep in it to be able to frame it and be happy with it.  >:(

I've also got to get a signed SE:ROTJ print from Dorman to finish up that collection.

As far as movie posters go... right now I've got :

The 2nd ANH poster you pictured
A Limited Edition ESB poster (not sure what's so special about it)
A random Falcon/2ndDeathStar poster which I plan to replace w/ a ROTJ poster
And the TPM poster, which I plan to replace with a Ewoks : Caravan of Courage poster...

I have the Struzan SE posters to go with the Episode I and II ones, I like the idea of having the originals but I just wanted a common look between the six (hopefully Struzan does III too :-\)

I have a bunch of Hasbro ones too, hoping that they come out with an OTC version this fall

i'm a sucker for posters... i have quite a few (a few too many...) - you can see some of them in
this thread i posted a few weeks back...

that said, i've always been a sucker for the style a poster. but i found one that i thought was way too cool to pass up:

for some reason, the fact that it is horizontal instead of the everyday vertical version just kinda made it stand out to me.


--- Quote from: jokabofe on August  9, 2004, 08:04 PM ---that said, i've always been a sucker for the style a poster. but i found one that i thought was way too cool to pass up:

--- End quote ---

Wow, where is that from? Is it a US printed poster, or something like a UK quad one? Looks lovely.

The Style A one has always been the iconic poster. Love it.

Me, I have a ton of posters, all sitting in storage. Non are vintage, however, and are instead from the 97 SE's upwards. I have the SE teaser "3 reasons" and ANH posters framed, and ESB and ROTJ ones still in tubes. I also picked up a couple of really cool posters when the Art of Star Wars was showing at the Barbican in London a few years back. There's two versions, one with Darth Maul, back to the viewer, looking at a hanging framed concept painting of the character, against a white background. The other is C3P0 in a similar setting. They're really unique... couldn't find a pic of them online though.  :-\

I'm thinking that for my one-day-someday collection room, I'll need a double-sided vintage poster in mint condition, so I can display it in a light-up marque poster box. But that, it seems, will cost some serious cash.

On a bit of a tangent, I also ended up with both that TPM and AOTC vinyl banners that were offered by the Fan Club during the movie release years. Anyone else have those guys? They're ba bit big, but a pretty cool addition to the poster gallery.


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