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Wal-Mart "The Force Unleashed" Box Sets

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Jesse James:
Are you already in the store?  Most likely, yes...  So why not try to get the $4?  I don't see the big deal there.

Considering what gas costs these days, $4's a gallon, so that's a pretty decent reason to get your money back I think.


--- Quote from: CHEWIE on September 25, 2008, 01:26 PM ---Is is really worth it to go back and try and get a price adjustment for a few bucks?  I guess to some people it is, but I never have taken the extra time out of my day to try it.

--- End quote ---

Can I afford an extra $4.00?  Sure.

Do I want to spend one penny more on Star Wars toys than is needed to keep my collection up to date?  Hell no.

Just throwingt his one out there again...Still can't find the sets so any help would be appreciated.

Just need the Shadow Trooper set now.

I just wouldn't make an extra trip for a few bucks.  Just getting there in gas already eliminates my gain, plus I just lost time in my day. 

If you're talking $20 or something, then sure.  But I really don't save my receipts anyways though.  I know I'm going to open my figures and enjoy them, and if something goes down in price, I'm not going to regret my purchase.


--- Quote from: CHEWIE on September 29, 2008, 02:55 PM ---But I really don't save my receipts anyways though.

--- End quote ---

I've kept every single receipt since I restarted collecting in 01.  Not really sure why, but what the hell.   :-[


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