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I can't believe we don't have a thread for these yet. Has anyone else been collecting the Hasbro TBS Helmet Replicas? I picked up my first with the 332nd Clone Helmet and LOVE it. I don't have the extra change (or space) for the real high-end ones, but I feel like these are a really good deal for the price. I don't have room for many, but will definitely be adding Rex.

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I want to but space is so limited. I've decided to just do imperial helmets so I have the Stormtrooper and Biker Scout helmets.

Qui-Gon Jim:
These are my primary collecting focus now.  I have them hanging on the walls in my man-cave.  The recently-released (and still available for retail) Biker Scout helmet is one of the best that they've done. 

I've been seeing these a good deal at GameStop.  One store had at least 3 different helmets in stock a few days ago - the 332nd Clone Trooper, Bo-Katan and the Artillery Stormtrooper.  I've seen the Darth Vader helmet more recently at Target.  And Hasbro seems to be responding to demand because they're offering the Red 5 helmet again, too.  The Captain Rex helmet is really tough to resist.  With as many clones as Dee Bradley Baker portrayed, Captain Rex was such a well developed character.  And seeing Rex portrayed in live action was amazing.

But I agree with Nick - the space these require to be displayed properly is a serious challenge!  Does anyone know if these would fit in an IKEA Detolf?  I've seen images of the helmets resting on top of them.  And I also have to wonder if Hasbro will get around to offering some kind of a helmet display pedestal at some point.  It might make for a nicer way to show these off rather than sitting on a shelf.

The Scout Helmet is on sale at Amazon right now for just $99.99 -> #sponsoredlink


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