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I made a quick trip to TRU today, and picked up a white TIE and got an extra with the BOGO sale.  I think they had pretty much all of the 30 AC vehicles there, but the figure selection was pretty poor - 7 Jerjerrods and 1 Rieekan.  Oh, and three Vader/Trooper comic packs.

The sale works online, too.  Even for pre-orders.  A friend of mine and I put in an order for a couple of the Bantha battle packs and it came to about $28 each.

I went ahead and preordered a couple of Banthas too.  I wanted to get one anyways since I missed the POTF2 version, so I figured why not get another one for free while I'm at it.

I scored 3 Clone Trooper Sergeants, 1 Moff Jerjerod, 2 Battle Droids 2 packs, 1 Commander Appo,2 Clone Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion guys,1 Combat Engineer,1 Padme,a Yarael Poof,and 2 Obi-Wan-Kenobi Jedi Starfighters.   ;D

Ah, the lucky ones... at the store I got a 442nd Clone and Holo Cody.  Online I got some stragglers: Derlin, Gragra, Endor Trooper and Sora Bulq.  With the Google discount, it came out to being the same as getting them BOGO at the store.  I would have LOVED to have gotten in on those gunships, but I got to the site too late.  Sigh. 


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