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Not sure when the photos will start coming in, but I thought I'd open up this thread for all the Comic-Com related stuff.  See ya soon.

Preiveiw pics are up on the main site & GH.More major stuff should hit mid-day.

Resurrection Bob:
Well, I just got done going through the pictures here and at GH.  Man, that's a lot of stuff, and it wasn't all that's there.  Here are my tired ramblings:

- I'm not sure how I feel about the prequel tins.  Each has something new and cool (the clonetroopers and the astromech) and good rereleases (Evolutions anybody), but they also tend to have old things I don't want (Mace, Jango).  The tins themselves help to justify the price a bit, but it's hard to decide whether the things I want in these make them worth buying.  Maybe I'll just save up or something.  Looking forward to seeing the OT sets.

- Galatic Heroes are doing large sets of figures now.  That's pretty cool.  I think I'll be sticking to a pair here and there, though, which has amassed me quite a collection already.

- Titanium is getting to be quite a big line.  Tons of repaints on the vehicles (Naboo fighter, ARC fighter) and some surprising new ones (Padme's silver thing, the Ewok on speederbike).  It's tempting to get into them, but I think I'll try to stick with regular figures, as there are plenty of those already.  As for the Titanium figures, I've never been impressed by them, but a couple of these look really good, especially C-3PO.  But to counter that we have things like Grievous, who is really unimpressive considering what they could have done (such as a better sculpt and more limbs).

Okay, I think that's all for now.  I'm sure there will be more to see soon, though...

Any guesses as to what this thing is...?  I guess it's just yet another Jedi Starfighter, now that I look at Kit's again.  Maybe Saesee's...?  Enough with the Starfighters already!!

Jesse James:
Repainted Jedi Fighter Matt, check the tail fin there...  Definitely a repainted piece.


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