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Jesse James:
We're still not seeing them clearanced here.  It's kind of frustrating, but for the most part they've sold out where they were hanging on anyway, even at full price.  There's a couple at a few WM's, but that's it.  Very odd figure in how it's hanging around.

It's a good figure so I really would like more, but I'll be content with what I have and leave it at that I think.  Maybe score more cheap at the Toy Show or something.

I found a 3 for $10 booth at Comic-con and picked up some more Imperial Officers and an additional Juno for a low ranking officer.

Pick Rebel Honor Guard brown belt variant at 10 $

Jesse James:
Picked up 2 comic packs (I'm thinking 30AC, can't recall, putting them here regardless)...

Got the Marvel one with Luke/R2, mostly because I always wanted that R2 because it looks like a unique droid.  Never got this, but did today for super cheap.

Also got the exclusive set with the Wookiee Warrior and the purple Neyo Clone...  Also cheap.

AAT for $3, missing only 2 missiles. has some misapplied stickers. Stupid kid. I told the lady that as I bought it..."you're kid is STOOPID!"  She smiled, nodded and took my money.

Also, a Hailfire droid missing the missiles...the launchers and the laser gun...almost useless. But it was $3.

Different place, Grievous Starfighter for 25 cents, missiles MIA, the gold laser on the bottom, and the control panel dashboard, too, which I didn't know existed until I looked at pictures online...that's two Grievous fighters I have missing the same parts. And another missing everything that can be removed, because that's what kids do.

ANH Vader missing helmet, cape, saber, whatever...he was a quarter. Comic pack Chewbacca, too.


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