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I went to Suncoast (same as FYE) and they had some old figures for $12.99. BIggs, Death Star Trooper, etc. Nothing new or cheap. 

The two I've been to had some of the 30AC, like Maris Brood & the Kashyyyk Trooper still at $12.99 or so, but Biggs, DST and Rebel H Guard were $4.  I also got the C-3PO set of nesting dolls for $5.  I think I saw the Grevious set as well, which I'll try and get, they didn't have any others that I recall.

My wife and I needed a few things from WM last night and while we were in the store there was an announcement that for the next hour all clearance toys were 50% off.  They had "marked down" a few clean, white pauldron sandtroopers all the way to $6.63, so I got two for what was essentially the regular price for one.  Not bad.

Funny gobs of Tantive IV rebel fleet troopers have appeared from China sellers recently. You army build these guys for $2 a figure, no guns (assume they have helmets, since the stock photo pictures them)....if only they were vintage RFT's.


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