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The Street Date Debate

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I was talking to a friend of mine who works at TRU at lunchtime and he said they actually got cases of the new vintage stuff on the truck today. He checked it out but they could not put them out until August 6th like the box indicates. Looks like they mean business with this street date stuff.

Still, at least it's shipping to the brick and mortars...I wonder when Target and K-Mart are due for theirs?

I had no luck when I went in to TRU last night and tried to get these. They said they had them, but wouldn't let me buy them because of the street date.  :(

Guys- do not take an employee's comment as final; go in with the six digit code, ask them to look it up (they have them in their stockrooms, promise), and when they say the figures can't be sold until August, tell them TRU got a memo allowing them to sell.  They can ring the figures up to check for sure.  Don't leave the store without trying!

Edit: code for TRU's computers: 435881

Well - this morning at one store I was told by the guy who "manages" the action figure section at a TRU that he was scolded that product made it to the floor on Thursday.

He told me that he had locked down all other Clone Wars, Legends and Vintage product in a holding area for August 6th and he absolutely refused to sell them to me since they already could be sanctioned for selling me on Thursday the stuff early.

At this point, I almost want to call up to Pawtucket, RI and force the issue and see if I can get Toys R Us sanctioned. They are selling the product online, the product has shown up in stores around the country and yet some stores are still adhering to a date printed on a sticker that's slapped on the side of the box.

It would be great if Hasbro just came out and openly said "hey everyone ignore the street date" and then that way we could print out that notice from their website and take it with us to a store.


You took the words right out of my mouth. This "street date" nonsense wasn't TRU's idea to begin with, and they certainly don't stand to profit from waiting to unload this stuff until Target and Walmart are both in the game to compete.

The only reason they would hold back is some kind of threat from Hasbro, which could easily be cleared up with mass email or 30 second press release.

Having a street date that is only applied selectively only antagonizes the fanbase. It's time to "release the hounds".  :)


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