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The Official Darth Big Boy, Bearer of Bad Celebrity News RIP Thread

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The Official Darth Big Boy; Bearer of Bad Celebrity News - Appreciation Thread:


01/24/06 - Chris Penn....dead at 40 RIP


03/07/05 - Debra Hill , Halloween co-writer-producer dead.


12/26/04 - Reggie White - RIP

12/08/04 - Shooting at OH club kills members of Damage Plan

10/11/04 - Ken Caminiti passes away

10/11/04 - Christopher Reeve passes away?

10/04/04 - Janet Leigh passes away at age 77.   MARK2D2 was too late.

09/04/04 - Indian Larry Passes Away RIP

06/15/04 - Johnny Ramone Losing Battle With Cancer (updated)

05/12/04 - R&B Artist John Whitehead Shot Dead

03/28/04 - Jan Berry of Pop Duo Jan & Dean Dead at 62
03/19/04 - MTV Pioneer J.J. Jackson Dead

03/09/04 - Oscar-Nominated Actor Paul Winfield Dies

03/03/04 - Marge Schott Dies at 75

01/27/04 - TV Talk Show Pioneer Jack Paar Dies at 85

01/21/04 - Actor Noble Willingham Dies at 72

01/11/04 - RIP Yinka Dare
01/09/04 - Earl Hindman passed away last month (Wilson)


12/13/03 - Movie-Star Whale Keiko Dies in Norway

10/22/03 - Singer Elliott Smith Dead in Apparent LA Suicide ( or was it?? )

10/22/04 - IRL driver Renna dies from crash

10/19/03 - Road Warrior Hawk.....passed away this morning.

09/23/03 - RIP Gordon Jump

09/10/03 - 'Hogan's Heroes' Actor Larry Hovis Dies at 67

08/31/03 - Charles Bronson dies at 81
05/28/03 - Another young musician lost to drugs....

05/15/03 - RIP Robert Stack!!!

04/23/03 - RIP Mary Dorothy Christian.




04/01/05 - RIP Pope John Paul

03/07/05 - Dead Horse

08/16/04 - Pope John Paul near the end of his life.

11/27/04 - Stephen King Hospitalized Again...

10/22/04 - Pamela Anderson says she'll be dead in 10 years.

10/07/03 - JFK Assassination....your thoughts.

09/20/03 - Giants Fan Kills Dodgers Fan, Police Say

09/02/03 - Barry Bonds hospitalized.....

09/02/03 - Steelers' Joey Porter shot outside bar.


01/31/06 - Dark Kanos brings word of the death of Coretta Scott King.

12/26/05 - Obi1kevnobi reports that Vincent Schiavelli is gone.

12/16/05 - Dan_K tells us that John Spencer of West Wing fame had died.

12/10/05 - Habs98 reports that Richard Pryor has died at age 65.

11/25/05 - Pat Morita is dead according to DarthVice.

11/03/05 - CaptainAlex reports that John Hollis of Lobot fame has died.

10/25/05 - William Hootkins, better known as Porkins, is dead according to DarthVice. 

10/25/05 - According to Lady Jaye, Civil Rights pioneer Rosa Parks is dead at 92.

09/26/05 - Late breaking news from Darth Wormie; Don Adams, 'Agent 86' of 'Get Smart' fame is dead.

09/21/05 - BobaDEC brings word of the said death of Hockey.

09/15/05 - Oscar winning director Robert Wise (no relation to Phil) is dead according to Dan_Cziraky.

09/06/05 - Darth Wormie reports that Bob Denver has finally gotten off the island.

08/23/05 - Dan_Cziraky reports that Brock Peters, radio's Darth Vader, is dead.

08/07/05 - The Sports Betting Warlord brings word that Peter Jennings has just died of lung cancer.

07/20/05 - Dustin tells us that James Doohan, 'Star Trek's' Scotty, dead at 85.

07/08/05 - LandoGriffin reminds us that Mitch Hedberg died months ago.

07/01/05 - Lady Jaye reports that Luther Vandross is gone.

06/07/05 - Lady Jaye says that Oscar winning actress Anne Bancroft has died.

05/18/05 - DARTH_ANUBIS brings word of the death of classic Riddler Frank Gorshin.

04/02/05 - Lady Jaye weeps for the late Pope John Paul II.

04/01/05 - Matt Fury brings word of the death of Karol Jozef Wojtyla then the thread is locked.

03/29/05 - I reported the sad passing of Johnnie Cochran.

03/09/05 - JJKS says that mega famous country singer Chris LeDoux has died.

02/20/05 - Webster reports that singer Sandra Dee is also dead.

02/20/05 - Webster first reports that Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide.

02/15/05 - Frank the Tumor is dead according to Lady Jaye.

01/29/05 - Lady Jaye also brings late word of the 2001 death of Thuy Trang, the yellow Power Ranger.

01/23/05 - CaptainAlex declares Johnny Carson dead.

01/14/05 - I brought word of the death of Indiana Jones nemesis Amish Puri.

01/04/05 - Ray_N_Quiet_Rob brings word that legendary comics and graphic novel artist and writer Will Eisner has passed.

12/29/04 - DarthWormie reports that Jerry Orbach has died.

12/28/04 - Since no one else would, I personally delivered the sad news that Susan Sontag has passed away.

