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Well, time for a thread on this one I guess...

$15 each and due next spring 2006, starting with everyone's favorite Boba Fett.

No thanks, I'm not starting a new 3.75" line at this point...  :-X

Jesse James:
Well...  Uhm...  Hmmm

Droids I'd be into I think...  Metallic stuff in general.  Dunnoa bout the others, and HOLY **** on the price.   :-\

Ok - so did anyone notice this picture?

GH Forged Fett

They are going to take previously released 3.75" figures and make them in metal and charge $15 a piece? This isn't the high-end higher price point type of figures we had in mind Hasblow!

(edit: pic changed to a link - it was just a bit too big, sorry.  Jeff)

Thanks for the merger Jesse. The Boba Fett doesn't even look good IMHO - check this pic out:

GH Forged Fett #2

To me a line like this is starting to get into the realm of competing against the Bust Ups and other Gentle Giant product. Hasbro should stick to TOYS not try to compete against other license holders.

I mean look at the latest development on the 12" front - Sideshow is taking over the scale - they probably had to pay Hasbro for the rights to do it too - while I'm not thrilled at a 12" line "reboot" - I'm positive Sideshow will product a higher quality (at albeit a higher price) than Hasbro EVER did.

Why can't Hasbro focus their attention to the lines they were GOOD at? Stop developing new lines and focus on your core line of 3.75" action figures!!!!!

(edit: pic changed to a link just a bit too big - sorry.  Jeff)

do these figures have articulation?


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