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I’ve been trying to figure out economical ways for Hasbro to get two figures out of one basic sculpt, and some added pieces.  Hope you like it.

The first figure would be a well-articulated Luke Skywalker: Snowspeeder Pilot.
He would come with a grappling hook/gun, grenades, and a lightsaber.  His helmet would
be removable.  Underneath the helmet would be “Thermal Hood”

The second figure, released six months later would be Luke Skywalker: Dagobah Landing.  The first figures’ fore arms would be replaced with gloveless sleeves.  He would have an added gun belt with holster, like Garindan.  He would come with a blaster, crate, lantern and lightsaber. Underneath the removable helmet, the head would be a traditional Luke head.  He would have a very dirty, muddy paint job.

Jesse James:
Luke didn't wear the thermal hoodie thing on Hoth, MIke.  Remember the scene where he's boarding the speeder he talks to Dak sans helmet, but puts it on and no hood...  Dunno why, but he's not wearing it (at least in that sequence when he's putting on his helmet...  I can't recall if it's visible at all in other scenes but I didn't think it was). 

I like the concept, I'd just drop the second thermal hood head is all.


BTW I thought Luke had the pistol belt on during his escapades on Hoth as well as on Dagobah? 

I love the concept..

And Jesse, I think we see the thermal hood on Luke as he is getting the grappling hook out of the snowspeeder and when he is attacking the ATAT...

I'll have to track down some photos.

I'd buy a dozen of these though..hoodie or not.

Thanks for the feedback. The thermal hood is very visable in the exterior Hoth stuff, and can bee seen in some PR shots of Luke  in the Snowspeeder, but you're right about him not wearing it when he jumps in and takes off.

Seems like we've stumbled upon a continuity bluff.

Jesse James:
Yup, that's funny stuff now that I know about it...  I'll be watching for that flub now in the film any time I watch...  I like the concept then with the hood, it's cool...  I'd live without the hood too, it wouldn't bother me, but it's a cool sketch Speedermike...


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