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2018 TVC Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna)

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Jesse James:
Hasbro introducing “crowdsourcing” format Haslab?  Starts with Star Wars.  You want it you find it.  Jabbas Sail Barge!  You want it?  Ya gotta pay up.  4 deer long!  Holy cow!

Jesse James:
Jabba Barge model is being shown.  Tons of features and a Jabba included. 

This is as exciting and new as I can think the line maybe has ever been.  Opens a huge door for collectors to put up or shut up.

Jesse James:
$500 for the barge and needs 5000 backers by 4/3.  Oof.not much time

Jesse James:
Tried to keep you guys updated here.  Sorry we couldn’t attend but it’s always a busy time of year for Jeff and myself.  The Star Wars portion is done.

Who is gonna pony up $500 for a 4’ Skiff with tons of interior detail a Jabba Figure and 2.5 square feet of display space by april 3rd?  🤔

I think I might.  I’ve bought cars for less that I drove for years and this I won’t send to the scrap heap after a few years. 🤷‍♂️

The Sail Barge is 3.75" scale?


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