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2 ANH waves next year?

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Well, Hasbro has had 12 to do a Luke. 10 years difference for poor Grievous, I do want a good tall Grievous. He's my 2nd fave ROTS- only character, besides Cody.

Clone Commander:
I would like to see Luke and Han in stormtrooper armor with removable helmets and SA.
That would be very nice.
Maybe even a death star trooper?
-Sigh- I can dream cant I?

Looking at the list linked off of maybe 2 ANH waves are coming (again rumor lists)...

I am proud of Hasbro for sneaking in some "Star Wars" stuff in the middle of the 2nd Anniverary Celebration of ROTS.

Darth Depressis:
it would defently be kinda stupid if they diden't, but god haven't they repacked this dead horse enough already i imagine:

potf2 commtech luke (again,with the leggings painted wrong)
potj 25tha Ben kenobi
potj 25tha Darth Vader

"you gotta fight for your party!!!!!!"

these guys....again....

and i'd love to see the princess no one would fight over again lol

Any figure pre 2001 POTJ should forever be put to rest.
Monkey Leia rules! She was even bad by the standards then. I remember when I got her for the first time, I was so excited then I saw the face. I was actually cool with the buff look then. The Boba and Luke x wing broke new ground in deco. I also remember thinking to myself it does not get better than this.

If there are 2 waves please no more Tatooine Lukes no more! I hope they re-release Dagobah Obi with normal paint scheme that figure was cool.


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