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--- Quote from: Nicklab on October 22, 2006, 01:32 AM ---Scored the ANH 30AV tin set.  This one and the AOTC set are the highest on my list right now.

--- End quote ---

didnt get the anh one but aotc and anh are highest on my list as well

isnt it funny that when staring at your tin sets the right side will make you grin  ;D but the left will make you wince *cough* rots *cough*

I got the 3 OT tins today by sheer luck or accident.


--- Quote from: Paul on October 23, 2006, 01:15 PM ---I got the 3 OT tins today by sheer luck or accident.

--- End quote ---

i'd say accident  :P

Picked up the ANH set on Monday or Tuesday at TRU and got a free Wookiee Warrior to boot.  As I said in another thread, Vader's great, the Sandtrooper's good, Leia sucks, and Threepio STILL sucks.  The tin is useless.

I received the Clone Lieutenant from the AOTC Tin set (thank you Dressel Rebel!) on Tuesday as well, and picked up a ROTS tin on Tuesday afternoon at the local WM so I could finally get an Evolutions Anakin in at least one of the two Anakin JSFs from ROTS.  The AT-RT Driver isn't too bad, but Mace and Yoda weren't even opened.  The tin, again, is useless.


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