12/07/04 - Erethorn brings word of the untimely death of Romanian rock star Teo Peter.

11/13/04 - The_Real_Jon brings word of the death of Old Dirty Bastard.

11/10/04 - Inigo_Montoya reports that Yasser Arafat has finally died.  That thread was deleted.

11/07/04 - Captmiloman gets there first again in posting the death of comedian Vaughn Meader.

11/02/04 - The death of Theo Van Gogh was brought to us by Herbert Ackermans.

10/26/04 - Robert Merrill's death - brought to you by JJKS.

10/26/04 - Xander is the first to post the passing of John Peel.

10/05/04 - Ray and Quiet Rob is the first to tell us of the passing of Rodney Dangerfield.

09/16/04 - Lady Jaye gets to the death of Johnny Ramone first.

08/29/04 - Captmiloman tells of the death of Laura Branigan.

08/20/04 - Durge brings us news of Elmer Berstein's passing.

08/13/04 - Julia Child is reported deceased by Red_Butcher, is D.B.B. in a slump?

08/09/04 - I was the first to report on the death of Fay Wray, mostly out of spite.

08/06/04 - Darthwormie continues his dominance with the news of Rick James' passing.

07/22/04 - Darkanos reports that award winning composer Jerry Goldsmith has died.  Bigdumbwookie was too late.

07/02/04 - Darthwormie, quick to the punch brought us the news of Marlon Brando's passing.

06/10/04 - DarthWormie reported on Ray Charles' death before D.B.B. could get to it.

04/24/04 - Chris M brings news of the friendly fire death of Arizona Cardinals Safety Pat Tillman.

04/12/04 - JoshEEE reports that Weird Al's parents Nick and Mary Yankovic died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

04/05/04 - Darth Pickles also brought us the sad news of the passing of Smileyfaceguy.  :) 

03/09/04 - Chewbacca tells us that son of Ted Williams, John Henry Williams has died.

03/09/04 - DarthPickles was too fast on Robert Pastorelli.

01/23/04 - OCB was lightning quick on the draw on news of Captain Kangaroo's death.

11/24/03 - Kris brings us news of the death of famous albino gorilla Snowflake has died.

11/23/03 - Captmiloman brings us news of the death of John Ritter's mother, Dorthy Fay.

11/21/03 - AGMB reported on the death Jonathan Brandis.

11/19/03 - Old_Cocky reports on the death of ... Sonic Death.

11/11/03 - Sonic Death first reports on the death of Art Carney.

10/27/03 - Carpeteria got to Rod Roddy first.  Chewbacca was too late.

10/22/03 - After initially crying-wolf, Sonic Death informed us of the death of Fred "Rerun" Berry.

09/26/03 - Ray and Quiet Rob got to Robert Palmer's death first.

09/13/03 - 187_Maul informs us that it is the 7th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur.

09/12/03 - Imerpialist14 posted news of Johny cash's passing first.

09/12/03 - Darth_Epidermis posted John Ritter's passing first.

09/08/03 - Warren Zevon's death was first posted by Captmiloman.

08/22/03 - Darth Dooku first brought the sad news of the death of Wesley Willis.

08/10/03 - Force Guy tells us that Gregory Hines passed on.

07/28/03 - Levotx sends word of the death of Bob Hope at the age of 100.

07/07/03 - Ralph_Wiggum reports that Buddy Epsen, AKA Jed Clampett, has died.

07/04/03 - Darthmatthew brings news of the death of Barry White.

06/30/03 - Ray and Quiet Rob gets news of Buddy Hackett's passing to us first.

06/26/03 - Sprry75 first reports on the death of Strom Thurmond - rest his eternal soul...

06/12/03 - Gregory Peck was first reported by Force Guy.

05/02/03 - Hansolo_506 informs us that WWF Superstar Miss Elizabeth has died.

04/01/03 - Cinemaddiction beat him to Michael Jeter.

03/11/03 - Henrik_Wulff_Rasmussen reported on the death of Ivar Hansen before D.B.B. knew what hit him.

02/10/03 - JJKS bears the sad news of the passing of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig.

01/19/03 - DSJ creates a thread concerning the death of Richard Crenna.

12/09/02 - Captmiloman lets us know of the death of Roseanne and Angle star Glenn Quinn.

11/19/02 - DSJ brings the news of the passing of James Coburn.

10/30/02 - Dustin brings word of the untimely death of Jam Master Jay.

10/25/02 - Boba_Binks informs us that Richard Harris has passed away.

09/11/02 - On a day tragic enough for obvious reasons, Spaceman_Spiff brings word that Johnny Unitas has died.

Since the vintage community is a separate and superior-in-every-way entity from Wuher's and forum posting location rules don't apply to them, We can add thier duplicate reports here:


10/11/04 - Vintage collector Jordan_Hembrough reports in the Vintage Mecca that Christopher Reeve has died.

Please, if there are any missing entries that you are aware of - feel free to let me know or send me a link and I'll fix it.

We are primarily interested in entries POST September of 2002 as prior to this time there was no D.B.B. at Rebelscum.

How about a list of crappy stories?  And he went 2 for 2 today!

Sadly, you missed one big one that DBB missed:

RIP Ivar Hansen

Ivar Hansen's death has been added to the 'notes' section.

Angry Ewok:

He did manage to get Yinka Dare


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