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I creamed my pants reading this one today...I passed on Wampa but no way can I pass on Jabba

I passed on the entire Jumbo thing, but mucho kudos to GG for having the balls the take this endeavour to a new level. Jumbo Wampa was one thing, but Jumbo Jabba?! Next thing you know, they'll make a Jumbo Rancor, or a Jumbo Imperial Shuttle!  ;D

Yes, I didn't think this would happen either. I was unimpressed with the Jumbo concept when it was announced, saw some in person and "got it," and I'm now waiting for a few key figures to pick up once they are made. Now I feel like a Jumbo Rebo Band is actually gonna happen, too. That is really cool, and something I would be willing to buy.

Forget the Jumbo Rancor, the next "impossible" benchmark that I would love to see them tackle--Jumbo Death Star Playset!


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