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Wal-Mart "The Force Unleashed" Box Sets

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Gorkoracing: has a pic of 2 walmart exclusive 3packs

Figures that they would want something to go with the game if it is indeed going to be a big deal push.  Looks like repack Vader and Palpy with repaint troopers. 

I'll probably end up buying them if they stick to the $10 price from the last few round of these sets..  ::)

Count me in for sure... I'm very happy to see the Evolutions Palpatine packed in, that's outstanding.

Vader?  Don't need another, but if these are just $10 a set, then these are a fantastic deal.

Since it looks like the Evolutions Palpy is included, I'll definitely try to pick that one up.  Like Jeff said, if these are $10 packs, I'll probably try to pick up both as well, but we'll see.  Despite the jokes about repainted troopers, I could see these being big sellers since it looks like super-articulated figures of troop builders.

Pretty box art.  I'll definatly be picking these up - if I can find them.  I planned on cutting back after the Unleashed stuff hits, so looks like these sets came in right under the wire.  Lots of wasted space just like the DVD sets, so I'm also hoping these are still $9.99.


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