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Hoth Han Solo
Bespin Luke
Endor Leia

Discuss.  ;D

Darth Broem:
Oh wow!  I must have missed this somewhere.  Well IG-88 looks totally badass is my first impression.  I hope Han comes with a removeable, or attacheable hood.  Finally and SA Snowtrooper.  Bossk is fine but I may not buy him just because he looks just like the last version (who am I kidding?  I'll get him in the end).  Luke has a funky looking face there (what else is new?).  I like the soft goods Leia poncho. 

The winner of the group, for me, looks to be IG-88 surprisingly. 

I take my luke comment back.  I finally blew up each one individually.  They all look great for the most part.  Some more money coming your way Hasbro.

Now that is a Hoth Han Solo......

Lovin that whole wave (although, I'm not too hip on bounty Hunters)

Wow, this wave looks pretty great to me.  The "vintage" collection is the part I look forward to the most each year, and this year will be no different.  My favorite of the wave is the Hoth Han Solo, I always hoped we'd get an all new, SA version of that figure.  I'm curious what the hood will be like, if it can be put "up or down".  Bespin Luke is another one I've been hoping for, and I'm glad that rumor panned out.  The whole wave looks good actually, and IG-88 even looks interesting - which I didn't think would happen necessarily.  Endor Leia is another needed main character resculpt, and it looks nice.  Not thrilled about Bossk at this point - but I know I'll pick it up.  The figure looks fine, just looks a lot like the last one (but with more articulation).  Overall though, big thumbs up on this wave, can't wait for it to hit.

Hopefully Toy Fair will give us better pics of the Hoth Han and others.

And of course we get to revisit the Blue or Brown on his coat debate...let the (un)civil war begin!!!


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