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Angry Ewok:
Wasn't me.

Maybe this was explained in another forum here... but the news site for JD has been down for a couple weeks.  This happened around the same time the forum was down for a couple days.  Does JD plan to get it back up and running, or has it been abandoned?

At the top of the forum there's an announcment board and there's a post in there about it.  My understanding is they're working to bring it back, but no idea when.


But who ever looks there?

Like efranks said, we posted about the meltdown of our content management system in the announcements forum...

--- Quote from: Jeff on October 24, 2012, 09:49 AM ---I would re-classify Jesse's "little technical glitch" into 'collosal software failure'.  Obviously, we're working on it, but it may be a while before our front page is up and running again...  :'(

--- End quote ---

Since we have to fix it, rather than just slap up a stapled together version of the many-years-old system we were previously using, we are taking the opportunity to evaluate some new CMS tools and hopefully will have things back to normal (or maybe even better than normal) in a little bit.  Stay tuned!


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