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2 ANH waves next year?

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Anyone think there'll be another ANH wave next year besides the Yavin wave? My guess would be yes because of the 30th Anniversary celebration. Hasbro would **** up big time if not IMO.  Any thoughts?

Rune Haako:
According to Rebelscum's list there's going to be. ;D

I certainly hope so, and I hope we'll be getting the same quality as the first wave.

Darth Broem:
If they do I hope it is some figures we have not gotten before like CZ-3, Tonnika Sisters, Wioslea, and some main characters like Luke Stormtrooper and Han Stormtrooper and a nice new Tarkin(sorry the EU Marvel comic books don't count). 

212th Battalion:
I just hope that if they do they put the VOTC storm trooper in it not the dirty sand trooper one bc i think the plain white ones would be sold a lot better not that the sandtroopers werent awsome


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