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U-shaped bar from Cantina

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That's cool that they're finally making this piece, as to when it will actually show up.....I'm not holding my breath.
As for who'll be packed with it: I'm HOPING for Brainiac, Trinto Duaba (The Terminal Man guy), and Bom Vindim, but WE'LL PROBABLY GET Luke Tattooine, Hammerhead, and Wuher, again.

No better place to stick the Tonnika Sisters than the end of the bar, right?  Perhaps that's why Hasbro's had this set on hold for nearly two years now...  Still trying to hash out the pack-in character's figure's rights?  Just a wild guess, I dunno.  I'm sure that once they agreed to switch gears to the 30th Anniversary line next year, this set seemed like a better choice to release at that point, which may have caused some further delay with it.

I can only assume that when they put the Distillery portion out a year later (if plans don't change), that it'll come with a resculpted Wuher.

Of course, with the entire bar presumably completed at that point, why not fill in the surrounding area of the rest of the Cantina for the full effect?  Sounds like it'll never happen, but I'll hold onto hope, so I won't have to unload a couple grand on the sure-to-be upcoming Attakus version...


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