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2022 HasLab - Black Series Reva FX Elite Lightsabers

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$500 is probably a 'fair' price for this based on the fact that a single-bladed saber is like $250-280 these days (::)) and there are possible unlocks to be had.

I'll be passing but it'll be interesting to follow what happens...

Wow.  Are there that many people that are interested in a $500 lightsaber, and for a character that isn't core to Star Wars?

I've got one FX lightsaber, and thought it was $150 cool when I got it, but I can't imagine spending $500 on this.  I know I'm not the target market as there are FX lightsabers, lightsaber hilts, etc. that I don't collect.  Is this going to be another failed HasLab campaign, or are there that many high end lightsaber fans? 

The retail price for current Force FX elite sabers are around $250.  This will have two blades, so you get the $500 price.

I'd be curious to see what the unlocks are for this.

Ugh. Get an original idea, Star Wars team. Yes, Marvel's giant sized Legends characters have been home runs as Haslabs, but trying to ape that with the Black Series Rancor failed. So now we are aping the success of the Ghostbusters Proton Pack? This roleplay saber is an unknown quantity from a character we haven't met on a show that hasn't yet aired.

 The only thing I can say is this is less risky than getting them into production out of the gate, at least if they discov there is no market for it they can scrap the project. But all these failures will sure start to give Haslab a black eye.


--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on May 25, 2022, 10:58 AM ---I'd be curious to see what the unlocks are for this.

--- End quote ---

This.  Just curious what an unlock for such an item would be.  A display stand, display case?  Like Dave, I'm not the target for such an item, but I am genuinely curious what kind of unlocks they are thinking for a lightsaber.

--- Quote from: Muftak on May 25, 2022, 11:15 AM ---So now we are aping the success of the Ghostbusters Proton Pack?

--- End quote ---

See, this is the route I would have thought Hasbro would take regarding Star Wars if they plan to do role playing items.  They could do Boba Fett's backpack (which version?) and then repaint it for subsequent versions (Empire, Jedi, Book, Cobb Vanth's version), Jango's.  Besides, Mandos seem to be the in thing for them at the moment. 

I do agree that it's a risk to give such a project to a character that hasn't even shown up on screen yet... but then again, there was a lot of hype around Darth Maul back in the lead-up to The Phantom Menace and, while he was cool and new, he was taken out by a Padawan at the end of the movie, so *shrugs* 


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