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Jesse James:
I agree...  I find it to be a very deceptive tactic used by individual managers (personal opinion of the matter anyway), that they'll slap clearance stickers on something with minimal, or even no real price difference, and just move the product to a new area (clearance aisle or the "random crap we don't have on the plan-o-gram aisle some WM's go with).  The whole thing's frustrating since I know better too, but really there is a certain level of deception there whether it was intended or not.  You see that tag, you expect at least a $1 off the figure, but not out my way.

Now one Wally does have Han's/Greedo's at $5...  That's one out of at least a half dozen I visit semi-routinely though, and of that half dozen I'd say 4 of them still have VTSC figures they're sitting on.

To me though, the simple fact they have clearance tags, were in a clearance aisle, and still got put back into the V30AC displays tells me there was some intent there to deceive and now they just figure they can slip it all back into the new stuff since the price isn't any different.

There is one Wal-Mart in this area that has had about 20 Moff Jerjerrod on "clearance" for $6.63 for the last year.


--- Quote from: Jayson on May 23, 2007, 11:01 AM ---Glad you liked them Steve. And as for Walrusman, I think it be cool if along with the normal hands (that can hold a weapon), they include a set of flipper hands as well.

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FTW!  ;)

Someone's got some great insight. You could be the new "Stan"!  :P

Jesse James:

--- Quote from: Greg on February 14, 2011, 08:50 AM ---Someone's got some great insight. You could be the new "Stan"!  :P

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