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Jesse James:
A smaller line of ships isn't my cup of tea but could a Stormtrooper transport make this line?  What else?

What size is class 2 now?

Midget X-wing?

There's been specific mentions of several Imperial vehicles thus far. 

-Star Destroyer
-AT-DP (All Terrain Defense Pod)
-TIE Fighters
-Imperial Transport (based on the Kenner vehicle)

I'd say that 3 of the 4 are pretty likely candidates. A Star Destroyer toy is just out of the question unless its ludicrously scaled down.  As for the Imperial Transport? I wonder if the Kenner tooling is still available in Hasbro's inventory?

The tooling probably still is around given how we saw pretty much everything else, but this version appears different enough to require a new sculpt. It would be pretty cool to see.

When and where did they mention the troop transport?

Never mind I found it.


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