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New Swami predictions, including OT 2-packs.

It also says The Saga Collection "comes to an end"? Already? A unified line doesn't get any more unified than the whole Saga in one line... ???

Rune Haako:
THIS SUCKS, more prequel figures!!!!!!!!! >:(

Hasbro's already confirmed at least several new EU figures for 2007 in their recent Q & A's with the various sites the last couple of weeks, so that's not really anything new there, other than they're supposedly going to be coming in 2-packs.

Hope those other OT 2-packs aren't rehashes, otherwise those will be virtually useless to many collectors.  I'm guessing they'll look like the POTJ 2-packs from a few years back, in scene-specific poses.  I also assume the RFT with Vader is actually Captain Antilles, otherwise that'd be a rather bizarre pairing.  Han and Chewie?  Bleh.  Don't need any more of those two.  They better be in a kickass pose if they want that one to actually sell at all.  If the Stormtrooper is VOTC, and if the Tarkin is an all-new OT sculpt, that pack would do very well.

Overall, not much to discuss here really.  Ho-hum...  :-\

I wonder if the EU OT packs will be McQuarrie style?

I hope the Tarkin is a new sculpt... I'd laugh my ass off if they just repainted the ROTS Tarkins hair gray, or repacked the POTF2 Tarkin. Wait, that's what they'll probably do. I predict that the Vader/Rebel Trooper and Stormtrooper/Tarkin will fly off the shelves, while the Han/Chewie will be pegwarming a fierce.


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