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I Am Sith:
Interesting thoughts here:

I know that they would never do it, but it sure would make the movies easier to watch if they were able to put out something that was more like TFA and less like TPM.  Let Darth Maul survive so that Anakin has to defeat him in order to become Palpatine's new apprentice.  Get rid of all the political rhetoric.  Actually have Leia old enough to see and remember her mother as she recounts in ROTJ.  No Lucas level dialogue.  A pod race that isn't like Mario Cart.  And I could go on...

I'm happy waiting for Adywan to do the revisited versions.

As much as I think the PT might have benefited from different directors and additional screenwriters, I think doing something like this would damage Lucasfilm and Disney.  Plenty of people recognize that the PT is weak, but I think Disney is far more interested in moving forward with a new generation of characters and stories rather than revisiting the past.  I would much rather see them focus their efforts there than on telling the origin story of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader all over again. 

Greedo The Green Menace:
I don't really want to see that, I've never been a fan of remakes. Let them stand as they are, regardless of what popular opinion is about them. That said, if ever there were to be some sort of remake, I'd love it if it were an animated continuation of the Clone Wars series. The way that series was progressing I think they would have handled the fall of Anakin brilliantly, and I was always really kind of bummed out that they would never be able to tell the whole story to it's conclusion.

No reason to remake them. I would rather have something brand new then go over territory we already covered.


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