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U-shaped bar from Cantina

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Great news on the main page that we will finally be getting it. I wonder how and with what figure. I think the fact that they are considering another extension for 2008 is pretty cool as well. I hope Hasbro coems through with both sets.  ;D

Cool news, hopefully it'll attach to the K-Mart Cantina sets. What three figures would you most like to see included? My picks:

-NEW SA Solomahal w/ Blaster Pistol & Dice Ibegon
-NEW SA Tzizvvt w/ Blaster
-NEW SA Mosep w/ Blaster Rifle
-Includes 8 Barglasses


Tonnika Sisters...  ;D

I just glad to get confirmation on the cantina.  I figure we have years and years to get all the aliens

Bom Vimdin and the Tonnika Sisters are the best of what's left as far as I'm concerned...

But it will probably be a repainted Hammerhead.


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