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Creating My Lifesize Star Tours Diorama/Display Room: Update 06/11/03

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As Ive talked about for so long, I am planning on renovating my Star Wars collection rooms into rooms with a specific Star Wars theme. I changed my mind from the Hoth areas (maybe Ill use this later though), and for room number one I've decided to apply a Star Tours theme.

Today I've been designing one of the shelving units that will go into the room. This unit will serve as a loose figure display area. If Im happy with how this first shelving unit turns out, I will apply the same design and theme to the rest of the room.

My father and I will be building this together, and because he can never understand my drawings, I've built a scale model to show how I want this first unit to appear. I've also taken some photos to show all of you! :)

Here is the photo of the entire scale model, please dont pay attention to the alternating colors on the shelves themselves, that is just from boredom. However, on the bottom "platform" I did use seperate colors to show different heights of wood. Hard to explain, maybe the picture will explain better:


The second photo shows a comparison picture with a scene from Star Tours (I borrowed the photo from, I hope you dont mind Kris)


As you can now see, I will be using a grating for the central area of the platform, and then will apply the decor and themes as I've noted in the picture.

If you have any questions, please ask! If you have any feedback, please sound off! If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!


Sounds like a great idea!  How long do you expect it to take to complete this task?

lol Who knows ;) I want to get out and buy all of my material and start asap, but it depends on how much free time my dad has, since he will be helping me build this. Unfortunately, Im not as mechanically inclined as he is ;)

Boba Binks:
I can't wait to see the finished product of your hard work.
Keep us updated. :)

Good Luck!

This is a seperate display project Im working on while I wait to get the wood for the above project (I dont have a truck).

This is a 4x4 foot base which I bought with a large glass shelving unit from a department store which was closing. I most likely wont change the glass shelving though. The base is going to be somewhat similar to the base for my figure display (as seen above), but with a few differences.


First, Im going to add a new border (where you see white paint, and an unpainted reddish brown area), which will go up just higher than the grating material, with a lip that hangs over it slightly to hold it in place and cover the edges. Instead of making the border like the one above (hey, cant make everything the same, that would be boring! :) ) Im going to do something a bit different. I havent decided which sides, or how many, but Im going to do some of the following:

1 or more sides will have a big caution strip along it (the entire side). Maybe with "Droid Lift Sector 2" on it, like in this picture:

 The picture is a bit too big to post here

On the other sides, Im going to paint them a basic dark blue (that classic imperial blue, also seen a lot all over the Star Tours queing area), with various pipes and conduit boxes coming out of the sides. Im going to drill some holes and place lights inside the conduit panels.

This base shouldnt take much longer really. I just need to get the wood cut for the new borders (maybe do this tomorrow, since I have enough wood to do that), and some lettering for the pipes (serial numbers, etc) and hopefully I can find some lettering to match the Droid Lift.

As always, I'd love comments and suggestions! :)


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