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Ewan McGregor Wants to Jump Back Into 'Star Wars'

Proving once again that everyone loves money.  Or hates George Lucas.  One of those, I guess.  :-X

**adding spoilers to the title as some of the casting will spoil characters appearing in the series...

I read that earlier this afternoon.  I think it would be interesting to explore Obi-Wan Kenobi's story after the events of Revenge Of The Sith.  And I think Ewan McGregor is a really good actor, too.  In fact, I just finished watching his documentary series "Long Way Round" that he filmed shortly after production for Revenge Of The Sith wrapped production.

I think there have been times where it's been cool to hate on Star Wars.  But I think in the case of Ewan McGregor he went into the experience of making the prequels with the expectation that it would be like the OT with these fantastic sets.  But the reality of making the PT was that a lot of the work was done in front of blue and green screens.  From the perspective of an actor I can imagine that could be a little demoralizing.  You're expecting to be able to immerse yourself in this otherworldly place that informs your performance, but then you're standing on some decorative floor with a bunch of green screens around you.

The approach that J.J. Abrams is taking with the practical effects and sets have to be a much more enticing situation for the actors.  Mark Hamill went into this saying that he would be far more interested if the sequel trilogy films incorporated physical sets and practical effects.  And now these actors get to immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars as they might have hoped to when they saw the original films.  Plus, in the case of Obi-Wan Kenobi?  There are rumors that there are echoes of his past that pop up in the new Sequel Trilogy.  And some discussions have even gone so far as to mention a resolution to the Darth Maul story arc in just such a project.  Perhaps something that even draws from that Visionaries graphic novel.  So I think a Star Wars Anthology film that follows Obi-Wan Kenobi might resonate further than the one individual film.

I also think its just human nature to get nostalgic about past events.  in most cases, age dulls the bitterness of the present and leaves you with mostly good memories of past successes.  Obiwan and Palps were the only two characters showing any life in the prequels...not surprising that people would want Ewan back for more.

I recently rewatched TPM and noticed that it had the most physical sets of the three while the other two where basically cartoons. Most of the aliens were people in masks. McGregor didn't have a lot to do in that movie and his scenes were mostly CG.

If they did make a one off movie with Obiwan in it, they should go with a young version of him and use James Arnold Taylor. He does Obiwan better than McGregor does anyway.


--- Quote from: Nicklab on July  8, 2015, 11:28 AM ---There is certainly the possibility that the graphic could be bogus.  But with the rumors of Ewan McGregor returning for an Obi-Wan film and previous rumors of Boba Fett being involved in an anthology film?  It gives you the sense that this could be legit.

--- End quote ---

This is the first I've heard of a Kenobi film.  Is that just someone trolling, informed speculation, or confirmed?

I'd love to see some Ewan as Kenobi, interacting with Yoda, and taking out an Inquisitor or two.  Heck, maybe even interacting with Ashoka.


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