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Creating My Lifesize Star Tours Diorama/Display Room: Update 06/11/03

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It's looking great so far Adam!  I love the what you have done so far, and I can't wait to see it finished.

Got a lot more done on my second base today, and I'm nearly finished!

As you can see by the pictures, I've attached the new sides, as well as the top trim to hold the grating on. I've added some pipes on the back corners, and have added lights around the perimeter of the entire base.

All I need to do now is screw down the two pipe clamps on the back corners (couldnt find any screws the right size), finish the wiring for the lights, carry this badboy to my Star Wars room, put on the shelves and voila! I will be done, with the first of very many pieces to go into my new Star Tours themed room.

Here are the pictures!


Snively Bandar:
Damn, that looks sweet BDW!  Where did you find the little light fixtures that you're attaching to the sides there?  Looking forward to more great pictures!

Also, how did you decide to go with the Star Tours theme?

The lights - I bought them at Lowe's. They are made by a company called "Malibu". You can find them in the outdoor lighting area (near Lights and Electrical). This particular set had ten lights (8 of which I ended up using, but Im keeping the other 2 for other room displays), all of the wiring, bulbs, and even a nice timer switch, all for $54.00. A pretty good price for everything included, and definately beats buying everything seperately.

I had originally planned on a Hoth room, but thought everything would just be way to bright (all white), and there wasn't a lot of reference material available for other environments, and moreso, there wasnt a lot of inexpensive stuff to simulate said environments. I have tons of pictures from Star Tours, and was able to get a lot more at (Thanks Kris!) and a lot of the environmental stuff is moderately easy to copy, or at least use to inspire the design. My stand isn't exactly copied from anything in particular at Star Tours, but I feel it does have a Star Tours feel to it, enough that the average fan who has been to Star Tours could probably see that it was inspired by the ride. Plus Im a big fan of Star Tours! :)

Angry Ewok:
Very awesome. I'm pretty much speachless.  :-*


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