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No Neimoidians or Separatists in 2007

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Rune Haako:

From Action Figs:

Are you planning on releasing any new Separatist Leader figures in 2007?

We'll be filling the "alien" slots with other figures next year. But fans of the Nemoidians (and other Separtists) neededn't worry…. we do have plans to rotate them into future lines. Of course, this is always subject to change.

I am actually happy to hear that other aliens beside peg warming Neimoidians will be made.

I prefer a peg warming Garindan, Hem and Modaw any day over one of those freaks.

Rune Haako:

Damn, I was hoping for a Sentepeth Findos, or at least the Holo Nute released. Hopefully we'll see some resculpted Seperatist Droids though.

 :-[  I want ROTS Nute!


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