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Let's fire this mother up!

I bought my first ever Rebels toy tonight...the 20" Ezra Bridger figure. Have been on the fence about the 20" scale, but after seeing this one in person I caved instantly. No sign of Kanan, but they did have the TIE FIghter Pilot, which was super badass. I stashed him away for later. (BTW, not so easy stashing away a 20" action figure)

Bring on the Rebels toys!


What retailer?

Jesse James:
I saw those at Wal-Mart myself last weekend.

I've been seeing some REBELS sets in the new Star Wars Command line.  That and Ezra's mask.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on August 27, 2014, 11:49 PM ---I saw those at Wal-Mart myself last weekend.

--- End quote ---

Yep, it was Walmart.

I did see a 20" Biker Scout at TRU, so looks like there is a mix of stuff coming out. Still looking for Kanan...


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