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"Jundland Wastes Encounter" Battle Pack

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According to a report at RS, at a UK convention a Hasbro rep confirmed some information on four of the battle packs coming up next year - including one that I hadn't heard of before "Jundland Wastes Encounter".  This set is rumored to include  Luke Skywalker, Tusken Raider, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Ben Kenobi.

They'll make battle packs out of anything....

Oh well, another one less thing for me to buy.

Seems like i'll be passing on this one as well. Nothing too exciting.

Darth Broem:
Well maybe this way there won't be as many repacks.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!  Oh that was funny.

Whats the point?  Even if my some mericle they use VOTC/VTSC versions of the charactes, which they will not, I have no need for the pack. 

Like some of the others, I would not even buy then on clearance b/c I do not have any need for the figures, not even to customize. :-\


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