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2024 HasLab - TVC The Ghost

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Jayson has begun dropping serious hints that a TVC Ghost HasLab will be announced at Celebration to the tune of $600.

Another pass for me.  I'd be tempted by the Marauder though.

Good grief, I know prices are on the rise, but how much bigger than the Razor Crest does it need to be to justify that price tag.

I donít GAF give it to me NOW!!!!  ;D

while it has always been my dream for them to make one that would accommodate the already released Phantom, because I am convinced that was always the original intent, I would guess they will tool an all new version for that price. Or at least make it a stretch goal.

The real cream dream would be for them to release some animated figures to go with it, but Iím sure any packs ins will probably be realistic TVC style. Can they include the whole crew though? And what season looks would they be?

Beats me but if theyíre doing this, itís a confirmation that itís going to be showing up in a prominent role in the shows before too much longer.


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