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It's amazing how short the new Nien is compared to the vintage one!  Love this new update, it was long overdue

Jesse James:
I agree completely.  This was one of my more favored, and I feel overlooked, updates to vintage figures in recent years.  People really didn't appreciate it as much as they should've IMO, and the effort Hasbro took to give us something extra special.

Hasbro went all out to give us the scale, the details, and the nod to the vintage figure with the blaster.  If I have any complaint it's that we didn't get a removable vest, and that's something that added depth and detail to figures that has gone the way of the dodo.  I miss it so!

But Hasbro did give a holster for his vintage style pistol, and they also gave us the POTF2 styled blaster rifle, but an updated smaller sculpt!  My hat is off to Hasbro when they do that kind of stuff with figures like Nien and Ree Yees (though he lacked his goofy vintage weapon...  I'd have dug seeing it updated).

One of my favorite memories working here is misspelling Nunb as Numb, and it getting someone to email me an angry letter and about how I should know the difference.  I've since kept it up simply because I knew it pissed someone off somewhere.  :-*

I was waiting for the Nien Nunb update for a long time.  He was one of my favorite vintage figures, and his scenes on the Falcon in ROTJ were great, even if his dialogue was just jibberish. 

The new figure is great.  I was disappointed that it was part of an online only wave.  And I think that entire wave should have gone to retail.

I echo completely what's being said hear about modern updates of all of the original 92 93, no, 100 when you think about it (Blue Snaggs, orig 3PO and R2 and sensor scope R2 and Sy Snoodels band. Oh, then there's Jabba, Wampa, probe droid... do they count? Anyways...)

Waiting for Yak-Face, Klatuu in skiff guard outfit, 8D8, EV-9D9 and possibly original Anakin to modernize the lacking POTF2 versions. I know there's a lot of debatables for such a list, but these seem to be the absolutes being they're all 5POA.


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