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Behold, the Inquisitor

5 POA, looks nice though...I'm really interested in what this show may be.  I really enjoyed CW and look forward to a weekly fix of SW again.

I'm glad it looks more animated than realistic, but yeah, 5 POA pretty much blows.

I'll buy it though, like the craven cur I am.  :D

Jesse James:
I'm interested in this show, a LOT, mostly because of the time period.  I was really disappointed the direction The Clone Wars took...  They didn't explore or expand on how Ani/Obi were truly friends or how they got there.  It's still basically that one awkward moment in the turbo-lift going up to Padme's apartment and that one awkward moment when Obi drops Ani off to talk to politicians...  Not much else.  The Clone Wars gave us 3 years of opportunity to work with to expand on how close they were though, and ultimately didn't.

I was disappointed they also didn't capitalize on more established EU...  They threw people the Y-Wing bone, and at the end some Z-95's that didn't really jive with the EU McQuarrie-esque Z-95.  They never added AT-PT's (probably because it's a more practical design than the AT-RT ever was) or the AT-XT...  they didn't add in AT-AP's...  For that matter, they kind of abandoned the war itself for the most part when it was the most dynamic setting they could've worked with.  And they should've worked with too, considering it was the show's namesake.

So I look at Rebels as an even more interesting era, and one that could really be awesome put on the screen, but I worry they're going to pick up where Clone Wars left off as far as story goes, and not really delve into the era so much as focus on a scant few characters, their relationships, and some goofy political angles.

Anyway, neither here nor there, I just hope for the best.

The Inquisitor looks about what I expected...

Interesting they call this "Rebels Saga Legends"...  Does that mean there might be Rebels Black Series complementary figures?  I doubt it, right now anyway, but the specific wording of that is interesting.  I suppose it leaves the door open for other Saga Legends stuff anyway. 

Given ship quality at this point in the line, I'm dreading seeing horridly under-scaled walkers and fighters and whatnot.  This looks like a series that could be a wealth of great new ship designs, and Hasbro's ******** the bed with its ship product at the moment, so that's a perfect storm of potentially disappointing "I wish that was better" moments coming.  :-\

I want to love Rebels as a show, but maybe even more, I want to love the products.  As it stands, they're custom fodder to me as figures.  No better or worse than the last animated line of figures where I'll want some for parts and that's it.  The ships have me far more concerned.  Some of the new designs look incredibly cool (The Stormie transport for instance) but how will that translate to plastic in Hasbro's current state of craptacular vehicle design?

Honestly the new ships out there are as bad as some of the cheaper knock-off toy lines in existance like Power Team Elite, with its one-sided detail (the other side hollowed out to save money...  sad), and I just dread seeing a ship I want to love done in a horribly disproportionate style with corners cut galore.

Interesting design - I'll definitely be getting this line, but I hope that the fact that they denote it as the "Saga Legends" line that there might be a handful of KEY characters from Rebels mixed into the Vintage/Black/Collector Series line.

I just wish that lightsaber wielding characters had elbow articulation - straight arms do NOT lend themselves to dynamically posing them.


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