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Coins are going to be packed in with the 3 3/4' basic figures instead of thye mini holograms, what do you think about this? Would you rather have mini holos return, or have coins take over? Although I thought the mini holos was a cool idea when we first heard about it and the Carkoon wave hit, frankly now that I have about 10 of them I am a bit bored with them. I wasn't around to experience the first go-round of coins with the POTF figures, but I am excited with the prospect of them returning in the '07 Saga Collection.

Your thoughts?

Anything is a better idea than the lame holos ::)

I'll bet they start out with silver coins, and then halfway through the year they switch to gold.

Yeah, something like that. Or maybe the basic figures will all have the same color coin through the whole line (I'd expect silver), and then 10 of the figures will have chase variations with gold coins.

I rather my action figures come with accessories and not other useless crap.


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