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Creating My Lifesize Star Tours Diorama/Display Room: Update 06/11/03

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That is FREAKING COOL !!!!!!!!!

You are great !!

Angry Ewok:
Very nice work you've got so far, definately a lot of work ahead, but it seems you know what you're doing and you've got the time to do it. Should be very cool once it's in its later stages of creation, keep us up to date on this with pictures and all.  ;)

Today I bring you a fairly large update!

Once again, I am still working on Base #2 (havent had a chance to go pick up wood). I have finished cutting and painting the new base trim/and borders. I did encounter a couple of problems resulting in some minor mistakes, but I will cover this up pretty easily as I detail the base.

Here is a picture of the base, with the top trim and two pieces of side border in place (not glued, just clamped):


As you can see by the image, the top trip has some gaps. I accidentally set the miter saw to cut at 47 degrees instead of 45. This will cover up easily. Im going to put some sort of conduit boxes on the sides, with pipes coming out the top. I'll simply run a small piece of pipe over the offending gaps. I had planned on something like this anyway, gap or no gap  :)

Here is the other portion of the base, the other two side borders. I will have blue side borders on opposite sides of one another, and will have these two "Droid Lift" borders on the other two sides opposite one another. I made the stencil too large, and couldnt fit "Droid Lift Sector - 2" on a single board, so I simply split the two and painted on part on one, and ther second part on the other. Apologies for the poor photoshoping:


Tomorrow I will begin gluing on all the pieces with 3000 pound epoxy adhesive. I didnt want to use nails or screws to attach everything. Ill also go hunting for something to put on the corners of the base

Looking GREAT Adam!  You're zipping along with that project quicker than I thought you would!  Now hurry up and get yourself a truck and get your butt over to Home Depot for that wood!

Keep the updates coming!  I'm really diggin' it...   8)

Home Depot?! Meh! lol Im going to Lowe's! :)


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