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The second set of Epic Collection was only offered direct from Galoob online for a short time.   I got them because I really wanted the Hapian Cruiser and the Scimitar Bomber.  VERY cool ships.  I didn't get the third one with the Hammer Head city thing and the expanded B-wing because they didn't look different enough.  I actually had to order them from work because it was back when the net was a little new and I didn't have access at home yet.  I really liked the little micro ships.  Too bad they don't still make them  :(

While going through random items in my room (most of which was junk), I came across these odd little plastic heads of characters from star wars that opened up to create a tiny scene from the movies. I faintly remembered playing with those when I was younger, and I now am interested in colecting more. I researched on eBay to find some of these to (1) find what they were called, (2) to see the genral price range of them, and (3) to see what others there were that I didn't have.

Well, I saw that there are about 5 I don't have. Out of the 4 standard 3-packs that were available, only 1 of them included 3 that I don't have (it included Bib Fortuna, a Biker Scout, and one of those large-headed cantina band players). This is Colection 4. But, the only auction on eBay that includes only this set is a little more expensive than I expect to pay for toys that went for a couple of bucks back in '99.

So, my question is this: Is there ANYWHERE other than eBay where I can get these for a price that is afordable, possibly even original retail?

Jedi Jim:
Here is a link to some info and pics on RS:

Micro Heads

There are 29 in total for a complete set.
Expect to pay a premium for the ones not available to the U.S.

I got the ones I was mising from eBay.

Sorry for the late reply here, Roton, but I think you can find a lot of the info you're looking for in my first post in this thread.  I went ahead and merged your thread with my old one since they're both on the same subject.

I dig these little guys, and was trying to put together a couple different complete sets so I could display an open and closed one next to eachother, but damn if that #7 set isn't a total nightmare to acquire!  I managed to track down the other four foreign sets, and some of the Pizza Hut ones as duplicates, but that #7 set was well over $100 for the several years I was trying to find one or two of them (which was at least a couple years ago now).  They rarely ever pop up on eBay, so I'd be pretty surprised if they're not still up in that price range, or higher nowadays.

Cool line though, for sure.

amazing line, I wish I could collect it.

seems like all micro machines follow a scale

the troopers, the mini heads, etc.


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