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My thoughts on what has been, no doubt, the best year in the modern line:

General Bestness: Articulation, variety of figures, MCQuarrie, huge accessories, and SW large and in charge on the toy aisle 30 years after its release, and two years on from its last movie.

Basic figures:

Wave 1: Galactic Marine/Mace Windu
Wave 2: Ceremony Luke/McFett/Rebel Honor Guard
Wave 3: Jawa & LIN Droid/Luke w/ Vaparator/McChewie
Wave 4: CZ-4/Elis Herlot/Animated Fett
Wave 5: (Best of the year) Hermie Odle/Yoda w/ Kybuck/Roron Corob/Starkiller Hero
Wave 6: McSnowtrooper/Han w/ Torture Rack/4-LOM
Wave 7: Ewoks/A-Wing Pilot/McHan
Wave 7.5: R2-B1/Hawkbat Battalion Clone
Wave 8: Voolvif Mon/Jango Fett

Comic Packs:
Obi Wan/Alpha, Anakin/Assassin Droid, Luke/Mara


Didn't buy any, but there are sure lots of cool ones out there. 

Battle Packs:
Hunt for Grievous, Bespin Betrayal

Ultimate Battle Packs:

Exclusives are never cool, but I liked the McQuarrie ones the best.

Basic Figures
Wave 1 - Concept Stormtrooper
Wave 2 - Concept Fett
Wave 3 - Concept Chewbacca (but a close second would be Jawa)
Wave 4 - CZ-4
Wave 5 - Concept Starkiller
Wave 6 - 4-Lom
Wave 7 - Romba & Graak
Wave 7.5 - R2-B1
Wave 8 - Voolvif Mon (this could make the great startings of Lak Sivrak)

Wave 1 - Super Battle Droid (close second is the Galactic Marine or Windu... this was a great wave)
Wave 2 - Rebel Honor Guard (clonse second is Concept Fett)
Wave 3 - Concept Chewbacca (close second is the Jawa)
Wave 4 - CZ-4 (close second is Elis Helrot)
Wave 5 - Hermie Odle (close second is Concept Starkiller)
Wave 6 - Concept Snowtrooper (close second is 4-LOM)
Wave 7 - Tycho Celchu (close second is Concept Han)
Wave 7.5 - Pax Bonkik (close second is R2-B1)
Wave 8 - Jango Fett (close second is McQuarrie Rebel)

Wave 1 - Concept Stormtrooper (they should have given him new legs)
Wave 2 - Luke Skywalker
Wave 3 - Stormtrooper (damn all fat helmets)
Wave 4 - Animated Boba Fett
Wave 5 - Darth Revan
Wave 6 - General McQuarrie
Wave 7 - Spirit Anakin
Wave 7.5 - Naboo Soldier/holo Vader
Wave 8 - Kamino Clone

I guess I should be thankful... three potentially huge army builders for me - McSnowtrooper, removable helmet Stormtrooper and the Kamino Clone were huge letdowns... otherwise I'd have spent a lot more money this year.


--- Quote from: CHEWIE on December  4, 2007, 04:46 PM ---Wave 4 - Animated Boba Fett

--- End quote ---

What's wrong with HS Fett? Great source accurate accesories, fantastic articulation, grade A sculpt- What's not to love?

I'm going with a "worst list" like Chewie did. Everything else has been stellar except for these IMO.

Concept Stormtrooper: Why not bother adding articulation when the rest of the line is practically SA?

Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony: Bad likeness, paistier than a Goth kid, and the wrong hilt (again)

Luke Skywalker Moisture Farmer: Windswept hair and limited articulation ruined another Luke (that we didn't need)

Umpass-Stay: Too bulky, limited articulation....looks like a birthday cake topper.

Pre-cyborg Grievous: Those damn arms! The face looks like a villain on Scooby-Doo.

Han Solo with Torture Rack: A great accessory, sorry face sculpt and lower body disproportionate.

Holographic Darth Vader: I know Curto got to pick these for us, but a less actiony pose should've been used I think. Maybe the 500th Vader could have been used for the 500th time!

Padme Amidala: Crossed eyes, Polly Pocket body, no knees (or real legs for that matter). Another Padme failure.

I would have picked Jedi Luke from wave 4, too, but I think Hasbro got the likeness a little better, and the articulation is decent. That Umpass-Stay can Umpass-Go.

I'm convinced, after getting at least (by my count) 7 "new" Luke Skywalker figures this year, that Hasbro HATES Mark Hamill. Obviously Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen have death threats against the sculptors, to avoid having a figure that actually resemble them.....but Mark Hamill? Come on, you guys have had 30 years to get a nice face sculpt of the guy already. I suggest making one ULTIMATE Luke head, and just keep using it for all future Luke's you guys shove at us.


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