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I dunno ... I don't like any of the troopers and I really don't need another Vader. Evo Palpy is nice though.

For those interested, the Red Stormtroopers are called "Incinerator Troopers". 

I'll pick up a couple.

Heh, the Red and White Stormtroopers are called "Incinerator Troopers"...
Yeah they should be thrown into an incinerator (melted down and remolded into a better figure...)

I like the Emperor set, but the Vader set is meh. I'm getting tired of the repaints, and worse now that they are repainting Stormtroopers. I don't mind the shadow ones, but I could do without the flavor of the month troopers...

If they are $10 then yes, I'll get one of each. But if not, then only the Palpy one.



--- Quote from: Jeff on December 10, 2007, 03:27 PM ---For those interested, the Red Stormtroopers are called "Incinerator Troopers".
--- End quote ---


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