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Jesse James:
A 30" X-Wing was shown, listed as a "Hero Vehicle".  Not compatible with 4" or 6" lines though...  Interesting.

30" sounds like it might be damn close to being compatible with the 4" line though.  Have to crunch numbers.  If it's looking good, it's a good base for customs perhaps?  I'll wait and see.

Sounds like it's mostly just a way to put a big vehicle into kids hands that isn't too complex.  I'm intrigued!

Star Wars Rebels Hero X-wing Pics are now live.

Its a mega-huge Xwing for just $40, which is a great deal for the price these days... but it's not in scale with either the 4" or the 6" lines.  And the canopy doesn't open.  And the R2 doesn't come out (so far). 

So, in summary - I'm not sure why anyone is going to want this.   ???

It looks cool though...

Jesse James:
Interesting thing...  Reports were it's 30 or 29" long?

That's about 1/17 scale.  Star Wars figures range from that to about 1/20... 

I'd say the ship's length is open to some debate as well, as models from the films (including the CGI SE ships) don't "jive" perfectly.

Sooooooooo what I'm saying is, this may actually be a suitable to-scale X-Wing custom from a certain point of view.  I'm interested in it for that.  It'd take work to make it more than it is, but it's gorgeous looking.

It proves without a shadow of a doubt that Hasbro COULD do a to-scale ship for the figures though.  Same with the Y-Wing and some other fighters.  I wish they would.  This just makes me wish for that even more.  :-\

Didn't the original FX X-Wing have a dedicated Luke inside? Wonder why they didn't at least try something like that here. This is a little curious as to why there's no figure compatiability... I'd be interested to hear Hasbro's thoughts on the intent behind it.

Jesse James:
I'd say the lack of dedicated figure and whatnot is simplicity...  I wouldn't be shocked if that hull is a roto-cast thing like those giant 31" figures at Wal-Mart. 

Why they wouldn't make it exactly compatible with figures, I don't know.  Maybe because they don't want you annoyed that you can't open it and put a figure in it, so make it a different scale?

That said, if the ship is 29 or 30" long like was being said, it's really VERY close to the figures...  1:17.

Star Wars figures don't really have a specific scale...  POTF2 ranged from 1:16 - 1:20.  These days 1:20 seems more their scale, but astromechs may be more in the 1:16 range actually.  It's weird.

And like I've said, "scale" on Star Wars ships is open to some interpretation.  There may be official dimensions but some of those are horribly off.  For eons it seems the AT-AT was listed at 15 meters when it's anything but that short.  The X-Wing had a LOT of models of it, and none match exactly.  From the lifesize one, to the CGI SE one, to about 3 different studio model scales...  They're all different to one degree or another.  The Falcon's even worse, actually.

I'm anxious to get one of these in my mitts and really examine it against figures.  It may make a great base to customize.


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