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2024 TVC Jabba the Hutt Box Set w/Crumb and 8D8

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"$89.99 and will be available fall 2024; you can pre-order starting Wed, July 19 at 10:00 am ET, exclusively at Hasbro Pulse."

Sounds like it was designed to work with the upcoming TBOBF Throne Room playset... kinda surprised that it isn't due until Fall 2024 though.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to time this to come out at the same time as that Throne Playset?

Jabba = repack of the HasLab Sail Barge Jabba (which was a repaint of the 2015 TRU Rancor Pit box set Jabba)
Crumb = all-new, will come on a mini TVC ROTJ card
8D8 = all-new, will come on a standard TVC ROTJ card
Dais = repaint of TBOBF Throne Room dais
most of the accessories are repaints/repacks from past Jabba/Palace sets

Wow, the set looks great. I agree on the release timing, it would have been nice to get it closer to the Throne Room playset release and in the ROTJ 40th Anniversary collection. I was ok with the 30AC Salacaious Crumm, but I do dig the new one. 8D8 looks FANTASTIC. And there's no way this is his only release. I'd be willing to bet he later gets put on a single card for carded collectors who want to "Complete the 96", hopefully they use the old ROTJ art rather than something from his TBOBF appearance. I guess the delayed release will let me set up the Throne Room set as a TBOBF scene for awhile before it gets permanently converted into Jabba's Palace when this set comes out.

$89.99 sure is a far cry from the old $9.99 blue Saga Ultra Jabba we got back in '04... Value of the set is still decent by today's standards (especially given the $40 Krrsantan we are about to get), but I still wouldn't have minded it being about $20 cheaper. I would have taken the rugs and pillows sculpted to the dias to cut costs, but they gotta double dip from the Throne Room set and release all of those again to justify the higher pricepoint here.  Those rugs do at least look like they are made of some sort of soft-goods. Here's roughly how I'd see the cost breaking down:

* $39.99 - Jabba the Hutt
* $19.99 - Dias & Hookah
* $16.99 - 8D8
* $11.99 - Salacious B. Crumb, Rugs, Pillows & Accessories


Gotta wonder if they'll card and number Salacious Crumb to satisfy those who weren't able the get the SDCC one (I'm guessing they won't).  From what I understand, it's a different pose than the SDCC one, but that doesn't matter to me.

Uhm...I probably am not in on this one.

I have the Jabba from the TRU Rancor set. I have the Boba Fett Throne Room on order. I don't know if I can justify $90 for a railing, 8-D8 and Crumb.

I fully expect a fully newly tooled 8-D8 to get carded on a BOBF card, probably hitting next year, too. If they don't mention him being TVC carded in the set, it's a dead giveaway. They gotta do the Hasbro double dip on the mold.


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