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I scored 3 Clone Trooper Sergeants, 1 Moff Jerjerod, 2 Battle Droids 2 packs, 1 Commander Appo,2 Clone Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion guys,1 Combat Engineer,1 Padme,a Yarael Poof,and 2 Obi-Wan-Kenobi Jedi Starfighters.   ;D

Jesse James:
I went on a monster toy run tonight...  BAREN pegs at the TRU's I hit.  Not one basic figure to be found, and really not much anything else to be found.  Most vehicles of any size are gone (all the exclusives before the holidays sold out before the holidays though anyway).  The titanium figures were here and there...  I did spot tins at the last one I hit and got a couple.  Not much left though at the TRU's around Pittsburgh.  They're bone dry and ready for major restocking to go on.

TRU's have been pretty bone dry around here as well.  This whole BOGO deal seems like a way to get TSC stock out of the way in time for the 30AC line more than anything else.

Jesse James:
Yeah they did a BOGO last year before TSC if I recall...  We had a good  many figures, and TRU was one of the only stores to stock many "Final 22" figures at any one time.  They're seriously empty now though, at least the two I hit in my area...  I'd say they're a good gauge for the local TRU scene though, and that's the emptiest I've seen the SW pegs at TRU ever...  They could get a major deluge of new stuff and still just look "normal" at this point.

I managed to nab 3 Sandtroopers (added a Green EII clone to get to an even number) and managed to also buy a pair of the collector's tin sets (ROTJ and ANH).

Since I refused to pay $25 or $30 for the one figure in each set that I needed, this was perfect.

I managed to get the EII clone on ebay for $12, the cantina pack for $13, these two for $15 each, and got the hoth contents from Paul... so, I'm only about $43 or so in and I'm 5/7ths done with only the EIII Driver and the EI droid to go.

Not too bad.  :D

I went into a second TRU this morning and found 1 Comic pack... I've been refusing to spend full price (out of principal) on these too but would have snagged them at Buy-one-get-one.  Unfortunately they only had one pack.


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