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The yellow plague...

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Clone Commander:
What can I do to stop my nice white clone troopers white?
I heard light turns em' yellow.
So far I have put them all in they're own seperate plastic bags and put them in my republic gunship box.
And out of the light.

You could buy a Ronco Foodsaver and vacuum seal the puppies.

My older POTF2 Stormtrooper has yellowed quite a bit. I consider him my "dirty" stormtrooper though :P

All I can suggest is that if you want to display them, put them in some place where they won't get any direct sunlight. Shield them from it in the display or put the display in a place where the sun won't get.

Maybe you can put some kind of overhang on your display, something kind of like an awning on a building? Or maybe stick them underneath a hanging ship in a strategic position- with something big like a gunship or the Falcon it'd probably block the sunlight okay. Just make sure it doesn't fall or you'll get some pancake clones :)

If you want to keep them stored though, I imagine they'd be fine in baggies in a box or some such.

In the worst case scenario that they turn yellow, you could maybe paint them white if you had the skill. Or you could even do some customizing things, like make some into camoflauge Kashyyyk troops.

If you have a huge number of them, you might experiment with a few at a time- keep some out in a place and if over a period of waiting time they start turning yellow, try something else, and so on.

Here are my solutions:

-Weather them, so that they look like they were supposed to be like that
-Do what JediJaybird said

this happened to my 04 saga collection padme. her legs are yellow...and everything else is still white. kinda funny looking


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