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The JediDefender Spy Network has uncovered a bit of news this AM...  it seems as though a new Hoth Battle Pack just might be headed our way later this year or early next.

No official details just yet, but it's very likely that this pack will include -

Hoth Han Solo (2007 Vintage Repaint with Blue Coat)
Snowspeeder Pilot Luke Skywalker (using the Zev body with new head/helmet)
Rebel Officer (a gray colored Derlin repaint)
Hoth Rebe Trooper (don't get too excited, it's the tiny 2004 sculpt)

Details are a bit sketchy on what that 5th figure will be, but we should have more details later today hopefully... :)

This might be cool. It'll get the Han in brown/blue coat debate going again. I wonder if this one will come with Han's hood up version... just to irk us off.

Snowspeeder Luke ! Awesome! Though without much leg artic.  :-\

This is potentially cool. My perfect Hoth BP, however, would look like this:

Han Solo-(REPAINT w/blue coat)
Princess Leia-(NEW, SA)
Chewbacca-(REPACK from tin set)
2x Snowtrooper-(VOTC REPACKS)

But if Derlin has a new head in this BP, and the fifth figure is the snowtrooper or something decent, then I just might get this. Bummer that the 2004 Hoth Rebel is being re-released, his sculpt needs to be atomized.

Although it could be better, this does sound kind of cool.  I'd pick it up for the Han and Luke alone, so hopefully the other figures turn out to be pretty good as well.  Man, it just reminds us again how badly we need an all-new, SA, VTSC-style Hoth Rebel Trooper.  That stubby Saga one was terrible - I passed it then when I saw it, waiting for a better one, which we still haven't gotten.

What I Hope We'll Get

NEW Snowspeeder Luke w/ Helmet, Lightsaber, Hilt, Blaster, Detonator And Harpoon Gun
NEW Princess Leia (Echo Base) w/ Scanners, Headset, Console, And Blaster
REPACK Chewbacca (ESB Tin)
REPAINT Han Solo (Hoth Gear, Repainted Blue, w/ Hood Up)
REPACK Snowtrooper (V30AC)

What Hasbro Will Probably Give Us


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