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I found these listings on Hasbro's Customer Service page:

Notable listings are the Hero Series Inquisitor and Hero Series Kanan from the first picture, and the Rebels Blaster and Rebels Stormtrooper from the second picture.

Jesse James:
Hmmmm, interesting...  :)

THanks Greg!

Sooooo, wonder who Kanan is?  We know who the Inquisitor is.

I'm guessing Holo Grievous must be an E3 thing.

That Holo Grievous is the Clone Wars one from 2008. (item #88560) and is not new...

New stuff has item/assortmen numbers in the Axxxx format now for the most part. ;)

Jesse James:
Yeah there's BF 2 Multi-packs listed...  etc.  Lots of old stuff mixed in, but all the new seems to have that A before it.  It may not ALL be new though.


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